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can we talk about how peter was (imo) having a panic attack when he got out of the car and walked up to the dance like,,,, my poor baby ALSO THE SCENE WHERE HE GOT CRUSHED CRUSHED M E GOD DO I LOVE PETER PARKER

YEAH?? I was literally so upset watching that like almost in tears for this poor afraid child and I wanted to punch Liz for giving his identity away like that I know she didn’t do it intentionally but?? He literally looked like he was just gonna keel over and pass out right there and I was like “FUCK somebody save this boy please!!”

ME TOO FAM HOLY SHIT I was on the edge of tears at that scene too he was so helpless and broken and crying out for help I just. FELT FOR HIM SO MUCH and I was also like “Where the FUCK is Tony JFC he needs to come and save his son” I was half expecting him to show up when Peter was crying for somebody to save him but he didn’t and I?? Was disappointed it would have been such a great father son scene, like Tony dragging him out of the wreckage and jumping out of his suit and patting all over his face, “Are you okay ARE YOU OKAY are any of your bones broken can you see? Did you hit your head is your head okay you’re not concussed right? Talk to me kid do I have to give you an emergency escort flight to the hospital? Peter Peter Peter”
That just reminds me of the scene in Civil War when Tony’s like “Okay no you’re injured and I want you to stay out of this no more fighting” HE’S SUCH A CONCERNED DAD I S2G
Especially at the end when Peter came to Avengers HQ and he and Tony were walking and Tony had his arms around Peter’s shoulders and was giving him like a side hug and lots of pats and I was like?? Squealing really loud I love them can Tony adopt Peter and have them both go on superhero adventures together PLEASE
And the scene at the beginning of the movie when Peter was documenting everything and he and Tony were making a video for his aunt and they were grinning like doofuses at the camera and god god god god I LOVE THEM!!


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