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Eren had an idea. Levi had other plans. (x)

I think I summed up episode 14 in 8 seconds please throw me into the trash


Remember Puppers of Houndstooth College? For Minicomic of the Month Club? Well it accidentally turned into a full blown 32 page Regular Size Comic.

Unfortunately it’ll be going on the backburner for a bit, due to a lot of other draw happenings, but it will certainly be getting its day in the sun with a printed & digital version whenever I can. But in the mean time here’s a sneaky peek.

Kissable Reminder


 The Hoshidan prince turned at the sound of the voice, only to see none other than a wide smile on a face that could easily throw his heart into overdrive. “W-What is it Big Si-Kamui?” Mind a quick wit and tongue sharper on its change of words, Takumi quickly used the correct name to address her.

 However, the sight of that withering smile only proved that his tongue wasn’t fast enough.

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I love how he just doesn’t even care. He’s basically sending them to their death looking for a creepy Holocron while he’s sitting there on his sand throne being all mysterious and stuff. Pfft. Classic Bendu.