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Eren had an idea. Levi had other plans. (x)

I think I summed up episode 14 in 8 seconds please throw me into the trash

Kissable Reminder


 The Hoshidan prince turned at the sound of the voice, only to see none other than a wide smile on a face that could easily throw his heart into overdrive. “W-What is it Big Si-Kamui?” Mind a quick wit and tongue sharper on its change of words, Takumi quickly used the correct name to address her.

 However, the sight of that withering smile only proved that his tongue wasn’t fast enough.

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Remember Puppers of Houndstooth College? For Minicomic of the Month Club? Well it accidentally turned into a full blown 32 page Regular Size Comic.

Unfortunately it’ll be going on the backburner for a bit, due to a lot of other draw happenings, but it will certainly be getting its day in the sun with a printed & digital version whenever I can. But in the mean time here’s a sneaky peek.

Fire Emblem: Fates Request

Requester: Deprived Anon

Prompt: Hello, dear! My fire emblem fates husbands don’t get enough love… can you write some fluffy relationship headcanons about Izana, Gunter, Fuga, Yukimura, Benny and Arthur, please? Thanks!   

Notes: Not all of these are super fluffy but I hope you like them anyway!


○ Likes to play with your hair though he doesn’t often do much fancy with it. Just likes to run his fingers through it

○ Will insist you do the same to his and then he’ll brag about how soft it is

○ Mega show off. He doesn’t do it to be possessive or rude, he just loves telling everyone you’re his partner because he’s so proud of that fact. Will take you to every party just to parade you around and spend time with you

○ Loves to dance with you, especially at home or out in the rain (even if that got you both sick once.) Don’t know how? No problem. Izana is more than happy to teach you some basic steps

○ Loves to surprise you. Sometimes with sweet gifts, but more in general. He’ll just sneak up behind you and yell boo kind thing because he thinks you make cute surprised faces.


○ Trains with you often. It’s a good way to stay sharp while spending time with you, but he also needs to know that you can take care of yourself

○ Often his nightmares of losing you

○ Loves to go on romantic horseback rides with you

○ A little old fashioned when it comes to courting you, but in a very sweet way. He takes things slow and romances you as best he can

○ Surprisingly competitive. He loves to have fun little competitions with you and tease you all the while to make things more fun


○ Also likes to train with you often and tries to make it a daily activity

○ Not the most traditionally romantic in all honestly. He’s not really spontaneous or flowery, but he has a way of showing his love for you in everything he does

○ Very open and earnest about his thoughts and feelings in a relationship

○ Fuga is the type to know what he wants and, so long as you’re comfortable, he moves fairly quickly

○ Will bench you js


○ Sometimes does ink paintings of, or inspired by, you. You’re his muse

○ Will make you little inventions to help you with everyday tasks that you’ve complained about. They aren’t always as helpful as he’d like, but he tries

○ Likes to tell you stories, especially Hoshidian myths and legends. He’s quite interested in the subject and likes to have an ear willing to listen

○ Very private with his affections, but also quite tactile. He likes to be physically close when you’re alone

○ Has tried his hand at poetry in hopes of writing something for you


○ Actually finds it super adorable how much smaller you are than him. It’s not often but sometimes he’ll put a hand on your head to emphasize that to himself

○ Really protective. Like he lets you do your own thing but if someone threatens you they’ll be going through him (if you don’t take care of them first)

○ The best pillow. Like he is the perfect amount of firm and soft, and large enough for you to sprawl out on his torso. He’ll let you sleep on him whenever honestly

○ Also gives great piggybacks. He’ll let you sit on his shoulders if you want too

○ Easily embarrassed by pda. He’ll let you do it in moderation but he gets so embarrassed - though those who don’t understand him unfortunately mistake it as irritation sometimes


○ Tries to show off for you but it usually goes badly. Like, he ends up getting hit by lightning badly

○ You have to patch him up a lot because of his misfortunes, but it almost becomes an odd kind of bonding experience between the two of you

○ Arthur is actually a great listener. Whether you just want to sit and talk about your day or have to get something off your chest he’s there to lend an ear

○ His voice is actually really soothing tbh? Like insomnia has met it’s match. He could read you a grocery list and you’d be out like a light in seconds, and he’s happy to use this talent whenever you need it

○ Arthur dotes on you like crazy. He’ll pamper you as best he can constantly, to the point where you have to tell him to tone it down lest he exhausts himself. A very selfless partner


I love how he just doesn’t even care. He’s basically sending them to their death looking for a creepy Holocron while he’s sitting there on his sand throne being all mysterious and stuff. Pfft. Classic Bendu.