hello mugs


Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1191

Warnings: swearing, fluffity fluff.

**Thank you for humoring me and putting up with my ridiculous stories. I just can’t help myself sometimes. This one came to me as I slipped on my favorite angel wing ring (yes, I’m a dork. Oh, and say “angel wing ring” 5 times fast). Enjoy.

The smell of coffee woke you from a light sleep. You lifted your head and glanced around the living room. Sleeping on the couch, again. Cas’s laptop and your phone were on the coffee table right where you left them. Beside them was your favorite mug filled with fresh, warm joe. Cas. You smiled, sitting up and reaching for the mug.

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Mugs and Sippy Cups

Words: 2,776

Summary: Dan and Phil are in a dd/lb relationship, in which Dan is the little. Early mornings combined with accidents cause Dan to believe he’s going to be punished, sending him straight into his headspace and filled with worry. Luckily, Phil is there to sort things out for him.

Warnings: swearing, small blood mentions, minor injury

a/n: shame me if u want tbh,,, i just wanted some nonsexual little!dan and daddy!phil fight me

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Tater is a master of the art of tacky, tasteless Christmas presents that make people awkwardly unsure if he knows how inappropriate they are, or if he’s giving them out of honest good faith.  He’s like that dragon who hoards uncomfortable situations.

Kent Parson does him one better by gladly accepting and openly using them, from the Hello Kitty travel mug to the Britney Spears body pillow.

Every year it’s like a game of chicken: Tater tries to come up with a gift of even greater hideousness, trying to find something even Kent will blanch at.  At the same time, if he goes too far with his gift, he’s going to endure the pain of watching Kent use it.


Genre: Fluff. Pure fluff.

Words: 1,219.

Warnings: Mentions of smut.

Summary: Phil just hates that Haru pillow. It’s ridiculous and pathetic, but he can’t help but feel that Haru’s blue eyes look at him as saying, He loves me more than you. jealous!Phil.

A/N: It’s not my fault that Dan has an obsession with Haruka Nanase. I just did it because yes.

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Phan Songfic: Dancing On My Own

Summary: Phil gets a girlfriend. Dan is not okay. Or: the fic that was inspired by the Calum Scott song I heard on the radio just recently. 

Disclaimer: If anyone else has written a songfic to this song I promise I wasn’t stealing your idea. I just really love how the lyrics inspired Phan to me. And if you are inspired to write something too, then go right ahead :D

Listen to the song here: x

Trigger warnings: alcohol, mild drinking, mild depressing thoughts.

A/N: This is my first fic. Please reblog or like if you enjoyed it. Comments appreciated <3 

Words: 1686 - COMPLETE

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