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Hello Muffin! 😊🐸

What wonderful hiding! Tiny and Gumby can hardly see you in the second photo!

Tiny and Gumby think you have a very lovely smile, and they both send you a big hug and several gourmet treaties! 🐸😊🐸

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Jeanmarco bakery au "You come in every day and buy the same thing but today we're out of it and your pouty face is so cute WHAT can I get you instead, my number maybe"

i am. very sorry this took so long to finish holy FUCK but i really really enjoyed this prompt i love u for sending it THANK YOU

Jean leaned on the counter, his palms flat on the fake wooden surface, his neck straining as he stared down the street. He kept throwing the occasional glance at the last chocolate chip muffin in the display case, just to make sure it hadn’t disappeared.

“You waiting for your boyfriend, Jean?” Reiner’s voice cut through the low hum of the store, booming over the quiet conversations, much to Jean’s chagrin. He stiffened, turning to glare at his bulky coworker.

“He’s not my boyfriend, asshole.” Jean hissed. “I just want to make sure he gets his muffin. There’s only one left, and he’s been getting them every day since I started working here. I don’t want to throw his daily routine off, or whatever.”

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“Coffee and Brooklyn”

Summary: Bucky meets a woman who would change his perspective on relationships. And they meet in the strangest of circumstances; coffee, a chocolate muffin and Brooklyn.

 Warnings: A few cuss words

 Words: 1,636

 Pairing: Bucky x Black Reader

 A/N: While sitting on a cruise ship this past weekend, this story came to mind. I’m thinking about  Part Two. I’d love to continue their blossoming romance. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!


For some people, love is a given. You meet, date, fall in love and so on. But, for James Buchanan Barnes, he never imaged love would come his way. At least not until Y/N.

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Connected Hearts (G.D.)

Hello my little muffins! I had a dream the other night and the wonderful @scuteedolans gave me the courage to write and post this! Im sorry if this sucks but i’m tryin real hard lol its a whole whopping 1,383 words and its based in a bagel shop because i work in a bagel shop and its easy for me to write about hahaha but let me know what you think!


I headed toward the front of the bagel shop, carrying four tubs of bulk cream cheese. The containers were full and very heavy, but I knew if I balanced things just right I’d make it to the line just in time. I hauled the tubs up on to the counter and started pulling off the lids. I felt someone nudge my arm and I turned to see one of my best friends, Ethan, grinning down at me. “What’s shakin’, bup?” he asked. “Really? ‘What’s shakin’ ‘ E? Are you 80 years old?” I said with a giggle. “What?! I’m trying to keep our banter fresh and exciting!” Ethan said with a dorky smile. His smile faltered a bit when he saw my boyfriend coming up to the front of the store. Me, Ethan, and my boyfriend Jason, all worked together at the bagel shop, and while Ethan was one of my oldest and dearest friends, he and Jason did NOT get along. Ethan tried to be his friend and made an effort to be nice to Jason, but because Jason was our manager and also very territorial, he immediately disliked Ethan. And he liked Ethan’s twin brother, Grayson, even less. “Hey man! How’s your day goin?” Ethan asked, attempting to make polite conversation, bless his precious heart. Jason just glared at him and then said “It could be better.” Jason continued walking passed us and into his office to probably do some “paperwork”. And by paperwork, I mean texting other girls. He’s an awful person and he treats me terribly and honestly, I don’t know why I’m still with him. Things used to be good between us. We used to have fun and we used to be happy, but now I wake up next to him and feel nothing. I have more fun with the twins than I’ve ever had with Jason. Today it was the same thing again. I woke up, I somehow irritated him (probably just from breathing), and the subsequent car ride to work together was awkward and uncomfortable.

All of a sudden the sound of shouting filled the bagel shop and I looked up to see a group of Jason’s friends. I sighed and Ethan looked up to see what had me so distressed. At the sight of Jason’s friends, he groaned and said “Why do they always come in packs?! Please, Y/N explain this to me.” I chuckled and shook my head because I had no answer for him. Jason’s friends strolled up to the counter to order and as soon as they did, one of them snapped in my face and proceeded to laugh. “Hey Y/N, is Jason here? We’d rather talk to him than you and your faggot friend here.” One of them said. Ethan raised his voice to a rather high pitch and adopted an effeminate tone and said “Sure thing babe, I’ll go get him for ya right this very second, sugar.” Ethan walked towards the office, adding a little sway of his hips that made me giggle. I clapped my hand over my mouth and tried to suppress a full-body laugh. Jason emerged from his office, Ethan trailing behind him making silly faces causing me to giggle yet again. Jason glared at me when he heard me laughing and responded with “What the fuck are you laughing about? Don’t you have something to clean? Go.” Jason turned to talk with his wild pack of friends and I could feel myself getting more and more angry. I spun around to carry the dirty metal pans into the kitchen. I could see Ethan typing wildly on his phone, ignoring the situation. I started walking to the kitchen and my shoe caught on a broken tile and the tower of metal pans in my hands went crashing loudly to the floor. Everyone went quiet and stared at me, judging my clumsiness. I could feel my cheeks heating up and I just knew my face was red. I felt a hand on my arm, helping me up and I knew it was Ethan. “Thanks E.” I whispered. Suddenly, Jason’s voice boomed through the restaurant. “WHAT THE FUCK Y/N?! WHY CAN’T YOU EVER DO WHAT I ASK?! YOU’RE SO FUCKING STUPID!” he screamed, his friends snickering behind him. Before I knew it, I was up in his face and the words were exploding out of me. “YA KNOW WHAT JASON? I CAN’T FUCKING STAND YOU. I HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN ABLE TO LOOK AT YOU WITHOUT GAGGING FOR THE LAST 3 MONTHS. YOU ARE REPULSIVE AND LOUD AND ANNOYING AND SO FUCKING SELFISH THAT I FEEL GUILTY FOR HAVING MY OWN THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS.” At this point Jason was staring at me in complete shock and I was just so angry I just couldn’t stop screaming. “WE AREN’T GOOD TOGETHER AND WE HAVENT BEEN FOR A LONG FUCKING TIME. YOU’RE ALWAYS SO MEAN TO ME AND I HAVE TO CALL ONE OF THE TWINS TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER. SO YA KNOW WHAT?” I inhaled deeply, held my breath, and exhaled slowly before whispering “I’m done.” “What the fuck did you just say to me?” Jason hissed. “ I said I’m fucking done. We are OVER. Get your shit out of my apartment and get the hell out of my life.” I spat back at him. Ethan put his hand on my back and said “C’mon Y/n.” “Oh one last thing Jason. I QUIT. So have fun covering my Saturday closing shift, asshole!” I grinned at him over my shoulder and waved goodbye. “I’ll call ya later bup, okay?” Ethan said quietly. I nodded and made my way to the back of the store. I could hear Jason’s “Have fun walking home bitch! We took my car here today!” in the distance but I couldn’t care less. I felt weightless and free for the first time in a long time. I hung my apron up and slung my bag over my shoulder. I shoved the door open and the sun hit my face as I smiled. I heard someone clear their throat and I opened my eyes. When my eyes adjusted to the bright sunlight and I could see again, my face split into a grin because standing before me was the one and only Grayson Dolan, leaning all strong and handsome with his arms crossed over his chest against his big pick-up truck. “Gray how do you always know when I need you the most?” I asked. “Our hearts are connected, don’t you know that by now?” he said with a grin. I crossed my arms and smirked back at him, raising an eyebrow. “Alright, Ethan texted me and told me what that jerk-off was doing to you. You know I have half a mind to walk in there and knock him the fuck out, right?” Grayson said, pointing at the door. “Yeah Gray, I know.” I said smiling down at my feet. I could feel the tears pricking at my eyes, threatening to spill over. The watery image of two shoes became four, as Grayson stepped forward into my space. He put two fingers under my chin and lifted my head to look me in the eyes. I sniffled and he wiped a stray tear from my cheek. “Stop it sweetheart. Don’t cry. You know I don’t like seein’ you cry.” He said smiling softly. “I know Gray. Our hearts are connected, remember?” I whispered back. “That they are sweetheart, that they are.” Grayson said quietly. We locked eyes for a few moments and I could feel the electricity between us. “Grayson, I need you.” I whispered. “I know. I always know.” Was all he said before he gently pressed his lips to mine. He pulled back and searched my face for any kind of sign that what just happened wasn’t okay. I smiled and said “Now I know why Jason never liked you.” Grayson held a hand over his heart and gasped in mock surprise. “What?! Jason doesn’t like me?! Well I never!” I threw my head back and laughed loudly and unashamed. “C’mon babe, lets go for a ride.” He said, pulling me towards his truck. For the first time in along time, I could say I was truly happy. It felt so damn good.

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Hello muffin! Can I request hcs for how everyone is with neck kisses? How they give, how they react when they're receiving, hickies or nah, that kind of thing? Or anything really lol I just really friggen love neck kisses ^-^

Neck kisses are so nice bc they can either be super pure and sweet or  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



  • he loves giving you neck pecks because they always cheer you up and make you laugh
  • especially while he wraps his arms around your waist MMM
  • whatever mood you were in you are now happy and fluffy
  • HIS neck, however, is a danger zone
  • he’s extremely sensitive to neck kisses
  • nibble him once and he’s GONE he might moan if you’re lucky


  • his neck kisses are more soft and sensual, not necessarily sexual either
  • he likes hugging you from behind, brushing your hair to the side, and lavishing your neck with slow, tender kisses just ‘cus he loves you
  • not that you complain
  • his neck isn’t all that sensitive, but if you bite and kiss enough he’ll give in
  • he thinks hickies are tacky, so he’s anti-hickie


  • she’s gentle,,, but not that gentle
  • you’ve definitely been left with a few hickies before, which she profusely apologized for afterwards
  • you aren’t that far behind though
  • her neck isn’t as sensitive as Yoosung’s, but you know how to work it right


  • the two of you like making bets on who can leave the darkest hickie or who can leave the most hickies on the others neck in 5 minutes, stuff like that
  • you both have to wear turtlenecks religiously but it’s too fun to stop
  • his neck is not sensitive at all but that’s okay
  • that just means you have to bite a bit harder
  • meanwhile your neck is sensitive
  • and boy does he abuse his power


  • hah
  • you don’t even get a chance to touch his neck
  • and whoops you’re up against a wall and he’s biting your neck in all the right places
  • he doesn’t even realize when he gets really rough until he notices the mega dark bruises on you the morning after
  • the dork apologizes and kisses each one of them softly

The id is the set of uncoordinated instinctual trends; the super-ego plays the critical and moralizing role; and the ego is the organized, realistic part that mediates between the desires of the id and the super-ego.

#ddweek day 2 (favorite relationship): wilson/vanessa/wesley

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Could I please have some fluffy fluff of RFA + V +saeran +vanderwood helping mc through a tough patch of self harm and depression ~ muffin (im being selfish I kinda feel like shit rn)

A/N hello muffin! The more asks you send in the more we have in common haha, I recently went through something similar myself. Never think of yourself as selfish please, you’re amazing and wonderful and you deserve the world. There are also a lot of different kinds of self-harm out there,  unfortunately, people find a lot of ways to hurt themselves, I’m going to go with cutting due to the fact it is the most well-known.  I’ll post the minor trio later today I promise -much love; mod cozy <3

WARNINGS: self-harm, depression, blood

- Yoosung got home late one day because he had to work on a group project for school
- Heard you crying in the bathroom almost immediately, honestly this boy has like, amazing ears puppy yoosung
- Found you sobbing and sitting on the floor surrounded by crumpled up blood-stained tissues
- “Mc, mc what happened? I..” he was at a loss for words honestly he knew what was going on but refused to accept it
- Stood there wide-eyed for a minute before a hiccup from you snapped him out of it
- Ran to your side so quickly and wrapped you in the biggest hug
- He’s crying too
- Picked you up and undressed you, extremely blushy the whole time ran a hot bath and helped clean you off
- Won’t talk about it until you’re ready,
- lays in bed with you rubbing circles in your back
- Will be extremely doting, makes you your meals, hugs and kisses all around, helps you take the steps you’re comfortable with,
- always has something up his sleeve to cheer you up whether it’s a walk in the city or hot chocolate and a movie

- She catches you cutting yourself one accidentally when she walked in on you in the bathroom
- Walked over and carefully removed the razors from your hands without a word
- Cleans you up, bandages, wraps, assess the damage
- Then the poor girl just collapses into you in a kind-of-hug-kind-of-leaning-on-you way
- Uncharacteristic crying and blabbering coming from jaehee
- And then you’re crying again too oh no
- Once the two of you get it all out, she makes some tea for herself and your chosen hot beverage for you
- And the two of you lay in bed and talk
- It doesn’t have to be about what happened but you talk
- About your past and present and future
- And your favorite animals
- And new recipes
- Will never force you to do something you’re uncomfortable with but will encourage you to find help in one form or another
- Always researching new techniques for you to try together

- The two of you were watching some cheesy ass romance movie zen picked out and laying on the couch
- An equally-as-cheesy montage scene with super cliché harp and piano instrumentals came on and zen took the opportunity to kiss your hand in a princely manner
- He stopped dead when your sweater was shifted so that fresh cuts were visible
- “MC, what happened here?”
- He was genuinely curious but when you spent so long trying to answer, he put it together
- “Why didn’t you..”
- He didn’t know what to say or do honestly but then you started crying
- He was soft and careful and kissed your hand once more before kissing all your tears away
- Wrapped you in a hug and put his chin on your head
- “Don’t worry mc, it’s fine, you’re fine. Please don’t do this to yourself, okay? I love you we can get through this.”
- Babbles on like this for a few minutes
- Helps you out with any steps you’re willing to take, tons of encouraging words and soft touches
- Takes you on his runs from now on, (runs are really good for this sort of thing)
- A lot more hand holding from now on

- He finds your razors in the bathroom the two of you share and puts together what’s going on
- “MC!” He rushes to find you, razors still in hand
- “Jumin, what is-“ you trail of when you see what he’s holding
- He looks angry, sounds angry, he’s demanding to know why and pacing and kicking furniture and it’s so not him
- He’s angry with himself, wished he noticed sooner, scared because he’s never been so worried about something
- But he stops when he realized you were breaking down
- Runs to you and apologizes a million and a half times, so many gentle kisses and a huge hug
- “we’ll do whatever you need princess, we’ll take as much time as you need I’m so, so sorry.”
- He’ll get you the best treatments money can buy if you consent
- Even more loving than before, takes you on every business trip with him from now on
- There’s possibly another pet in the mix??? He discovers that dogs can be used for therapy,,, just saying

- He’s noticed you’ve been acting a little down lately, a little off
- One day the two of you are trying to cook and he sees the beginning of a cut that’s scarring over
- Tries to get you to roll your sleeves up to confirm his suspicions
- “MC, you can’t have long sleeves over an open flame.”
- “Ahh, you’re getting some oil on your shirt.”
- When you refuse to roll them up, he asks you directly
- “Are you… Alright MC?’”
- You stare at him wide eyed for a minute before tearing up, it’s not often that people ask that
- “Oh MC” you both stand in the kitchen, hugging and letting the food burn
- “Please, please talk to me from now on I can help I promise, please don’t do this to yourself.” He’s crying too
- He doesn’t bring up your cutting unless you do first, but he has implemented measures to catch you before you go to that place
- Encourages you to find healthier ways to deal with emotions like drawing or watching movies, working out. He’ll join you every time.

Going to an abandoned hospital in the middle of the night with a boy he absolutely wished he didn’t have a crush on wasn’t exactly Robbie’s best idea.

Well, it wasn’t all his idea. Wendy had done a little switch-around on him, inviting him and Dipper and then backing out and leaving the two of them alone to investigate the place.

Robbie agreed to go without Wendy, because how bad could it be?

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Jealousy can break the moon Part 6

Moonlight belongs to @reyindee

Lucid belongs to @inashibe

Muffin belongs to @mkitkat

NaJ belongs to @blogthegreatrouge

Nightmare belongs to @jokublog

Cross and Cross Chara belong to @jakei95



Nightmare had told Cross to come over to him as soon as possible,rightnow they were sitting in the kitchen and Nightmare told Cross what happened in Moonlight’s room.

“Yes, and after Lucid had left, me and Moonlight had a conversation. You are NOT going to believe me what happened next” Nightmare said and Cross listened curiously “He told me that they had lost their virginities a long time ago” Cross’s eyes widened.

“WHAT?” he always knew that Lucid loved Moonlight very much, but this… this is a level to much. “They didn’t?!” “Oh yes, they did” Nightmare said “And what are we going to do about it?” Cross asked. Nightmare sighed “Well, we can’t change what’s already done. So the only thing we can do is having an eye on them” “If you say so. I guess I have to talk with Lucid now” Cross said and stood up “Wish me luck” he said “I’m sure you’re going to do great” Nightmare reassured him with a smile.


Moonlight was lying on his bed, thinking. I hope Lucid is okay, he thought to himself.




“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!” “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU TOOK HIS VIRGINITY!”  Cross was chasing Lucid through the house since he arrived at home. Right now they were in the livingroom and Cross was throwing pillows at Lucid. Chara was sitting on the couch, looking at his phone and not giving a fuck.

“But dad, please let me explain” Cross stopped running listening curiously “Fine, I’m listening ”

“I…” Lucid began running again


“Idiots…” Chara mumbled, still looking at his phone


Back at Moonlight


He turned himself around, so he was lying on his side. Why was his father angry, it’s not like he hasn’t ever done things like that.

There was a knock on his door. “Come in” he said, not looking at the door.

“Moonlight, there’s a guest for you” his father said. A guest? Moonlight shot up in hope that it was Lucid, but it was…

“Hello Muffin” he said. Muffin smiled.

“Can I come in?” he asked. Moonlight looked at Nightmare, asking for permission to let his friend in his room. Nightmare nodded and walked away.

Muffin came in and closed the door behind him.

“I don’t wanna sound rude, but why are you here?” Moonlight asked, he wasn’t in the mood to talk or do anything.

“Well, I haven’t seen you in a while. I was worrying about you.” Muffin said, blushing a little

“And I wanted to ask you if you would help me with the new exchange students” why was he blushing while saying that.

“I don’t know…” Moonlight didn’t want to have any more problems with Lucid. Muffin looked a little disappointed and looked away.

“Oh,… you don’t have to if you don’t want to” Moonlight felt a little bad for letting him down, but he made his decicion. His phone vibrated. Moonlight looked at his phone to see he has a message from Lucid.

L: R U there?

Moonlight emediatly wrote back

M: Yes, what’s wrong

L: Open the window

M:What? Why?


Moonlight sighed and opened the window, only to be slammed to the ground.

It was Lucid, who had climbed up the tree again.

“ARE YOU CRA-mpf” Lucid put a hand on his mouth to silence him.

“Shh! You don’t want your father knowing I’m here, do you!?” Lucid wispered. He took his hand away, so Moonlight could talk again.

“Are you crazy! Did you forget what happened the last time, you tried to climb up the tree!”

“Yeah, but this time nothing happened” Lucid noticed Muffin standing infront of them.

“What is he doing here?” Lucid gave Muffin a deadly glare, Muffin didn’t seem to notice.

“Oh, I just wanted to visit my friend” Muffin said smiling

“Could you please leave now. Me and my boyfriend have some important things to talk about. They are private things"Muffin’s smile fell, and he had a sad smile wich caused Moonlight to feel guilty.

"Oh, okay. If that’s so I better leave…” he was about to leave when Moonlight stopped him.

“See you in school tomorrow, then you can tell me all of your ideas” Moonlight said smiling. This cheered Muffin up, and he smiled again.

“Okay, see you tomorrow”   he said and left.

Lucid still looked as if he was ready to punch someone. Moonlight wanted to give him a kiss but stopped himself. He walked to the door and locked it. He wouldn’t do the same mistake twice. He walked back to Lucid and gave him a kiss on his cheek. Lucid relaxed a little.

“Are you okay babe?” Moonlight asked him. Lucid growled.

“Even a blind man could see that he likes you!” he tried not to shout because they would get caughed if he was too loud. Moonlight kissed him again this time on the lips. They pulled away and Moonlight spoke again.

“Sooooo… how did your dad react?” he asked.

“I would say he overreacted a little” Lucid said

“And what does ‘a little’ mean?”

“He threw pillows at me” Moonlight chuckled

“Are you seriouse?” he asked

“Yep. He had chased me through the whole house and then down the street. I was able to shake him off in the soup store” Moonlight began to laugh

“In the soup store?” Moonlight asked

“Yes. Don’t you know the soup store, where everyone gets their clothes from” Moonlight was still laughing.

“Anyway, wanna go out?” Lucid asked

“I have to ask my dad for permission first"There was a knock on the door.

"I think I have to go anyway” Lucid said and jumped out of the window. Moonlight facepalmed himself, closed the window and opened the door.

“Hello father” he said

“Can I come in?” Nightmare asked. Moonlight made a motion with his hand for him to come in. They were both sitting on the bed now. Moonlight took his favourite plushie and began cuddling it. They were sitting in silence, till Nightmare couldn’t take it anymore.

“Why did you let him take your virginity! You weren’t ready, yet!”

“And what makes you think that you know when I’m ready!” Moonlight shouted



“MAYBEY NOT FOR OTHER PEOPLE, BUT YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY BABY!”  Silence. They had calmed down a bit when Nightmare sighed.

“I just don’t want you to grow up too fast” Moonlight layed his plushie away and hugged Nightmare.

“I’m not a kid anymore, if you like it or not” Nightmare sighed again and hugged his son back

“I know…”

hello, dear muffins! you’ve all seen this coming, and here it is, at long last, a cullistair week in celebration of swords & broken shields’ anniversary. if you enjoy the dynamic between our two favorite ex-templars, if they’ve made you flail, wail, or made you clutch your heart until you couldn’t breathe anymore, tie yourself up to our ship’s mast and prepare yourself to generate and bask in cullistair wonders for seven days, all in the name of fun and positivity. starting on march 28, please ensure to tag/mention @fyeahcullistair​ whenever you create cullen + alistair art and/or reblog older content in order to be featured. and yes, that’s a forehead touch vibrates


March 28th: Chantry Boys

Anything associated to a verse in which Cullen and Alistair grew up together, whether you decide to explore their youth or older days, either as friends or as a couple.

March 29th: King & Lionheart

All things associated with a world state in which Alistair is King, and Cullen the Commander of the Inquisition. 

March 30th: Alternate Universes

Modern AU? Crossover? Alistair winds up as the Inquisitor, or Cullen as the Hero of Ferelden? Bring it!

March 31th: Have you ever licked a lamppost in winter?

Yes, this is exactly what you think it is. Make it hot and steamy.

April 1st: Fluff & Humor

Bring on the sap, the cheese, the pranks and the terrible puns!

April 2nd: The Grumpy One

A sick, bedridden Cullen? A younger, piqued Alistair? Or something darker, perhaps, like The Calling. Make us laugh, or make us cry.

April 3rd: Growing Old

Do they have kids? Ten dogs? Do they compare wrinkles? Do they reminisce their youth, and how everything began? How everything is, and how nothing’s changed, hair grayer, but hearts just as full?


When Ryan and I bake we just put whatever we made into muffins pans so they always come out as muffins say hello 2 lemon muffins

hello muffins !! after spending so long trying to decide on the winners of my faves page (there were so many wonderful blogs, it was such a hard decision !!), i’ve finally chosen the 20 blogs that i just couldn’t get enough of !! 💛 (btw i hit 11k a few days ago thank u all so so so much)

here they are !!!! (in no particular order hehe):


thank u all for participating, i definitely think i will be doing another faves page in the future :~) !! 💐🌞