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Fresh off the plane I arrived in Tokyo…what an amazing city…especially at night, with all the lights and sounds..its almost enough to make me forget why I was here …oh yea right that big international business meeting with a representative that could be huge for the company…Ok Bran time to put on your game face…but shit…its lit out here

I got off the plane walked out the airport….took a random cab into the city where I walked for a while..”I think this is where she told me to be I  thought to myself”..Just as I was about to turn around I saw a cute woman approach me and say “Hello Mr. Bran welcome to Japan”. I looked down and noticed her smiling said thanks…That’s when she introduced  herself as Ming Fei , daughter of the man I was supposed to be meeting  the next day…she was so full of energy so hype that it even made me feel good…before I knew it we were walking up and down the streets  just talking about our lives and different subjects…that’s when it happened…

My mind went to another place and for a second I could’ve sworn I heard her say…”You know this foreign girl wouldn’t mind being introduced to a BBC for the first time;)….I responded “And this foreign girl better know how to take it”…

To that she responded ..”Take what Mr. Bran?..I snapped out of it to realize she  hadn’t said that at all…HOW EMBARRASING..so we kept walking a bit more and there was a moment when she strides in front of me…the hell was going on… why was she so thick all of a sudden?? Why was she looking back at me licking her lips?? Something wasn’t right… just as I went in for a closer look she spun around and said “we are almost at the hotel where you will be staying Mr. Bran…That’s when I noticed she was back to her normal self..my mind was wandering…mixing business with pleasure..again…lord help me….

I couldn’t ruin this..this was  a huge meeting for the company…with the presidents daughter..maaaan no,,,..we got to the office where she sat across from me…talked a few points of business then out of nowhere she jumps on the table…saying “take me daddy” you know you want to …NO NO NO !!!…I close my eyes shaking my head to which she replies “Are you ok Bran?? “I open them to see she never moved from that spot…im trippen

I decided I had to go …I asked her to show me the elevator…..We both got in and then..she kissed me…Was this real or was I trippen again..

I guess things that happen at 2AM IN TOKYO  stays there..Or do they???

To be Continued??

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Yeah but imagine Izuku's mom's reaction to bringing Ochako home.

I can imagine him being really blushy and red-faced when he tells his mom “Hi mom…this is my uhhh…g-girlfr-” and Ochako is very bubbly, positively radiating like “Hello Mrs. Midoriya it’s so nice to meet you!!”

And Inko would just burst into tears, just crying while shaking Ochako’s hand, he’s found happiness in such a lovely, kind and smart girl who also treasures him as well and she would be so happy for them

it’d be a really heartwarming moment

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I love your writing and your blog! Can you toss me some angsty lams?

tysm!! I have like no self esteem but I’m glad people seem to like my shit lol here we go 

Hercules had barely finished fitting John’s wedding dress, an empire line ball gown with silver beading forming flowers, when John’s cell rang. He picked up the phone, ignoring the look Herc shot him. “Laurens speaking.” “Hello Mr. Laurens. I have some bad news concerning your fiance, Hamilton.” A monotone voice responded. John’s bright expression immediately fell. “What is it? Is he okay?” “Decidedly not. It’s best you come to the Morristown Hospital immediately.” In a panic, John raced out of the dressing room in his flats, and hailed a cab outside the church.

It seemed to take forever to get to the hospital. John kept spiraling, thinking up the worst case scenarios, no matter how unlikely. What if he got hit by a bus? Maybe he was shot trying to stop a robbery? Was it a bear? Oh no what if it was a bear? Right when he had gone so far as to wonder if it was an attempted alien abduction, the cab pulled up along the curb. John threw open the door and dashed inside, not bothering to pay the cabbie. He ran up to the front desk and started talking in a frenzy. “Where’s Alex? Is he okay? What happened? When can I see him?” The receptionist just pointed to a seat in the waiting room, face blank. John stood there, mouth agape, eyes glistening from tears threatening to make their appearance.

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Taemin Han AU (Please do not repost anywhere)

Ahh I was supposed to upload this last week (for Father’s Day) but I procrastinated too much and now everything is a mess. Also, I’m so sorry this is text-heavy ;;o;; i kinda just threw scenarios together and mashed them into one post kkfkfgjkfgj

Anyway, I’ve received lots of questions asking about how Taemin really feels about Jumin. Taemin definitely loves Jumin, but after Jumin became busier with work (hello Mr. Chairman), he became closer to MC and doesn’t like it when Jumin ‘tries to steal’ MC’s attention away from him.

Older Taemin is basically just a quiet & petty boy who is generally salty about many things, not just Jumin :D

((This comic set takes place a few years before the Jumin + Vending Machine comic. By then, Jumin tries to give little Taemin his attention as much as he can. But the boy remains a bit salty sometimes skhgjdfg))

??? “why is Jincheol there” – to be answered someday soon :D


- “Have no fear… For I am here now.”

Sometimes Todoroki dreams of the past. 

Midoriya lulls him back to sleep with soft touches and heavy nerdiness.


“You do like birds, Mr. Poirot?”
“Miss Lemon, small animals have no part to play in the home life of a private detective from Belgium. Except, of course, as a source of nourishment.”

GOT7′s Google Search History


  • “how many cats is too many cats”
  • “what does rabies look like”
  • “why do people hate my bucket hats”
  • “am i having an existential crisis”
  • “what type of cat am i personality quiz”


  • “one way ticket to LA”
  • “why is my dad more popular than me”
  • “how to get legal custody of my shared dog”
  • “is time an illusion”
  • “how to delete ‘A’ era ramen hair mark tuan off of the internet for good”


  • “how to get the world to drink green tea”
  • “what are the benefits of drinking a gallon of green tea every day”
  • “help i have too many gym memberships”
  • “am i TOO devilishly handsome”
  • “Jackson Wang GOT7 abs”


  • “i keep periodically losing my social media logins”
  • “when will Bounce by JJP die”
  • “how to plot the murder of a dongsaeng”
  • “why does everyone call me a wine mom”
  • “acting agencies looking for handsome idols”


  • “hello mr google!!!”
  • “is my dog planning to run away with mark hyung”
  • “how many times can i delete my insta pics before people start unfollowing me”
  • “how to abolish every cucumber in the world”
  • “i don’t know how to stop screaming”


  • “nearest gucci store”
  • “every time i spend money i cry please help”
  • “how many boots can i buy before people catch on that i have an addiction”
  • “beginners guide to burning a bucket hat”
  • “what is the newest meme trend i need it for science”


  • “how to tell if your hyung is plotting your murder”
  • “how to make eye contact with girls”
  • “my hyungs made soundclouds so should i do it too”
  • “i forgot my soundcloud login”
  • “music playlists that will make my hyungs think i’m cooler than i actually appear”
Transformation of the StarkWorm


“7 am, you’re up earlier than usual.”

“Rhodeyyyyy… meeeeee”

“Sorry buddy, I just drank the last of it. I’ll go get you some.”


(Rhodey come baaaaaaackkkkk)

(Rhodeyyy D’:)


A beautiful transformation under the cut!

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