hello mr. creepy as hell

I wonder...

… why Red did burn the letter destined to Elizabeth in case something happened to him? (episode 316 - The Caretaker)

According to Red, that letter explains EVERYTHING, the past and the connection between Liz and him. Elizabeth will know what happened 25 years ago. And we know deep down Red wants her to discover the truth. 

So why burn this letter?? There is no logical explanation. 

This was something bothering me until I see the recent photo from Ryan Eggold taken in a cemetery.

There will be a funeral in episode 319. Whose could it be?

There’s a significant clue: Mr. Kaplan is there. She wouldn’t be there except for Red sadly (eventually Liz and/or the baby, and certainly not, for Tom the cockroach).

For some time now, the writers insist on Red’s mortality. “Say hello to our friends in Hell…” (311- Mr. Gregory Devry), the creepy painting showing Red’s grave (315 - Drexel) and this burned letter in case of Red’s death.

My point is, if Red fakes his death, burning the letter makes complete sense. He’s still alive, in the shadows and the same game goes on. Elizabeth doesn’t need to know the truth at this point. They will continue to explore their relationship in the future, when he comes back from his hiding. 

So prepare yourself for some sadness and angst at the end of 318 with Red’s *fake* death. Maybe in the process, Elizabeth will finally understand what Red means to her and blames herself for being so blind?

And think of the glorious season’s end we will have when our champion emerges stronger…