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I'm a trans girl in 8th grade and my parents don't like trans people and I don't know how to tell them, but I really want to, how should I tell them, or should I not tell them at all?

Hello! It can often be very dangerous for trans youth to come out, and I would encourage you to wait until it is safe to do so. Of course, this can be very difficult, and ultimately you will have to make the decision alone based on your needs and safety levels. Either way, stay safe and much love.

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Hey!! I'm a new follower and I want to ask if you could do an scenario of the Eldarya's boy seeing Guardienne in a swimsuit? Ps: I love how you write 💕

Well, hello there~ I have so much more ask to do >< I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here~


He already saw swimsuit in human’s magazine but he never saw you wear one! He couldn’t take his eyes off you, you skin was wet because of the sea’s waves. The swimsuit you took was dark, just like he loved it. The contrast between your skin’s colour and the swimsuit.. He thanked the Oracle to decided to go to the beach. He bite his lips and then go back to reality when he hearded you say.

Nevra, you have a nosebleed, you are okay ?


How indecent. How could you wear something like this in front of everyone ! All of you decided to go to the beach and you are the only one who wear this.. Swimsuit , that what you called this right ? He was blushing like mad, hopefully, nobody seemed to care about him. He stared at you until you noticed him. You smirk at him while showing off, asking if he liked what he saw. Well, fuck, he fucking enjoyed it.. But there was no way you would be able to tell!

I just see that you are going to catch a cold.”


He was watching you as you were playing volleyball with Ykar and Chrome. He was sitting on the sand and was watching how your butt was so round.. The swimsuit was holding your chest so well, even through you were jumping to catch the ball. He shook his head, what was he thinking now ? He lifted his head and bump into someone’s chest. It was you.. And you didn’t seemed to care.

Ah, sorry.. Or not , A body is a body right~ You come play with us ?don’t tempt him

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Hi! I'd like to request this reaction; BTS reaction to you being their new choreographer and they're crushing on you! Thank you!

Hello, Anon! Thanks for your request! Hope you enjoy! (6/100)

                                         *DISCLAIMER: REQUEST BOX IS NOW CLOSED


“(Y/N) teacher, can we have a private lesson just between you and me, tonight? I’ll buy you dinner.” 


“This is my favorite choreography, (Y/N) teacher. Would you care to show me how this is done? I’m just quite not sure.” 


“How do you dance so well, (Y/N) teacher? I love you– I mean, your dancing! I just.. love it.” 


“Is this a good wink, (Y/N) teacher? How about this?” 


*just casually lifts up his shirt* “Oh! (Y/N) teacher! I didn’t know you were right in front of me!” 


“(Y/N) teacher, how are you so pretty?” 


*tries to impress her with all his amazing moves* 

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Hi, Aveira! I absolutely love your content, as you've made me realize how much I enjoy Maxis Match for Sims 4. Regarding hairs, are you primarily sticking to clay retextures now? Even though I love Maxis Match, I adore your alpha retextures! Thanks for sharing your wonderful content with us. :)

Hello! :3
Yes, I do, since I changed to maxis match for my gameplay a while ago.
I still have a few alpha hairs and eyebrows in my game, and I like to use them for screenshots/edits once in a while, so I don’t think I will ever stop completely to retexture alpha hairs… but there won’t be as much as there used to be. 
I honestly feel a bit bad about this, because I know a lot of people started to follow me for my retextures and they like them and are always happy when I post one - and at the same time I kinda don’t want to force myself to do it when I don’t feel like doing it… but I think, or I hope, that’s understandable. ^^”

And thank you so much, I’m glad you like my stuff! :)

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(。・ω・)ノ゙ hello there! i just want to mention how much i love your writings and if you could please write Jumin with a hispanic MC it would be greatly appreciated! but i totally understand if you can't get around to it or you're just not feeling it. either way, thanks for all you've written and please don't ever stop! (。・ ω ・。)

Thank you so much that’s so sweet I’m so glad you enjoy my writings! I only hope they’re able to continue to do so in the future!

As for the request, I’d be more than happy to do so! However, if there’s anything in the prompt you don’t like or would like changed let me know! I would like to do this portrayal as respectfully and as well as I can!

Anyhow, thank you again and have a splendid day!

For those who’d like an English translation of the song used, here it is


“Darling? What’s that song?” 

You turned around, your mind snapping back into reality. “What’re you talking about?”

“That song you’re singing. I’ve never heard it before.” 

You thought for a moment, realization hitting you.

“Oh! You mean Bésame Mucho?”

“Bésame Mucho…?”

The song had swept into the halls of your childhood home just as the memories had, the tune almost always pouring in throughout your days.

And your family adored it.

Your mother would always sway from side to side as she moved about, her lids closed gently, humming alongside it.

And sometimes, she’d bring you in.

“Come here Conejito come here!” She’d call to you, pulling you to her, your feet resting upon your own as she danced gently, spinning you about.

Other days both of your parents would come together in the main hall or in the kitchen as the song poured in, your mother’s head resting against his chest, the two of them serenading the other.

“Here,” You approached him, snatching out your phone. “I’ll play it for you.” 

In seconds the familiar sounds spilled into the penthouse, cascading against the walls and into your ears.

And it was warmly welcomed.

You took Jumin’s hand in your own, setting it to your waist, the other interlacing.

“My family would always dance to it.” 

He chuckled, rubbing a gentle thumb over your knuckles.

“I’d be delighted to as well.” 

You couldn’t help but beam at his words, feeling his feet begin to move along with the beat, guiding you.

And you sang along.

“Bésame, bésame mucho                                                                                 Como si fuera esta noche                                                                                     La última vez”

“Bésame, bésame mucho                                                                                   Que tengo miedo a perderte                                                                                 Perderte después”

You set your head in the crook of his neck, a deep breath escaping you, your shoulders dropping contently.

You noticed as Jumin looked down at you, affection drenching his gaze, a smile prominent on his face.

“Bésame, bésame mucho                                                                                 Como si fuera esta noche                                                                                     La última vez”

“Bésame, bésame mucho                                                                                   Que tengo miedo a perderte                                                                       Perderte después”

“You said this song was Bésame Mucho?” He questioned lightly, his lids lowering just a tad.

You nodded.

“And what does that mean?” 

“Kiss me much more.” 

He pressed his lips to your head, laughing softly. 

“I like it.” 

“Quiero tenerte muy cerca                                                                             Mirarme en tus ojos                                                                                           Verte junto a mi                                                                                                       Piensa que tal vez mañana                                                                                   Yo ya estaré lejos                                                                                               Muy lejos de ti”

“Bésame, bésame mucho                                                                                 Como si fuera esta noche                                                                                     La última vez”

The sunlight streamed in from the front window, pressing against your skin in what felt more like a embrace.

Everything somehow felt gentle.

But Jumin always had.

That had never been a question.

“Bésame, bésame mucho                                                                                   Que tengo miedo a perderte                                                                               Perderte después”

“Bésame, bésame mucho                                                                                   Que tengo miedo a perderte                                                                           Perderte después”

And as the song came to a close you felt your heart almost burst with joy from the reoccurring tune finding a spot back in your life.

And that you could share it with him.

And it would always stay.

For you would always stay.

You would always stay with him.

“Que tengo miedo a perderte                                                                       Perderte después”

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Hello! Im still a newbie at making comics. I make mines at Tapastic but it is to enjoy myself because I love it! But lately I've been getting self conscious about the way i draw and eventually stopped for a few months. But realizing that i was only getting worse by not drawing, i decided to make another chapter! Do you have any tips on how I can make my comics enjoyable or at least better? I love your work and you're probably the first artist I followed since the old homestuck days! <3

aw, that’s great!! keep it up!! :D on making comics enjoyable/better…there are a few comicking tutorials in my “toastytuts” tag and on my patreon, and scott mccloud’s “making comics” is an amazing book about that stuff!  but apart from theory and tutorials, I recommend you just keep making the comics you want to make, drawing things you think are fun and entertaining and epic, and eventually more will come.  I have trouble tapping into that enjoyment of my own work, so I think it’s important to hang onto it. ^u^

ay hello lads im sorry it took me forever to reply to these. honestly the amount of cute lil messages of ‘fuck him and her’ are SO LOVELY and yall are the best.  i ALSO hope they choke, both of them are cut from my life and i hope it was all worth it for them lmao. (also, my ex-boyfriend and i met through our tutor. she asked how i was, i told her what he did, and now he has no reference for university because she refuses to do it for him lmaoooOOo)

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Drunk!SO start to sing the song “Hello, my baby.” (it’s the Frog J. Michigan’s song, of the Looney Tunes). SO love the skellies and they return the feelings, but they’re just friends now. SO get drunk and confess their love in that dumb way, what do the boys do? What if SO forget this when they are sober? ( with UT/UF/US Sans+US/SF Papi)


++ Sans ++

Classic really wants to confess to you, seeing as how you’re obviously confessing to him - but he’s smarter than that, and he restrains himself. He knows that you’re drunk, and you may not even actually be in love with him, it very well may be because of the fact that you’re drunk. He decides to let you do what you want but keeps you from getting physically intimate with him, and it’s hard to see you so lovey and deny your love, but it’s pretty funny seeing you all loopy and light headed. He gets you come and lets you sleep it off, and when you wake up, you have a pretty sick hangover, yet you don’t remember a thing. When you begin to feel better, Classic brings up the fact that you confessed to him, and although you’re flustered, you tell him you were being honest nonetheless. You and Classic start dating shortly after that conversation.


++ Sans ++

Red falls weak against you, and the night goes much farther than he expected it to. He comes over to visit you, seeing as how you already sent him a few drunk texts, so he kind of knew what to expect - but he certainly didn’t expect you to be wearing barely any clothes when he walked in. You smirked at him and started singing to him the minute he came in, and he blushes like crazy. He manages to control you and restrain himself up until you put on some sexy music, even if it takes you a bit to sort it out, and you begin to get handsy with him. Since he has such a big crush on you, and since you two are alone and you’re literally right there inviting him to get handsy with you, he gives in. You grab his hand and put it on your crotch, and it actually falls into nsfw territory. Long story short, you guys have a LOT of fun, and you both wake up with nasty hangovers. You wake up before he does, but it’s only a minute or so after you wake up that he does, and you aren’t aware of the fact that neither of you aren’t wearing any clothes, and your lower regions feel… weird. You sit up, and then Red full out stares at you, and you stare back. Neither of you remember what the hell happened, and both of you flip out. He shuts his eyes as you get up and grab clothes, hurrying out of the room to go change. He also takes the time to dress into his clothes again, and you two try to remember what happened, but you fail to piece together anything else except for the fact that you two definitely had sex. After establishing that, you guys actually start dating, and Red messes around, telling you that you guys are already ahead of the game. Truly, you are.


++ Sans ++

Blue knows what can happen when you get drunk, since this isn’t the first time. You and Papyrus decided to go out for your birthday, and Blue was busy, and you both got very drunk. He had to show up to try and control the both of you, but everyone else was drunk there too, so it didn’t even matter. Blue actually felt pretty jealous of his brother, seeing you on him the way that you are, but the moment your gaze falls upon Blue, someone turns up the karaoke and you start singing to him, and his cheekbones burn a bright neon blue the whole time. Honey tries to pair the two of you up that night as well, but Blue refuses, knowing that you’re drunk and you may not even mean what you’re really saying. He gets the two of you home and just lets you both spend the night, and the next day, you wake up with a small headache. Honey has it worse than you, but you remember what happened the night before, and you actually bring it up again, confessing your feelings for Blue a second time. He blushes and happily confesses back to you, and you and Honey do a fist bump as Blue clings to  hugs you tightly. 

++ Papyrus ++

Oh… wait, what did you just do? You started singing to Honey and he doesn’t know what to say. He has a little fun with you, actually, feeling all over you and letting you rub all over him. You then lean in for a kiss, and he decides that he’d rather not ruin his regular chances with you, so once you try to do that, he leans away and stops what he’s doing. No, no no no, he can’t get handsy with you now, you may not even remember anything! All of this could just be happening because you’re drunk and you don’t know any better! Eventually, he finally calms you down and gets you to bed, even if he is a bit tipsy himself, he’s still conscious of everything. The next morning, you wake up and sit up, remembering what happened right away, and you blush. When Honey comes in the room to greet you a good morning, you motion for him to sit next to you, and the only words that you manage to stutter out are, “I-I really liked the way y-you grabbed me!!” And then you cover your mouth, embarrassed. Why, out of everything you possibly could have said, did THAT leave those perfect lips of yours? He blushes and just leans forward, making a move on you and kissing you through your hands. He then looks at you with a certain expression, and you softly smile, still flustered, but not nearly as much as a few seconds ago. You move your hands and wrap both around the back of his neck and head, and you kiss him. You both kiss each other for a while, and it’s a given that you two are dating - but he still asks you out officially, just to classify it as such.


++ Papyrus ++

Rus can barely pull himself away from you. Hearing you sing like that to him is all too precious, even if you won’t remember a thing when you’re older, and yeah, the two of you kiss. Not a lot, but you guys definitely kiss. He wants to make out with you badly, but he manages to restrain himself from that and from anything passed that, since it’d be too much, and Rus would feel guilty using you that way. The next morning, he finds out that his prediction is correct - you don’t remember a single thing, but he still feels guilty as is, and he tells you what happened. He tells you EVERYTHING that happened so you aren’t left in the dark in the slightest, and it’s a lot to take in judging from your pounding headache, but you still take it all in, and you’re shocked. After a minute of really understanding it, you can’t help but start laughing, and tell him that you’re glad he didn’t deny you, because you’ve wanted to kiss him for a while. Rus gets flustered from that comment of yours, and you just confess your feelings then and there. He accepts, and goes to kiss you, but you push him back and tell him you feel a bit nauseous. Let’s get you to a bathroom, first.

So we start the episode with Midoriya accounting what’s basically the “Top 3″ of the superhero world.

This guy, Number 2, looks pretty dope. It doesn’t surprise me that “a bunch of fucking fire” is a good power to have if you wanna be famous.

I mean.

What do I even say to this.

What if someone comes around who wears jeans better than him? Will he have to change his hero name?

I love that’s how he pictures her.

The nice person.

Considering the life he’s lived, I guess someone like that really is a rare sight.

I mean.

To be fair to Midoriya, he only wanted to say thanks.

And to be fair to this guy, she is trying to concentrate. So he has a point.

Hello number of characters who will not pass the exam and as such will be victims of hubris.

Okay, fair enough.

Still feels kinda pointless to point that out, though.

Good job kid.

Also I like the girl in front, the one with orange hair.

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Hello! So I'm fairly new in the columbine community and one thing I don't understand is how it all started. I understand that both wanted it but there's a difference between wishing for smth to happen and planning smth. How do you think they brought up the topic the firs time. Smth along the lines with "Y'know I'd LOVE to bomb away this fucking school" - "Same bro, guess what, I've got some explosives in my room, we could ACTUALLY do this!" or how do you think one begins to plan smth like that?

Hi! (Sorry, this is a late-as-hell answer – I hope you’re still around!)

I don’t think anyone really knows how it started. I sometimes feel like Eric and Dylan wouldn’t be able to tell us when it all started, either. I don’t think there was any one point in time that was IT in terms of “hey this is a great idea”, nor do I think there was a specific moment they’d be able to pinpoint as the first time the topic was brought up between them.

I think it started out as a joke. When you read the statements their friends made to law enforcement and in interviews later on, you get the sense that the school blowing up or getting shot up or whatever was something that was talked about and joked about semi-regularly within their crowd. I think they had this running commentary going of “yeah one of these days it’s gonna go boom” or “I wish this place would just catch fire already” or something along those lines in order to help them cope with the everyday reality of being in that space with these people.

I think that they sat in the middle of one of those jokes and that one of them turned to the other and said “we could pull that off”. I think that one of them may have made a very asinine murderous comment, to which the other may have replied “yeah same here/me too”. I think it may not be very likely that they bonded over a lament of “I wish I was fucking dead”, as that’s way too personal for Dylan and way too outright suicidal for Eric, so I’m banking on the murder-section of the plan being the thing they initially pounced on together. I think that Dylan was the big dreamer/visionary in some respects, while Eric was the practical one who could pull shit together in record time to make that vision happen. I think that they just sat and fantasised out loud and then gradually came to the thought of actually doing it.

I also still think that they had both been toying with these ideas individually, if I know Eric well enough by now to assume as much and if we take Dylan’s first mention of murder into account, before they ever said anything about it to each other. I think this was a private fantasy before it became a shared idea/plan. I’ve put together a more-or-less accurate timeline of when it might have become a shared plan here, because we’re able to piece some of that together with the information they left behind. As for how that conversation actually began, though.. we’ll never know.

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Hi! I'm sooo glad you're back. I had a few questions for you. First was, how do you get a SFS profile? I tried to sign up, but it said I needed an invite from an admin?! Also, how are you so good at making custom content? I can only do recolors (and they aren't very good.) Have a lovely day/night/whatever time it is!

hello there! firstly, thankyou <3 

and with simfileshare, yes you do need a code to make an account, take 10:

  1. wIPVdKn3ub1SURYUMijgNrAHuC3xa6NC
  2. 8d3EPbprdqBimSprxgHvxn4Q4B9JYV3U
  3. 1MCKFs1f3uk0jIFWqxwVUc5gjrY1GHh3
  4. bYz0GwzqOdw2yWH3o5peaEcTW4MBAJC4
  5. GFWi13SzbFmjZTdQn1mCIXJFGmo6yCa7
  6. ZLo3zWj3YdNr9AnJRTRzrtxncjzS1M7k
  7. qDTM9krZcww8GiqKzJG8LsWP4xVtm2bj
  8. SqWd5iKe3dGaZuRZN0Yh25OkXfPqSiMO
  9. og9tBPsGaDggtcxVAKqt5oGY6UqxXPky
  10. Xtwq9svW1N5adeJW6UrIVx8OmT9mE5kT

and secondly, THANKYOU!! i’m sure your recolours are brilliant, and the truth is, i really don’t have a plan when it comes to making cc. no structure and not much advice either. i just sort of go with it. i think you should practise lots and gain inspiration from whatever you can, look at your surroundings and what you personally like. and yeah :)

thankyouuuuuu <3

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hi! i id as bisexual & i have a preference for girls (it has a lot to do w my upbringing, feeling safer/more comfortable w girls & feminism). i thought abt id-ing as a lesbian bc of that, but as i love id-ing as bi & it does suit me, i stick w it. my question is if other girls also feel insecure abt their bisexuality, when being more interested in girls? ppl always seem to think bi girls have preference for men & that always makes me feel weird, bc idk of other girls who feel like i do

Hello, hello!

So I’m not the perfect person to answer this question because I’m not bi, but what I can say is that no matter how much you prefer any gender(s), if you know you’re bi, then you’re bi. I’m glad you’ve found an id that suits you; that’s awesome, and it’s okay to be insecure - that doesn’t mean it’s not accurate.

Any followers relate to anon’s experience?

Good luck <3 


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Hello! I love your letters so much! And, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, do you think I could get a letter from Happy where I've been secretly taking pole dancing lessons with Lyla, and he just found out? Thank you so much!

It’s like y’all know Happy is my favourite Son or something…. 

Lyla told me something interesting today. Is it true? You been taking pole dancing classes? How long did you plan on keeping it from me? If you want to dance, I won’t stop you. But rest assured, if any man even lifts a finger to you, I’ll have a new happy face decorating my body quicker than you can collect your pay check. Unless…. you plan on only using these new skills for me. Which by all means, do you. I’ll gladly let you try out any new positions in my presence. Think I could get away stealing the pole from the clubhouse? No? I’ll just get Juice to order one on - what is it - Amazon? Yeah. We’ll install it right across from our bed. - Happy. 

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Hello, how did you managed to go study abroad? I'd love to study in different country, but I dunno what to do ._.

Hi there! Well, I honestly had a lot of support from my family! My sister was already going to uni here in UK when I started and my dad was working here. My mom and I moved here when i finished high school in Italy and that’s it XD I applied to university, had to pass an english test and to have the right grades from high school

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B: HI AUNTIE!!! How have you been? Like in daily life kinda stuff? Have you been having fun with your kittens? Also pls do make sure you don't overwork yourself!! Three jobs is a lot to juggle after all,,, pls be careful!!

RYn HelLO~ Oh my god my kittens are absolutely precious and I love them with all my heart <3


-Admin B(abe)

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Hello, how are you? Love your blog! Do you still accept scenarios? If so, I have one: Ciel and Sebastian back at the manor house after Campania. And congratulations on 600+ followers!

It had been a week after they had returned. Sebastian, due to his injury, had to feign weakness though he had finished healing on the day right after sustaining a wound that would have killed any other. Ciel, on the other hand, was sick for real.

After returning to his butler duties, Sebastian took the task of looking after his master from Tanaka and the other servants. With a smile, he thanked them for their help, and kicked them out of his master’s room.

“Took you a while.” Ciel said as he sat up in his bed, wrapped up in warm shawls.

“It was necessary for the sake of appearance.” Sebastian explained as he returned to his master’s bedside. “I have prepared you some herbal tea to boost your immune system and some fruits. You need your vitamins.”

“Sebastian.” Ciel started.

“Yes, my Lord?” The butler said as he took a seat on the bed, turned to face the boy and placing one hand on the bed on the other side of the boy’s legs.

“It’s been a while…” Ciel said. Another would have thought the statement to be vague but Sebastian understood well.

“Have you been lonely, my Lord?” Sebastian teased with a smile.

Ciel huffed and turned his head away, glaring at something.

The demon only chuckled before leaning in and kissing the Earl’s cheek. That surprise the young lord and he looked back at the demon. 

“As much as I agree, we can’t be overworking your body.” Sebastian said. Ciel frowned at those words, so the butler added. “But I certainly can treat you to a little something.” At that, Ciel looked a little hopeful.

Sebastian pulled back the boy’s covers. Gently, he pulled the boy down into a half-laying position from a sitting one. With Ciel leaning his back against the pillows and his head pressed against the bed, the position allowed Sebastian easier access to the young penis.

He spread his master’s legs and leaned down. Looking at it closely, Sebastian smiled.

“Don’t stare at it like that.” Ciel said grumpily as he pouted and averted his gaze.

“It is just that I realized it has been a while for me too.” The demon said before he pressed his face into the boy’s crotch. That earned him a surprised gasp. Sebastian inhaled his master’s scent and commented. “I was worried, but it seems for naught.” Ciel quirked a brow and then Sebastian added. “They did a good job of washing you after all.”

“Silence, you insolent rat!” Ciel exclaimed and hit the demon on the head as he was flustered.

Sebastian only chuckled at that. Then he shook his head from side to side a little as he buried his face deeper into the boy’s crotch. He inhaled once more, then ran his tongue over the boyish balls and cock. He lapped at them a few more times before taking the young testicles into his mouth and giving them a good suction while fondling them with his tongue. That was enough to make the little cock stand so he moved on to give his attention to the erect organ. Licking from the bottom to the top, he took the entire erection into this mouth and latched on hard.

Ciel groaned and arched his back off the pillows, leaning his head back and pressing it harder against the headboard.

Then Sebastian started to rise and lower his head while he kept the same strength of suction. He milked his master with his mouth and Ciel didn’t last long. He released into the demon’s mouth and the other drank the sweet love juice obediently. He released the little cock and licked it clean a few times, then sat up and licked around his mouth.

The Earl’s face was flushed bright red. He then looked at the tent in his butler’s pants. “What… About you?” He asked, more shy than unsure, and looked back up at his butler as he expected an answer.

“That is a pleasing offer, but I must reject.” Sebastian said as he stood up. “As I said, we can’t be overworking you while you get better.”

Ciel pouted and glared down.

Sebastian readjusted his master’s night shirt and pulled the covers over him again. He kissed the boy’s forehead, then passed him the cup of herbal tea and placed the plate of fruit slices and berries onto the nightstand. “Please, enjoy these while I go tend to a little ‘issue’.” With that, the butler left his master momentarily.

anonymous asked:

how do you do such lovely work? ive been struggling to do even the basic of things like bodies and poses and figures and it just hasnt worked. ive almost considered giving up because im in tears every time i fail to draw

Hello dearest anon. Thank you for the kind words.

I just want to start off with saying, if drawing is something you truly want to learn and improve upon, please do not give up on drawing.

Working on developing any skill is going to be a struggle for almost everyone. It takes a lot of time and patience to really develop. I’ve been drawing regularly for over 12 years, as a hobby for over 20 years.

Even with how long I have been drawing, I still struggle with some angles and poses. I always search for reference photos to every little detail that I can possibly find. If there is anything that you feel you are struggling with, never feel that you are any less of an artist for using a reference, whether it be for color, pose, composition. After enough time and practice, you will be able to create what you want without as much help, but do not ever let that stop you from using a guide to help you achieve what you want. Search for everything you can, tutorials, references, guides - everything!

I cannot repeat this enough, do not give up!

anonymous asked:

hey!! - altisetsky


1. First impression: ,,,what does their username mean woah ? and they seem so coolwhat

2. Truth is: youre really cool and i would love to talk more and i just saw that we both like dan and phil and life is strange and ???? yes ???? i need to talk to this lovely human

3. How old do you look: im not sure what you look like whoops

4. Have you ever made me laugh: yes yes

5. Have you ever made me mad: noO 

6. Best feature: youre vvvv kind !

7. Have I ever had a crush on you: noop

8. You’re my: friendo who im going to message after this woa

9. Name in my phone: it would be your username yes

10. Should you post this too? you dId magic

thank you!