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Hello, I'm in love with your art. You are inspiring me to draw more zootopia stuff and I hope one day I will be able to draw like you, so cute and awesome!. Would be possible to have some tips to draw nick and Judy? I would not mind to pay you to teach me a bit hehe. I really just want to draw for me and my partner:3

Aaaaah I’m so glad!! ;0; nd yeah! best thing is to just start doodling! 

I do have some tutorials already up on how to draw Nick and Judy, however they’re a little outdated and aren’t really good in my eyes ^^; (I’ll send them over to you if you’d like! :0)

I do have a few tips! Really best to look at your references, never be afraid to use sources! Concept art to the final film; all are good to use! I think one of the best things to drawing characters like these guys is to really understand who they are. What expressions will they make during certain situations, etc etc. In the end, using refs are always best and will help A LOT. (I never stopped using them XD)
And last but not least, you gotta remember that they’re not human, so they’re gonna have different features from us. Best way to see this is close observation of them in the film. 

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And, ofc, looking at stuff like this

These are just quick pointers! Hopefully I’ll have the time (and motivation) to do new tutorials. Hey, but you can start doodling at anytime! I hope you make some wonderful drawings for yourself and your partner!! <3

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hello!!! i just really love your blog and i truly appreciate all the effort you put into it. i absolutely adore your sims, houses and editing. i'm considering starting a simblr myself and i have two questions if you wouldn't mind answering! first, how do you keep track of your cc for wcif's? and second, has your game/laptop gone slow? because mine tends to do that when i download cc but maybe it's just virus ridden. (if your laptop is still fine, how??) ok thanks i love u

hello!!! thank you so so much!!!!!! 

so my default browser is opera and the bookmarks system is like really on point, so when I download something I bookmark it. then I can find it later and all the bookmarks in opera are little pictures like it’s just really intuitive and convenient with a search bar and everything and i loooove this browser. I also bookmark tons of other shit just for every day life and the amount of bookmarks does not slow down or weigh on the browser at all, at least that’s my experience, and it’s the easiest way I’ve ever tried to keep track of cc. 

as for my game it does not run slow at all but that’s because the laptop I have is like overkill to run the game even with shit loads of cc (I’ve mentioned it before but I saved up forever and bought a really really expensive gaming laptop). if u think you have viruses run a test damn it!!! lol but probably it’s just weighing on the processing power/disk space of your computer and it might be too much for it to handle. something u could try (i did this with my old laptop that could hardly even handle opening word) is merging your cc! 

hope that helped u!!!!

Only You | Hansol

“ hello! can u pls do a vernon imagine where the reader gets jealous? ps: i love your works♡ ”

genre: fluff

words: 991


— hakdken im sorry i changed the prompt up a bit but jealousy is still added in there ;) also happy early thanksgiving guys !! i’ll try to post tomorrow b4 dinner —

The laughter of your best friend and boyfriend filled your ears, and all you did was send a glare their way. At this point, you couldn’t do anything about it. You’ve expressed to your friend how much it frustrated you when Hansol ignored you, and she comforted you. Little did she know you were referring to her. Because ever since you introduced the two, they’ve ditched you to hang out by themselves. You were tired of it, but Hansol always told you it was fine and nothing was going to happen.

“That’s like the..100th time you’ve glared at them? Correct me if I’m wrong.” You turn and face Jun, an amused look on his face. One of his arms leant on his knee, his palm holding his face. He raised an eyebrow and smiled at you.

“Only 100? Damn. I need to make it more obvious.” Jun laughs at your words. You pout, asking him what he was having a giggle about.

“Make it obvious that you’re jealous? Y/N, there’s no need for that. It’s painfully obvious you’re jealous.”

“Jealous?!” Your eyes widen, arms going from their relaxed state to tense. Your expression makes Jun laugh even more, and his laughter makes you even more mad. Were you jealous? No, you were just mad that your boyfriend was ignoring you for your best friend. That’s a normal thing to feel.

“If I were you, I’d do it to him. Give him a taste of his own medicine, you know? Make him feel how you feel. Jealous.” You glare at Jun.

“I’m not jealous.”

“Keep saying that, princess.” Jun pat your head, ruffling your hair. Your glaring was now towards the older boy, a cute pout forming on your lips.

“Ah, Y/N you’re so cute when you’re mad~” Jun says really loudly. Your brows knit together, confused on why his volume was so loud. Hansol and your best friend turned, looking at the two of you. Now you knew what Jun was doing. He was being all cutesy with you like Hansol was being with your friend, to make him know what it felt like for you. A smirk planted itself on your face.

“Shut up, Junnie! Besides, you’re cuter..” You rest both of your hands on either sides of his cheeks, squishing his face. You give him a funny look and coo about how much cuter than you he was.

“I think you’re cuter, Y/N.” Hansol says out of the blue. You face him and give him a forced smile. You turn away and smile at Jun.

“See? You’re the cute one.”

“Ah, thank you.” You let go of Jun’s face and look at Hansol, waiting for his reaction. He looked lost and confused, like a puppy. It made your heart melt looking at him, how adorable he looked sitting there. Your friend must’ve caught on to what you were doing because she was giving you a look. You gave her a look back.

“Lets watch a movie!” Hansol says. It had been a while from when you tried to make Hansol jealous. You honestly thought it was working, because whenever Jun would say something about you Hansol would immediately turn and have the same look on his face. A look that resembled yours when you were watching as he and your friend laughed together; their hands caressing each other.

“Sure.” The 4 of you pile onto the couch. Hansol was in between you and your friend and Jun was by your other side. Hansol plays the movie and you all watch it, making some jokes when a cringe worthy scene played or a character did something stupid.

“I’m tired..” you yawn softly. You guys were an hour into the film. It was two hours long, and it was currently 12 am.

“You can lean against me.” Jun whispers to you. You do as he says and wrap an arm around his slim frame, laying your head on his chest. You close your eyes and begin to nap. Just as you were about to fall into slumber, you felt an arm grab you and push you the other direction. You open your eyes and see Hansol looking down at you, jealousy dusting his light brown hues. You and Jun’s plan had worked.

“Stop, I was about to sleep.” You wiggle out of your boyfriend’s grip and rest against Jun once again. You could still feel his hard look burning the back of your head.

“If you want someone to sleep against you so bad why don’t you get Y/F/N to do it? You two look and act like a couple anyways, it wouldn’t bring any attention.” Your eyes were slit into a glare as you began to nap again.

“That’s what this is about? Really?” You open your eyes and face Hansol. You glare at him, raising your hands out of anger.

“Yes, yes it is! I’m tired of seeing my boyfriend act like someone else’s boyfriend! I tried to do something about it but none of you listened or even cared. This was the only other thing I could do.” Tears of frustration rose in your eyes and fell down your cheeks. You didn’t like being the jealous type, but you were afraid of losing Hansol, the boy you loved a whole lot.

A frown adorned Hansol’s face as he pulled you into him. You let off your stress on his t-shirt, mumbling about how much you hated being jealous and about how much you loved him too much to risk losing him to someone else.

“Ah, Y/N, you don’t have to worry..I’m always going to love you and only you.” Hansol rubs your back, whispering the sweet words into your ear. You push yourself off his chest and look up at him, your eyes puffy and red.

“Are you sure? You’ll only love me?” He smiles at you and grabs one of your cheeks, squeezing it softly.

“Only you.”

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Hi! English isn't my native language so sorry for the mistakes. I have questions, but not today, I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog! Thank you for all the love you give to the taejin, their relationship is so beautiful and sacred, I do not understand why the fandom does not see how much they love each other. Thanks again and never leave the taejin, you're a great support for the taejin shippers 💕

Hello there taejinisreal7,

Oh do not apologize, it’s fine! You are welcome to send questions whenever you like, but most of the times I cannot answer everybody cause the bad part of getting lots asks daily (thank you!!!) is the lack of time to properly answer everybody immediately. 

Awww I will always love Taejin, don’t worry! Yep their relationship is beautiful and sacred, they are the full love package: affectionate, kind, always together, wearing matching outfits, sleeping on Jin’s bed together, kissing on stage, going on dates, being romantic, making a love song duet, being on a constant honeymoon mode, being the biggest dorks, super jealous and possessive V, Jin always so soft with V, the list goes on and on and on. Plus they are probably the most gorgeous pair on earth.




Well a huge part of this fandom can’t see through the fan-service pushed ships. Jin and V could be married someday and they would still say “Momma Jin married his son Taehyung to hide V’kook and to make Namjoon jealous” or some sort of delusive propaganda like that. Despite of Taejin being in a legit relationship off-cam that might look quite obvious to you and I, it takes a dose of sensibility and experience to notice their bond. So let’s not hold our breaths waiting for the ARMY for fully accept Taejin, sadly (and mostly cause of the intense BigHit push of their profitable ships) it will probably never happen. I prefer to believe it’s a little sacrifice they have to make to protect the special love that they share.

Here are some of my previous masterposts on the topic of Taejin’s secrecy:




Just keep believing in Jin+V’s beautiful relationship and we, the tiny group of Taejin supporters, will thrive as they are thriving.

Lots of love.

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Hello Sera :D Hope you're having nice day! Today while driving my car I remembered how Team Bravo doesn't need to use one to go places, but I started to wonder if they all even know how to drive one, so the question goes like this: what kind of transportation methods do the member of unit bravo know how to drive? (car, motorcycle, bicycle, boat, helicopter??)

Good question!

Mainly the vampires only have access to Agency vehicles, but that is quite a range. Mostly just boring black SUVs though, lol.

A loves classic cars, not that they own one, but it’s what they’d prefer to drive. They can drive a car, motorcycle, and boats.

N doesn’t drive at all-not car or boat, and even a bicycle is a bit past their limit, lol! Hell of a horse rider though, and they can sail a boat.

F can drive a car and a motorcycle, but if they don’t have to they won’t.

M can drive a car, but again, they prefer not to- and none of the other vampires would volunteer to get into a car driven by M :D

Thank you so much for the interesting ask! :)

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Hello Auntie, could you give me advice on how to control my emotions? I've been in a long distance relationship for three years now and my gf along the way figured out she is poly only cause she met a girl and fell in love and I agreed and after a tremendous amount of communication I was finally okay with the concept of being in a poly relationship, but the girl had the opportunity to visit her first and now they're doing all the cute things we were planning for years and I'm burning up inside

Well, I’m not sure I’m a good person to talk about being poly with because I’m not poly, but I can certainly relate to the ‘burning up inside’ feeling! My girlfriend convinced me to let her have an open relationship because I was “too busy” all the time, I reluctantly agreed, and when she was sleeping with other people (a good friend of mine!!!) it absolutely destroyed me. It didn’t work at all for me because I was just, in the end, not interested in a poly relationship and I couldn’t cope with the idea of someone else being intimate with the woman I loved. 

Even if you are poly, it’s natural to feel envious of people who have an opportunity you don’t, and it’s absolutely natural to feel envious of someone who’s getting to have an experience with someone who you are deeply in love with when you can’t, yourself, have that experience. They’re together, in love, and you feel excluded because you’re so far away. Even if the relationship will work long term, everything you’re feeling now is natural and normal. 

You should definitely discuss this with your partner! Tell her you feel lonely, left out and really upset because her other partner got to visit her first. Tell her you’re really hurting and alone right now. Even tell her you’re upset because this other person got to experience her first when it’s been three years and you haven’t. Perhaps ask her to set some time aside to skype with you or rab.it with you or spend some time alone together so you don’t feel so left out? 

Long distance relationships are hard enough; I imagine having those work in a poly relationship adds an extra level of complexity and time-commitment on top of that. Make sure you have local support who can give you cuddles or talk to you and remind you that even if you feel left out now, you’re loved <3

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hello! really random question but do you feel like annabeth would be one of those people who absolutely loves being pregnant or absolutely hates being pregnant (like symptoms wise or wtv)

i would guess that annabeth would hate it. she’s a very physical person, so i don’t think she’d appreciate how hard it is to move around in the later stages, or how much more she’d have to depend on help from others to get things done. she’s also very fond of having control over things and having everything meet her expectations, and while there are obviously things that are common to all pregnancies there isn’t one universal ‘pregnancy experience’, which i think would both annoy and terrify her. 

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Hello! I love your blog and I am loving all the Reylo news, so I decided to see how the other side is reacting( @ntis). I came across a post on there, 5 things that are and not in the last Jedi (vanity fair article). Then, I saw how there is no central romance. So my question is for you 1. Have you read that article on Vanity Fair , 2. What’s your opinion of it, like is it accurate? And 3. Do you think Reylo won’t happen because of this?

Hi @lumoscrystal ! Yes, I’ve read the Vanity Fair article and no, I don’t think it was portrayed accurately by the journalist. What Rian Johnson meant was that there was no Han/Leia type romance in the sequel trilogy, not that there’s no actual romance in the ST. Here’s the exact quote:

Johnson says that The Last Jedi offers “no one-to-one equivalent of the Han-to-Leia, burning unrequited love. In our story, that’s not a centerpiece”

In no way in those lines did he say there was no central romance. It’s just not center stage and it’s not comparable to the Han/Leia romance. So in light of this, I still believe Reylo can happen in one form or another in TLJ (it won’t be unrequited), and that the full blown romance aspect of it will actually be saved for Episode IX. TLJ needs to lay more groundwork before Rey and Kylo can get to that point in my opinion so I’m expecting them to form some kind of alliance in TLJ, and in Episode IX there would then be room for a full blown romance :)

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do you ever like wonder how it would feel like to touch ace’s hair? like... is it soft or is thick ?... can i run my hand through it ? like soothing hair petz

It’s probably really soft and feels a bit like cotton candy, but the more he goes through it, the more the feeling fades… it ends up being an one of a kind feeling— you’d have to touch Ace’s hair to know how it feels like

Hello people!

This Mel a.k.a syubdaegu and i’m here to announce that I made a side blog dedicated to our wonderful vocalist and visual Kim Seokjin! 


  • How this is gonna work?

well, basically like i said is a Seokjin blog dedicated to show any content related to him and his ships as well

  • are you leaving syubdaegu/ YOONGI IS NOT YOUR BIAS ANYMORE?

hm, no and no. syubdaegu will still run as usual and i’ll be always here as usual

  • so why are you doing a blog just for Jin, you love him more than Yoongi?

bitch don’t make me slap your face :| when i started this blog a year ago was basically to show all my love for BTS and especially for Yoongi and since then i  had been “a yoongi biased blog”. Most of my followers are Yoongi stans and i feel the obligation to give them what they look: YOONGI. I also know that most of you follow me because of the Sin Family posts, or just Yoonjin  or that dark era from bv2  but either way to me it looks like i’m always fighting to put them equally here but that not always is possible. So making a side blog just for Jin will be easier and will make me happier, and as much as i love them equally we all know that Yoongi has a lot more attention and stans than Jin so this blog will be my way to show all my love and support for him <3

If you have other asks please feel free to ask! and if you wanna submit a post to @seokjinworld the submissions and dms will always be open (but only there, syubdaegu’s are still closed), and any kind of content is welcome as long as it is Seokjin related. 

besides that i dont have anything to say, only ask for you guys help rebloging this post to spread the word. I love yall and have a good day/ night <3

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Hello, just want to say I love your art, do you have any suggestions on how to draw poses?

I guess three things I think of when it comes to poses are line of action, straight vs curved, and weight. I’ll use this quick awkward doodle to demonstrate:

You probably know this one if you know animation. Everything in the drawing doesn’t necessarily have to stick to it, but its a good basis for the overall silhouette. Most examples I’ve seen stick to one line, but sometimes I experiment with two if I’m going for a more action-y, dynamic pose. Its best not to go over two (two is risking it) as that would just get too visually confusing.

This one is more for smaller details, such as the arms and legs. Its good if you want to go for a more stylized look, since real life humans never have completely straight lines anywhere on their body. It’s basically contrasting a straight line with a curved one so you get a clearer idea of where the volume is going. Check out this video if you want more info, which is where I referenced from!

An easy one to forget in my experience. A little trick we learnt in life drawing class is that in real life the nose should generally be parallel to where the most weight is, to make it look more balanced. You’ll notice too that the body gets more compressed where the most weight is, ie the left leg here.

Some of my own (colour coded) examples, although I’m still learning to apply these things ~

(Sometimes if the nose doesn’t line up with where the body is leaning, you have to balance it out with the limbs or other body parts. The amethyst one would not work if she wasn’t holding another character on her back)

I recommend looking up these techniques online or in art books as you’re bound to find more in-depth tutorials and examples. But overall I hope this helps!

more voltron workplace au

no work actually ever gets done

  • shiro: “good morning lance how did you sleep?”
    • lance crying: “i was up until 4am playing mario kart” shiro: “yes i can tell :)” 
  • lance on his first week: “hey keith!” keith: “eat dirt and perish”
    • lance on his eleventh week: “hey keith!” keith: “heyyy is that a new shirt? wow you look good in it. can i get you anything?” 
  • shiro: “keith get me my coffee” keith: “get it yourself”
  • allura: “hunk, you seem very reliable. can you tell me a little bit about everyone in the office?” hunk: “considering i’ve been through everyone’s phones i can tell you more than a little bit. did you know shiro has been on the run from the government for 6 years?”
    • allura: >:0 
  • pidge: “shiro, you know i love you like the brother i never had” shiro: “awww- wait a minute, you have a brother” 
    • pidge: “ok feelings over now shut up and lift me into the vent” 
  • lance: “hunk look at my new crocs! do you like them?” hunk: “wow is that vintage? so cute!”
    • hunk to shiro 12.5 seconds later: “we need to have an intervention for lance” 
  • allura: “how old are you?” pidge: “7″
    • allura: “7 what? 17? 27? 7 small horses?” pidge: “yes” 
  • keith watching lance photocopy papers: “god he’s so cute” hunk scribbling something in a notebook labelled ‘blackmail’: “huh. interesting”
  • coran: “hello everyone! i’m allura’s assistant and business partner!” lance: “that’s a funny accent. are you from france?” 
    • coran: “no i’m from new zealand!!” lance: “oh ok. south france” 
    • coran: “no-” lance: “sheep france” 
  • hunk: “i bought 12 donuts for the office kitchen this morning and by lunchtime they were all gone. do you know anything about that?” 
    • keith with crumbs on his shirt and cinnamon stains on his mouth: “…no” 
  • allura: “coran i really don’t trust any of these idiots. for example, look at that” -pidge fingerpainting by smearing mayonnaise onto a glass window- 
    • allura: “i mean- who even is that” coran: “that’s their IT manager she’s brilliant” 
    • allura: “for god’s sake”
  • allura takes two steps into the office and keith’s desk collapses on top of him 
    • shiro: “why” pidge: “ok so maybe i took out all the screws earlier-” 
    • keith: “i hope my legs are broken” 

(adj.) girlgroup pristin and everything they do


The more I swam, the more I saw how big a gap there was between me and the others. Was this really all the strength I had? No matter how hard I tried, was it useless against these prodigies? Were my dreams only dreams?

—happy birthday to my sweetheart ana @aizawashoutta


Hello @taylorswift this is me and my boyfriend Guerino, do you know how we met? 
We started to talk on Facebook because we were both your fans, at the beginning was just a friendship…but then we started talking everyday and then I decided to move from Italy to the United Kingdom just to be with him, because I already knew that he would be the one.
Now it’s one year that we live together, we spend our time loving each other, listening to your music and eating the delicious dishes that he makes for me.
I’m living a dream just because you decided to make music, thank you because you made my life perfect and you have brought an angel into my life.
In the second picture it’s you and him, he met you a few years before I decided to move to London, unfortunately I don’t have my picture with you, but maybe one day you will let me thank you personally for all the incredible things that you gave to me.
Forever yours, Federica.

Yurio: Beka, now that we’re dating can I please move to Kazakhstan with you?

Otabek: I would love to, Yura! But I don’t think your dads will like it and also you’re too young!

Victor (in background): Hello, little piggy. I want to eat some Katsudon tonight ;)

Yuuri (in background): How do you want to eat it? ;)

Victor (in background): I’ll get dirty with my hands ;)

Yuuri (in background): That’s how I like being eaten ;)


Celebrity Crushes ~Bill Skarsgard Imagine~

Summary: You’re a world famous celebrity who goes to the premiere of the horror movie, IT. When you go, you find out that the famous actor who plays the clown has a crush on you. 

Author’s Note: Bill Skarsgard is beautiful and needs more imagines. So writers, where are you at? I mean, have you seen his beautiful face? His eyes makes me want to melt. 

Originally posted by slhl

You were at the premiere of the new movie IT. You were invited to join the red carpet which you gladly accepted. You had read the book and was excited to see the new remake. You dressed in a nice, light purple dress ready to go to the premiere.

“Y/N, are you ready?” Your manager asked. 

“Yes,” You said, getting up and walking over. You went to the car which was waiting for you outside. You climbed in before your manager. You sat down and put in your headphones.

Once you made it to the premiere, you took off your headphones and stuffed them into your bag. You walk out and you smiled as some fans started to scream for you. 

You posed for some pictures before an interviewer asked to do a quick interview. You walked over to talk to them.

“Hi,” You smiled. 

“Hello. I’m here with the world famous actress, Y/N L/N. Y/N, how are you?” They asked you.

“I’m doing well. How are you?” You asked.

“I’m doing well. How excited are you for this film?” They asked you.

“I’m very excited. I loved the book so I’m excited to see the movie tonight,” You tell them.

“Well, in a couple interviews, others asked Bill Skarsgard, the actor who plays Pennywise, who his favorite actress is and he answered on all of them, the same person. You,” They said. 

“Really?” You asked, blushing a little. You watched his show, Hemlock Grove, on Netflix and found him very attractive. 

“Yes. Do you have anything to say about that?”

“I find him very attractive. I saw him on his show, Hemlock Grove, and thought that he’s a very talented actor,” You told them.

“Do you plan on meeting him tonight?” 

“Hopefully. Fingers crossed,” You tell them. 

“Well, we hope you have a great time,” They said. 

“Thank you. I hope you have a good time as well.”

You walked inside where you were talking to your manager about some next projects. 

“Are you sure you want to take a break from acting?” Your manager asked. 

“I’m sure,” You tell her. You needed a break. You wanted to finish your schooling and you wanted to lay low for a while. 

“Why quit acting? I’m gonna miss seeing you on screen,” You heard. You turned around to see Bill Skarsgard behind you.

“Hi,” You smiled.


“You were really great in Hemlock Grove. I’m kinda upset that it ended,” you tell him.

“Yeah. It was fun to film.”

“I’m excited to see your movie,” You tell him.



“I’m a big fan by the way,” Bill said. 

“Really? I actually was told that you had a celebrity crush on me,” You say.

“Yeah,” He said blushing. 

“Well, I actually have a small crush on you as well,” You admitted. 

“Do you want to go on a date sometime?” Bill asked.

“I’d love that,” you tell him. 

“Great,” Bill smiled. 

You smile at him before your manager brings you into the room to sit down for the movie. 

What I Realized

Originally posted by pinkharold

This made my heart so happy. Thank you for requesting! Also, I hope you guys enjoy this gif of Harry from a wedding, it actually made my heart melt. Love you all so much. xx - L

A video of you and Harry from a wedding goes viral online.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 996

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DESTIEL: How it *finally* becomes cannon...

It’s the year 2169, the finale of Supernatural season 165. Forget the characters, the actors themselves have died and come back to life several times. My great, great, great granddaughter is watching the show in her floating house on Mars. I am watching over her shoulder.

“Hello Dean,” an elderly Cas croaks from the doorway of their shared retirement home room.

“Hey Cas, what’s on your mind?” Dean croaks back from their shared bed.

“Dean… do you think maybe we’re in love with each other?” Cas asks.

“Nah, that’s not possible. I’m straight, boob lovin’ Dean Winchester. I have never had a substantial female relationship ever and basically went suicidal when I thought you were dead, but no, we’re not in love.”

“Oh okay, makes sense,” Cas says, laying down next to Dean. After a moment, Dean leans over and kisses Cas passionately, despite their elderly straightness.

“I’ve just always wanted to do that,” Dean says, “no homo though.”

“Sure, no homo Dean,” Cas repeats.

“Hey Cas?” Dean says after another moment passes.

“Yes Dean?” Cas asks.

“I’m in love with you,” the hunter tells him.

“I know,” Cas says as Dean looks at him in surprise, “Dean we share a bed and have basically been in a relationship without acknowledging it since a year or so after we met,” he points out. Dean stays silent, pondering this surprising factoid, 

“I’m in love with you too Dean,” he finally says, returning the sentiment.

All of the sudden a wild storm starts ravaging the Earth as everyone Cas and the Winchesters have ever met, dead or alive, start swapping money around as bets are won and lost. Cas and Dean finally die for real and the show ends.

Meanwhile my ghostly ass, still watching supernatural over my great, great, great granddaughter’s shoulder utters one word “finally” I whisper.
She feels it from her earthly plane of existence as my spirit is finally put to rest and passes on to the afterlife.

“Finally you may rest, great, great, great grandma,” she says.