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Joe Sugg Imagine - Marry me or what?

@twistedlywrites requested: Hello I love your recent jack imagine and would love to request a joe sugg imagine!!! Anyways May I request an imagine where the reader and joe have been dating for a few years, and basically the reader beats joe proposing. So the reader casually proposes to Joe one day?


You wrapped the warm scarf around your cold neck even tighter than it already was. Despite of having been living in London for nearly 10 years, the utter cold wasn’t something you planned on getting used to. Joe laced your gloved fingers together, and headed for the park.

“I just don’t get why we need to take a walk precisely today” you told your boyfriend of 6 years, whose nose was now red from the coldness. Sometimes he was so random it drove you insane.

“Think about this” he started “This cold wave will be in London for three more days. Do you really want to stay at home until next week?”

He had a point, yet you didn’t see why you needed to freeze to death outside when you could be all cozy and warm under your blankets, cuddling “Fine, Sugg” you gave in “Whatever” If you had learnt something about Joe during your relationship as friends and as a couple, was that he was stubborn as fuck. You didn’t have any problems with it most of the time, but now you were ridiculously cold and you just wanted to go home.

On your way to the park, you passed by a jewelry store, and you rolled your eyes before Joe had the chance to make any comments. For the past year, he had been teasing you about getting married. The first few months, you lived skittishly, thinking that at any time Joe would get down on one knee and pop the pretty question.

However, as months passed and you had gotten no such question from your boyfriend, you stopped caring. It wasn’t like you didn’t want to marry him, fuck, of course you did. It was just that you didn’t want to give him the pleasure of having his teasing affecting you anymore. So you ignored him.

Seeing you rolling your eyes, Joe busted out laughing “I don’t know what’s so funny” you tried to say in a serious voice, but you couldn’t help but let a small smile escape your lips when he laughed “I’m actually gonna say no when you ask” you joked.

He laughed again “Well, then I’m not asking”

Just when you thought it couldn’t get colder, you arrived to the lake side of the park. You shivered as a response to the ridiculous weather of London, making Joe wrap his arms around you.

“Are we heading down to Brighton tomorrow?” You asked him, just to check. Now that Alfie and Zoe had a lovely daughter, who wanted to see her Auntie and Uncle all the time, your trips to Brighton had become more frequent than your trips to the supermarket.

“Yup” he said “Speaking of Brighton, we really need to buy the little princess something for Christmas. It’s only like, two weeks away” Your inside got warm when Joe spoke about his niece like that. He rarely called her by her real name, instead he used nicknames like ‘princess’ or 'munchkin’ that were too cute for you to handle.

When Joe found out he was going to be an Uncle, he basically died of enthusiasm. He was scared she wouldn’t like him, and even though everyone kept reassuring him that it wasn’t going to be the case, he didn’t calm down completely until he held her in his arms for the first time and the small child held one of his fingers with her little hand and sucked on it. Now, with the little girl being 2 years old, it was more than obvious that she adored her Uncle.

“Sure” you said “We’ll do it when we get back”.

Suddenly, a young couple with a big dog on a leash caught your sight, and apparently Joe’s as well. As you were admiring their dog (you couldn’t help it, let them sue you), you felt Joe’s breath on your ear “You know what I think?” He asked in such a deep, raspy voice it made you shiver again. You nodded “That they’re married” he said, and immediately laughed again. Only, this time, you didn’t laugh.

You turned your head to look at him, who was still with the biggest grin on his face “You know what, Joe?” Your voice changed into one he had never heard before. His smile vanished quicker than it had appeared “You’ve been making these jokes for the past year and I’m honestly so tired already. Do you think it’s funny to play with something like that? Specially when you know that it’s always been my dream to get married because I bloody told you like, a hundred times?!” You almost yelled, his eyes looking sorry.

“I’m sorry, Y/N” he quickly said “I didn’t know it affected you so much. Forgive me, love” he was going to pull you into a hug, but you pushed him away. The look on his face broke you to pieces.

“No, I’m tired of this game, Joe” you spoke, not sure of what was going to happen next. You shivered again, out of nervousness. You didn’t know what you were thinking, or what was about to happen. You had always thought things through, but this time, you were tired of waiting for life to happen by itself.

You looked directly at his blue eyes, “I’m so tired, Joe” your sight moved down to the ground, and you counted to ten. Were you really going to do it? Was this what all men felt? Joe remained quiet, but not quite calm.

“Joseph Graham Sugg, I can’t believe I let you drive me crazy for all this time” you said, and let out a deep sigh before speaking again “Will you bloody marry me, or what?” You almost screamed, throwing your arms in the air in exhaustion.

Joe looked blank for a few seconds, then reacted. He laughed and immediately pulled you in into a hug, lifting you up the ground. You held onto his neck, not feeling cold anymore “I can’t believe you freaking proposed to me” he said, his smile not leaving his face for a second.

You smiled, looking directly at his eyes “So? What do you say?”

He pecked your lips and put you down so you were touching the ground again “I say yes” he said, and his hand went to the pocket of his jacket “But only…”

Your breathing stopped. He was holding out a small black leather box, and as he opened it to reveal a beautiful ring with an small diamond in the center, a tear scape your eye “If you say yes as well”

You threw yourself at him again, kissing him all over “You fucking prick!” You yelled at him, only to make him laugh “Of course I will marry you!”

You held the small box on your gloved hands as if it were a treasure. It was your treasure anyway. Joe leaned in and kissed you in the lips, more passionately this time “I can’t believe you beat me at proposing” he whispered, earning a cheeky grin from you.

“I always beat you, Sugg” you closed the distance between your lips again, tasting the feeling of a new chapter in your life.


To my lovely bride/grooms

, anon # 1 (will you marry me?)
- my dearest love, you were the first to ask me to marry you, and I cannot be more happy! I don’t know who you are, but that’s the exciting part! I’ll get to know you until our inevitable divorce (according to stats, we have about 6 months,) but let’s not think of that now, let’s think about the love I feel for you! I am so excited to marry you! You are my rock, you are my sun, you are my everything!

, anon # 2 (can you like marry me?)
- lovely, hello, when you also asked to marry me, I felt a rush of joy! I cannot believe someone as amazing as you wants to marry me! Wowza! I love you very much, and I want to spend eternity with you! I want to watch bad movies with you, and make rash decisions! I cannot wait until it’s official!!

, anon # 3 (I wanna join pls thx)
- BEAUTIFUL, HOW ARE YOU? I adore you!!! I’m so hyped to marry you!! You’re such a great person, and I want to be with you forever! I want to go on late car rides with you, and listen to music. I want to see you always laughing! I am so glad you want to be with me, I can’t believe someone as fantastic as you wants to be with me! Wow!

, anon # 4 (your mom said you’ll never find a boyfriend)
- hun, tell ur mom she’s right, you’ll never find a boyfriend, because you found a husband instead! Ah I love you, you are so so so so so beautiful, and your mom is soooo wrong. But out of respect for my new mother in law, I won’t say that to her face. You are so freaking rad, and I loVE yoU!!!!! I hope you know how stunning you are, gorgeous person!

, Janeella
- BABEEEE!!! I LOVE YOU SOOOOoooOooOoOoO MUCH!!!! You’re one of my favorites! I am so glad you hoped on this marriage train! I cannot wait to marry you! You’re so funny and great, and wowza, I just can’t handle it! You are such a gorgeous, amazing, person! AhhhHhhH, you are my everything!!!

(If I missed you, let me know, and I will write you one!)

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Hello ! i LOVE YOU marry me you like yi and hamilton i amahhhhhhhhh you are so fucking talented i've never seen anything more incredible and breath taking i adore it and you okay have a good day bye xxx

Ajskdwkfkflslg hello!! When’s the wedding?

Thank you so much aaaahh so kind ;w; 💕

shit my group chat has said sentence starters
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  • "I'd think being a sad skeleton would impact one's character more than being a woman."
  • "then ya just dump the rest of the gay in every little piece"
  • "You think it's the alcohol, it is not"
  • "And i'm almost out of work. I'm hiding in the bathroom until my shift is over."
  • "you're so lucky I'm legally bound to not strangle you."
  • "My fault?...okay I can see why."
  • "I haven't even listened to smells like teen spirit the whole way through."
  • "All hail king duckbutt."
  • "people who can talk about dickbutts and systematic oppression in the same conversation are my kinda people"
  • "I don't act normally when I have a crush. like I'm not shy about it at all, I'm like; hello I love you please marry me"
  • "I'm hungry but i'm too lazy to heat food"
  • "the macarena is stuck in my head and i have no idea why"
  • "she is merciless. she wants blood, flesh, despair"
  • "Just finishing my drink before imma pokemon go home"
  • "What did I just walk in on?"
  • "This is why you don't let kids go into the Hunger Games"
  • "wow @ self"
  • "this is the kind of content I want"
  • "People were playing holiday music like crazy and so I just went outside their rooms banging pots together,singing a holiday song back about how they should shut the fuck up"
  • "too high and too gay"
  • "There is a small army of people who wanna tap that booty"

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27 39 50 :>

27:  First bias? 
BRO. like i listened to nct’s music since their debut and all but i had 0 interest in them as a band. BUT THEN I SAW JOHNNY AND BOY. i literally felt like i got slapped in the face with the sandal of love, like ???????????? hello pls marry me???? so my first bias was johnny!! it was an intense romance but v short lived. i switched to yuta 2 days later…….

39:  Bassbot or 0701 dance practice?
0701 @_____________@

50:  If you had to choose your ideal type, who would it be?
jaehyun makes me wanna cry, he’s literally perfect and he’s everything i ever wanted in a dude I AM SO IN LOVE WITH HIM I FEEL LIKE AN ABSOLUTE LOSER because i do not fall in love™ 

thank youuuuu 💕💕💕

50 Questions About NCT