hello kitty virgo

what phase each sign (probably) went through
  • aries- goth
  • taurus- kawaii weaboo
  • gemini- superwholockian phase
  • cancer- scene
  • leo- tumblr girl
  • virgo- 90's kid phase
  • libra- daddy kink (or really any kink or fetish... libras are kinky sons of bitches)
  • scorpio- emo
  • sagittarius- harry potter (or really any fictional book series such as the hunger games/divergent/ect.) phase
  • capricorn- music nerd
  • aquarius- aesthetic blogger
  • pisces- "aspiring artist" phase
  • -elissa

fantasy-fades  asked:

Signs as Avril Lavigne songs please

Aries- “Bad Reputation” or “Bitchin Summer”  

Taurus- “4 Real” or “Innocence”

Gemini- “What The Hell” or “Alice”

Cancer- “I Love You” or “Daydream”

Leo- “Girlfriend” or “The Best Damn Thing”

Virgo- “Hello Kitty” or “My Happy Ending”

Libra- “Sippin on Sunshine”

Scorpio- “Smile” or “Hot”

Sagittarius- “Here’s to Never Growing Up” or “Runaway”

Capricorn- “Keep Holding On” or “I Will Be”

Aquarius- “Rock N Roll” or “Anything but Ordinary”

Pisces- “Tomorrow” or “Falling Fast”

the signs as things inside my room
  • aries: Vans (the shoe brand)
  • taurus: pizza stain on carpet
  • gemini: blonde wig
  • cancer: harry potter series
  • leo: hello kitty poster
  • virgo: my bed
  • libra: hot topic bag lying on the floor
  • scorpio: that spider that just escaped my eyesight right now (send help pls)
  • sagittarius: horse cup i bought like 6 years ago
  • capricorn: laundry pile
  • aquarius: half eaten piece of cookie
  • pisces: deodorant