hello kitty tramp stamp

If the Hetalia characters got tattoos
  • America: American flag/bald eagle chest piece, McDonalds tramp stamp.
  • Italy: Gorgeous watercolors on his sides, something cutesy like a cat on his leg/arm.
  • England: Skulls and flames and stuff, and probably even some band names, literally everywhere too, probably a guitar on his dick, basically permanent regret all over his body from his punk phase.
  • Germany: Portraits of his three dogs, one on each arm and then one on his calf.
  • Japan: Some weeb shit don't even lie, fucking anime character on his ass or something.
  • France: Really beautifully done roses... on his penis.
  • Russia: Sunflowers around the back of his shoulder.
  • China: A traditional chinese dragon on his back or arm, Hello Kitty tramp stamp.
  • Canada: Maple leaf on the back of his wrist, cute little polar bear on his leg.
  • Prussia: Huge Prussian eagle that covers his whole back, sleeves that are mostly black and white, and a little Gilbird on his left buttcheek.
  • Austria: Blank sheet music staffs on the back of his forearm in case he needs to write some music down real fast. Also probably the sheet music of some of Mozart's Requiem or something on his back.
  • Romano: Tomato tramp stamp.
  • Spain: Turtle on his booty, tomato tramp stamp that matches Romano's.