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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Summary: Bucky and his family are preparing for Christmas when his wife finds one of his old journals. Dad!Bucky x Reader

Words: A lot, I wrote it on mobile.

Warnings: Mentions of seizures and some Bucky sadness. But mostly just fluff.

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‘Twas the night before Christmas,

And all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring-

“Except for Daddy, who was snoring.”

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we pulled an all nighter trying to play monopoly and i think i may have confessed some weird shit AU - sterek - Stiles just wanted to celebrate finals were over... The girls have videos of Stiles chanting "i make it rain" while throwing bills at Derek

Rating: G
Word Count: 1109
Fluff, angst, confessions, minor Kira/Scott, POV Stiles
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Stiles wakes up, the sun shining on his face. It’s probably somewhere in the afternoon, but he still feels tired. Plus, his mouth feels and tastes kind of gross. He needs a tooth brush. He rolls out of Derek’s arm (which is something he’s going to think about when his brain is fully operational again) and goes to the bathroom.

Wow, he really looks like shit. He’s paler than usual and there are bags under his eyes. There’s a crease on his cheek, probably from Derek’s shirt. Derek, who he was using as a pillow. Derek, who let him use him as a pillow. The same Derek he’s been crushing on for a while and has been making for to ask out. Big plans. He hopes his drooling on Derek hasn’t ruined those plans.

Stiles snorts when he finds the extra toothbrushes. Derek tries to discourage them from crashing at his place, and nobody has the heart to tell him that Hello Kitty toothbrushes really won’t do the job.

As Stiles brushes his teeth, memories of the night before start seeping back in. Finals were over, high school was over, they’re finally free and they wanted to celebrate. It started out pretty normal, with movies and pizza. Malia got bored after two movies, started wandering around the apartment and found a box with board games. It didn’t take long for them to decide that they would be playing monopoly.

The thing about monopoly is that it can take a while. Hours, in fact. Scott and Kira fell asleep on the couch around three, and the rest of them decided to start a new game. It soon became obvious that Stiles was winning, he was loaded and owned quite a few of the more expensive streets, so Lydia and Malia started working together. It became a vicious battle between Stiles and the two girls, but the only person who started losing was Derek. Partly because he kept ending up in jail. It had seemed logical for Stiles to help Derek out, become his “sugar daddy” (Stiles can’t believe he actually used those words).

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