hello kitty themed

Hello Kitty Theme Park” 2011

Sanrio’s delightfully adorable feline friend, Hello Kitty, is an international kawaii icon who has been part of their character lineup since 1974. She is a multi-billion dollar brand, so, a theme park presence was a no-brainer. In addition to appearing at both Japan’s Sanrio Puroland and Sanrio Harmonyland, Hello Kitty now has her very own theme park in China. Shown here is a concept for the entrance plaza done by The Hettema Group. Although never built as such, the colorful art captures the fun, lovable style that has made Hello Kitty the cutest cat in town.

Art ©️ The Hettema Group

knowing me, knowing you (christophe/victor)
  • they were never together-together, but probably started fucking at the vancouver olympics and have always been to rely on each other for something physical since.  they’re cut from a similar cloth: in their late teens they realize they’re in the best shape of their lives, they’re beautiful, they’re incredibly talented, and they’re only going to get better.  they don’t have time for relationships, but they recognize kindred spirits in each other.  they love each other, but they’ve never been in love. love is for other, more ordinary people.
  • victor is 21, and christophe is 19, and the world championships are in turin.  victor takes silver and christophe comes in fifth.  it’s the last year that victor doesn’t take gold and christophe doesn’t make the podium.  at the banquet when victor says, “let’s get out of here,” he doesn’t mean up to his room.  they fly to amsterdam and spend their first weekend of the off season getting baked with a series of beautiful men sandwiched between them.  they take turns being the one in the morning to go get coffee and roll spliffs to smoke on the fire escape out of their grungy hotel room.  they don’t go sight-seeing and they don’t hold hands, but they fuck a lot and kiss over the sweaty shoulders of other people.
  • it sort of becomes a thing after that.  it’s like their own annual Treat Yo’self weekend as soon as the season ends, where they run off somewhere to go be unrepentant eurotrash.  a few pictures of them surface from a yacht party in ibiza after victor takes gold in moscow and christophe takes bronze.  
  • victor cuts lines as clean as he skates them.  they end up fucking on molly for what feels like three days, and it’s the kind of fucking where they never get off, just do it to chase the friction and slip.  afterwards they’re both more sore than practice has ever left them, and victor spends another half week recovering at chris’s condo in geneva, where they drink champagne for breakfast and go for afternoon runs down the rhone and give each other lazy blowjobs in the shower afterwards.  when christophe tries to define his youth, he’ll mostly think of this week.
  • they don’t see each other for four months afterwards, and it’s fine, because love is for ordinary people, and they have skating and they have medals and they’ll have another life in ten years after now that they can waste on things like love.
  • the next year they stay in nice after the competition and make their way through a series of clubs.  victor is a good dancer, but christophe is better.
  • victor is sharper edges when he’s fucked up, more honest, more funny, just a more pronounced version of himself.  they’ve got medals around their necks and good drugs and tailored clothes and when they’re together, they feel invincible.  they have each other those weeks, and they have anyone else they want too.  whatever language whoever they’re fucking speaks, they speak the opposite; french in front of tourists, english in front of locals.  it feels like they share a thousand secrets.  it’s not a relationship.
  • london is the next year.  christophe almost takes gold from victor, but this is the year that victor perfects his quad flip and annihilates the competition.  they have a threesome with a woman who is perfect tits and curves, who loves their accents and has a hot friend who wants to know is she can come.  later, they agree that twenty years from now, this is something they’ll joke about.
  • at the NHK trophy in sapporo, christophe runs into katsuki yuuri for the first time.  he’s a hopeful for the GPF in saitama and already being heralded as the ace skater of the country.  he doesn’t make it, flubbing all his quads, but he’s got a good handle on his triple axel and has a beautiful step sequence.  christophe keeps his distance, but makes a mental note to keep tabs on him.  he asks victor about him after victor takes gold again in saitama.  they’re in a hello kitty themed love hotel, and victor is naked save for a bad badtz-maru pillow over his dick.  victor’s never heard of him
  • victor seems colder in sochi, despite being favorite to win olympic gold, despite having the home crowd behind him.  he seems tired.  he drinks an entire fifth of vodka and lets christophe fuck him while he’s wearing his team gold and individual gold, because his dick can barely stay hard. afterwards he asks chris, “do you ever get lonely?” christophe doesn’t know what he means.  their lives are supposed to be lonely.  love is for other people.  
  • katsuki yuuri bombs at the grand prix final and then gets bombed at the banquet, and a light goes on in victor’s eyes that christophe realizes he hasn’t seen in a long time, and he thinks, oh.
  • victor updates his instagram after worlds the next year from amsterdam.  he and yuuri are sightseeing parts of the city that christophe has never seen.  christophe only really remembers the ceilings of hotel rooms, and what the streets looked like at night.   victor and yuuri are eating stroopwafel in jordaan and drinking afternoon beers at hannekes boom.  yuuri looks shy, a hickey peeking out from the collar of his shirt; victor looks happy.  christophe is the first person to press like.