hello kitty tarot


you wanna talk deck lust? I saw a random picture of this hello kitty deck TWO YEARS ago on a random website. so far as I could tell, it was the only complete and full color hello kitty deck ever made. so I spent days trying to track down the artist. when I finally did, I messaged her. then I waited. a year and a half. but she finally got back with me to let me know she was running another print of the deck! and now this beautiful, adorable, totally amazing deck is in my hands and I am already in love! if you are in the Seattle/Tacoma area, I’ll be doing readings for the Central Puget Sound Pagan Pride fundraiser tomorrow at Crescent Moon in Tacoma, and I will most definitely have this deck with me. 😻

A friend is asking if there are any good books about witches for children. His girlfriend’s daughter is 7 and is obsessed with them and is getting lots of  “history of witches” and “the amazing world of witches” books at the library that are geared towards kids. I said that was a pretty good start. Get her reading history and folklore first. I also stressed that she finds Wicca stuff to let her know that  isn’t all there is and that magic doesn’t have to be tied to religion.

Then I started thinking about kid friendly craft things like learning about plants and growing some herbs or read about color theory/correspondences and knot magic and make friendship bracelets.

I’m not really a kid person (except for when I am) so I don’t really have any idea of what else to tell him besides buying her a hello kitty tarot deck. Thoughts?