hello kitty stamps

exo as shit my groupchat says.

chanyeol: yall should leave my hello kitty stamps alone i dont judge u for choking on remotes, like thts uR THING!!
yixing: i think im done choking on things if i choke any more ill probabaly throw up chinese food
baekhyun: i want him to speak poetry into my pussy
kyungsoo: sometimes i cry whenever someone says “bye”, you dont know if they’re leaving forever.. but i will always rawr xDDD bc i dont give a fck!!! saRANGHAEYOOOOOOO
jongdae: i hope i fucking choke
junmyeon: i took the kink quiz and i had to search up half of the things it mentioned im shakingd
minseok: i honestly just want to belly flop off a thirty story building
jongin: yall wont ever witness me drunk!! soda 4ever lolz xD!!!