hello kitty stamps

exo as shit my groupchat says.

chanyeol: yall should leave my hello kitty stamps alone i dont judge u for choking on remotes, like thts uR THING!!
yixing: i think im done choking on things if i choke any more ill probabaly throw up chinese food
baekhyun: i want him to speak poetry into my pussy
kyungsoo: sometimes i cry whenever someone says “bye”, you dont know if they’re leaving forever.. but i will always rawr xDDD bc i dont give a fck!!! saRANGHAEYOOOOOOO
jongdae: i hope i fucking choke
junmyeon: i took the kink quiz and i had to search up half of the things it mentioned im shakingd
minseok: i honestly just want to belly flop off a thirty story building
jongin: yall wont ever witness me drunk!! soda 4ever lolz xD!!!

If the Hetalia characters got tattoos
  • America: American flag/bald eagle chest piece, McDonalds tramp stamp.
  • Italy: Gorgeous watercolors on his sides, something cutesy like a cat on his leg/arm.
  • England: Skulls and flames and stuff, and probably even some band names, literally everywhere too, probably a guitar on his dick, basically permanent regret all over his body from his punk phase.
  • Germany: Portraits of his three dogs, one on each arm and then one on his calf.
  • Japan: Some weeb shit don't even lie, fucking anime character on his ass or something.
  • France: Really beautifully done roses... on his penis.
  • Russia: Sunflowers around the back of his shoulder.
  • China: A traditional chinese dragon on his back or arm, Hello Kitty tramp stamp.
  • Canada: Maple leaf on the back of his wrist, cute little polar bear on his leg.
  • Prussia: Huge Prussian eagle that covers his whole back, sleeves that are mostly black and white, and a little Gilbird on his left buttcheek.
  • Austria: Blank sheet music staffs on the back of his forearm in case he needs to write some music down real fast. Also probably the sheet music of some of Mozart's Requiem or something on his back.
  • Romano: Tomato tramp stamp.
  • Spain: Turtle on his booty, tomato tramp stamp that matches Romano's.

N: He would be the one ordering/impatiently waiting for the food. His large complicated order will irk the cashier and his insistence on them not jacking up the order will almost send them over the edge. Also his constant sighing and foot tapping going on while he’s waiting for the order to finish being prepared will either get him a free set of fries or spit in his drink. “That’s no pickles and no tomatoes on the No. 2 and cook it just right with crispy edges and golden in the middle. Can you remember all this? You might want to get a pen.”

Leo: He would be the one to find the seats. Normally he wouldn’t care where to sit as long as it accommodates his Vixx party of six. But if the fast food place he’s in so happens to have a play area for children, then you can expect him to find a table with full view of the play area so he can watch the children frolic in pretend land. Not in a creepy way though—more like an ‘I can’t wait to have kids someday and bring them to play areas at fast food restaurants’ look. Even if there aren’t kids in there at the time they arrive, he’s going to still sit in front of it just in case a birthday party shows up. “No, don’t sit there. That’s my seat.”

Ken: Of course he will order a kid’s meal. Of course he will be playing with the toy at the table and sipping on chocolate milk. And of course one measly kid’s meal is not enough, so he will have to buy at least 2 or 3 to fill his hunger. More toys for him! If he wasn’t a grown ass man, then you could bet that he would be playing in the kids area.“Omgee! I got a Hello Kitty stamp in this bag and a Pokemon keychain in the other one!”

Ravi: He’ll be the one to get the utensils and condiments for everyone. He would grab handfuls of everything on the counter and bother the people at the registers about not giving him enough barbecue sauce packets. He’ll even get stuff that goes with food his bandmates didn’t even order. Who knows? Maybe someone will like jelly on their fries? “Oh I picked up one, too many. Anybody need a ranch?” 

HongBin: After finding a table he would immediately start cleaning it off if the restaurant people did a crummy job. If there’s no hope for the table or a job simple napkins can’t do, then he would go call an employee to wipe it off with a wet rag. He’s not about to eat on top of someone else’s crumbs. “Wait don’t sit yet! I need to brush off the seat.” 

Hyuk: He’ll be the one to get the drinks for everyone. This is a bad idea. He would concoct some kind of mystery drink and trick his poor hyung(s) of choice to drink it. He’s also going to sneak easy to grab foods like fries and nuggets when no one is looking and play the games on the bag of Ken’s meal. The only reason he wouldn’t order his own kid’s meal would be because he wants to do big boy things and eat a big boy burger. “*Hiding his nuggets stash in his lap* What are you talking about? You ordered a six count, not an eight count. Remember?”

Thanks for asking!