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5 DIY Phone Case Designs! How To Make Liquid, Stress Ball, Hello Kitty, Galaxy-Easy Phone Cover DIYs

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Some Wade Wilson (Head)canons…

-he paints his nails

-really warm all the time

-gives lazy sleepy kisses a lot

-let’s Vanessa try out makeup on him and he loves it

-went to the women’s march in costume

-if women at bars are having trouble with some creep he doesn’t think twice before stepping in

-same with when he’s out on patrol

-he has a LOT of dorky coffee mugs

-sleeps in Star Wars pjs

-hello kitty phone case for sure

-listens to Hamilton (he canonically likes RENT so why not?)

-actually a good cook

-gets couples matching stuff for like every holiday and Vanessa finds it hilarious, excessive, but also a little cute

-he’s afraid to talk about having kids because his parents were horrible but deep down he would love to be a father

-he hates chocolate flavored anything (especially ice creams)

-he likes fruity alcohol drinks

-he likes anything sparkly he’s an actual four year old

-knows a LOT of languages due to his work

-is the SWEETEST to kids especially when they think he’s spider-man he totally acts nice to keep up Peter’s rep

saw this character meme and thought it’d be fun to do, so presenting… this character probably says a lot about my preferences in aesthetics XD’ Incorporating all the design elements from my phone case into her outfit was also fun. (Hello Kitty Deco Den!!!)

I really love how she came out!!!

**I accidentally put USA instead of Americas, i’ll fix this later ~_~’



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Hello i'm very new to block b! I was wondering if you could quickly give me a rundown on the members of the group, as i don't know much about them? If not, that's fine! Thanks anyway 😌

wah a new bbc!! it would be my pleasure  ❤

let’s start with the most important member: 

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Name: (안재효) Ahn Jaehyo 
Born: 23th of December 1990 
Position: sub-vocal / visual (actor)

- biggest dork, like you can’t believe how much of a dork he truly is
- loves gaming (GREAT league of legends player)
- former ulzzang 
- has a tatoo with the initials of his ex-girlfriend on his wrist
- plays every sport known to man
- doesnt have a girlfriend but does have 3 broken computers 
- he was scouted at a dance competition 
- but he can’t dance
- like at all
- scared of girls
- spokesperson for bb-creams (he loves bb-creams)
- most underrated singer in the history of music
- gets shit on by the other members a lot of the times but actually gets along w   everyone really well 
- knows all the butterflies known to man by name (really smart)
- was the star of a online kdrama

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Name: (비범) B-Bomb (real name is Lee Minhyuk)
Born: 14th of December 1990 
Position: main dancer / sub-vocal (actor)

- always silently judging you somehow
- also HUGE dork
- the ‘hoe’ member
- can dance reallllllly well
- part of Bastarz (block b’s subunit) 
- showers REALLY long (according to the other members)
- is afraid of heights
- can play the piano 
- likes girls with a cute vagina dimple (are we ever going to let this go?)
- produced & wrote an amazing song 
- wicked sense of humor
- no but really bbomb is actually really sweet & cool
- has the cutest dimples

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Name:  (이태일) Lee Taeil
Born: 24th of September 1990
Position: Lead vocalist

- looks smoll and cute
- actually isn’t
- ‘thug hyung’ 
- oldest member
- LOVES his fish (no but really really really adores his fish)
- voice of an angel
- multiple solo’s 
- hates waking up
- recongizable by his glasses + hats + tattoos
- goes to the gym a lot
- once peed on jaehyo’s clothes????
- when he laughs the cutest sound comes out of his mouth and its like heaven is smiling down on us

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Name:  (피오) P.O. (real name: Pyo Jihoon)
Born: 2nd of February 1993
Position: Rapper 

- maknae (the youngest member) 
- number #1 lee taeil fan
- is a baby with the lowest voice possibly
- kind hearted, always helps clean up and takes cares of the other members
- little ray of sunshine
- member of Bastarz
- block b’s aegyo representive
- also writes lyrics
- “block b’s prankster” according to the other members
- loves food
- scared of pirate ships on the carnival 
- spreads happiness wherever he goes

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Name:  (지코) Zico (real name: Woo Jiho)
Born: 14th of September, 1992
Position: leader / rapper

- ….. where to start??
- music prodigy
- wants you to believe he is this badass rapper but im pretty sure he listens to taylor swift and knits when he’s home alone
- mommy’s boy
- crawls on the lap of other men when he’s drunk
- loves hello kitty (legend has it that he bought a hello kitty phone case to minimize his idol image but got too attached) 
- talks randomly in marge simpsons voice
- used to have an alter ego we’d all like to forget 
- writes and produces all of block b’s songs
- gets a lot of unnecassary hate 
- kisses the other members often

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Name:  (박경) Park Kyung
Born: 8th of July 1992
Position: Lead rapper

- loves his fans 
- and i mean LOVE
- once won a rap battle in new zealand by naming random pieces of fruit
- everything he does somehow becomes iconic
- really talented
- has some amazing solo songs 
- flirts with everything that moves
- invented his own dance move
- not the cleanest person on this planet (has no problem sharing underwear with the other members)
- crawls in bed with the other members at night (even when they sleep naked *cough* jaehyo *cough*)
- has an iq of 156

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Name:  (유권) U-kwon (real name: Kim Yukwon
Born: 9th of April 1992
Position: dancer / sub-vocalist (actor)

- has a really cool dance style
- participated in the korean dance tvshow ‘Hit the Stage’ 
- is obsessed with ‘one piece’ and has a giant flag of the anime above his bed
- innocent angel (according to the other members) 
- loves animals (hence his nickname “kitty kwon”) 
- has a unknown amount of dogs 
- rumour has it that he can actually cut food with that jawline
- member of Bastarz 
- little bit shy
- he likes to keep his privat life private (which is cool) and may seem a little bit distant but he is really a sweet, kind-hearted person trust me
- smile representive
- actually a pretty decent actor 

anyway if you want to see them in action i made a list with all the shows they did (i do need to update though!) you can find it here

I hope that cleared up (im really bad at these things so sorry) if you want to know anymore you can always ask me or other amazing bbc blogs like @alittlebitblockbbias @pyorygon @eternaltaeil @taeilliesgirl and so many others! 

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