hello kitty mascot

i had a dream last night that i was trapped in toys r us and the funko pop figures came to life and tried to kill me but they were like huge for some reaosn like 8 feet tall ???? and i made it out of the store and then someone in a hello kitty mascot costume made me eat cereal off the floor which im sure is Someones fetish but it was very distressing i woke up w my heart pounding from fear 


I hit 2000 followers almost in time for thanksgiving! Here are some windows 98 virtual machine screenshots to celebrate. Games/programs used: virtual cabbit, otaku mascot, egames galaxy of games yellow, hello kitty big fun deluxe, kid pix, chutes and ladders, and spell it deluxe. Thanks for following!

(btw i use vmware and i downloaded a premade machine…i’m very bad at setting these things up)