hello kitty is awesome


Anime Expo photos pt. 2

More awesome cosplayers!…and a Hello Kitty Sonic plushie that I didn’t get a chance to buy XD;

(Btw, if you are or know any of the cosplayers that are in these photos, let me know so I can put up a link back to their blogs)

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You heard Bucky laughing and Sam trying to do his scolding voice but failing miserably in the eyes of your daughter. "Baby girl what did you do?" You asked as she ran to you and said "I decorated papas redwing it's a pink wing now" Bucky held up redwing which was now covered in pink shiny stickers and bit his lip as he said "it's pretty baby" "thank you daddy" She said with a crooked grin as Sam finally cracked up laughing and said "yea sweetheart the hello kitty stickers are awesome"


Daddy Wednesday™