hello kitty for sephora


We caught up with the super-cool head designer of Hello Kitty in honor of her latest collection.

As head designer of Hello Kitty since 1980, Yuko Yamaguchi’s held the unique position of dreaming up the world that surrounds the globe’s most popular character. Her latest creation? The Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Collection, presented exclusively at Sephora. The 10-piece, limited-edition line features luxe makeup and sparkling beauty accessories with a charming ’70s design reference to the brand’s original roots. Read our interview with Yamaguchi below and see how 40 has never looked so cute. KELLEY HOFFMAN

Happy 40th anniversary to Hello Kitty! Why do you think she has remained an icon?

Hello Kitty is unique in the sense that she has evolved over time. Children inherit Hello Kitty from their parents, and I am thankful for Hello Kitty fans who have supported her for three generations.

What do you think is the continued appeal of Hello Kitty for people of all ages?

Hello Kitty’s appeal is that she makes you want to be her.

What does Hello Kitty symbolize?
Hello Kitty symbolizes friendship.

Tell us what you find amazing about the Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Collection.
I love the crystal elements.

How does Hello Kitty influence your personal style?
I think Hello Kitty reflects my personal style.

How has Hello Kitty grown since 1974?

From children to adults, from women to men; Hello Kitty has evolved into a brand loved by all. From Asia to the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Oceania, Hello Kitty has expanded to the world. Hello Kitty’s circle of friendship connects the world.