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The Laundry Room

Pairing: Chuuaku

Rating: G

Summary: Everyone has their quirks. Chuuya’s is doing laundry in his red boxer-briefs despite being in a university dorm, but that’s hardly surprising. Akutagawa’s is wearing pink Hello Kitty pajamas, but that’s damn near unbelievable.

Author’s Notes: Happy birthday, @ariukoart !! I’m really glad I dragged you down into Chuuaku hell with me, I needed an excuse to write more Chuuaku fics and your birthday was the perfect opportunity <3 It’s a bit short but I had a lot of fun writing it!! I hope you’ll enjoy reading it!! Happy birthday, dear! I love you! <3

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anonymous asked:

I'm sorry I've just got the most vivid image of John, crisp suit and all, with a carefully positioned hello kitty plaster on his jaw

ok but THAT assumes that merle the wielder of the bandaid hoard had to like get up on a stool and then onto his tiptoes to reach up and carefully smooth a fucking hello kitty bandaid onto the face of destruction incarnate and honestly this is all of my interests