hello kitty cover

rings wade concivevably used to propose to peter

  • a ring pop
  • a half eaten ring pop
  • shitty dollar store ring with a huge ass plastic diamond that lights up
  • torn condom
  • plastic spiderman ring he stole from a cupcake at walmart
  • actual engagement ring still on a severed finger
  • plastic glow in the dark spider ring he got trick or treating
  • purity ring
  • birthday party pack of child sized hello kitty rings
  • mini doughnuts
  • blood covered diamond ring he stole from the jewelry store robbers they just beat up
  • toy ring in a capsule from a 50 cent toy dispenser
  • 5 y/o ugly class ring with the name scratched off, wade is 35
  • a cock ring
A list of things that weren’t included / were modified in All Out!! ep15

For those who aren’t reading the manga and who are still alive after episode 15, here is a list of details that you missed (no screenshots of the actual episode bc my dumb ass does not know how to take them orz):

1. Not very important, but

Firstly, the title of the chapter (ooo,I wonder who it might refer too). Secondly, they removes Ise’s undershirt in the anime. Not sure why they did that, but i’m not complaining.

2. Hachioji’s cute af Hello Kitty phone cover. 

Not sure what’s more precious, Sekizan’s pink sakura phone wallpaper or this.

3. Haruki’s words

Now… All Out!! isn’t exactly a shounen manga, it’s a /seinen/, supposedly meant for an older audience. It seems that they sugarcoated things up in the anime to make it more pg. However, personally, I find Haruki’s words in the manga to be much more crude/insulting than in the anime. There’s a big difference between asking your little bro and his friend if they’re a couple and asking them if they’ve had sex already.

4. Shut up Haruki ft. Natsuki’s anger

Once again, you have big bro Haruki being more than just a little suggestive and insulting the relationship between Hachioji and Natsuki, also insulting rugby.

And we also have an angry Natsuki. I find his outburst to have much more emphasis in the manga, treating his brother of Asshole (which he is) and swearing at him. It’s too bad that the anime changed this, Sure it’s ruder and a bit more vulgar in the manga, but I feel like it’s better like this.

Also you have Haruki being angry, and Natsuki being scared shitless of his own brother. Someone save him please.

5. Cigarettes –> Food?

In the anime, they changed ‘go buy me some cigarettes’ to ‘go buy some food’. I’m not sure why they changed this… to keep it pg? Probably… Btw, I don’t remember them showing Haruki smoking? Instead they showed him playing with his phone (with a broken screen) which wasn’t shown in the manga… Speaking of which–

They also removed the part that said that Natsuki had been smoking. I’m sure that’s not very important but still… That’s something I would have liked to know about him

6, And finally, Ebumi’s family?

From this page, it’s implied that Ebumi’s mother remarried with a certain Mr. Takagi, that he can easily obtain money from him, and that he doesn’t like him (since he wants to keep his name, Ebumi). Now I really don’t understand why they left this part out. Isn’t that important information?

Now, while they removed quite some stuff, they also added others. Like Gion trying to kabedon (?) Sekizan, Sekizan liking crepes, and most importantly the flashback with Haruki. This wasn’t in the manga, so I guess they included it in the anime to make us empathise with Haruki or something?? (though, I really can’t find myself to empathise with him…)

Anyway, I really wanted to make this post because there are many things that non manga readers are missing that I think are important (hachi’s hello kitty phone cover is vERY important)


“I remember when [Sanrio penguin] Tuxedo Sam was released. I was at my cousin’s house in Larchmont. ‘Lucky Star’ was on MTV. Hello Kitty covered their room. I was enamored of Madonna and the cloud-headed cat. Sanrio has been with me ever since. I was upset for days after my pink, Louis Vuitton Hello Kitty-inspired roller case gave up its wheel after years of strenuous touring. When I walked into the Maison suite, it felt like coming home. I’d always wanted to sleep with Hello Kitty. I finally had my chance.” ~Davey Havok


5 DIY Phone Case Designs! How To Make Liquid, Stress Ball, Hello Kitty, Galaxy-Easy Phone Cover DIYs

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Supercorp: Kara takes an unnecessary risk during a fight and gets injured. Alex, deciding that Kara needs another person to give them a piece of their mind, calls in Lena (BTW they're married in this AU). Needless to say, a piece of mind is very much given

Indestructible, defined as that which cannot be destroyed, unable to destruct.

Used in a sentence? Everyone who knows her knows Kara Danvers likes to believe she is completely and utterly indestructible, but she isn’t. No matter what she does, says, tries to prove, she is not indestructible. She confuses indestructible with immortal. 

Which she isn’t either. 

It’s a bothersome, nerve-grating thought to most of the people in her life, the way Kara leaps right into the line of fire with a damn smile on her face. She believes her purpose in life is to take care of those who need her, to save those who need rescuing, to be a protector when she sees others exposed, and while that might be the case, it certainly doesn’t make anyone else feel better watching as she smiles when people aim their weapons towards her. Bulletproof, she may be, but she can certainly be killed. Can get injured. Can die. And if that gets to her any, at all, it doesn’t show on her face. She just keeps running into the arms of danger and when she evades it, she goes back for round two to remind it what she’s made of. Steel.

But steel can melt, and that’s the only seed of doubt that needs to be planted for people to worry about her and her constant dance routine around death.

It bothers no one more than it does Lena Luthor.

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hella, mason your the edgiest person i know, you can cut through the tension like a knife. slice slice motehrfucer

my edge level is emo edits of Hello Kitty holding a knife covered by glittery text gifs of Bring Me The Horizon lyrics 


Tristian’s special Fire Emblem New 3DS bundle ⊟

Wow! Reader Shugo Takahashi S-ranked his support level with his fiancee Tristian by assembling this custom Fire Emblem Fates New 3DS bundle. He bought the only available New 3DS bundle in the US (the Happy Home Designer one), then imported the Fire Emblem and Hello Kitty Cover Plates she wanted. “I immediately took to designing a custom box to replace the Animal Crossing one. Not only would it mimic the official Japanese bundle, but it would be personalized, with her name on it.” Oh, and of course the wrapping paper is also custom, with Fire Emblem sprites.

The delighted fiancee thought this was a somehow unknown official NOA product until she saw her own name on it!

Our readers are a lot cooler than we are.

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