hello kitty couch

so we had a christmas party and four families including mine were at my house, making for like 17 people, and we were ALL gifted onesies from my aunt 😂 we changed into them and the pics were great aha

anyways, after this whole onesie thing, of course i couldn’t help but draw the ot4 in cute onesies, taking a selfie!

hope you guys had a great christmas 💕

What actually happened tonight: a fan crowd sourced some drag queens to help us identify a photo that some rainbow bears were displaying on the back of a rotating hello kitty couch which we believe to be part of a message from boyband members. I need to go lay down.

If I Could Fly h.s


I loved my wife. She was my whole world. I would do anything for her When we got married, after we finished out vows the minister would say, ‘Do you Harold Edward Styles take Olivia Diana Rose to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and to hole throughout thick and thin, sickness in heal, for rich or for poor?“

I made a promise that I would always care for her and I lived up to it. When she was pregnant with our first child, Darcy, I never left her side. I would follow this amazing girl through the gates of Hell just to be with her.

It was just a typical Friday morning, Olivia was sitting on the couch with Darcy doing her hair for school. Darcy was only 5, starting her 2 week of kindergarden. Every day when she would come home she always seemed to have a story about her day.

Olivia combed Darcy’s hair into 2 french braids with lithe bows at the end. I smiled at her and stood up from the dining table and went over and kneeled in front of her.

"Well don’t you look beautiful today, princess.” Darcy let out that cute giggle that everyone would fall in love with. “Ready for school?”

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anonymous asked:

what is that thing with larry and the bear at concerts i don't get it

No worries. I can explain!

Basically. A rainbow bear was thrown on stage by a fan in May of 2014. After that, he started making regular appearances at 1D’s concerts, except he was clad in bondage.

In August of that year, he got a Twitter account. Josh Devine, the drummer of the band, followed it. He posted a bunch of pictures implying…  well, that he wasn’t exactly for the entertainment of the younger crowd.

Unfortunately, soon thereafter, the Twitter account was deleted and RBB stopped making appearances on August 14th. He showed up once on August 29th, but then was gone for the rest of 2014. 

To give a bit of context, he started making his appearances shortly after the weed video was leaked. During June, we had Louis’ Rovers deal being stalled. Harry tweeted ‘I got stripes. JC.’ Instagram questions had been taken away after the weed video but returned on July 2nd, when Harry announced that he’d do Niall and “Happy Pride!” On July 4th, Harry’s account favorited the porn tweet. On July 10th, Harry sang “just like he already owned it.” Then you had Jay’s wedding, and Harry wore the wristband for that until the concert of August 1st, where he removed it during the show. In between the 14th and the 29th, Harry tweeted 'scared of the dark and the dentist,’ Harry and Louis posted their ALS videos within minutes of one another, Harry wore a blue bandanna, Harry tweeted Shady Warehouse, and Harry wore the Michael Sam jersey. Just to give a bit of context to the sort of back-and-forth that happened before RBB was taken away for good.

Josh took a picture with RBB on February 2nd of 2015, and he returned to the shows as of February 14th. He got a mustache, and people nicknamed him “Teddy Mercury” after Freddie Mercury. He also got a little baby bear nicknamed Sugarbear.

Here are they fishin’ on a bit of astroturf.

Here they are reading a novel by All You Get Is My by k.d. lang. Descritipon of the book - “This first full-length bio of country/pop chanteuse k. d. lang suggests that its subject is noteworthy both for her courage as a self-proclaimed lesbian and for her refusal to submit to industry control of her image or her music. The first claim is undoubtedly true; Starr, a freeelance journalist and radio-program producer, convincingly asserts that lang’s status as the “first openly lesbian pop icon” paved the way for other celebrities to “out” themselves without stigma. But the latter assertion is arguable. If lang has successfully resisted record-label attempts to market her music according to notions of commercial viability, Starr’s portrait reveals that lang has always carefully packaged herself. Attracted to the spotlight, she would appear to have embarked on her career less because of a true passion for music than out of a desire for fame. She does emerge, however, as an inspiring example of a performer who has retained control of her career despite pressures to conform. Starr’s detailed bio is frustratingly impersonal, providing little sense of lang as an individual. But her account of the politics of sexual orientation, especially in the spotlight, is absorbing.”

Here RBB is with a green mic, which all but confirms people’s suspicions that Harry is symbolized by RBB.

The day after PEOPLE broke the news about Louis expecting a baby, the bears were gone. A horse on a Hello Kitty couch replaced them. Which was…. odd, to say the least, especially given the events at the time.

They appeared again afterwards, just fine. But, the baby bear started to have little happy face stickers on his feet. (Which people related to Louis, especially considering that the bear was wearing a fedora and Louis wore a fedora the night before.)

However, the concert after Louis confirmed the baby, there was a sad face sticker in replace of the happy face sticker.

The person responsible for the bear is well-versed in LGBT+ history, given his appearance at the Balitmore show as the famous Drag Queen "DIVINE.” That’s where the new eyebrows came from!

Now, though! Both GREEN (Harry) and BLUE (Louis) stickers are happy!

Basically, the theory is that they’re meant to represent H&L. But, if you don’t buy that, even still, One Direction has a rainbow bear mascot that gives active representation of the LGBT+ community at their shows.