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Happy Hippie Forest Girl

I don’t even know what this headline is supposed to mean. Anyway, I love her so much! There’s a scratch on her nose, but I didn’t want to fix it, because it actually looks kind of shiny that way.
Silvi is wearing Viperine Gorgon’s dress, Kiyomi Haunterly’s shoes, Mouscedes King’s earrings and Isi Dawndancer’s necklace, combined with a handmade one and a choker from a Winx doll. I love the mixture of pastels and vibrant colours on her! ♡(ŐωŐ人)

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Author: Skybloodfox

Title: Promises

Warning: Guy/guy, graphic content, rating subject to change, giant surprise at the very end.

Disclaimer: I do not own Spiderman or Deadpool. They belong to people with a lot more money than me.

Note: This is going to be a multiple-chapter fic, I’m trying for real story, yo! Also, a shout out to the kind reader who sent me some much needed words of encouragement after my first posting of Resistance is Futile. It was really awesome and I needed it just at the right time! :)


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