hello kitty collage

Ok, so it’s a little late but!! im gonna try to answer this the best i can before i go to bed!!

Step 1: make sure you have a good app for making collages! i started out with Hello Kitty Collage, and i definitely recommend it! it’s really cute and simple :>

Step 2: when you’ve got the app open, click ‘NEW’ and that should take you to ‘Templates’. once you’re there you can just click ‘Do not use template’ and it’ll take you to a blank canvas!

Step 3: once you’re to the blank canvas you can do one or both things -

  1. click ‘Backgrounds’ and pick from the backgrounds the app provides! ( i recommend a dark/black one to fill in the spaces c: )
  2. click ‘Photos’ and start choosing the pics you wanna put in your collage!

Step 4: then just arrange and layer them how you like and BAM! you’ve got a nice lil collage!!

i hope this is all helpful !! and if you’ve got any more questions feel free to message me and i’ll answer them in the morning ♥