hello kitty cellphones


Small Sales Post (Arpakasso and Others)

Top Photo:
Top Row:

-16 cm White Cellphone Holder
-16 cm Brown Valentine
-16 cm Pink X-mas

Second Row:
-8 cm Pink Sweetheart
-8 cm Pink Osyare Lace
-8 cm Beige Love Me
-8 cm White Flower Crown
-12 cm White Osyare Lace

Second Photo:
-Cream All Purpose Rabbit
-Pink All Purpose Rabbit
-Absol Plush
-Lapras Plush

Third Photo:
-Rilakkuma Matsuri
-Catbug Coin Pouch
-Hello Kitty Cellphone Strap

If you’re interested in anything, please message my tumblr :) I’ll be posting more Arpakasso sales posts in the near future because I am selling a lot of my personal collection.