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Elijah Mikaelson - See You Again

Prompt: hi lovely! can you write an elijah imagine where you were katerina petrova’s best friend and the night of Klaus’s birthday during the 1400s where she meets klaus for the first time, elijah takes a liking to you and flirts with you the whole night and admits he wants to see you again ? thanks hun xoxoxoxoxo

Once you were inside, you were, for lack of better words, terrified. Katerina, of course, was loving the attention, especially that she got from Trevor, the man who had brought the both of you here. You couldn’t be sure of where here was though. It was obvious you were in England and you had been told that this was a birthday celebration for a Niklaus Mikaelson. He was, supposedly, a Lord in these parts, hence your currently nervous state. Trevor had asked for the both of you to wait beside the fire whilst he conversed with a man, the Lord’s brother, you were told.
“How exciting is this?” Katerina asked, her eyes alight with anticipation. You smiled at her.
“This is awfully exciting but why would a Lord request your presence?” You inquired.
“Our presence.” She corrected, raising an eyebrow at you. “And you should be having fun! Live a little, Y/N. This is a party, after all.”

“My dear,” Trevor interrupted, tapping Katerina on the shoulder. You both turned around quickly, coming face to face with a man. He was tall with long, dark curls and brown eyes, an extremely handsome fellow.
“Hello.” Katerina smiled, the man’s stare lingering on her face for a few seconds before he looked at you, fixing you with the intensity of his gaze.
“This is Katerina.” Trevor introduced, earning an impolite yet deserved eye roll from both you and your best friend.
“It is lovely to meet you.” The man smiled at her, nodding before turning back to you. “And what is your name, my dear?”
You felt heat in your cheeks, sharing a look with Katerina before stepping forward. “Y/N.” You replied softly, your surprise increasing as he lifted your hand and kissed the back of it, smirking as he did so.
“My name is Elijah Mikaelson, this is my brother, Niklaus’, celebration.”

To say you were shocked would be an understatement. You were under no illusion that you had been invited to this party on your own merits, that was all Katerina. But you had never expected, upon your arrival, to have taken the fancy of the host’s brother. Katerina had taken leave with Niklaus, or Klaus as he preferred, shortly after meeting him, striking up conversation about your travels around Bulgaria. You and Elijah had developed a fast friendship, of sorts. You had soon realised that he was charming and kind as well as endlessly intelligent.
“Do you have any siblings?” He asked, helping you up the stairs in the courtyard. His hand hovered in yours before he pulled away though he kept it at the ready in case you fell. The sun was just beginning to set and Elijah endeavoured to show you the beautiful sight of the sun disappearing over the horizon from the courtyard.

“The nearest I have to a sibling is Katerina. We were friends as children, inseparable ever since.” You explained, smiling a little as you thought of the memories you had with her. “What about you, my Lord? Do you have any more siblings or is it just Klaus?”
He paused a little and you thought that’d you’d asking something wrong, surprised about how much that thought upset you considering you’d just met the man.
“You do not have to call me my Lord, Y/N, Elijah will do. I have two more brothers and one sister.” He replied distantly. “Though I lost a brother and a sister may years ago, one before I was born.”
“I’m terribly sorry.” You stated, frowning as you looked at him. In the last light of the sun, Elijah was even more handsome, his jaw strong and eyes sparkling. He didn’t reply and after a while of watching the beautiful colours of the sunset, the air began to thin.
“I- I must be going, my Lord.” You stuttered before looking at the ground.

As you lifted up your head, his stare locked onto yours.
“If it isn’t too improper of me to say, I rather like you, Y/N. Will I see you again?”
“I do hope so, Elijah.”