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I've also had a pet theory that Tyrion and Jon will be talking about Sansa. As well as Theon. As well as the Hound. Or at the very least they will all have some kind of loyalty to her. I even think Robin of the Vale will have a soft spot for her. Basically, she's been collecting loyal cards as she's interacted with these different characters. Also, I think Varys might actually jump ship from Delilah to Sansa once he sees her turn batshit mad. At any rate, I am here for Queen Sansa.

Hello Anonny,

I wish Jon talks to everyone about Sansa!! Lol but that is probably not going to happen. Even if Tyrion talks to Jon about Sansa, it may not be for more than 15 seconds. That’s the difference between expectation and reality!! LOL

OH i am all for queen Sansa. That was such a moment she had today. It was amazing, that scene I tell you. Two people whether you think of them as half-brother and half-sister or a couple, it was beautiful to see that exchange of trust. To the King and Queen in the north!!

Thanks for the ask!!


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#Sophie Turner doing Jon Snow!

ETA: Sophie as Jon Snow reading Adele’s Hello

  • Theon: What's wrong with the way I dress?
  • Robb: You know, some people might say that all black leather kind of makes you look like an evil villain.
  • Theon: *Glares*
  • Robb: Not me! I think you look like a sexy motorcycle.
Hello Jonsa Shippers, DON’T PANIC

SPOILER ALERT: For GOT season Episode 2

I have to many asks in my inbox and I am going to take a while to reply to all of them individually so I thought I’d just do a quick post on my thoughts on S7 episode 2. 

First of all, ep 2 was a classic case of too much expectation and too little content for the Jonsa fandom. I’ll come to the good parts later. I’ll adress the worries, first. 

Listen up, people. A ship, or romance is necessary to the plot of game of thrones but it is NOT the main plot. It is not a FANFIC! We’re not going to get tons and tons of Jonsa scenes. Then there’s this whole thing about Jon calling Sansa his sister. There’s nothing wrong in that. I said this even yesterday while answering a couple of asks that D&D are going to do this. I am going to address the two times he referred to her a sister in this episode and why it was necessary for him to say that. 

Jon: You are my sister and the only stark in Winterfell

People, he is facing a bloody revolt!! The people want the King in the north to stay in the north. They are suspicious of outsiders. He has to assert IN FRONT OF the other northern lords and ladies, that SHE IS HIS SUCCESSOR. So he tells in front of everyone, that she is the KING’s SISTER. The King you chose. And the only Stark in winterfell. Notice how he uses the word ‘only’. He doesn’t include himself when he says that. He’s telling the people, SHE IS THE STARK, follow her when I am not here. He just told every bloody northerner, that she’s the Queen in the north!! OF COURSE he was going to use the word SISTER!! Plus, that’s what he thinks is the truth. 

I can’t even begin about how Jon slammed LF against the wall. OF COURSE he was going to say SISTER, folks!! Consider this, even if Jon is having undercurrents of feelings for Sansa, he has not really embraced it. Of course not. She’s his father’s daugther, his half-sister. But he says Sister to LF because he wants LF to know how personal it’s going to get if he even thinks about touching Sansa. Note how he says, I’ll kill you myself. Note how he says ‘touch’ and not ‘harm’. This is important. I’m going to do a post on Jon’s reaction in this scene a little later, but what a scene it was!!

Next is the goodbye scene. Jon is going to meet Sansa again. They’re going to have a big Stark re-union. For example, If Sansa was going to die in season 7, Jon and Sansa would’ve had a heartfelt goodbye scene, just like Ned and Cat had in season 1. So maybe the goodbye was not so important, because the Big stark re-union is more important. And maybe, we can all sigh in relief about Sansa not dying. In spite of it all, the small wave from the BOTH of them was cute, at least to me. 

I AM NOT ABANDONING THE SHIP, for those of you who are worried. Lol!! I’m here for the big game. SO now moving on to the good parts. 

Jon ASKS SANSA for her opinion on Tyrion and he agrees with whatever she is saying. He’s listening more to her, Thank you Kit. He says, you know him better than anyone of us. SO Starkbowl is officially off! 

SANSA loves Jon. There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind about that anymore. In The meeting with the northern Lords and Ladies (which i’ll be doing in detail a little later) Jon looks at Sansa’s face when he says “I’m going to accept.” She’s shocked and scared. She knows he’s making sense, but her first concern is that he will die (Look what happened to Grandfather.) She backs it up by saying, send an emissary, don’t go yourself. Stark bowl is so off!! And then when he says it has to be him, she loses it, cries out like a little girl, You are abandoning your people, your abandoning your home, (YOU ARE ABANDONING ME!!). She doesn’t want power, she doesn’t want the title, She just wants JON SNOW TO BE HERE AND BE SAFE!! And then Jon gives her his trust vote and names her his successor. STARKBOWL is so far away I can’t see it anymore!! He basically asks her to hold fort until his return. There was so much affection, trust, respect in that scene that it broke my heart. IT WAS GREAT

THE ONLY THING I’m dissapointed about is… WHERE THE BLOODY HELL IS GHOST? People are worried about Jon’s goodbye to Sansa, I’m upset about his no goodbye to GHOST!!!!!

This was just a quick review of some of the scenes. I’ll do more in detail. I’ll reply to all your asks soon. Lots of Love!!


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  • Brendon: [a phone call wakes him up]...Hello?
  • Jon: I have your friend.
  • Brendon: What? Who is this? What friend?
  • Jon: Your friend Ryan. I have him and you reply all of my tweets or he dies.
  • Brendon: Jon?
  • Jon: Yes it's me and I have Ryan! I have kidnapped him and today I chop off his ear.
  • Brendon: How Van Gogh -.-
  • Jon: What? You reply me or I'll do it!
  • Brendon: That's too early for this, we're really not friends anymore.
  • Jon: Okay, I will tell the truth about Capetown!!
  • Ryan *Yells*: Reply him for God's sake!!!!!
Wrong House

Prompt: My neighbor’s sibling got the wrong house number and barged into my apartment on accident

Pairing: H2OVanoss


It was early in the morning and Evan had just gotten up. He grudgingly got up, walked downstairs and into the kitchen. Evan poured himself some coffee and sat down in the living room. He turned on the tv and watched some random tv show that was on.

While Evan was mindlessly watching whatever was on tv, he heard the front door slam open and a voice yell “I’M HOME BITCHES!” This caused Evan to jump as he didn’t know who the voice belonged to.

He got up and slowly walked to the kitchen to find a man in a blue hoodie raiding his kitchen. “Ahem.” The stranger turned around to face Evan with a poptart hanging out of his mouth.

They both were surprised at each other’s presence. The poptart fell out of the guys mouth and onto the floor as he said “Well you’re not Luke.”

Luke? Wasn’t that his neighbor…?

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Hmm Bruce and Clark going undercover to “watch over” Damian and Jon’s first date? XD

“Bruce, this is silly,” Clark complained.  

Bruce frowned and said nothing as he tugged a knit cap down on Clark’s head a little lower.  

“And this isn’t exactly a disguise,” Clark went on.

Bruce shook his head and let out a sigh of his own.  “And neither is a pair of glasses, and yet that one has worked okay for you.”

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