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170920 Official Fancafe Announcement

An announcement about Leo’s upcoming schedules in and out of the country

This is Jellyfish Entertainment.

We are here to make an announcement to the fans regarding Leo’s upcoming schedules in and out of the country.

First, thank you to the fans for your concern and support.
Last week, following Leo’s volition, he finished the last music show for this VIXX LR album’s promotions while receiving treatment, but his stomachache did not improve, and he was hospitalized to receive treatment.

The company views Leo’s health as top priority, so we are concentrating on treating the stomachaches caused by the gastrointestinal bleeding and restoring his health.
Thus, we ask for your understanding that for the time-being Leo will not participate in schedules and will be focusing on restoring his health.

Therefore, it is unavoidable that he will not participate in the schedule for today, the event appearances starting at the end of this week in Japan, or the schedules prior to the Japanese album promotions.
Also, the VIXX LR Hapjeong, Seoul fansign that was to take place the 21st (Thurs) has been postponed until the middle of October.

We ask for your kind understanding about the hasty change in the schedule; we will do our best to give you notice as quickly as possible when the new date of the fansign has been decided.

We apologize again for causing the fans worry; the company will put all it’s effort into restoring Leo’s health.

Thank you.

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-fairy kei
-little twin stars
-hello kitty
-cutsey stationary
-ghibli (especially totoro)
-sailor moon
-creamy mami
-princess jellyfish

Hello, this is Jellyfish Entertainment.

젤리피쉬 엔터테인먼트입니다.

금일(9일) 경주에서 진행된 야외 공연 중 있었던 일로 인해
팬 여러분께 심려를 끼쳐드린 점 진심으로 사과의 말씀을 드리며,
엔의 현재 상황 및 이후 활동 관련해 팬 여러분께 안내해 드립니다.

더운 날씨와 공연장의 열기로 인해 엔이 무대 도중 어지러움을 호소해
더 이상 무대를 지속할 수 없는 상황이 되어 무대에서 내려와 의무실로 이동했습니다.

이후 다섯 명의 멤버로 남은 공연을 소화했으며,
엔은 공연장 내 대기중이던 의료 스태프의 응급처치를 받고 휴식과 안정을 취했습니다.

그리고 엔은 공연이 종료된 후 건강 상태를 정확히 확인하기 위해 바로 인근의 병원을 방문했습니다.
다행히 건강상의 문제는 없는 걸로 확인했으나, 추후 충분한 휴식을 취하면서 컨디션 회복에 집중할 계획입니다.

다시 한번 팬 여러분께 심려를 끼쳐드리게 된 점에 대해 사과드리며,
지속적으로 컨디션을 확인해 건강 관리에 더욱 세심한 주의를 기울이도록 하겠습니다.


This is Jellyfish Entertainment.

We apologize for causing fans to worry because of what happened today (the 9th) during the outside performance in Gyeongju, and we are here to inform you of N’s current condition and future activities.

Due to the hot weather and excitement at the venue, N experienced dizziness while performing, and, not being able to continue, he left the stage and went to the infirmary.

Afterward, the other five members finished the performance, and N received first aid from the medical staff on call at the venue and rested.

And after the performance ended, N visited a nearby hospital to check his condition.
Fortunately, it was confirmed nothing is wrong with his health, but we plan to make sure he gets sufficient rest and focuses on recovering his health after this.

Once again, we apologize for causing fans to worry, and we will continue to check his condition and be more careful about taking care of his health.

Thank you.

AU where Aoba doesn't have scrap so he uses bandaids instead
  • Koujaku: koujaku it's okay we can always bandaid your tattoos. look i have them in your skin tone no one will ever notice. oh your nose is bleeding? here have a bandaid.
  • Clear: wow we're gonna need a lot of bandaids
  • Ren: here ren lets bandaid that weird pixel-y shit in your eyes. glitch? what glitch? it has a bandaid on it therefore your argument is invalid
  • Noiz: noiz are you serious you're injured again i just ran out of rabbit print bandaids. yes i ran out of the pizza ones too. no i'm not sneaking back out of oval tower just to get more.
  • Mink: mink doesn't need bandaids you need bandaids because of mink

Mesmerizing! 😍 Lion’s Mane Jellyfish at Petty Harbour’s catch and release mini aquarium. (at Petty Harbour Mini Aquarium)

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VIXX LR Cancels "M!Countdown" Performance Due to Leo's Stomach Pain

VIXX LR Cancels “M!Countdown” Performance Due to Leo’s Stomach Pain

External image

Due to member Leo’s health concerns, VIXX LR will not be appearing on the September 14 episode of “M!Countdown.”

On September 13, Jellyfish Entertainment posted the following statement to VIXX’s fan cafe:


This is Jellyfish Entertainment.

We are writing to inform you that VIXX LR’s planned appearance on Mnet’s ‘M!Countdown’ tomorrow has been canceled.

This evening, Leo said he was…

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Hello. This is Jellyfish Entertainment. (170820 Fancafe)

젤리피쉬 엔터테인먼트입니다.

어제(19일)부로 온라인상에 유포되고 있는 게시물과 관련해 공지 올립니다.
소속 아티스트와 당사의 명예를 훼손하는 인신공격성 악플과
멤버들에 대한 루머 생산 및 허위 사실 유포 등이 확인돼 공지를 통해 안내해드리게 되었습니다.

먼저 문제가 된 해당 사진의 경우 특정 팬분만 따로 시간을 내 만난 것은 전혀 아니며,
지난 뮤지컬 ‘마타하리’ 서포트 현장 멤버가 연습을 위해 급하게 들어가야 하는 상황에 찾아온 해당 팬분을 만나게 되었습니다.
당시 급하게 만나게 된 팬분을 제재하기 어려웠던 상황으로 지나가는 중 인사를 하는 찰나에 촬영된 사진입니다.
더이상 확대 해석이나 인신공격성 악플 등은 삼가해주시길 바랍니다.

또한 해당 팬분의 서포트 참여의 경우 사전에 협의된 내용이 아니며
해당 팬분의 경우 2016.11.24. 공지 이후 팬클럽 강제 탈퇴 처리돼 서포트 참여가 불가한 상황이었으나,
타인의 이름으로 허위 신청돼 사전 확인이 이뤄지지 못했습니다.
당사는 서포트 참여자에 대해 사전부터 더욱 상세히 확인해 진행할 수 있도록 더욱 주의를 기울이겠습니다.

더불어 당사는 본 건을 포함해 소속 아티스트와 관련된 온라인상 모든 인신공격성 악플,
악성 루머 생산 및 배포, 허위 사실 및 반복적 왜곡 등 명예를 훼손하는 모든 행위에 대해
법적으로 강경하게 대응할 것임을 다시 한 번 알려드립니다.


This is Jellyfish Entertainment.

This is an announcement regarding post(s) that were circulating online yesterday (the 19th).
We have confirmed that libelous personal attacks on our company’s artist and the company, as well as false rumors about members, were produced and spread, so we are addressing this with an announcement.

First, in regard to the picture in question, he was certainly not meeting the specific fan at a separate time; during support for the musical ‘Mata Hari’ the member had to quickly go inside to practice and saw the fan in question.

At the time, it was difficult to restrict the fan they met suddenly, so he greeted them while passing, which was the moment the picture was taken.
Please refrain from further misconstruing this or writing personal attacks.

Further, the support project by the fan in question was not discussed in advance. They were forced to withdraw from the fan club following the announcement made on  2016.11.24 so are unable to participate in support, but they made a request under a false name, which we couldn’t confirm in advance.
The company will be pay particular attention to more comprehensively checking people who request support in advance.

Additionally, we would like to remind you that we will take firm legal action against online personal attacks, production and distribution of malicious rumors, false information, repeated distortions, and other libelous actions against our company’s artists, including this matter.

Thank you.

T/N: Here is a link to the aforementioned announcement from 2016.11.24.

anonymous asked:

Q-babe, can you do a fic where the reader and calvin are on a picnic and one of you gets stung by a bee and they have to take care of em OR can you do one where the reader and calvin are @ the beach and one of u gets stung by a jellyfish yeh?🐍🐍🐍

Hello and good morning! This is going to be a fairly quick write, I didn’t realize how little time I actually have.. Haha…. ….. Anyway, be sure to let me know what you guys think and if you enjoy it or not! I am not going to do the jellyfish one because technically if you get stung you’re supposed to pee on it #nope. If you get stung by a stingray, that shit is painful and you have to pour practically boiling water on it. So yeah, I’m going with the bee plot, lol.

LeafyIsHere Fanfiction - Overreacting

Today you managed to rope Calvin into going out with you on a cute picnic. It took a lot of convincing and a bit of bribery, but he finally agreed. You set everything up and were now sitting on your phones trying to map out your pokemon adventure for the day. Listening to some good music, you both noticed there were several bees flying around.

You weren’t particularly fond of bees, but you certainly weren’t scared of them. All of them seemed to avoid Calvin completely, but came straight over to you. It could have been because of how cute you were but who knows. Just then, a bee lands on your hand. Stinging you, you immediately shake your hand and say, “Are you fucking kidding me?” It didn’t hurt too much, but the look on Calvin’s face was priceless. He looked as though he had seen a ghost. Extremely concerned he asks, “What happened? Did you get stung? Are you allergic? Do we need to go to the hospital or?”

You forget about the small pain you are in and burst out into laughter. “Calvin, I’m fine. It just hurts a little.” You say, trying to convince him you are fine. His expression falls and he sighs saying, “See, I told you this was a bad idea. Are you okay?” Stifling another laugh at how cute he is at being so concerned for you, you say, “Yes, I’ll be fine. Can you just help me take the stinger out? It’s a bit hard for me to being that it happened on my hand.”

You pull out a set of tweezers you had in your purse and hand them to him. He takes your hand into one of his as you point out where the stinger was. Concentrating on your hand, he goes to take it out but glances up at you. You’re biting your lip, in a bit more pain than you would like to lead on. Stopping, he kisses your cheek sweetly. He returns his focus to your hand and carefully removes the stinger. Looking at what he just pulled out of your hand, he says, “This is what caused so much commotion?” “I told you not to worry so much,” you say.

Opening your purse, as he knows you probably carry a couple bandaids. Laughing at the fact you actually do, he pulls one out and places it over your small injury. Just as he places it, he leans down and kisses your hand. You laugh at his action and say, “Wow, who knew a cancerous cyberbully had a soft side.” Scoffing at your remark, he replies saying, “as long as you don’t expose me, you’re fine.”

You two continue your afternoon laughing, becoming pokemon masters, and hanging out. Every once in awhile, he makes sure to ask how your hand is doing. And each time you reassure him that you are doing fine, but another kiss to make it feel better wouldn’t hurt.

I hope you guys have a lovely day! Be sure to let me know if you enjoy this kind of dialogue. Let me know which fic you want to see next. I opened comments on the spreadsheet. So now you can comment on a specific fic directly on the spreadsheet (since I am constantly adding stuff and numbers get moved around). 100 Notes and I’ll kiss your hand  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

thejellyfishfangirl  asked:

How did you get so good And where did you start off? Any good tips for a fellow artist? Btw your art style is amazing!

Hello there, friendly jellyfish!

First off,

Originally posted by drunkbroadway

Thank you!!!  You are very, very kind.  I don’t know that I’m AMAZING yet, but I’m working on it.

Now! You have asked like three questions and I shall answer them one at a time!

1.) How did I get so good?

Again, assuming you think I’m any good, the only way I know how to do it is to draw every day.  Draw all the time, every day.  Here’s the proof - my sketchbooks for the last year / year and a half:

Those are all full.  Frankly, I think there should have been more of them, but I had to fill them up between commissions, and contract work.  When other people are watching Say Yes To The Dress (or whatever), you tell them FORGET THE GARBAGE!  I’MA DRAW STUFF! When you’re eating lunch, scribble between bites of sammich. I have SO MANY CRUMBS IN MY SKETCHBOOKS.

Also, if you’re drawing people and stuff.  FIND REFERENCE.  I promise it’s not cheating.  It makes you better.  You have an internet at your house.  Start googsin’.

Second thing you do (and this part sucks butt) you have to look at your drawings and figure out what you did wrong.  Where you put a crappy line down, where things aren’t lining up correctly… all that stuff. Then try to do it right or at least better next time.

2.) Where did I start off?

I think the same place everyone did.  Drawing crappy stick figures, copying pictures out of comic books, stuff like that.  I was garbage once… and there’s still a lot of stuff I don’t do all that well.  But I’m working on it.

3.) Tips?

  • Don’t get discouraged
  • Use reference

I think that’s all I got.