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Can I ask for a scenario where Revali walks in on s/o singing a young Skali to sleep? ❤️

[A/n: *inserts man on the beach overwhelmed here* you guys are requesting thing that make my heart burst. I love it, song is from here]

Revali catches you singing Skali to sleep

Revali was beat up and tired from a long day of training and as he flew to his village all he could think of was chowing down and going to sleep. His tongue clicked feeling displeased at how late it was, he did not anticipate being home at this hour, and he wondered how you and Skali were fairing. A soft smile rose on his beak at the thought of his little girl and you patiently awaiting his arrival, but he knew that at this time Skali would be long asleep and perhaps you too.

 As the village came into view, Revali soared gracefully until he flapped to a landing in front of his home. He could see light flickering behind the flaps and quietly stepped in. The fire pit was burning low and one flap had been tied to the side bringing in the moonlight. He smiled seeing your form on the banister holding baby Skali in your arms. He heard a low humming before soft words filled the air like a music box.

 “Midnight moonlight shining through the curtain lace…
Paints a perfect picture on your perfect face…
One sweet angel sleeping in my arms….
You are the promise I knew Hylia would keep…
You are the gift that makes my world complete…”

 He smiled and covered his beak from this tender moment. You looked upon Skali as if she was the only thing in the world and gently stroked her sleeping face. Revali took a step causing the floor board to creak slightly, and you look up at the sound. He was greeted with a warm smile and you placed your finger against your lips playfully. He made his way over and stroked your jawline.

 “Hello.” He whispered, smiling and feeling the previous fatigue melt away.

 “Hello there, yourself. You came home late.” You teased in a hushed voice and couldn’t suppress the smile as Revali nudged your face with his beak.

 “It went a bit longer than I had hope for. My apologies you had to put her to sleep yourself. How was she?”

 “She’s a bit cranky because her feathers are coming in, but other then that always perfect.” You smiled proudly and Revali returned it.

 “I wouldn’t expect anything less from the two best things in my life.”

 You rolled your eyes, “Don’t get all cheesy on me.”

 “Says you, singing a lullaby under the moonlight.” He jested.