hello j law

you know what I love so much?

The character of celebrities usually manifests itself as representative of their cultures, to appeal to their generation. 50s were poised and collected and elegant. 80s were loud and out there. But look at our generation of celebrities. They are unique and crazy and funny and making a difference. There’s Jennifer Lawrence who chooses to be her own weird self, there’s Adele who refuses to change herself for the industry and acts silly, there’s Akon who set up electricity for third world countries, there’s Taylor Swift and several group bands who reach out to their fan base especially when they are struggling. There’s JK Rowling who has lost her status as billionaire several times because of her donations.

And it’s not so much about what the celebrities are choosing to do. It’s about the fact that this is how they appeal to our generation. This is what we love about them. We are strong. We are generous. We are sensitive and caring. We are the generation of outreach to broken hearts, lost souls, bullied and suicidal transgender/homosexual people and people with mental illness. We raise awareness. We fight cruelty towards POCs. We fight for equality. We make a DIFFERENCE. Don’t let bitter old generations tell you otherwise. WE MATTER.