hello is this the krusty krab

[caption: two side-by-side dc comic panels with heatwave and captain cold. captain cold dials heatwave and asks, “hello! Is this the justice of the peace?” to which heatwave replies, “j-justice of the peace!? haw!” cold realizes his mistake in the second panel and thinks, “by the aurora borealis – I recognize that voice! I absent-mindedly dialed heatwave’s number instead of the justice of the peace!” meanwhile, heatweave is asking, “that you, captain cold–?”]

anyway this is a common occurrence between these two, I’m 100% sure of it. “hello! is this ikea?” “no, this is heatwave.” “hello! is this the sweet tooth cupcake shop?” “no, this is heatwave.” “hello! is this the krusty krab?” “NO. THIS IS HEATWAVE.“