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Why I Love Connor Murphy (and why his character isn’t an innocent one)

Hello y’all, I’ve seen Too Much discourse in the DEH fandom recently on the part of people liking Connor and not liking Alana and Zoe enough, so here’s some of my thoughts on the matter (in no perfectly organized order) as well as some headcanons that I have which are supported by evidence in the show.

Connor Murphy was clearly a deeply fucked up kid. Signs of different mental illnesses should have been abundantly clear to his parents from the get-go, but they obviously weren’t (outward violent aggression towards teachers, isolation of himself from other peers, etc.) Connor was clearly crying for help in the only way that he could, through violence, and it’s clear that his dad was resistant to putting him into therapy. Then, (I’m assuming in middle school/early high school) he got into hard drugs (which ones we’re never explicitly told) and attempted suicide. Finally, after that, he goes to rehab, but the ride isn’t over yet. 

Zoe mentions him banging on her door threatening to kill her for ‘no reason.’ so we can assume some things.

1. Connor was either high or mid-manic episode.
2. He did not have full control of his actions.

This, of course, could never excuse abusive behavior, but it does explain it and gives room for us to assume that this was before rehab. After rehab, he comes back to school, and I’m going to assume that though he had gotten better, he wasn’t quite good enough. He started self medicating with pot and other less harmful/addictive drugs (”I don’t want you going to school high, Connor.” the way this line is delivered makes me assume that Mrs. Murphy knows Connor smokes pot and cares but only in the context of school.) to try and calm his depression/bipolar/psychotic NOS (I believe he was schizophrenic.)

Connor Murphy was not excusable in his actions, but I love him because he was a tragic character who reminds me of myself. And besides, none of the characters in this show are perfect.

Now, getting to Connor’s mental state during the week that he killed himself:

Very up and down, we see him being nice to Evan (signing his cast, laughing with him, etc.) in one scene, but in the next he sees Zoe’s name and instantly becomes extremely paranoid/panicked because he thinks that Evan is out to get him. He’s constantly worried about being labeled a “freak” (due to constant bullying from almost everyone.) And he keeps the note for two days in his pocket (not at school) and kills himself with it still there. 

Connor Murphy was mentally ill and his mom was the only one who gave very much of a shit about it (Zoe did too, I think, but she didn’t know how to deal with it.) and that’s all, Connor Murphy deserves our love not because he was a good or nice character, but because he had the potential to be. 

I mean, imagine if he had been properly rehabilitated and continued therapy? 

So I started watching Hello My Twenties on Netflix because the premise sounded cute. The daily lives of five girls living in this adorable house. But two episodes in and one girl says she sees ghosts, another has a cursed bracelet maybe, and I am not sure but I think one of them may have killed someone.

This is not the type of show I thought it was going to be at all.


AU: in which BangDae got paired up for the pepero game

Daehyun laughs when he picks Yongguk’s name. He leans forward and looks over to catch Yongguk’s reaction, or lack thereof. The leader is looking straight ahead, a controlled smile on his face as he nods to the camera. Youngjae sitting in the center is already groaning in secondhand embarrassment.

“This will be the worst thing we’ve ever done,” he says.

“This will be the best thing,” Himchan insists.

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Ivan paces in his room. He’s been doing this for roughly an hour now, grumbling angrily in Russian, occasionally bursting out with some enraged exclamation. On the other side of the locked door, his sisters and the Baltics stand with their ears nervously pressed to the wood. Every shout, every slammed fist makes them flinch.

“S-so, what’s he mad about this time?” Toris asks, voice hushed in case his former boss decides then to acknowledge their eaves-dropping.

Eduard is blessedly calm in his response: “I think it was something Alfred did.”

“The idiot used big brother’s vodka stash as fuel for a fire.“ Natalia, meanwhile, looks downright murderous. “He wanted to put big brother on a quitting plan, despite big brother’s wishes.”

“Shhhh, I think something's happening!” Yekaterina says none-too-quietly.

Indeed, something is happening. Ivan, still taking deep breaths, turns on his phone and opens it to contacts. A dark aura around him, he presses the call button of one particular contact.

The phone rings.


Ivan smiles innocently. "Hello, Alfred.“

"Oh, hey, what’s up?” The American perks up.

“Not much.” His eyes slip closed in content. “Just looking through old knick-knacks. It's funny how many special objects get left in some forgotten box in some forgotten room.”

Alfred laughs awkwardly. “Uh, yeah, I guess I see what you mean? Like, why keep something if it’s just going to sit there and collect dust?”

“I’m very glad you agree with me.” Ivan raises a hand, a lit match delicately held between pointer finger and thumb. Before him is a pile of every last object of Alfred’s that had been left at Ivan’s house, whether mistakenly or purposefully.

“Out with the old and in with the new-”

“Whoah, whoah, can you hold on a minute? I’m killing zombies.”

“… What?”

Alfred scowls, speaking into his headset, “Kiku, I thought you said you were covering me?”

“I am. There are too many.”

“Well, make them stop existing!”

A sigh, “Alfred-kun, I’m trying.”

“Well, try harder!”

“Alfred?” Ivan’s eye twitches.

“Yeah, just give me a few. Kiku! I said to cover me! Don’t shoot me!”

Soft laughter from Kiku’s end.

“… You’re doing this intentionally, aren’t you?” Alfred groans, “Kiku, dude, my main man, quit it.

Seeing an opening, Ivan cuts in, “You mean like how you’re making me quit vodka?”

“You’re still pissed about that? Sheesh, talk about relentless.”

The dark aura grows.

Alfred lowers his controller, expression deadpanned. “Relationships need to be balanced. I gave up McDonalds, so you have to give up vodka. Deal with it.”



“It took me months to put together that stash!”


“Alfred, I will burn everything you love!”

“What, so you’re going to set yourself on fire?”

Ivan pauses.

Kiku’s heard muttering a “Lol, wut?”

“… Can you repeat that?”

Red-faced, Alfred swallows before starting, “I, um, I said, ‘what, so you’re going to-’”

Ivan throws the phone out the window.

Natalia slams the lock-picked door open. “BIG BROTHER, DID HE JUST-?”

*Submission by the lovely @kittyreaper

Fruit of the Dead (Negan x Female)

Summary: She lives in a community called Terra and grows food with her mother. When Negan sees her playing in the woods, he knows he has to have her. This fic is written to mirror the myth of Hades and Persephone. 

Characters: Negan x Female

Word Count: 4,290

Warnings: Light smut, lots of fluff, a very fluffy Negan

Author’s Note: This was a fic request from @to-pick-ourselves-up-7 who asked:

“Can I ask for a Negan x reader in the setting myth of Hades and Persephone? Sounds interesting to me. Pretty pretty please?”

I have rewritten this fic like 3 times now. I just wasn’t content with it, and probably bit off more than I could chew. After lots and lots AND LOTS of revisions, I am finally content with the final version. I love a challenge, and this certainly tested my ability as a writer. Hopefully you enjoy it! 

There are a lot of references to the story of Hades and Persephone in this fic, and I’ll include them at the end, so if you want to geek out with me, you can. 

Big thanks to @ashzombie13 for beta’ing this fic for me! 

Please, please, please tell me what you thought! I love feedback.

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pairing: lin-manuel miranda x reader

prompt: lol u both try to surprise each other at the same time

warnings: swearing, fluffy (v sweet!!! you might get a toothache!!!), suggestive ;)))))))) 

words: 1,783

a/n: i !!! love !!! this !!! i’m gonna do a laf one like this kinda soon. pls feel free to leave requests! i love the ones you guys have been giving me xoxoxoo lemme know whatcha think/like/want 

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“Three cream, two sugar, please.” You told the barista looking up from your phone. You smiled slightly when your eyes returned to the screen. Lin was up and retweeting his favorite Tobillo photoshops. Checking your watch, you realized you were 30 minutes early to work and decided to enjoy your coffee at the cafe; sitting down at a rounded table.

You thought for a minute before setting to work, cropping a photo of Ariel with Tobi’s face before sending it in. Lin almost immediately quoted it, saying:

Bahahhaha this is why I love Y/N. Aren’t you late for work?

You instantly smiled, tweeting back:

@Lin_Miranda I’m early actually

He fired back:

@Y/N that’s a first ;)

You rolled your eyes. A moment later, you had a text from Lin.

from: lin

i miss u :,(

to: lin

pls don’t make me cry i’m in public

from: lin

i’ll be home soon!!

to: lin

you told eliza that too and then you went off and fucking killed urself

Lin laughed aloud, causing a few people in the sound room to look up to him. Blushing feverishly, he texted back.

from: lin

true. but i guess that makes it a good thing that i modeled you after jefferson and not eliza. who else would be so…

You laughed at Lin’s teasing remarks. Still, you wished he were hear to tell you them in person. Biting back, you responded:

to: lin

you’re so full of yourself

from: lin

you would be full of me too if i were home

You immediately check over your shoulder to make sure no one saw that, cursing yourself as your stomach twisted and a blush flooded the back of your neck. You squeezed your legs together as you responded.

to: lin

how many days till you’re home?

from: lin

just over a month

from: lin

so far to many

You sighed, picking up your coffee and heading to work. Long distance sucked. You missed him constantly. It’s not like you were mad at him for committing to Mary Poppins; the opposite, actually. You had never been so proud of your boyfriend, you just wished that your job allowed you to see him more.

Still, when he posted a picture of himself at the BAFTs, you couldn’t help it when you bought a plane ticket for the following Saturday to surprise him.

That night in Europe, Lin FaceTimed you off his Mac, instantly greeting you with a smile.

You couldn’t help but notice the bags under his eyes from working so hard. It was late, too: maybe 11. Lin usually didn’t stay up much later than nine, but he really wanted to see your face after work today. He was in bed, the computer on his lap, dressed in boxers and a blue tee.

You felt the tears well up in your eyes as you saw his face. The two of you talked every day, but you only FaceTimed once or twice a week as a result of your schedules.

“I miss you,” the two of you said at the same time. Lin threw his head back in a laugh, a giggle escaping your own lips as you poured yourself a glass of water.

“Tell me about your day,” Lin said.

You instantly fueled his request with stories of weird encounters at the hospital you worked at. Lin listened endearingly to each one. He told you about how much he was learning and how happy he was. Throughout it all, however, he never made it past five minutes without telling you how much he loved you.

As it two in the morning for him and eight for you, he yawned.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow, babe. Get some rest,” you said. He went to argue but sighed when a yawn interrupted him.

“I love you,” he said.

You smiled, “I love you too.”

Across the ocean, Lin hung up the FaceTime and grinned to himself. He was beyond tired, but despite his mind’s need for sleep, he went onto Delta airlines and booked a flight to New York for next Saturday.

The weekend came sooner than you expected. Maybe it was your excitement to see him, but before you knew it, it was Friday evening and you were packing a bag and setting an alarm for five a.m.

Lin was doing the same in Britain, adding your favorite sweatshirt that he had forgotten to leave for you at home. He smiled to himself, thanking the front desk man as he left the building.

“I’ll be back on Wednesday,” Lin said, practically skipping to the cab outside.

You drove yourself to the airport, working your way through customs before settling down on the plane. This time tomorrow, you thought, you’ll be in his arms.

Lin boarded his plane, the grin never leaving his face. He was so close to being with you, he couldn’t wait. This time tomorrow, he thought, you’ll be in his arms.

You didn’t get as much sleep as you were hoping to one the jet, but you immediately felt rejuvenated at the thought of being with Lin in just over an hour.

Lin on the other hand, managed to sleep the entire way. He walked sleepily off the plane, slugging his backpack over his shoulders. JFK was huge, but he knew it like the back of his hand, weaving in and out of people to get through customs. Lin was was speed walking towards the parking lot where his Uber was waiting. He kept his hood up to avoid too much attention, grinning to himself when he saw the same model of your car.


That was your car. He double checked the license plate, confirming it was yours. What were you doing at the airport? Did you forget to tell him you were leaving the state? Even then, you always texted him before your flights. He checked his phone, making sure it wasn’t still on airplane mode. Nothing. Hoping you weren’t in the air, he called you.

In Europe, you had just walked into his apartment complex, waving to the bellman as you walked up the stairs.

“I’m surprising my boyfriend,” you explained. The man nodded, ushering you forward.

You felt your phone jolt. Lin.

Grinning, you answered the phone, “Hello?” You asked innocently.

“Where are you right now?” He asked suddenly. You almost laughed.

“Why don’t you open your door and find out,” you smirked, leaning up against the wall outside of his apartment.

“What? I’m not home,” he said.

Your brows furrowed, “It’s like, ten at night. Where are you?”

“Where are you?” He questioned.

“I’m, uh, outside your apartment,” you mumbled.

You heard him groan, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” You frowned slightly before he continued, “I’m at JFK.”

“What?” You almost shouted, quickly lowering your voice to avoid waking up his neighbors.

“I was trying to surprise you.” He said lightly, making your heart ache.

“I was trying to surprise you too,” you smiled.

“I love you,” you both said in sync. Giggling, you asked what to do.

“I have to head home on Sunday, so if either of us fly home, we’ll barely get any time together,” you sighed.

You heard Lin huff, “But I miss you.”

“I miss you too,” you sighed.

“Okay, uh - go down to the front desk and I’ll call and tell them to give you a key to my room. You can stay there, and I guess I’ll just go to the house.” Lin reasoned.

You nodded, “Okay. Will you water the herb garden?” He chuckled before agreeing.

“I love you, thank you for being so perfect,” you said.

“I love you more. I’ll see you in a month, mi reina,” He said before hanging up.

He hit his head against the seat of the Uber he had gotten into, groaning.

Monday came quickly, Lin had given you a few restaurants to go to, a museum to visit, and even had you stop into his office to meet a few people. It was amazing, but didn’t make it any less lonely.

Lin took the day to himself, walking into your favorite cafe with a grin on his face. He spent most of it at home, just hanging out. The only thing that would’ve made it better was you.

On your flight home, you were honestly a little pissed. You were tired and hungry and a little unsatisfied, for lack of better words. Both of you had made these grand gestures, and neither of you were able to see each other. It wasn’t fair. Snuggled up in one of his sweaters you had stolen form his closet, you tried to sleep until you landed.

to: lin

landed. thanks for a fun weekend :/ love u

You unlocked you car and climbed in, immediately jacking the heat. February in New York was not warm. Shivering slightly, you started your trek home. It wasn’t more than a 45 minute drive, but it felt shorter than usual.

Shutting the garage, you walked into your house, throwing your keys onto the counter. You glanced at your watch: 4:36. You weren’t particularly hungry, but got some popcorn to eat while you watched some TV before dinner.

You trudged into the living room, the bowl of popcorn in your arm as you checked your phone for texts from Lin; nothing. He was probably in the air -

“Hey, Y/N.”

You jumped, your popcorn falling to the floor and littering the carpet. Your head snapped up to see him. Lin. Sitting on the couch, criss cross applesauce.

“Oh my God,” you breathed.

Lin smiled as he stood up, “You didn’t actually think I’d let you go without seeing you, right?”

The tears in your eyes welled up and you thought your heart might explode it was beating so fast. You sprinted the last few steps across the living room, nearly collapsing on top of him. He caught you, burying his face in your neck, holding you in his arms.

God, I miss you.” He sighed. You squeezed your eyes shut, willing the tears to stop.

“I love you so much,” you laughed lightly, backing away just enough to see his face. One of his hands left your back to brush away a stray tear before bringing it back to hold you as tightly as he could.

He smiled as you took his face in your hands, pressing a gentle kiss to his lips. You could feel his grin against your mouth as you tanged your hands in his hair, tugging slightly when he nipped your bottom lip.

He pressed his forehead to yours, “I love you too, mi reina. I love you too.“

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Ooh I thought of something fun!! What do you think are the 5 worst Neal caffrey outfits!! (Making it hard because most were 🔥)

Ohhhh boy…ooookay….well….here we go!

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Obvs the one where he went undercover as a naughty vampire. Pffff gross.

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And then the time he posed as a stripper, UGH.

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There was this one where he was a seal, wtf.

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Some kinda weird undercover stoner space freak?!

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…but wow, really anon, this is tough D: I couldn’t do it. I failed you!

Neal has the best outfits <3


Member: Kim Jaehwan // Wanna One

Genre: College!AU

Plot: When you were bored in calculus, you thought an innocent ‘hello’ on the desk wouldn’t do anything. But little did you know it would open up a whole new aspect of college.

Word Count: 5533

AN: Hello!! I didn’t intend for this to take so long, and I’m sorry I suck at plot descriptions but I hope you like it and I apologize if it’s terrible

Originally posted by sungwoona

You wracked your brains, eyes darting between the clock, the professor’s death glare that swept the class, and the door. Only 42 seconds left. The calculus worksheet in front of you was almost completely filled, save for the challenge questions that almost everyone got wrong anyways. You had to at least look like you were jotting something, and felt the chills tingling down your spine as Professor Jung glanced at your idle hands. You instinctively twirled your pencil, before looking at the empty corner of the wooden desk you were seated at. The urge to write perhaps a small but forbidden message was overwhelming. You check the clock again. 5 seconds left. You scribble a small ‘hello’, positive that it would be left unread and undisturbed. The bell in the mathematics building rang, and before Professor Jung could dismiss the class formally, every student rose in a frantic wave to get to the door first.

As you left, the next class was already flooding in. A heavy backpack barrelled into your shoulder, and you stumbled briefly, before shooting a venomous look at the unaware boy. His hair was ever so slightly parted, his eyes radiating the apologetic message he could not verbally say as he was swept towards the desks by the stampede of students. Had your arm not been throbbing so painfully, you would have admitted begrudgingly that he was among the cuter population of the boys you had seen in your first few months of college. You tried to not let it bother you, especially when you hadn’t a clue who this boy was, but you decided it was more important to get to psychology on time than linger around.

Hey there.’ You read the message once, then twice. You were beyond stunned at the neat Hangul letters that answered you directly under your message. It was in an obscurely dark spot as well, making the writing less visible. You smile slightly at the reply, twirling your pen as you tackled the packet on the continuation of yesterday’s lesson, this time on inverse trigonometric functions. The packet wasn’t difficult but it was not a walk in the park as yesterday’s worksheet had been.

Inverse Sin of….” your thoughts trailed off, your pencil retracing the reply. The letters were neat, in precise lines and curves. You wanted to reply, and you snuck a glance at Professor Jung. He was too busy scolding one student in the second row for dozing off to bat an eyelash in your direction. You think hard for an intelligent conversation starter. Would this anonymous writer sit here again, hoping for a reply? Or would it be some student who was oblivious to this?

How do you survive P.Jung’s boring lectures? I almost die.’ The bell rang, and you stood up dutifully with the rest of your class. You tucked your stuff away neatly, hoping to linger and at least read the expressions of the next class. You were aware that there were at least three or four other calculus classes after yours, but still the thought of possibly seeing your new friend excited you.

“H-Hey.” A timid voice caught your attention. It was the boy from yesterday, the one who had given you the ugly dark bruise that was currently throbbing on your shoulder. You straighten up, eyes meeting his own apologetic gaze. “I wanted to apologize for accidentally hitting you the other day.” He held out a small cardboard container, something reminiscent of Chinese take out. You nod, confused at the mysterious contents.

“____. Please be aware you are holding up my class and close to being tardy for you next one.” Professor Jung’s drawl caught your attention, and you flash a miserable smile at the boy before running out the doorway. Your cheeks were burning from humiliation, and you tried your best to not scowl at how obvious he had been in shaming you. You pause to look down at the box, opening the top flaps to peek inside ever so slightly. Cookies. He had baked you cookies.

You nibbled on one as you jogged lightly towards the psychology class. It wasn’t the best cookies you’ve had, but they weren’t the worst either. It made you smile at how warm and gooey the chocolate chips were, and you realized he must have at least taken the time to warm them up recently for you. What a weird boy, you think with a fond shake of your head, and march through the door for the next class, ignoring the curious glance of the teacher for your rather delayed entrance.

The bell revives me every day. Also, I swear the guy in front of me farted.’ You stifle a soft giggle that was threatening to bubble out from your lips, and instead thought of something to write back. The handwriting was the same as it had been the first day, the neat penmanship almost leaving you green with envy. You envisioned whoever this person was to have just as pretty hands. You threw a quick glance towards the clock. Four minutes left. You were proud of your ability to at least wait until after your daily workload was over with before paying attention to the messages, but you also had the suspicion that you finished quicker in efforts to read and reply faster.

‘I hope you didn’t die twice because of that fart. Are you a boy or a girl?’. The shrill of the fire alarm startled you, and you hit your knee hard against the desk’s bottom surface. Other students were throwing victorious looks as they shoved their belongings in their bags or tried to carry everything out in a cheerful early exit. 2 minutes and 9 seconds before class was officially over. Professor Jung was barking orders for everyone to exit in an efficient manner, but it was not working. You made your exit as quietly as possible, grateful it had begun ringing after your response was completed.

“This is awesome!” Said one boy, a student named Jung Sewoon. You had spoken to him a few times, and of the students in your class, you were probably the closest to him. Not that it was saying much; you were more of a wallflower, and he was more of an acquaintance than anything. He flashed an innocent and adorable smile to you, before moving onwards towards the sidewalks where all the students were trying to cram onto, excitement clearly written on their faces.

You fidget idly on your spot, trying to avoid having other peers trample on your feet as they squeezed through towards their friends. It was not that you had no friends; rather that you were quite superficial in the extent you would allow yourself to grow attached. There were nice people everywhere at university, and you were thankful for the smiles that would greet you at a lunch table, or the belongings that would be pushed aside for you to sit down at the library. Still, you had yet to find some group you wanted to wished to call yours, and drifted nomadically from group to group.

You found your gaze wander at the nearby faces, before a flicker of mild interest occurred. There was that boy again, the one with the cookies and apologetic smile, talking quite merrily with Sewoon. His eyes were in a crescent as he avidly discussed some topic, his hands moving rapidly as he tried to project his ideas. Sewoon was nodding, as if the information or whatever the other boy was saying made perfect sense. It was fascinating to see someone you had thought was more like a turtle be so animated. At a second thought, you could agree that the boy was indeed cute. He caught your lingering gaze, and sent a small smile. You felt a little awkward, almost conflicted. Your stomach had slight butterflies at his attention. You offered a pathetic half-hearted wave, which he returned with a broader grin, before motioning you to come over. Nervousness filled your veins as you stumbled towards them, Sewoon welcoming you with a friendly nod.

“Hi! I don’t think I ever introduced myself. I’m Kim Jaehwan– oh right, were the cookies okay? I was scared I underbaked them because I was in a rush trying to make sure it was made fresh.” You were stunned by his openness, and even more so at how Sewoon did not look surprised at Jaehwan’s little story.

“Oh. Uh. Hi.” You started stupidly, and then shook your head slightly. “I’m _____. And the cookies were great,” you noted how his lips quirked up a little more at this, and he stuck his hand out for a handshake. You took his hand. It was warm and rough at the same time, calluses scratching against your palm.

“So you were the girl he hit accidentally. He told me he thought you were going to kill him and that he needed to beg for forgiveness,” Sewoon followed his words with a gentle chuckle, and you were taken aback. You recalled vaguely shooting an angry look, but you were also quite tiny and had not suspected anyone to ever be afraid of you. Jaehwan sent an embarrassed look at you, before hitting Sewoon’s upper arm.

“Hey! You can’t say that to her! I’m supposed to be quite macho.” You almost snorted at the silliness between the two boys, but by then the students were all drifting away towards their next classes, which were almost halfway done, and you waved goodbye to the pair. For the first time since the semester had started, you felt excited at the thought of seeing specific people on campus. You glanced back once more, seeing the last bit of Jaehwan’s figure disappearing towards the calculus room in the crowds.

‘That’s for me to know and you to find out. Maybe. I’m hungry.’

The reply did not disappoint, and your lips slowly rose in the corners. You had little work, as your calculus class had ended up being too far in the curriculum compared to other classes, so the professor did not seem as grumpy. You had not felt as rejuvenated in a while. Sewoon was sitting the the desk beside you at your request. He appeared pleasantly surprised when you had asked him to sit next to you, and now he writing something furiously onto a blank sheek of paper. You had peeked over and seen musical notes, and decided to leave the Ponyo lookalike to his own business. It felt significantly less lonely with him a little nearer, and more like you had made a real friend.

I heard today’s cafeteria food is good. Can I at least ask what your favorite food is?’

Sewoon threw a small piece of crumpled paper onto your desk, and you unravelled it slightly. There was a message. You quietly opened it a little more, being careful to not make a sound and risk anything with Professor Jung’s hawk-like hearing. It was simply a smiley face, with the words, ‘don’t get caught’ on the bottom. You flashed a look at him, and he responded with a smile. You pretended to erase your words, hoping Sewoon would not attempt to read it later, and instead doodled until class was over.

Jaehwan was waiting outside of the door, smiling at seeing you and Sewoon.

“We should eat lunch later. Is 12:25 okay?” Sewoon nodded, before jerking a thumb at you. You were standing there awkwardly, trying to skirt your way around the two boys to not disturb. “____, you come too! We can be the Three Musketeers!” You nod hesitantly, and Jaehwan gave a satisfied smile at this. “See you guys later then!” He walked into class, wincing slightly as if already imagining the calculus that would dumped on them to make up for the fire drill. Sewoon waved as the two of you split directions as well, and you went on your merry way to psychology. It would be after this class. Then you could enjoy lunch.

You could hardly focus during psychology. It almost felt like there were fireworks exploding in your chest. You finally belonged somewhere. After months of just drifting from person to person, you finally found two people who you wanted to stay close to. You blushed a little at remembering how optimistic Jaehwan was. Three Musketeers…

By the time class was over, you could feel your stomach begging for food. You felt almost miserable at how hungry you were, but brightened at the thought of seeing Jaehwan and Sewoon. There was a spring in your steps as you made your way towards the cafeteria, and unbeknownst to you, a smile was forming on your lips as you saw Jaehwan in the distance. He was standing by himself, the first to arrive at the main entrance of the cafeteria. His eyes was pointed to the sidewalk, kicking a small rock between his feet as he waited idly. He finally looked up at the sound of approaching footsteps, and his gaze lit up.

“____!” His voice was joyous. He kicked the rock gently to you, a teasing glint in his eyes. “Think fast!” You tried stopped the rock with your foot, but you took a step too far. You let out a yelp as you felt your weight shift rapidly, your foot skidding across the gravel that had accumulated at the sidewalk. You screwed your eyes shut, willing the pain to erupt on your backside as you rocketed towards the ground, into gravity’s open arms. Instead, you could feel two arms catch you, and you hit Jaehwan’s chest with a solid thud.

“Oh my gosh! Are you okay?” You squeak, embarrassed at how clumsy you were. He peered down at your face, concern showing in his eyes.

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that? Your ankle is okay? No sprains?” You nod meekly, trying to ignore the burning sensation in your cheeks. He sighed in relief, the exhalation of his chest evident against you. Suddenly you were all too aware that you were still in his arms and that he was still supporting you. You stood up abruptly, staring at your feet.

“I’m sorry.”

“I guess this makes up for the book bag incident then,” he replied jovially, nudging you gently. “Don’t worry about it, you’re probably tired.” You nod, grateful for his words.

“You’re good at passing though. Did you play soccer?” You ask, trying to divert the topic. He grinned broadly at the compliment, puffing out his chest as if he were about to give a long, boastful speech.

“Every Sunday after church, my friends and I go. Sewoon joins in too sometimes. You should come!” You nod at the invitation, wondering if that was how Sewoon and Jaehwan had become friends in the first place.

“There you guys are!” Sewoon jogged over lightly, a smile on his face. Jaehwan opens the door for you, and you step inside, greeted with a blast of warm air from the heater. The scent of bean sprout soup, freshly cooked rice, and other side dishes wafted to you, and your stomach grumbled once again. Jaehwan laughed, a bright and high sound escaping him, and he poked your arm.

“For such a tiny girl you sure are noisy!” He said, passing a metal tray to you. He watched with amusement as you heaped on food, shaking his head in wonder at the mountain you were supposed to finish. As the three of you sat down, you grinned at Sewoon’s astonished face.

“____, are you sure you can eat that?” You nod furiously, digging into your food without another word. The boys were chattering about the upcoming open mic, trying to figure out if they should do two stages individually or do a duet. You listened, nodding every now and then, but mainly focusing on munching away. As you got your spoon ready for another mouthful, a pair of chopsticks dropped a sheet of salted seaweed on top of the rice. You looked up to see Jaehwan’s entertained face.

“Slow down before you choke,” he scolded gently, before watching you grin and finish the next mouthful. Sewoon chuckled softly at this, clearly enjoying your mukbang.

“Have you ever considered making your own eating videos?” He asked innocently, and you giggled at the thought, high fiving him. “You could probably make a lot of money like that.”

“I swear I don’t normally eat like that!” You said defiantly, laughing as Jaehwan rolled his eyes. “I was really hungry I swear.”

“Whatever you say. I haven’t ever seen Jaehwan eat like that, even when he’s eating lettuce.” Jaehwan chortled at the words, before hitting Sewoon away playfully.

“That was one time. I did it for fun!” Sewoon gave him a mocking side eye, and the two continued to bicker while you finished the last of your food. Sewoon messed your hair with his hand before picking up the tray for you.

“Well at least she finished food just in time for class. See you guys tomorrow?”

‘I like some veggies. I like eating in general. I also think it’s a shame that you can’t see the stars that well at night anymore. Light pollution sucks.’

“Ms._____, is there really no work for you to do?” Professor Jung’s sharp voice rattled you as you hastily covered the writing.

“I- I finished the worksheet of the day,” you mumble, and he muttered something about pretentious students taking courses too easy for them as he turned back to glowering at the other students. You covered your chest with your hands, trying to calm down the erratic beats. The thought of this little conversation getting caught scared you for some reason. This person was your friend, a secret pen pal. The only motivation you had to finish your daily workload in calculus was only to read the few words written down in pretty script. You sighed, while Sewoon gave you a sympathetic smile as he scribbled down the next few variables on problem 26 part c out of the 35 for the day.

The stars are pretty. Will I ever meet you?’ The words were cautiously written, and you could feel the weight of consequences that could arise. It could be a magnet that brings two forces together, or it could be the poison that pops this little bubble and keeps you from ever meeting this fascinating person. The desire to see this person had grown exponentially from the first day a few weeks back. Sometimes, to your disappointment, there would be no reply. To try to act your own part of nonchalance caused you to skip a few days as well, something that made you almost relish and despise your childish actions. If this were summed up into a more modern topic, you would certainly categorize it as online flirting in some chatroom, except there was no ability to know who this person was, and there were no feelings attached other than vague excitement that would flare in the bottom of your stomach to see the next reply.

Just the night before, you had a dream that you had met this person. You could not see the face clearly; there was a cap over the head, along with a baggy hoodie that was covering most of their body. A mask covered any distinct face features, and by the time you woke up, you were almost hysterical at how tauntingly close this all was. It had been bothering you since, and it probably showed as you sat in the soundproof practice room that Sewoon and Jaehwan were practicing in that evening.

“Are you okay? You’re awfully quiet for a girl who just downed a cup of coffee,” Jaehwan noted as he tuned his guitar, his elegant hands turning each knob until it matched his needs. You nodded, a little dazed, but smiled as Sewoon began to strum his guitar.

____ is a weird girl. But Jaehwan is a weirder boy~” His voice was clear and strong, soothing even if the lyrics made you laugh. Jaehwan began to mimic Sewoon, and the two sent lines back and forth in song while you were struggling for air as your laughter consumed you. Your sides were in stitches, and there were tears in your eyes as they finished, standing up and bowing to their imaginary audience, satisfied smiles on their faces.

“What do you think? I think we can debut with that masterpiece.” Jaehwan prompted, his eyes turning into crescents as he grinned broadly at you. You affectionate cuffed his head.

“I don’t remember half of the nonsense you two spewed out!” The two boys erupted in laughter once more, Sewoon’s muted chuckle mixed with Jaehwan’s higher squawk. It was among the stranger mixtures of noises you had heard together, but somehow it was perfect, and you felt a rush of endearment for the two boys. How would you have managed the last few weeks if that fateful encounter did not happen? Undoubtedly, it would not have been as joyous and warming as it was.

“Well, I think we should practice if we are doing a duet, because I swear if you pull some lyric mistake on me I will die of embarrassment,” Sewoon said. Jaehwan smiled mischievously, setting his guitar down on his lap for a moment.

“Did I mention I was a talented rapper? I think I can be a large contribution to this duet stage if you let me-”


‘Come to the open mic at the school cafe and you can meet yours truly. I’ll throw a little surprise gift just for you.’ The scribble excited you, and you twitched in your seat. You would meet this anonymous person tonight. You were planning to go anyways, because of Sewoon and Jaehwan. The two boys had practiced hard in the past week, and you had spent more hours than imaginable in the music department’s building, going on hot tea and water errands and making sure to bring tissues and cough drops if the boys needed it in colder weather.

“____! Are you busy?” Jaehwan’s voice interrupted your thoughts. You were walking from your dorm to the library, about to make a study guide to preview the next chapter in psychology. You shake your head, curious about his inquiry. “Wanna hang out for a bit?” You follow him, walking towards the music department. By now, the two boys had their own practice rooms to themselves, and you were all too familiar with the cozy little space that Jaehwan had led you into. A warm mug of tea revealed that he had been there earlier as well. You sat side by side on the foldable chairs, facing one of the walls.

“Is something wrong?” You asked softly. His gaze was distracted, and he was fiddling with his hands. You loved his hands. They were beautiful, and they looked like he could be a hand model if he wanted to. You loved how they were rough from all his guitar playing, but how warm they were whenever your fingers would briefly graze his whenever you passed some item. You hesitantly reached out to grab it, preventing his fingers from suffocating one another.

“Nothing is wrong. I’m just… nervous.” He let out a long exhale, before lifting his gaze to look at you. “About the performance.” He wrapped his hand around your own, and you offered a comforting squeeze. What would you have done if he had not hit you with his backpack? You probably would not have ever met this wonderful boy!

“You sound great, and you’re going to do great,” you said firmly, and he smiled at your words, squeezing your hand back gently. A blush crept up to your cheeks. When was the last time you had held hands with a boy?

“What would I do without you?” He sighed, before leaning his head against your shoulder. You froze, uncertainty and panic rising in your chest. Your heart felt like it was beating too rapidly to be considered healthy, and you were almost scared to admit that the feeling and warmth was nice.

“Are you going to sleep?” You whisper, and he chuckled at your words, shaking his head to indicate he was not. His fluffy hair tickled your cheek, and you suppressed a smile.

“Sewoon told me something funny a few days ago…” Jaehwan’s voice trailed off. You glanced at him, intrigued. “He said you-”

“Is Jaehwan there? I’m opening the door- Oh. Am I interrupting something?” Sewoon stood awkwardly at the door, his gaze flicking between you and Jaehwan. Jaehwan sat up quickly, and took his hand away. You felt cold without him, but ignored it, instead smiling and waving Sewoon in. “I brought food.” He revealed, still awkward, and held out a grocery bag of chips. Jaehwan dove for the bag, and the two boys squabbled over it while you watched on fondly.

The day flew by in a whirl of faces and colors, and finally it was evening. You stood in front of your mirror, not minding your roommate’s sleeping figure on her bed as you shrugged on a thick cardigan over your simple black dress. You were aiming for a simple but nice look, something approachable. Your heart was nervous but excited to find your pen pal, but was also excited to see Jaehwan.

A few rapid knocks on your door notified you that it was time to leave as you walked through a puff of rosewater scented perfume as you moved towards the door. Jaehwan and Sewoon grinned at you, admiring your freshly curled hair.

“This is a new side of you,” Jaehwan said as he picked up a curl, letting it bounce back in place with a smile. You were about to shove him playfully until something in his hands caught your eyes. A pink and white rose. His gaze followed yours, and he gave an embarrassed smile. “Don’t mind this. It’s a gift.” Sewoon grinned teasingly at his words.

“He’s probably going to confess to some girl. He’s been so daydreamy these days.” The words gave your gut an uncomfortable shove, and you stifled it with a hopefully non-pained smile. You don’t have a right to be jealous, you chided to yourself. He didn’t deny Sewoon’s words, much to your disbelief.

“That’s cute.” Your voice was blander than you had hoped it to be, and you grabbed your tote before turning to lock the door. An awkward pressure was between you and Jaehwan, but Sewoon took little notice as he cheerfully chattered about how excited he was to perform again on stage and how he was going to get a part time job at a local cafe as the live singer. You laughed as you fixed his red tie for him, which made him beam at you.

“I should go grab a seat now. Good luck you two!” You said sincerely. Sewoon nodded, and turned to leave. It was just you and Jaehwan now.

“You should fix my tie for me too,” he said, a little grumpily. That’s cute. You comply, gently tugging and ensuring it was straightened out. He reaches out for a high five, which you slap gingerly until he encloses your hand in his own. You turned red at the prolonged contact, dropping your gaze. The rose came into view once more, and you bite your lower lip, trying to push away the jealousy.

“I should really go get a seat now. Don’t be late.” You pull away towards the audience. A few front row seats were thankfully open, and you scooted towards one as carefully as possible. The show was about to start, and you appreciated the dim lighting and minimalist decorations that did not deviate any attention from the performers. You listened to poems, stories, and songs. And finally, the third to last stage. Sewoon and Jaehwan.

The audience was already riled up, eager to listen to the two boys. They had quite a following at the university, and even professors were fans of their angelic voices.

“Hello! We’re going to perform Skyfall by Adele. We hope you enjoy.” Jaehwan cleared his throat a little, the sound echoing from the speakers. His gaze flitted around the crowd, restless like birds provoked by a leaping cat. He’s probably looking for that girl, you think sullenly. You felt a little sour at this, and turned your gaze to Sewoon, who was smiling angelically at you, his gaze lighting up as you gave him a thumbs up for encouragement.

Their voices were beautiful together, and you were in awe. You had heard their rehearsals, and watched just how much effort was put into this, but every time you just fell more and more in love with their voices. Jaehwan’s was rich and smooth, making every note effortless and breathless. Sewoon’s was sweet and soothing, something you swore you could fall asleep to like the gentlest lullaby. The room fell silent, ears straining to catch the slightest sound that poured out of the boys’ lips. As the song hit its climax, Jaehwan’s high notes filled your heart, and you were gasping at how beautiful he sounded. You could not believe the performance was over until the last strums of the guitars died down, and Jaehwan and Sewoon stood up to bow. Jaehwan’s hand reached below his stool, where the rose was tucked away from sight. A lump formed in your throat, and you forced your gaze downward.

How could you have been so stupid to not have realized earlier that you grown to like this boy? From the bruise that was long faded, to the endless meal time chats, and even making hideous faces across the table at the library while studying, this boy had crept slowly but surely into your heart. And now here he was, about to confess to some girl, and you would be forced to watch because you were one of his close friends and you were expected to be supportive of this clueless dork. The memory of earlier today flickered in your mind, and you wanted to run away and hide. If he was going to confess, then why did he rest his head against your shoulder? Why did he have to catch you when you were going to fall in front of the cafeteria that day?

He tapped the mic, grabbing everyone’s attention with a shy and boyish smile. The lump grew harder in your throat, lodging itself in such a way that it was almost painful to inhale. Your eyes fearfully looked up, waiting for his words as everyone quieted down.

“I hope that was a great performance that you guys enjoyed. I actually wanted to say it was somewhat of a confession.” The crowd cheered, cat calls sounding in the room as your eyes met his own. What was there left to say at this point? You were just the best friend, probably one of the ‘bros’ with Sewoon. You forced a meager smile, hoping it did not resemble the grimace you were trying to contain.

“There was a special present that would wait for me sometimes in my calculus class. I had a little friend who would write me messages on my desk. I didn’t know who this person was until a few days ago, when Sewoon over here mentioned it. And then I came early, just before my class started, and saw her reply to me. It was really a beautiful sight.” Your heart halted at his words, and his smile grew fondly as he stared down at you. He took a step closer to the edge of the stage, before bending over to get closer to your level. You turned into a deep shade of red, your mind forgetting how to function. What was breathing? What was this boy even saying? Your thoughts were jumbled in some chaos, unable to form proper ideas and grasp the situation.

“And she’s here today. And she’s a girl who’s very special to me, someone who encouraged me daily while I practiced, and someone I grew to love a lot as a friend and more.” This had to be a prank, a secret camera of some sort. You opened your mouth to say something, but the words flew past in your mind, unable to ever reach your lips. He knelt down, holding the rose out to you. The room exploded in applause and cheers, all eyes fixated on you two. “____? I’m glad to have formally met you. I am a boy, I love lettuce, and the stars are beautiful, but so are you. Here was the gift I promised.”

You reached out a shaking hand, grasping the flower. It felt surreal, like a dream. He took your hand, and warmth filled your whole body. The room fell into a hushed whisper, waiting. Sewoon was smiling proudly from the side, and nodded in approval when your eyes sought his reaction.

“And I know this is sudden, but I don’t think I can wait. ___, will you be my girlfriend?” You smile, nodded wordlessly, and allowed him to envelope you into a tight hug.

Heartbroken and feelings

Pairing: George Weasley x Reader

Prompt: “George x reader were he is convinced she’s in love with Fred because they’ve been spending time together and he’s heartbroken but really they’ve been talking about her feelings for George during that time because she’s convinced she isn’t good enough ??? Maybe it all comes to a fluffy head at the burrow during the holidays? :)”

Requested?: Yes, by the lovely anon:)

(A/N): I suck at titles. Someone teach me how to make good titles. I have a lack of that talent. 

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George Weasley had a secret. No, he didn’t kill a man, no, he didn’t steal all the gold. He was in love with a girl, Y/n Y/l/n. She was smart, beautiful kind and funny. She had talent for a lot of things, but her smile was so bright, that thousands of wands couldn’t recreate such a brightness. 

George, however hadn’t told anyone, not even his own brother, Fred Weasley. That was because she was spending so much time with Fred lately, he was certain she was in love with Fred. And George didn’t want to stop their happiness. He sat alone on the sofa in the common room. Y/n and Fred were off, doing whatever they were doing. Little did he know, they were just talking in the library, about a certain person.


“Fred, I don’t know if you get it.” Y/n sighted as she pressed her head against the wooden table. Her heart was racing from frustration. “I’m just not good enough for your brother. He is smart and funny, not to mention pretty handsome. And I am just… Me.” 

“No, Y/n. You are the one who doesn’t get it. He would be luck to have someone like you. You are beautiful, smart and, I got to admit; if you try, you can be funny.” Fred threw his arms in the air. “You got to deal with you feelings one time soon.” Fred continued, his voice softer. 

“I know, but I don’t know if I can accept a ‘no’.” She looked up at Fred, her eyes big and sad. 

“You don’t have to take a no. You are a strong, independent woman. You can get what you want.” Fred shrugged. 

“Yeah, thank you. I guess that’s why you have so many dates.” Y/n said with a raised brow. 

“Hey, I’m just saying that he would probably date you.” 

Y/n huffed and looked away. “Yeah, maybe if I was better. Maybe if I was good enough.” Fred sighted dramatically, they had been talking about this for a few months now. 

“Woman, you are going to kill me one day.” 


George looked up as Fred and Y/n came in, obviously arguing about something. “Hey guys!” George said, happy that there was some kind of amusement. The arguing stopped and they both put on their innocent smiles. 

“Hello George.” Fred said with a smile. “I’m sorry, if you’ll excuse me.” He said, winking at Y/n before heading to his dorm. George raised a brow. 

“yeah, I should probably finish this essay.” Y/n said, her cheeks growing red. George, scratching the back of his neck, stepped aside. 

“I thought you were studying with Fred?” He asked, unsure if he wanted to know the answer. Y/n froze for a second before pretending to be okay. 

“We had important things to discuss, so we didn’t study much.” She breathed out. 

“You were gone for almost three hours, and I couldn’t join you.” George said softly. Without an answer, Y/n left the room, faster then she had ever done before. 

“Why are you avoiding me?” George asked his brother. 

“i certainly am not ignoring you. I am just spending time with Y/n.” Fred said with raised brows. 

“Yes, with your girlfriend!” George spat, hurt in his eyes, his voice bitter. He walked away. He walked away from his brother. Away from his problems. But he took his pain with him. 

George found himself sitting on a stair, he didn’t even know where he was. And he didn’t care. With a sight, he ran his hand over his face, only to find his voice wet with tear. He hadn’t noticed he was crying. He didn’t want to be sad, because Fred and Y/n were probably happy together. Yet, he couldn’t get rid of the aching pain in his chest. He knew his heart was broken. But he didn’t want to say, or even think about that. He needed to find peace with the fact that Y/n would be happy with Fred. There was nothing he could do about it. 


The twins sat in the train back home. it was Christmas break and Y/n got to stay with the Weasley’s for four days. Her parents were on a trip for work, and couldn’t make it in time. She and her best friends had been looking forwards to this moment, but it was really awkward. George didn’t say anything, he kept staring out the window. Fred was eying the two of them with confused looks. Y/n sighted and moved closer to George, placing a hand on his leg. He shot up and looked at her before his eyes drowned back in sadness. 

“Georgie, what is wrong? You have been acting strangely the last couple of days.” Y/n asked concerned. Her brows knitted together, a questioning look on her face. 

“Nothing is wrong Y/n. I’m fine.” He snapped. Slightly surprised by his respond, she moved back away. 

“Okay then, George.” Both of them felt a sting of pain in their chest by the way Y/n’s voice sounded. The warm, sweet tone was gone. She sounded distant, and cold. She had always known George would never see her like that. But this wasn’t something he would ever say to her. She guessed he didn’t even want to be friends. 


The event on the train seemed to be forgotten when everyone was in the Burrow. Ron wasn’t there, he had stayed a Hogwarts with hermione and Harry. It was the second night, and Y/ tortured with horrible nightmares. She shot up and looked around, a soft gasp leaving her lips. She remembered where she was when she heard Ginny turn around. Shaking, Y/n got up, wanting a glass of water. 

The stairs were unfamiliar, and when she bumped into someone, she softly squealed before feeling an arm around her waist. 

“Y/n?” It was George. Y/n relaxed but George kept his arm around her waist. 

“Why are you up?” Y/n was aware of his arm around her waist, the nightmare almost forgotten. 

“I had a nightmare, wanted something to drink. Nothing special. What about you?” 

“I haven’t slept well in a few days.” George admitted. Y/n was concerned, he did sound tired lately. 

“You know, my mother had told me a trick. Let’s go to the kitchen, maybe it’ll work.” Y/n let her hand slide in George’s hand and pulled him with her. 


“So, what is this magic trick your mother had thought you?” George asked as Y/n opened the fridge. She smiled and shook her head. 

“You’ll see.” She mixed some milk and chocolate, honey and a few herbs. she added sugar and poured it in a cup. “Drink.” George raised a brow at her and smiled. 

“Chocolate milk?” He asked. Y/n just grinned and waited for him to take a sip. Y/n smiled when she saw his eyes grow big and look back into the cup. 

“Y/n, what did you do with it? It is good, but weird.” Y/n smiled and shook her head. 

“It’s the herbs. It will help you. Just drink it and go to bed.” She smiled and made an attempt to leave. Yet, now maybe was the time to ask the question that had been bothering her for a while. 

“George, are you mad at me?” 

“Why would you think that?” His voice sounded really surprised. 

“It’s just… You have been ignoring me, almost. Did I do something wrong?” George swallowed, feeling nervous. 

“No, I was just a jerk I think.” Y/n jumped on the table, her legs dangling over the edge of the table. 

“Why do you say that?”

“I should just have accepted the fact that you and Fred are a couple. I mean, it was hard for reasons you wouldn’t understand but I’m really trying-” George got cut of by her laughter. 

“Why are you laughing.” 

“Because Fred and I aren’t a couple.” Y/n said, wiping away a tear. 

“yes, we spent a lot of time together, but not because I liked him! I asked him for advice, because I did like someone else and he is one of my best friends.” 

“Then why didn’t you ask me?” 

“Because it would have been rather awkward to talk about the feelings I have about you.” Y/n clapped a hand in front of her mouth, eyes wide. George was also surprised. 

“You… Like me?” Y/n sighted and rubbed her forehead, running her hands through her hair. 

“Yes. I do.” 

“Then why didn’t you tell me?” George was talking quit, like they were talking about something no one could hear. 

“Because I’m not good enough for you, obviously.” She stated. That comment hurt George, because she was everything he had ever dreamed of. Kind and sweet, funny and sarcastic, bright smile and eyes that held whole universes. Not to mention her pretty face or amazing body. 

“Why would you say that? You are the most sweetest, funniest, smartest and most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. When I first saw you, I knew I was lost. I knew my heart had belonged to you. It was like I saw an angel. Then I talked to you, and you were what I could only describe as a real angel.” 

“When did you get so sappy?” Y/n asked with a soft laugh. George smiled and brushed a lock of hair out her face. 

“I’m acting from my heart.” He whispered before leaning in and kissing her. Y/n was gladly surprised, she smiled against his lips and grabbed his collar, bulling him in between her legs. Her lags wrapped around his waist, hands on his face and neck. His hands lay on her waist and side of her face. He smiled too. The long kiss got interrupted by a yawn from George. 

“I guess the ‘magic trick’ does work?” She asked with a grin. “You better get into bed.” She said. George groaned. 

“But I want to kiss you again.” he whispered in her ear before kissing her cheek. 

“We will have time tomorrow.” She laughed. Jumping of the table, she pecked his lips. “Sweet dreams, Georgie.” She softly winked and turned around, walking a way. 

That night, a grin rested on both of their lips. They couldn’t wipe it off. They felt happy, knowing their feelings were answers. Knowing they wouldn’t be alone, they would have each other. 

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Cud you pls update when woollim releases a statement about the whole bullshit. (They better release a statement!!!!) I'm so anxious, poor baby has a soft heart and I'm worried to death for him. Woollim better pull their heads out of their ass and get to the bottom of this. They cud really sue that article place for defamation, the picture was obviously nam woohyun and he was completely innocent. Im bout to fly my ass to Korea and beat the crap out of everyone who hurt innocent woohyun


So I woke up in the middle of the night and saw the developments. When I got up this morning, it seems that KBS have taken down the Tweet and video where they used the mosaiced versions of The Eye and The Chaser. However, the damage has already been done. KNets have already made their minds up that Woohyun had something to do with it, regardless of his picture being used in the first original article being a mistake. 

There is still no word from Woollim. There are two email addresses people can use to contact Woollim about this issue: woollimfan@hanmail.net and woolliment@naver.com However, this may be totally pointless because of the current contract situation - we don’t even know if Woohyun has renewed with them yet, and therefore he may not currently be their responsibility. 

Here are a few things you can do to help Woohyun:

1. Clearing away the bad search results

Head to Daum and make some positive searches yourself. Some suggestions are as follows (source)

  • 남우현 판사랑 - nam woohyun fan love
  • 남우현 하트 - nam woohyun heart
  • 남우현 솔로 - nam woohyun solo
  • 남우현 명곡 - nam woohyun famous song
  • 남우현 끄덕끄덕 - nam woohyun nodding

2. Leaving supportive comments on his Instagram

  • 힘내세요 - have strength
  • 긍정적으로 생각해요! - think positively!
  • 오늘도 화이팅! - fighting today, too!
  • 수고했어요 - you’ve worked hard
  • 밥먹었어요? - have you eaten (a meal)?
  • 아프지마세요! - don’t get sick/hurt!
  • 사랑해요 - i love you
  • 잘생겼어요 - you’re handsome
  • 멋있어요 - you’re good-looking (but more focused on style and appearance)
  • 귀여워요 - you’re cute

Until Woollim responds properly and releases a statement, there really sin’t much we can do but hope that this blows over soon. 


Baker’s Dozen - AU

“Hello, Officer,” Michonne said innocently as she rolled down her window, putting on her most charming smile.

“Ma’am, do you know how fast you were driving?” the officer had a distinct country twang and striking blue eyes.

“No, was I speeding?” Michonne looked up at him with wide-eyed innocence. She had definitely been speeding.

“Ma’am, this is a thirty mile an hour zone and you were going almost fifty,” he informed her, then, “I’m going to need to see your license and registration.”

“Of course,” Michonne murmured, mentally cursing.

It was a long empty country road, nobody around for miles. She reached into the glove compartment and got her documents.

She handed them out the window, swallowing her annoyance and gave it one last shot, “I didn’t realize how fast I was going. I’m usually a very safe driver, but I’m running late to pick my son up from Day Care.”

Well, that last part was true. The officer, his badge read GRIMES, looked between her ID and her face. She met his eyes directly, hoping for mercy and, secretly, thinking that he might actually be handsome if he smiled a little.

“Hold on,” he said, and walked back to his cruiser.

Michonne’s mood soured further with each step he took in her side mirror. An interminable amount of time later, he reappeared.

He regarded her for a moment, almost like he was measuring his words. Michonne favored him with a steely expression, all attempts at flirtation now abandoned like a worn-out sofa left on the side of the road.

“Ma’am, I’m letting you off with a warning this time,” he said, handing her the piece paper along with her ID and registration.

Michonne’s eyes widened in surprise. Sure enough, the little printout said TRAFFIC NOTICE - WARNING at the top.

Before she could say anything, he continued, “But I do need you to obey the posted limits from here on out. There’s a lot of kids live on the farms off this road.”

“I will. I swear!” Michonne said, relief falling over her like an unexpected downpour. She smiled again and this time it was genuine. “Thank you.”

For the smallest moment his serious demeanor warmed and a little smile tugged at his lips. His eyes darted to meet Michonne’s before he adjusted his hat and with a final, “Be careful now,” he turned and sauntered back to his cruiser.


“Who are you and what did you do with Rick Grimes?!”

Rick slid into the passenger side and shot his young partner a glare.

“I can’t believe you let her off with a warning!” Tara shook her head in wonder and Rick groaned internally.

“I mean, I get it. She’s gorgeous,” Tara continued, glancing between the open laptop on the center console where the woman’s profile was still open and the car pulling off the shoulder in front of them, “Like, no kidding movie star gorgeous. But it’s just not like you.”

Rick clicked back to the main database menu and the demure smile of her MVA photo disappeared. Almost nobody looked good in their MVA photo but somehow she did.

“She’s going to pick up her kid,” Rick defended his decision. Every parent deserved a little mercy sometimes.

Tara gave him the most unconvinced look he’d ever seen.

“And she’s new to the area, so she probably isn’t used to the speed limits yet,” Rick added.

“Did she tell you that?” Tara asked doubtfully. It wasn’t like Rick to accept excuses from anyone.

“No.” Rick said, then, “Her address is listed as Atlanta but if she’s going to Day Care then she must live nearby. Probably moved recently and hasn’t updated her license yet.”

“Hmm,” Tara nodded, “Alright then.”

She put the car into gear and pulled onto the road. Rick hoped that they would drive in silence until they found a new spot to stake out.

“You are hopeless, you know that?” Tara said with a playful smirk. It wasn’t often that she got to tease her boss.

Rick ignored her and set about recalibrating the radar gun. Why did he do that? It really wasn’t like him to be swayed by a beautiful face.

It must have been something else then.

(Part 2 | Part 3)


hehehe….. ‘90s Surfers….. 😎🌺🍉 feat. Naive angel Stephanie 😇

random-awkward-girl  asked:

I need a prompt for a badass girl, I am totally lost with this, the title of the book is Mildly Innocent

Hello :)

• The girl is super rebellious but also an activist. Think chaotic good on the alignment chart. She’ll do anything for her cause.

• Her parents send her to a boarding school/summer camp to control her.

• Her dad died in a gang war, so now she’s determined to bring down the gangs.

• After getting caught by a police officer doing something illegal, she is offered immunity if she becomes an informant on the other members of her law-breaking friend group.

• After taking the fall for a vandalism stunt, she is sent to “jail” (really it’s more of a scared straight program) for a month.

• She’s a thief who gets herself into trouble after she unknowingly steals from a rich and powerful albeit shady person.

• Someone attempts to mug her, but she fights back with expert skills. The mugger offers her a job.

• She gets kidnapped, but instead of falling in love with her captors (stockholme syndrome), she successfully pretends to and uses it to her advantage, so she gets the culprits arrested.

Just a Smile - A Zelink Short Fic


SUMMARY: In Hyrule palace, there was one rule left over from the time of her great-grandfather, one that most certainly could not be broken: the guards on duty were not allowed to laugh. 

But that never stopped Princess Zelda from trying.

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five 

Zelink AU where Zelda is a princess and Link is a guard who she’s trying to make laugh but can’t seem to crack. Part one of a larger fic of similar short bursts. Not attached to any particular game. Fluff af. Have fun, kids!

Writing after the cut! Enjoy!

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Caffeine Challenge Schedule!

Hello writers, readers, and innocent bystanders! I’ve finally pulled myself together to schedule the next few days of Caffeine challenges!

Friday, Feb 24 @ 6 pm CT

Saturday, Feb 25 @ 10 am CT

Saturday, Feb 25 @ 8 pm CT

Sunday, Feb 26 @ 12 pm CT

…yay! I’ll be taking prompts until Thursday night. Then I’ll be posting a schedule that includes prompts and times so y’all know which ones you’ll want to join in on!

Don’t know what a Caffeine Challenge is? Check here (X)!

Atlas - Titan God && bearer of the heavens

He was the LEADER of the Titans in the war against Zeus, but after their defeat, was condemned to carrying the heavens upon his shoulders


I have a penchant for drawing either sad!lisa or badass-fighter-pose!lisa.

here are 2 wips that i need to push myself to finish ahah…

please excuse botched anatomy i need to fix it when i get my muse back.