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Hey Ribbon! 😊 Can I get some Valohan? Maybe evolving around them spending a lazy day in Rohan's workshop together? Sorry 😅 just love ❤️ this ship!

Hello doll! I love this ship too, don’t apologize! ♥

  • The days after missions are always lazy days, but Rohan can’t seem to hold still and always needs to tinker on something. Valentine doesn’t mind watching him work. He even made a special chair for her out of hard light so she doesn’t have to get dirty. 
  • They’ll be leaning on the crafting table. Rohan’s fingers creating either a small trinket or a small model of a future turret or grenade he wishes to create. 
  • Two small noodle dragons will appear, red with energy. One curls up in Valentines lap, the other snakes around Rohan’s shoulders. Watching him work. She’ll laugh softly at how the dragon will nip at his wild mess of hair while Rohan tries to finish his project.
  • They’ll talk about the mission, about the others and the dragons. Valentine will compliment his always impressive creations, while Rohan goes on and on about her strength in battle. 
  • Before they know it, the sun is down and its way late. Valentine only laughs while Rohan is sweeping her up in his arms, and carrying her out of the workshop. Both ready to eat. 

I refuse not to be a part of Pocky day


Don’t call me Turtle Man.

One more thing I liked about Trolls, and this is kinda spoilery so if you don’t want that stop reading now.

I liked that you can OBVIOUSLY tell Branch had a thing for Poppy, but it wasn’t overbearing and it didn’t take over the movie.

They also could have done a love triangle route with Creek, since Poppy was implied to be fond of him, but they didn’t, and I’m so glad. Sure, Branch disliked him but it was probably for a lot of reasons, not just Poppy liked Creek ya know.

It makes Poppy and Branch’s relationship so much more realistic and likable honestly.

How Iwaizumi and Oikawa handle mornings

Iwa: *wondering if he has time to make onigiri* *always has green tea*
Oikawa: *jumbled nonsense til 11am* *almost walks out door in his pj pants*