hello i made an edit pls reblog it


hiiiiiii taylorswift! my name is stephanie and i’m 18 and i’m from california, and i’m seeing you TODAY, saturday at levi’s stadium!!!! I saw you last night and had so much fun and screamed so loud when Fifth Harmony came out. i’m sitting in Floor P Row 10 Seats 7 and 8!! 

above i’ve posted those cool times you’ve liked my posts (which you can see in detail heree :) ) and the time i made an edit of you and karlie as elves that i deleted because i never thought you would see it but you did!!!

i love you so much and i’ll see you today :) 

Hello guyssss! I have decided to do my very first follow forever, how exciting. I recently hit my next thousand and I honestly just can not believe how many friends I’ve made during these past months and how supportive we all are to each other and the boys. So yeah anyway, pls excuse the crap edit and read all the stuff below to participate yay.


  • you must be following calumoxide duh
  • reblog this post
  • no likes, likes are for chumps


  • you’ll gain a follow back if I’m not already following
  • a sweet message if you’re one of my absolute faves aw aw
  • a link on my blog for a week or so
  • pizza
  • lots of pizza
  • my undying affection towards you
  • a hella lame friend aka me

How to increase your chances-

  • be a 80% 5SOS blog
  • talk to me yes befriend me pls
  • make me manips, preferences or something idk 
  • be more punk rock than 5sos which should be v easy

That’s it, it’s super easy to enter and win so why not u feel? 

This ends on Friday February 28th, 2014 and should be posted on Saturday. Good luck and ily lots and lots x