hello i hope you don;t mind that i based this off your post

anonymous asked:

how did you desing fay as a character? do you have any steps kinda thingy to desing my own? i really like your art and art style btw

UHHH I started with his personality, and then I fit how I think he would look according to that! It’s hard for me to explain bc I have a very random way of designing my characters… I just kinda get an image in my head of how i think they would look like?? and I don’t really have any reasoning for most of my choices LMFAO 

If you’re not sure how to start I think it’s good that you base your character off something? Like an idea or even an object! e.g. I WAS TALKING to @cosmosmoonstars​ a whle ago about OCs and they have a rly cute OC named melba based of a teapot, and I think that’s really cool!! I’m sure your OC will grow and change as you go along, so don’t worry too much about getting everything right the first time!! Fay’s changed quite a bit since I first made him (maybe not terribly obvious bc his design is relatively simple HAHA)

I think it’s more of my art changing than anything but my art of him used to be a lot more inconsistent SO I GUES SMY POINT WAS that I took a while to develop fay into a consistent design and I think there’s still a lot more for me to expand on SO!! IT’S OK TO START SIMPLE AND LET YOUR CHARS GROW!


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