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Hi!! I love your sims and I was wondering if they're available for download and if you have a list of the mods you used (or at least that gorgeous keith hair 😍😍)

i don’t have them up for DL cos i been burned one too many times by ea and so i’m now a dirty pirate but i can list a few of the cc’s? [the ones i can remember anyway lol]

http://notegain.tumblr.com/post/101170270963/elf-ears-for-sims-4 – elf ears [this person also has 2 other elf ear styles if you look thru their DLs]
http://missparaply.tumblr.com/post/113971027451/retexture-of-romantic-hair-by-kiara24-texture-by – default hair [u need the mesh they link]
http://missparaply.tumblr.com/post/127152121451/ts4-hair-retexture-wms-vellichor-hairs-by – sleepy hair
http://blogsimplesimmer.tumblr.com/post/153238657790/hello-everyone-i-have-finally-finished-this-small – denim jacket [above outfit]
http://savage-sims.tumblr.com/post/150063710867/all-colorsstyles-not-shown-milf-shorts-new – shorts [above outfit]
http://elliesimple.tumblr.com/post/151805169199/elliesimple-crop-hoodie-by-loubelle-download – sleep hoodie
[i wish i could remember where i got her top and shoes cos i love these damn things xD]

http://kijiko-catfood.com/spiky-layered-for-male/ – for the main hair 
http://kijiko-catfood.com/the-sextuplets/ – for the cowlick [included in the top hair, listed as ’ahoge’ and it’s in the hat section]

[hair is the same as keith’s, just without the cowlick lol]
http://jennisimsunanuevaexperiencia.blogspot.com/2016/01/downloads-sims-4collection-glasses-male.html – glasses

http://hchano.tumblr.com/post/158983921766/sims-4-shiro-hair-ive-gotten-a-few-people-asking – hair
http://modthesims.info/d/542348 – scar
http://modthesims.info/d/553676 – prosthetic [base version, not the one i use…i started to recolour it (seen on my shiro) but i will prolly find a longer glove and do it from scratch…]

http://ooobsooo.tumblr.com/post/154456757639/ooobsooo-kk-clothing-set-01-younzoey-crewneck - jeans

http://waekey.tumblr.com/post/150514511138/headband-new-mesh-ea-mesh-edit-category-hat – sweatband [also used for lance’s excercise outfit]

p sure almost everything else is ea stuff [cept maybe hunk’s hair but i don’t remember where i got that]… i have a lot of custom eyes, skintones, makeup etc but i couldn’t tell you where i got any of those lol…sorryfjdghdfjk. 


stainedglasslily  asked:

Hello, I'm admittedly a novice to all this. Might I inquire what is occurring here? I have my own demons, and I see others have their own as well and are involved in this Demon Guardian business. What is it exactly?

New to the Gravity Falls ‘Demonic Guardians AU’? 

This small question requires a rather large answer. I’ll try to answer this as fluidly as possible.

1) “[W]hat is occurring here?”

On my blog here, I am Wit Send, the Trivia Demon of Gravity Falls. I belong to the Gravity Falls AU created by @starfleetrambo called “Demonic Guardians AU”. Many blogs, such as myself, will post about our activity as demons as well as guardians if we have a human in our care. @rincat21 is my human and she is a delight.

2) “[T]his Demon Guardian business. What is it exactly?”

Well, I don’t know how to start explaining it. But the best way to understand the magic that is DGAU, I suggest you start by clicking here. Read the comic parts in order, Part 1 - present. Then click on the other two links on that post. (I suggest you start with the ‘click here for oldest to newest’ link so that you can watch everything grow from the ground up and to avoid confusion.) Then click on the ‘stuff by other awesome people’ link on that same post.

3) Then I suggest you click on the creator’s DGAU-specific blog, here

  • (Rambo manages this blog herself.)

This blog is where anything DGAU-related will get posted. (Usually canon stuff? You won’t really see Demon OCs on this blog as much anymore, keep reading to find out.) It’s also a great blog to ask the creator, Rambo, any questions about the content or the AU and she will do her best to answer.

4) And finally, the Demon OCs. I suggest you go explore this blog, here.

  • (This blog is not run by Rambo. It is a fan-made/run blog by @randumbdaze)

This blog is essentially where ALL of the Demon OCs are submitted and reblogged to be put out publicly into the DGAU. 

  • Bit of History of the DGAU: When Rambo first created this AU, it was all confined to her personal Rambo blog (refer to Part 1 of this response). But the sudden influx of asks and submissions of Demon OCs was overwhelming, so she created the AU’s sister blog, @kidsanddemons (refer to Part 2 of this response). Rambo created Kidsanddemons as a way to house all of the DGAU content that she and her fans would create. Rambo intended Kidsanddemons to be her home-blog to respond to prompts about the AU as well as keep the blog focused on the story telling. But alas, the DGAU fandom grew exponentially in size, talent, and insanity. So randumbdaze created the DGAU Demon OC blog, @demonicguardianocs.

Here on this blog, you can find basically every demon oc to date that has been created within this AU. It is through here that I met some of my closest demon friends. As I know you’ll find some pretty interesting demons here and hopeful make friends with them! This blog is also a great way to get your DGAU Demon OC content gain exposure.


  • If you have DGAU related content that you’d like the Demon OC blog (refer to Part 4) to reblog or post, please submit your content to them. OR post the content yourself with the appropriate tag: “demonic guardians au”. If the DGAU content that you are posting is Demon OC specific, use these appropriate tags: “demonic guardians au” AND “demonic guardians oc”.
    • The Demon OC blog will put the Demon OC content/post into a queue and it will get reposted, so keep an eye out on that blog.
  • If you’d like to see a compiled list of Demon OCs with their own ask/RP/reblog/content blog that is DGAU/DGAU Demon OC specific, please refer to my post here. (I do my best to keep that updated upon request via Submission to my blog. It is very exhausting and extensive for me to just *add* everyone, so if someone wants their demon added to the list, they can submit it and I will update accordingly.)
  • If you’d like more info on creating a DGAU Demon OC of your own, click here.
    • Rambo has repeated multiple times that there ARE NO RULES when making a Demon OC. So literally, create to your heart’s content.  
  • AN IMPORTANT POINT OF CLARIFICATION: Early on in Rambo’s DGAU content, you’ll notice that the Blue Square Demon with the Bowler Hat is called Tad Strange. I will allow the this video to explain what Tad Strange was before the airing of the Stanchurian Candidate. (Watch from the start till about 5:35). Simply put, to avoid confusion with the actual show canon Tad Strange, Rambo changed the name of the Blue Square Demon with the Bowler Hat to the new name, Dot Matrix.
    • So if you see anything DGAU related that says “Tad Strange”, the AU Canon name for the demon is now in fact, “Dot Matrix”.

WOW! That was a MOUTHFUL! I hope I answered your questions thoroughly enough! If you have any further questions about (specific) Demon OCs, I can try my best to answer them. If you have any further questions about the DGAU, I would like to direct you to this page.

Happy drowning in this AU! Because I’m in too deep, man….WAY too deep…someone help me… O_O;;

Art drawn by the phenomenal @starfleetrambo, from her DGAU.

hello all,I know it’s a few days early to be making christmas posts,but this idea has been sitting with me for about two years now,and I was hoping maybe amidst the somber of today,I could lift spirits a bit with a new found trans head cannon.

*drum roll*

Hermey the elf.

yes I know,random right? But I have proof.

Here are the examples of the male elves and female elves:

as you can see,the male elves have no visible hair under their caps and wear a blue uniform (with a pink band on the hat and pink tights,looking like a nod to the trans flag) The female elves have a pink uniform with, blonde,flowing hair coming out under their caps.

now take a look at Hermey:

as you can see,Hermey is a male in his male uniform that resembles the trans pride flag,BUT IS THE ONLY MALE ELF WITH BLONDE FLOWING HAIR.

so now this information ties in with his plot line being a bit of an allegory. Constantly being criticized for wanting to be a dentist instead of wanting to make toys “like a normal elf” Do you see the relationship here? Does this ring a bell towards DESTRUCTING THE GENDER BINARY AND GENDER ROLES??

Now let’s take a look at some of his dialouge/song lyrics:

Hermey: Hey, what do you say we both be independent together, huh?
Rudolph: You wouldn’t mind my - red nose?
Hermey: Not if you don’t mind me being a dentist.
Rudolph: [shaking hands with Hermey] It’s a deal. 


Hermey: [musically] Why am I such a misfit? I am not just a nitwit. You can’t fire me, I quit. Seems I don’t fit in.

Head Elf: Hermey! Aren’t you finished painting that yet? There’s a pile-up a mile wide behind you! What’s eatin’ ya, boy?
Hermey: Not happy with my work, I guess.
Head Elf: What?
Hermey: [sadly] I just don’t like to make toys.
Head Elf: Oh, well, if that’s all… What? You don’t like to make toys?
Hermey: [sadly again] Nnno.
Head Elf: [to the other elves] Hermey doesn’t like to make toys!
Elves: [whispering to each other, then chorusing to Hermey] Hermey doesn’t like to make toys. Shame on him!
Head Elf: Do you mind telling me what you do want to do?
Hermey: Well, sir, someday, I’d like to be a… a dentist.
Head Elf: A - dentist?
Hermey: Well, we need one up here. I’ve been studying. It’s fascinating; you’ve no idea. Molars and bicuspids and incisors…
Head Elf: [interuppts] Now listen, you: you’re an elf, and elves make toys.
[shoving the dentistry book away and shoving the cart that Hermey was painting back to him]
Head Elf: Now, get to work!
[whistle blows]
Head Elf: Ten minute break!
[Hermey smiles, but then the head elf jumps him]
Head Elf: Not for you! Finish the job, or you’re fired! 


So seemingly before,his not fitting in was rather simple and one dimensional like every other misfit character,but with him,it’s more complex.

Hermey is a trans boy who is struggling to be accepted by his peers.


This is not a proper story, just a bit of crack. Based on this imagine from imaginexhobbit.

READER: *has been out running for ten minutes* Where is my computer? I miss it. Why are there no public computers in parks? Look at all these trees. Who needs so many trees? I hate trees. Also, all this oxygen is making me light-headed. Oooh, what is this shiny thing in front of me that looks exactly like every wormhole in movies ever? I shall investigate. *falls through wormhole into Middle Earth, lands on a certain dwarf king’s majestic lap* Ugh, my head.

THORIN: My back!

THORIN’S COMPANY: *observes with delight Reader’s fluffy mittens, scarf and hat* Oooh look, a mascot! So cute! Can we keep it?

BILBO: *betrayed look* I thought I was your mascot!

COMPANY: That was two minutes ago. Now we have a new mascot. She’s fluffier and therefore superior. Just look at those widdle fuzzy mittens!

READER: *looks blearily around, spots Gandalf* Ugh, a giant hippie!

GANDALF: I beg your pardon, young lady?

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1779, New York City (Hamilsquad x Reader)

Hello! New series. Not sure if you like if or not. Comment/give your insight! It’s kind of confusing right now, and it’s like, if Reader was teleporting back to 1779, shouldn’t she be freaking out? Kind of. It’s part of the plot, but more answers to it soon hehe.


4:00 PM.

Today was one of the most sweltering days in New York City. The ones where wearing more then a t-shirt would make you melt.
I tried to make school go by fast, I couldn’t. Not to mention our school didn’t have air conditioning.

“Miss, can we go outside?”

“I’m thirsty.”

“Are we allowed to get ice, miss?”

“I’m going to pass out.”

Not to mention half the comments made by me. Jumping into my car, I rode my car to my house, careful, because I’d only gotten the automobile this summer.

That’s when Fred came back for more. He’s about 3 years younger then me, and at that age…it’s all about sex. He’d tried to get you out on a date about, 14 times already?

“No. I’ve got to study for a test. History.” I said, chuckling, praying that the elevator in my building would move at light speed to the sixth floor. My floor.

“Another time?” He asked hopefully. You grinned. Never in a million years, but I’d humour him.


Alexander Hamilton. Who the fuck was he? Some guy that cheated on his wife, wrote a thousand essays. You’d got the facts. George Washington? Army General. Wife, Martha. She was quite fond of children.

Silently repeating the facts over and over I stared at the cover of your biography of the famous writer, A.Ham.

Why was studying so damn hard? Is it just me, or did they also have some big daddy issues and lady drama. Eh, it’s just a test.

But once again, the voice saying “(Y/N), you gotta study for yourself.” Went on overdrive.


Literally I couldn’t see anything. Knowing I shouldn’t overwork myself, I changed into some fancy-ass sleepwear my extra girly friend got me from Victoria Secret.

It was a lilac silk romper. Slight V neckline, string straps, kinda like a shirt and shorts elegantly laced into one. That’s when I’d drifted off into what I wanted, peaceful sleep to be.


Dappled sunlight was filtered through thick branches above me. The soil covered ground was soft with wildflowers and moss.

Wait. I was lying in a forest. In my pajamas. What the fuck.

I stirred a bit, assuming in was a very…very…vivid dream.

That was until I was prodded with something hard.

“Ow!” I shouted, sitting up, pressing my palms against the ground.

“She’s alive…and really pretty.”

“Shut up, Laurens.”

“She’s probably confused!”

“I wonder how drunk someone had to get to wake up in a forest.”

“She’d probably, if she was drunk, wake up in a different bed, not a forest.”

Laurens? I looked up at them. There were four in total, John Laurens, Hercules Mulligan, Lafayette, and Alexander Hamilton.

Wait what.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Well, darling, I’m Alexander Hamilton.” He said helping me up, taking my hand, and instead of shaking it…he kissed it! It made me feel kinda tingly.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)” you replied, giggling.

“Your immense beauty is equivalent to your smile, darling.”


“Come on! Give someone else a try, Alex!!!”


“Hey baby girl.” John Laurens whispered, wrapping an arm around your waist and resting his head on your shoulder, kissing your neck briefly.

“Come on, I thought being INCREDIBLY suggestive wasn’t allowed.”

“Okay, okay.”

You looked over at the one with a thick French accent.

“Hello, mon amour. My name is Lafayette.” He stated, pressing a kiss to your hand.

“Can we get her into some normal clothing?!I’m sorry there acting like this, it’s because your in….short…..nightwear.” The last one said, wearing a grey beanie hat thing.

“Sorry to…interrupt…but, where am I? And when?” I asked.

“Why, New York City! 1779.” One of them said.

sHiT. Now I’m confused. New York looked more like a clutter of buildings and houses. I have to figure this out.

“Yeah. Thought so. So, where’s the dress?” I asked, stepping into a dark tailor shop.

“Here. Purple or orange?”

“Purple, please.”

“You got it.”

Handing me the dress, it looked casual for this time. Simple neckline, purple trimmed in frosty lace.

“I call getting to undress her!!” I heard Alexander shout before you shut the changing door and began. Today was going to be relatively hard.

I felt like screaming, running, kicking, trying to get back home. But the other part of me was, fit in, look calm, and explore.

So explore you shall.

Super Fancy Small Cosplay Props

Hello! Do you have trouble working with Worbla? Not sure how to make fancy armor decorations, or can’t find the perfect small pendant online to match what your costume calls for? 

I haven’t seen too many tutorials floating around about working with plasticine and Worbla, but it’s something new I started trying out recently and I’ve been getting very good results with it! So I’m making a tutorial, to share my progress with people! Featuring Jesse McCree’s hat from Overwatch. 

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Hello, Jacob Frye, my new crush. That man is perfect, he’s gonna be the death of me, he’s gonna take over my world slowly but surely and oh god how excited I am to play Syndicate. I can’t even express how in love I am with that man.

I think I have a thing for guys wearing hats.

(I am also very excited to draw weird bird smileys)

Chanyeol; Weakened Heart

✉May I request angst but fluff in the end teacher au chanyeol and student reader? thank you /// *hugs you and run away*

✉May I request a teacher au chanyeol scenario and student reader ?angst and fluff in the end thank you //// *hugs you and run away*

❝Ahh *hugs you* thank you for requesting anon!! I hope this is to your liking~

Ah I’m sorry the scenario kinda doesn’t focus on what you wanted but I tried haha! But it is very long ah and I didn’t have time to proof read so I am very sorry!

▷ WARNING: bullying, swearing ◁

4085 words // scenario; angst; fluff; school au!

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I was gonna make a thing for today, i had a plan and everything, it was going to be awesome. but then stuff happened and my energy and inspiration vanished.. sorry… so you will have to make do with old art work and some selfies! 

Hello everybody, my name is Therese and I love Jackaboy ^^ I found out about him through my boyfriend who showed me his intro and i laughed for a very long time, while he replayed the intro over and over. I have been watching him for about 10 months, but regularly maybe for 7-8 months. My favorite play through of his is Valiant Hearts probably.

That’s me during “pants hat party” for those who remember that ^^ and then its me just now with my new blue/turquoise/green hair


So I saw I was tagged by @hakadoll & @curlybobhair (sorry if you tagged me and I didn’t see it!) to do the six selfies of 2015 tag and here I am… finally doing it. i hardly took any selfies this year… which is why three of these photos are from the same day *laughs* 

I would tag people to do this but I’m afraid I’m really late with this and a lot of my mutuals have already done it ㅠㅠ but if you haven’t done it then i tag YOU to do it! I have truly enjoyed seeing this tag go around because everyone is so pretty and beautiful :’-)

here’s to another year that is coming to an end and also to a 2016 that will be filled with many new growing experiences and adventures. I wish everyone the best for the new year and I hope that you will be able to overcome and grow from whatever troubles you may have experienced in 2015 and or will be entering 2016 with. 

goodbye 2015 and hello to 2016! 🎉

2015 Personal Intentions I Am Making Public Because...I Dunno, I'm A Millennial?

Dear 2015 Heather,

  • Girl, get more sleep. Stop working on the couch until 10pm, falling asleep for 20 minutes, and then waking up recharged to work for another couple hours. JUST GO TO BED.
  • Invest in more condiments and spices like aioli, cardamon, cumin, and zesty blends.
  • Rid fridge and pantry of old condiments and spices like sugar that has turned into geological rock, old mayo, and marinara.
  • Get into more TV shows.
  • Watch said shows without doing other work on the computer. Yes, really.
  • Wear real pants.
  • If you can’t commit to wearing real pants, at least buy more/better leggings.
  • Maybe get off Coffeemate Hazelnut creamer….maybe.
  • Cancel gym membership that’s been inactive for a year.
  • Find alternative ways to exercise.
  • Actually commit to exercising through those alternative means.
  • Seriously. Stop atrophying, no matter how closely it brings you to Rachel Bilson’s body type.
  • Try not to bother the cat as much.
  • Don’t use love as an excuse to bother the cat.
  • Quit being so anal retentive when it comes to keeping the apartment clean. LIVE A LITTLE (but then clean it up in a timely manner).
  • Limit yourself to 1 (2 SOMETIMES) La Croix can per day. Use the Soda Stream you were given, even though canned sparkling water is so gooooood.
  • WRITE. But like, actually start putting together the book proposal you’ve been mouthing off about for over a year. No one wants to hear it. BUT, they do want to SEE it! Make it happen sweet cheeks!
  • Stop freaking out about turning 30.
  • But also, change your damn blog name after your birthday.
  • Please, please remove all makeup before bed. Yes, even the eye makeup. 
  • Wear eye cream. Bath your eye skin in cream.
  • Maybe get a profession facial? FROM THE SPA SICKOS.
  • Get more of these bralettes you’ve been wearing. They’re great!
  • Frame new art that you like for your office.
  • Don’t be afraid to #selfie. Everything in moderation.
  • Learn to cook three new recipes very well.
  • Wash the mattress pad consistently, even if it’s totally annoying.
  • Buy new pillows for god’s sake.
  • Keep up the good work on doing your own nails!
  • Wear your cool rainbow, glow-in-the-dark retainers most nights.
  • Travel. Go somewhere. Be outside your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to spend the money on experiences.
  • Buy less clothes. TRY.
  • Don’t just wear red lipstick at night.
  • Wear POWER outfits.
  • Continue to find inspiration in everything you do.
  • Never devalue anything you do.
  • Remember that in a city where creativity is king, making a living is no small feat, and you should be proud of yourself.
  • Admit your body is older and changing and you can’t eat the same things you used to be able to.
  • Be more considerate to your roommate/boyfriend. I know you’ve lived together a year and it’s hard to admit…but he lives there too.
  • I know, how did you get so adult? Deal with it.
  • Drink more water. I won’t tell you how much because any more than you have been drinking is better.
  • Keep that hustle, girl. Save that dough.
  • Make more time for your parents. 
  • Practice patience wherever possible.
  • Put your name in the hat for at least one Moth Story Slam per month.
  • Keep taking classes and workshops. 
  • Don’t feel bad about buying the Hello Kitty air freshener at the car wash.
  • Get your car washed on a regular basis. You own the damn thing now.
  • When you can, keep giving people opportunities.
  • Keep your eye out for new opportunities people are giving.
  • Stop losing swimsuits.
  • And yes, it’s SO 90’s, but wear some fucking sunscreen.

Adventures with gckaf!

Friend gckaf was full of yarn-y surprises on our last visit! After giving me my fabulous new turtle blanket and letting me try on perfectly sized Mario and Luigi hats, gckaf brought out new friends for me to meet: A rainbow shark and a dainty koi made by himagurumi*!

I was very curious about my new friends and bopped both with my nose. They are the cutest shark and koi ever!! The rainbow shark even gave me cuddles!

* “Himagurumi” is a portmanteau of the Japanese words “hima” (spare/free time) and “amigurumi” (crocheted toys) (or “nuigurumi” (stuffed toys in general)). You can follow the talented himagurumi on Tumblr and Twitter to see her adorable creations, and you can get your own cute shark or koi at her Etsy shop!


Whoa, we are Trending on Tumblr again!! At the same time as Waffles and Mango, too! We are so very flattered. Thank you, thank you to all of our fabulous fans who have shown us so much love! To all our new followers: Hello and welcome!

In keeping with tradition, here is a special top hat photoshoot for all our followers. Here’s to tortle world domination!

typothalamus  asked:

Hello! I'm trying to find more gothy people that do diy and arts. Not just clothing stuff, but personal pieces. I'm currently repainting a chair and it's so hard to find other inspiration from the goth community on the matter. Do you have any arts blogs, forums, or how-to's that you think can help me? What are your favourite arts and craft pages?

Top hats off for DIY decorating, Fab Bat! That is my favorite thing to do besides popping bubble wrap. You’re also in luck, as I am in the process of continuing the DIY series with a new non-clothing masterpost.

Here is long list of Mid-Summer Mori DIY Decor with many clever crafting ideas by clever people. Change the color palette and materials up a bit to suit a darker taste. Keep an eye out on the DIY page for video tutorials too!

I have an affinity for Instructables when it comes to hands on. The instructions are usually easy and you can get feedback directly from the authors of the tutorials.

Pinterest, however, really has my heart. If you want to kill two bats with one stone (why would you do that though?) it’s great for both inspiration and finding tutorials.

I also like getting ideas through Etsy with listings such as this coffin display case. Here’s a list of neat items to get started. Zellain of Morbid Fashion runs a blog called Spooky Home with an industrial Addams Family vibe that is good to browse as well.

For more and quick little crafts you can also check out the DIY archive here.

[Velcome Pillow - Bat Decals]

A new nerd has entered the playing field: Debuting Wirt

Hello, everyone! As you may have hear, my name is Wirt. My good friend Dipper asked if I would like to be a part of this ask blog, and I don’t see why not. After all, I’m staying home today for Halloween after what happened last year…. So, feel free to talk to me! And Dipper too. Well, thank you, and I hope to hear from you lovely people soon!

//OOC: Yeah, his cloak is almost done, and the hat hasn’t been started yet ;n; But anyway, hi! This is my casual Wirt (temporary, might alternate), so he is open to ask! I know we already have one in the box, so I hope to see more later today! :D Thanks to all of you for your support!

Episode 1: Stormy weather

Here is an english fan translation of Miraculous episode 1 : “STORMY WEATHER”

In collaboration with onyany-stuffz

Refer to the full version video : https://youtu.be/qC4HZGn0x4o 

Show host : The finalists of KIDZ+! Who will be the lucky girl to be our new weather caster?      

Aurore : Hello everyone!

Host : From the 5000 candidates, only one will be chosen. Now left with these two amazingly talented girls, whom our viewers have voted via text messages, have made it to the finals. To your right, Aurore Borell, and to your left, Mireille Jattee?  Vote one of them on your own. 

Aurore for number 1, Mireille for number 2. Sending messages may cost fees.


Marinette : Stop, Manon! Give me my hat back!

Manon : I won’t! I wanna be a fashion designer, too!

Marinette : I haven’t even finished it! What if you ruin it?

Manon : I’ll vote Mireille.

Marinette : Give me my phone back! 

Geez, I really didn’t want to babysit that troublemaker again. 

Hide Tikky!

Tikky : Don’t worry, if you can handle that naughty kid one more day, then you’ll be able to handle any villian !      

Marinette : Alya?      

Alya : Guess what? I’ve got big news for you!       

Who do you think is getting they’re photos taken at the park?      

Marinette : They’re taking photos of Adrien at the park right now? Oh, I’m nervous. What should I say to him if he sees me?      

Alya : Why don’t you just act as usual? I– uhhhh– ummm,      

Marinette : Alright.      

Manon : Who is she?      

Marinette : Oh, I’ve forgotten this pesky kid.      

Alya : Well, who are you then?      

Marinette : She’s Manon, the daughter of my mother’s friend, and I’m supposed to take care of her.       

Oh what should I do, I might be late!      

Alya : I can tell you couldn’t refuse to babysit her.      

Marinette : I just didn’t want to refuse….you’re right.      

Alya : What’s your problem? You’ve got a nice friend right here.      

Marinette : Thanks, but I’ll just look after her. I’ll feel guilty to leave it all to you. Afterall she’s an angel!      

Hey, Manon! Give it back! Stay where you are!      

Alya : Lighten up! Let me help you. I know how to handle them well since I have alot of younger sibilings.      

Manon : I’m asking you, who is SHE?      

Alya : I’m a magical unicorn from the Nespar Kingdom. Now I am disguised as a normal pretty girl, though. I can grant you any wish you want. Only if you be a good monkey..      

Manon : That’s a lie…Really?      

Alya: Hold on tight and let’s go to the park!

Marinette : Well, looks like we‘re going out.      


Host : I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long!       

Finally the voting results of viewers have just came in. Who will be the new weather forecaster for KIDZ+?      

It’s Mireille!      

Well, I’m sorry you weren’t chosen, but there’ll be another chance someday. Hey, don’t be so upset. You’ve gotten only half a million votes.      

Hawkmoth : I can sense some very strong forces(negative feeling? it’s ambiguous in Korean). I can feel your rage. I want you to take the Miracle Stones for me. You won’t resist my temptation.      

Aurore : It makes no sense! It should be me to be the weather caster. There’s no one as smart and beautiful as me elsewhere! She took my only chance! They couldn’t have possibly mean it, could they?      

Hawkmoth : They meant it, of course. The winner should be you.      

Aurore : Right. It should be me.      

Hawkmoth : Stormy Weather, I’m Hawkmoth. As my weather forecaster, I’ll give you a chance to take revenge on those people.  In return, I want you to take the Miracle Stones for me. Got it?      

Stormy Weather : Of course, sir.

Hawkmoth : Good. Now show them who’s the rightful weather caster!


(Cameraman is taking photos of Adrien)

Cameraman: Good! Nice Awesome! Hmm~

(Marinette, Alya, and Manon are hiding right behind a tree, watching them secretly)

Marinette: Okay. Let’s just pretend to be passing by. Casually.

Alya: And then..?

Marinette: then… I’ll ask him to have some fruit smoothies together after his work is done! And for our marriage, I’ll buy a beautiful dress. Have a dog and a cat? No, I won’t. Oh, a hamster! I love hamsters.

Alya : Um.. That’s a bit too much. Let’s just start with casually passing by and having smoothies first

Cameraman: (pressing shutter; taking pictures of Adrien)Mmm, good. That’s cool! Now look at the camera with starving eyes.

Marinette: (speaking to herself) Get it together …Urrr..Just calmly walk by ..Casually.

Alya : Well, he can’t even see you.

Marinette : Oh, okay. Then let’s try it again. (she tries to walk passing by again in order to get Adrien’s attention)

(Adrien notices her and waves to her)

Marinette : Oh! Did you see that? He waved to me!

Alya : Well yeah, but what’s the big deal? He’s your classmate. At least you’d have to say hello to him.


(When the doors of elevator opens, Mireille faces Stormy Weather)

Stormy weather : I am Stormy Weather. I’m the only one who can forecast the weather perfectly! Oh and there’s nothing you can do about it. Looks like a strange cold front is about to come your way! RIGHT NoW!

(Stormy weather shoots a cold front towards Mireille. It freezes the doors. Mireille gets stuck in the elevator. Stromy then disappears)

Mireille : (frightened) What is this? Help! Anybody! please help me! Please!


Cameraman : Bravo that’s it! Imagine your mother bringing spaghetti for you. Smile. Nice! Nice!

Manon : (begging Marinette)Marinette, I want that Mireille balloon. Huh? Marinette!

Cameraman : Who’s that? Can’t you stay quiet?

Manon : Huh? I want that. Please~

Alya : Okay, let’s go sweetie. I’ll buy it for you.

Manon : No! I want to go with Marinette!

Marinette : Umm… I’ll go. I ’m the one who’s taking care of her afterall. (She and Manon head to the balloon salesman)

Alya : But what about Adrien?


(People cheer loudly when Stormy weather comes out of the TV station)

One of the crowd : Where’s Mireille?

Stormy Weather : Urgh! you guys are the ones who voted for Mireille? Then it’d be better to run and hide because the biggest storm is about to break within a few minutes. Oh, no. looks like it’s too late!

(Stormy Weather makes a big storm. People are screaming and being blown away in the wind)


Marinette : Are you happy now? Let’s go back then.

Manon : Marinette! Look a merry-go-round!

Marinette : Oh, No no, next time! I have to get back to Adrien.

Manon : But you promised me. Don’t you keep your promises?

Marinette : Oh, please don’t look at me like that. You know that’s my weakness…

Manon : Let’s go!

(Cameraman is still taking photos of Adrien. In the photos he looks bored)

Cameraman : NO, no, no. It looks like you’ve eaten too much spaghetti. Be expressive! A little romantic! Well, I need something better.. Oh those girls!

(Cameraman comes to Alya. Alya is eating an apple, sitting under a tree)      

Cameraman : Hey miss! Wanna be an extra model for a moment?       

Alya : Uhhh…Who? Me?

Cameraman : Yes, YOU. As Adrien’s partner.

Alya : what? hahaha… I can’t. Umm…because I think a rash just broke outon my tongue after eating this apple! Oh, I know the perfect girl that’ll be his partner. I’ll go get her right now!

(Alya runs to Marinette. Marinette and Manon who are about to ride a merry-go-round)

Alya : They need a girl to be Adrien’s partner!

Marinette : Really?!

Manon : Is he your boyfriend or something?

Marinette : Oh, no, he isn’t. I really wish he was though….But, no.

Alya : What are you waiting for? Go to him!

Marinette : But what about Manon?

Alya : No worries, Just go. Now! Shoo, shoo!! Go to your Prince. I’ll take care of her. I’ll babysit her better than you.

Manon : No! Marinette told me we’ll play together.

Alya : Trust me… Unicorns Unite! Let us find the poor children of the Nespar Kingdom. Let us go and grant their wishes!

(Stormy weather appears to the park, freezes merry-go-round. People are running away)

Marinette : I gotta transform. Transform! Ladybug! Yay!


One of the crowd : Run for your lives!

(Adrien recognizes people are in danger. He tries to find Plagg in order to transform

Adrien : Plagg? Plagg?

Plagg : (smug)Plagg is not here. Plagg’s asleep.

(Adrien takes a piece of cheese out of his pocket to make Plagg come out)

Plagg : Have I told you that I can smell Camembert in my sleep? It’s in my nature

Adrien : Enough, We’ll talk about cheese stuff later. Transform! Black Cat!


(Ladybug is running)

Ladybug : How could I leave Manon with Alya! Well, they’ll be fine. Alya can take care of her better than me. I trust Alya.

Ladybug : Hold on guys! 

(She tried to cut ice which Manon and Alya stuck in it, but she fails)

Ladybug : It’s not working. Then, I’ll go with plan B! Don’t worry. You’ll be okay. I’ll save you, Manon.

Manon : How do you know my name?

Ladybug : Oh..! I met Marinette, and she said she’ll be back soon.


(Black cat sitting on a fence provokes smugly to Stormy Weather)

Black cat(chat noir) : Hey, Ice queen! What the heck are you doing here? Lost for a party or something?

Stormy : Hey! I’m Stormy weather not “Ice Queen”!

Black cat : Tell you what. Since I’m in a really good mood today, I’ll forgive you if you stop terrorizing the town.

(Stormy ignores what he says, and Black cat blows away in the wind that Stormy makes)

(Ladybug finds Black cat laying on the road. She raises him up)

Ladybug : I heard that cats have the ability to land on their feet.

Black cat : I could do it on my own, well, thanks. (he kisses back of her hand)

Ladybug : You know, we don’t have time for this. Looks like you’re not hurt at all.

Stormy weather : All right, people, it seems we’ll be experiencing some thunder and lightning!

Black cat : I’ll show you how scary a cat becomes when it gets mad!

Ladybug : Hey wait!

Stormy : Fearful icy road! (literal translation)

Black cat : Just watch me defeat Ice queen!

Ladybug : What a hot tempered one. Think before you leap.

Black cat : You have a plan?

Ladybug : Just follow my lead.

Stormy : You’re so persistent!


(Alya and Manon are playing some clapping game but I think it’s supposed to be one of those American clapping games, the korean’s just gave alya and manon a different native game instead.)

Alya : (literal translation) Barley, Rice, Barley, Rice, Catch it when it’s Rice. Barley, Barley clang!

Manon : No way you unicorn! You win all the time!

(Suddenly, some icicles started to grow. They both heard the sound)

Manon : Huh? What was that?

Alya : Ugh, probably it’s the boss goblin! I ate too much that my clothes are tearing off! Haha. (to relieve Manon)Well, how’s about I tell you some fun stories instead


Hawkmoth : Now that everyone knows who’s the best weather forecaster, don’t forget your promise, Stormy Weather…

(Ladybug and Black cat escapes from an overturned bus)

Ladybug : I guess something is upsetting her.

Black cat : Maybe she messed up her math exam.

(An electronic display board turns itself on and Stormy weather appears on TV)

Stormy : Hello, everyone. In celebration of the hot summer season, I’ll forecast what the weather will be. Oops, did the sky decided to change the weather? Well summer vacation is OVER! Forever!

(It’s starting to snow)

Black cat : Well, that’s too bad. We would’ve looked good in swimsuits together.

Ladybug : You already look great with the black suit you’re wearing. Anyway, I think I know where she is.

Stormy : An intense frost will be  sweeping all over the city . A blizzard will be blowing and snow fall will be 118 inches deep…

Black cat : She looks familiar…

Ladybug : I knew it! the akuma must be in her umbrella!

Stormy : From ‘Kidz+’, this is Stormy weather.  As long as I exist, the winter is forever.

(Ladybug and Blackcat runs into a studio where Stormy Weather might be. But they find out she isn’t there.)

Ladybug : Was it recorded?

Hawkmoth : Good job. Soon, the miracle stones will be mine. Bring them to me, now!

Blackcat : The Ice Queen’s running away! Huh? (Ladybug trips over a fallen equipment because it’s too dark) what’s the matter?

Ladybug : Sorry but I don’t have good night vision like you…whaa!

Blackcat : (grabs her hand) then just follow me!


Alya : ..so, the Cyclops lifted a princess and said, ‘Look me right in the eye!’’

Alya : after the poor princess ate the cursed potato and fell into a deep, deep slumber. (she stares icicles poking out of the pavilion) Please hurry, Ladybug.


Ladybug : Let me go. I can follow her on my own.

(Stormy throws an extinguisher toward her)

Blackcat : Watch out!

Ladybug : Aargh- well, you can keep holding my hand.

Hawkmoth :It’s time! Take the miracle stones now!

Stormy :You look like rats in a trap! I guess the party’s over.

Ladybug : We’re gonna..! ( recognizes Black cat is still holding her hand. Black cat finally lets her hand free) No, the party’s just begun!

(Ladybug throws her yo-yo)

Ladybug : Lucky charm!

(a towel appears and Ladybug gets it

Ladybug : Huh? A towel? What are we gonna do with this?

Black cat : I was wondering the same thing. Do we dry ourselves with it and die or something?

Ladybug : Are you serious right now?

(Stormy raise her umbrella, and hail is starting to fall)

Stormy : Pour out!

(Black cat defends hail falling onto them)

Black cat : Now how are you gonna get rid of the akuma? Do something! My arms are getting numb.

Ladybug : See that billboard? Destroy it.

Black cat : Okay.

Black cat : Meow! Shabby lady with the chilly attitude!!

Ladybug : Come out akuma! What a nasty bug. Your reign ends here black butterfly.

(She whirls her magic yo-yo. She catches akuma with her yo-yo. The black butterfly turns into white.)

Ladybug : Time to cure the evil! Got it! Good bye little butterfly.

(She then throws the towel in the sky)

Ladybug : Miraculous Powers of Cure!


Alya : ..and then he became the first one to slay the three headed dragon.. Huh?

Manon : What about the princess?

Alya : She kissed the handsome prince..

Manon : And they lived happily ever after?

Alya : Well, yeah. They got a little tired because of you little monkey, though.


Aurore : Huh? What am I doing here?

Ladybug&Black cat : Mission accomplished!

Hawkmoth : Someday I’ll get the miracle stones. Even if I have to send a thousand  akumas, I’ll never give up.


Tikky : Hey It’s Adrien! I think he’s waiting for you.

Marinette : Well, I guess it’s too late.

Tikky : You are so shy. You deserve it because you saved the world. Come on.

Manon : Marinette!

(Marinette lifts her up into her arms)

Manon : Hey, I know your secret.

Marinette : Wha? a s-secret?

Manon : You’re friends with Ladybug, right? That’s why she knows where and what you’re doing.

(Three of them heading to Adrien)

Manon : Marinette, I want a lolipop. Please, please?

Marinette : No, I have something important to do first. Alya will buy it for you.

Marinette : Hello, it’s me!

Cameraman : Wait, (looks at Manon) Who is she? Who is that little angel?

(Cameraman decides to take Manon as Adrien’s partner)

Cameraman : Yes, that’s good. Perfect! Awesome

i changed some of the dialogue to make it better tho.. i hope you don’t mind.