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high key can u give me a rundown of ur fav wacky wwii shenanigans

Okay friends today we are gonna learn about the GHOST ARMY, which, disappointingly, was not actually an army made of ghosts

pictured: the unit patch for the Ghost Army, which is DOPE AS FUCK

see one of the things that made WWII so fucking nuts was the totally bizarre level of technology. Like wow we invented the first real computer and radar but also if you wanted to see how many troops were hanging out somewhere you had to send a dude to fly over and take pictures manually??? this left A LOT of room for shenanigans

so the normal method of dealing with aerial surveillance was to cover shit with camouflage netting. Say you’ve got an nice air base that you really don’t want any bombs dropped on- you literally just cover that with a ludicrous amount of netting and some fake trees and BAM now it looks like just an empty field from the air

there’s a building under that weird lump

that’s cool! That’s really cool! But not cool enough

At some point somebody sat down and went “hey wait. What if…what if instead of disguising buildings and units as fields, we disguise fields as units”

holy fucking shit!!!

the British had used a bunch of fake tanks and like, boxes of provisions stacked up in tank shape and then covered with a tarp in 1942 during Operation Bertram and it worked really well, but they didn’t have a special unit devoted to just clowning on the Germans like that.

so the US military decides they do want a designated clowning unit and goes out and recruits a bunch of fucking nerds from all the art schools and makes them into the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops aka THE GHOST ARMY, WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU USE ANY OTHER NAME LIKE SERIOUSLY

the ghost army’s job was basically to go in, sidle up to a real unit, and then basically set up a fake version of that unit while the actual unit sneaked away to go dunk on Nazis where the Nazis weren’t expecting them

okay time to get into the really cool part of this story, which is HOW the ghost army faked being a real unit:


that’s a big ol balloon!!!

the ghost army had a stockpile of inflatable tanks, aircraft, artillery, cars, whatever, that they would set up and then poorly cover with camouflage netting so from the air it looked like someone had just done a real shit job of hiding actual materiel. They even had dummy soldiers that they would set up to make the scene look populated, since the ghost army itself was about 1,000 dudes regularly imitating units of 30,000 men

what’s really cool is that visual deception was more than just the inflatable stuff itself. If the ghost army plopped down a balloon tank, they then also had to go out with shovels and rakes and shit to make a fake track that a real tank would have left, because it turns out tanks are really hard on your landscaping

step 2: “spoof radio”

the last couple of days before the real unit moved out, the radio operators of the ghost army would move in. see, radio transmissions were done in Morse code, and it turns out every radio operator has a slightly different “fist” when typing Morse. A “fist” is basically typing style- some people would take longer to type out certain letters or would have pauses between groups or anything like. Anybody listening to the radio transmissions who was skilled enough could tell different radio operators apart from just their fist

anyway the ghost army operators would move in and basically listen to all the real unit’s radio transmissions until they had learned the real operators’ fists. Then they would take over radio traffic, imitating that fist so it seemed like the real operator had never left. I forgot to make this section funny because I was too caught up in how rad it is SORRY

step 3: making a lot of noise

the ghost army had special trucks fitted with huge fuck off speakers and a whole library of stock sound effects. Once the real unit left and the fake unit inflated, the sound trucks would come in, select a combination of sound effects that matched the unit they were impersonating, and then played everyone in the 15 mile radius of the speakers their fire mix tape

step 4: fuckin partying!!!

see the thing about impersonating your own units is that other allied units would know about it and might talk about it where enemy collaborators could hear. So the ghost army had to fool the Germans but they also had to fool their own army. Every time they impersonated a new unit, the ghost soldiers would paint that unit’s insignia on all the fake materiel, make fake signs with the unit’s name and colors, and sew the unit’s patches on their own uniforms

once they were dressed up as soldiers from the impersonated unit, the ghost army dudes would go into town and mingle with other soldiers from actual fighting units nearby and hang out in bars while loudly saying things like “YES HELLO I AM DEFINITELY A REAL SOLDIER FROM THE WHATEVER DIVISION, ABSOLUTELY FOR REAL STATIONED ON THAT HILL OVER THERE”

so anyway this bunch of weedy American art nerds staged 20+ battlefield deceptions between 1944 and the end of the war, sometimes fooling that Germans so successfully that they actually got shelled

I'mma leave you with this quote from the book “The Ghost Army of World War II” by Rick Beyer and Elizabeth Sayles, because it’s a quote from an actual member of the Ghost Army and that alone makes it funnier than anything I could ever write:

On another occasion, two Frenchmen on bicycles somehow got through the security perimeter. Shilstone managed to halt them, but not before they had seen more than they should. “What they thought they saw was four GIs picking up a forty-ton Sherman tank and turning it around. They looked at me, and they were looking for answers, and I finally said ‘The Americans are very strong.‘”


Sick Boy & Renton ; through the years

We’ll get through this thegither, and he walks into the stair, compelling Renton to follow.
Ah know that, mate, Renton says, almost distracted under the luminosity of the stars, till the heavy door, closing behind them on the spring, extinguishes their light.

Reiner's true aim and real family

Hello! Here I am talking about chapter 94 and what concerns me the most about the whole manga: my favourite characters and their relationship. When the images first came out, seeing little Bertl was nice, but also sad since we don’t have him in the present time. In the past, I spoke about how I would like this character to have a proper closure, and about how much I would like to see some reaction from the people that were close to him: Annie, but mosty Reiner (since she minds her own business al the time xD). By only seeing the images, I wasn’t able to realize how much important the dialogue between little Reiner and Bertolt was, so as the official translation was out, my feelings changed a lot.

Reiner’s main reason behind him becoming a warrior was to join his family back together, so he could live with both his parents. This is no more than a childish dream, something that every children would do anything to obtain if they could. He has no idea of what awaits for him on the other side of the Ocean, no idea of what he and Bertolt will be going though. Together.

Dreams like this can’t last long, especially when you share the hardest but ironically best times of your life with someone who has always been there for you.

“We’ll come back alive to our Hometown”

So, yea: I think Reiner’s real family became Bertolt in the end. Being him the only one to completely understand him and being him the only one who was always by his side, he was the one Reiner promised to come back with, the same person he is thinking about all the time as he steps off the train, reaching his long sought-after Hometown:

Gavi is using the same words Reiner used with Bertolt, and look at his dark face: he keeps that expression as Gavi hugs her proud parents, that call her “the best soldier in the army” (aka “best doughter”?), something he thought he wished to be long time ago, and that has no more value now.

Even if you just look at the images you can clearly note how Reiner acts cold towards everything around him, both people and the place. He could miss from 4 to 9 years, and he doesn’t even show enthusiasm in seeing his own mother, the very first reason why he has chosen the warrior path.

His real family is not there for him, this is why he acts like this. I’m pretty sure we are going to see some closure for Bertl very soon: it already started with this chapter.

P.S: Also, it seems he just remembered about his original aim here, like he completely forgot about it in the past years:

Side notes

I also want to point out two things:


“You may not have to wait 13 years”

Of course Bertolt is talking about Reiner’s chance to become a warrior, but I find pretty ironic that he actually didn’t have to wait even a year, since his family was always beside him.


Look at how Bertolt looks careless about the 13 years thing. His personal reason to become a warrior must not be connected to his family. He wouldn’t think like this if it was. So, I wonder if he had a family in the first place.

Well, Annie and Reiner became his own one in the end, that’s for sure!


This post was mainly written for Bertolt fans, which doesn’t mean the others are not welcome: anyone can read and appreciate, but if you are particularly attached to Bertolt and wish for some closure I hope this can help you being positive :)

dating connor murphy

requested// ‘dating connor headcanons?’

author’s note// OMG heY guys this blog doesn’t suck one hundred percent ass anymore but my life is falling apart!!! here’s some headcanons!


tw;; depression/suicidal tendencies mentions, some drugzzz, yanno some sexual stuff

  • okay kids let’s get this show on da road!!!
  • okay, so connor and you are the cutEst couple on planet earth like
  • everyone was like super duper lowkey shocked about the fact that connor murphy got a girlfriend
  • and super cute one at that
  • and he was too, tbh like he was so shocked that when he asked you were so adamant on yes
  • he expected you to laugh in his face because he thought you were so fucking perfect
  • he thought he was unworthy of you, someone that wasn’t a complete mess
  • but as you two continued to date, he started realizing you were human too
  • and you were both so supportive one one another like whenever connor got depressed or whatever and started feeling suicidal 
  • you liked taking baths together as a like destresser??
  • like when you knew connor had a rough week or he knew you had too much on your plate you would just be like
  • ok cute bath night you get the bathbombs ill get the salts
  • connor watched so much fucking netflix, and before he dated you he just watched a shitton of shows by himself
  • but you guys started dating and it became like a together activity
  • you had shows you watched together, like the flash and gilmore girls because connor actually loves gilmore girls lol gn
  • connor likes to sing to you
  • he can’t really sing, he isn’t good, but he will sing cute lil melodies to you
  • he would often use the tune of popular love songs, and change the words or whatever
  • this is a “if ur into that kinda thing”
  • getTiN high okay so like after a couple months of dating he’s like “listen it’s been a wEEk and i need to get high. wanna join?” 
  • if you do, you’re like yuh sure and like it’s fun you make out and shit and end up making brownies but they high key sucked?? 
  • if you don’t, he just goes home and never asks you again loL
  • you read your horoscopes together
  • connor actually thinks its utter bullshit and horoscopes are literal trash but you love them so he pretends to love them
  • you doodle on the toes of his combat boots, and he fucking loves that so whenever he gets new ones, he makes you doodle on them again
  • he takes a lot of photos of you, like yanno if you’re out at dinner or like just chilling watching television. never when you’re sleeping though he thinks that is weird as all hell
  • his lock screen is a photo of you drinking waffle house coffee in one of his sweatshirts
  • he really actually hates it when you take his sweatshirts, but you always did, it bugged him because he had all of his clothes organized cause bb cannot stand them not in their place, and you just take it and ruin it
  • he limits you to one at a time though, so it doesn’t get too out of hand
  • i’ve said this once and i will say it again
  • he also loves your family a lot and like?? they love him?? so much because he’s so chill and real and not ‘HELLO MR I AM UR DAUGHTERS BOYFRIEND I WILL NOT IMPREGNATE HER’
  • his parents are??? not fond of you?? but whatever tbh not important
  • this hc sucks goodnight

author’s note// sorry she was bad, and not the good bad the bad bad

yes hello I am beginnner artist
I never try drawing real anatomy
did I try this time? no I didn’t

but I wanted to challenge myself a bit, I need something to focus on, so I did this as a stress relief

if you want you can ask me something challenging to draw! not somethin big because hmmmmmmm

I’m a grown ass adult who cried over Tri. Also over a decade later and I’m still in Mimato hell, despite knowing how crack it might be is. Yup. Also hi, long time no post.

[fic] show me how much you love me [1/1]

(ao3 link)

rating: mature


In addition to pet names, that’s something else Eren also likes dishing out – compliments. It makes Levi squirm whenever he starts waxing poetry about his cheekbones or admiring his skills with the 3DMG. Luckily they’re alone most of the time when Eren decides to do so, because it leaves Levi both mildly embarrassed yet wanting more. Though he can’t say that out loud, of course, he thinks Eren can sense it somehow – the smug asshole will wrap his arms around him and place gentle kisses all over his face while muttering praises in between giggles.

It’s not all that sexual, but Levi won’t deny that having Eren speak of him in such a manner does do things for certain parts of his body, and yeah, maybe he’s spent a few sleepless nights imagining what it would be like to have Eren saying nice things to him while pounding him into the mattress.

Once it actually happens, though, he’s not even laying on a mattress. 

-   -   -

yyooo so i was chatting with the wonderful shingekinomadoka and she was like ‘dude you should write more praise kink but like the other way around’ and since she also likes bottom!levi, this monstrosity was born. tbh it’s just porn ahjasjfdsjjdsfksdf jfc. 

there is mature content under the readmore, so proceed with caution

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the struggle (x)