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10 Seconds {Soulmate! Ten}
  • Pairing: Ten X Reader
  • Genre: Teeny tiny bit of angst?; fluff; Soulmate! AU; bulleted scenario
  • Word Count: 1606
  • Summary: You had four years to find your soulmate, but now time is running out.

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When I Wake [ch.2]

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Genre: Angst / Fluff

Summary: The day you were proposed to by Kim Taehyung was absolutely unforgettable, but not in a magical, fairy tale type of way. Instead of ending the night with celebratory congratulations, you and Taehyung find yourselves in a car accident that leaves you in a coma. When you wake three years later, you receives news that Taehyung passed away as a result of his injuries.

After getting over the initial shock of Taehyung’s death, you peacefully carry on with your life, until one day you hear word that Taehyung might not be dead after all.

You try to find Taehyung to pick up your relationship where it left off, so everything could go back to the way it was. Only life’s not that simple. While trying to rekindle your love with the supposedly dead Taehyung, you have to deal with your arranged fiance and your newly acquainted (and dangerously hot) friend Park Jimin.

Your life becomes a whole lot more interesting when you wake.

Word count: ~1.9k

Written by: Admin Jifairy

A/N: Thank you all for the amazing response to chapter 1! This chapter might not be as exciting as the last but you should check it out anyway~

There was a faint sound of music playing in the distance that slowly turned to hums and hums to beeps.

You began to fall in out of consciousness before, finally, your heavy eyelids drifted opened. The first thing you saw was white; white walls encased you in a small, quiet room. Everything seemed to blur together as your eyes failed to focus. You stared at the ceiling, waiting for them to adjust.

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3 minutes

Originally posted by im-youngmin

character: kim donghyun

word count: 1317

genre: pretty angsty but also very healthy amounts of fluff

summary: soulmate! au

requested: yes

You look down at your wrist with a troubled expression which catches your friends attention.

“What’s wrong, _____?” Hyeri asks, placing her hand on your wrist causing you to look up at her. You and Hyeri have been friends for 12 years now, she knows whenever something is up and she definitely detected it.

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i want to be unrecognizable.  

 if i am the direct result of this city street then take me out of it, pull the concrete of out my bones and the glass out of my eyes. unwind my spine from around and around the boulevard. take me away away away from here. i would love to be a gold-tipped feather on the wing of a bird tied to nothing but blue sky but instead i am a portrait knit up with red-edged pages and dirty water spray-painted onto the chipped brick wall where the men sit with their wrists out. and i sit there every day. these stairs– in a straight line. that green chair. every day.

 i am so tired of looking like the faded yellow vein in the center of the street. hello home, i was made in your image. hello home, i do not want this dirty face. the sky is in my hair and that helps but i can’t help thinking that if glass could burn i would set my reflection on fire.


Soulmate AU; Soulmates have a telepathic bond when they’re near one another. 

Dean x reader

Word count: 1497

You drove down a main road of your town. Music blasting in your car as you belted out the lyrics. Little businesses lined either side of the road. You saw the bakery that had the best pies around, an old record shop that you frequented, and a mattress shop that never seemed to turn off its open sign even when it was closed.

You were on your way to work as you passed by a small bar on your right. The scent of burgers and beer filled your nostrils. You crooked your eyebrow up. Checking to see that all your windows were rolled up. The pub was far enough from the road that you shouldn’t have been able to smell the liquor.

Son of a bitch.” Rang in your head.

Your eyes widened. That wasn’t your inner voice. It sounded gruff, upset. You kept driving, the scent no longer apparent.

It couldn’t have been. You didn’t think it could happen to you.

Everyone knew how it went. When a person was in the same area as their soulmate they would start to resonate. They could hear each other’s thoughts, feel the same emotions, even pick up on the surroundings the other person was in. In time it could become stronger and they could stretch the distance.

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Marry Me?

“Can you maybe do one with Dan or Phil ( I don’t want to sound like I have favourites) and marriage.”

Sorry if I get information wrong I only had the Internet to help me with this.

Hospital - Cancer

Waking up in the morning was always the worst for me. I would wake up sweating and could barely move because of how tight my muscles were. Every time I woke up I had like 5 bruises I didn’t have the day before and I would have blood on my pillow that came from my nose, I always had nose bleeds. “Can’t get up?” Dan asks me “my muscles are sore still” I tell him and not needing to hear more he gets up to massage me like every other morning.

I walk into the bathroom doing my morning routine, I get undressed and weigh myself, I keep losing weight even though my diet is the same. I walk into the shower to try and turn on the tap but it’s to tight “Daaan” I shout loud enough for Dan to hear. I hear the door open as he pops his head in the door “yeah babe?” He asks “I can’t turn the tap on” I tell him so he walks in and turns it on for me and walks straight back out.

I step into the warm shower washing off my body and my face trying to get as much blood off as I can considering I don’t have a mirror. As soon as I’m done I count how many bruises I have. 35.

I get out of the shower and wipe off any blood that I missed, doing my makeup and putting putting tinted moisturiser on my legs to try and hide the bruising.

As I walk down stairs I can hear Dan and Phil talking “Dan I’m serious she needs to go to the doctor” I hear Phil sympathetically tell him “no it can’t be true she’s just a little sick” he shouts at him “Dan I’m sorry, she needs to go see a doctor”.


“First I’m going to start by asking you some questions, is there any possibility that you could be pregnant?” He asks

“no” I tell him

“is there any medication you are taking?”

“I’ve taken aspirin” I say

“Okay, and do you have any allergies?”

“Not that I know of” I say.

We walk out of the room and go to Dan and Phil who are sitting in the waiting room “the procedure will be in four days, don’t take any aspirin until then and don’t eat or drink eight hours beforehand” he says and leads us to the front of the hospital where we leave to go home.

~~~4 DAYS LATER~~~

“Hello, you must be y/n, I’m David and I am your neuroradiologist for today, I hope your not afraid of needles” he says as he grabs a needle and cleans the point with antibiotics “I am/am not” I tell him.

He lifts up my arm and points the needle near the vein in my wrist and pushes it through. “This is just to help you relax” he says as if it would help me feel any better.

He grabs the bed I’m in and rolls me into a different room, a scarier room. I always hated hospitals.

“Okay this is just another needle, it’s just going to make you a little numb” he says as he enters another needle into my arm.

He pushes a button on the bed which makes the bed go down so I’m lying flat. I see a beam of rays move up and down my body like an X-ray and a couple of seconds later a doctor comes up to David showing him a piece of paper which I guess is my body. “Okay these are the safest spots” the doctor says as he points to a parts of my body as he starts scrubbing and disinfecting it.

After he’s done disinfecting them he tapes a blue sheet with a hole in it to my pelvis, sternum, cranium, ribs, vertebrae, scapulae, and in the cancellous (I have no idea where these are). He grabs a little knife like tool and as soon as it connects with my skin I close my eyes not wanting to look at what the doctors are doing but I feel a prick at my skin, it didn’t hurt that much it just felt like when you accidentally cut your skin with a knife.

After the knife is removed I can feel a needle enter the fresh cut. It hurts really bad and just thinking of what could be happening right now is the reason for my blackout.

When I wake up I’m back in my original room and my hip hurts like hell. “She’s awake, I’ll get the doctor” Phil says as he runs out and Dan just asking me how I’m feeling and if I’m okay. “Alright y/n I know you just woke up but we got to get you to the X-Ray and make sure their are no complications.

After a couple of hours we are out of the hospital and I’m back in bed because the doctor said that i need to rest until I next see him.

~~~DANS POV~~~

"Hi Dan, I would just like to inform you that we got the results from the test back” the doctor says

“and what were the results, is she sick?” I ask

“I think you should gather y/n and come visit me”


“I’m afraid that the results came back and they weren’t exactly the best” the doctor says

“What happened?” I say as my voice cracks

“She’s got acute lymphoblastic leukemia”

“What does that mean?” I ask

“It’s a type of cancer”

“I have cancer” I hear her say more like a statement than a question. He nods to confirm this information and she starts to cry and sits down weakly on my lap.

“I’m not sure how long she has to live so we’re hoping we can get to curing her right away, but there is a chance she could die through the process” he tells me

“I would die either way right, cure me” I hear y/n say dejectedly.

~~~TIME SKIP :0~~~

“I went out while y/n was having her chemotherapy done, I bought her her favourite chocolate, roses, I put photos of us together in a photo album and I bought her a beautiful ring. IM PROPOSING” I tell the live stream and I can see everyone blowing up on the chat “I always wanted to grow old with her but that might not happen cnow, she is the love of my life so even if we don’t have that long together I’m going to marry her.”

“Good morning, kiddo” Dean said as you walk in the kitchen “morning” you said rubbing your eye “I’ve made you favourite” Dean said over the frying pan “Bacon” “that your favourite” you say pouring a glass of orange juice “well, yeah but you like it too” he said looking slightly confused  and you giggled “where’s Sam ?” you ask “getting ready” he says putting the bacon on a plate “so what are you’s doing today ?” You ask as you and Dean sit down for breakfast.

“Hey, morning (Y/N)” Sam said kissing your head as he walked past “morning, man” he says to Dean “morning” he replies with a mouth full of bacon. “Well we are doing more research for a hunt we are going on in two days” he said swollen the bacon “oh yeah where are we going ?” you say eating your bacon “we aren’t going anywhere, me and Sam are going” he says getting “what, oh come, let me come please I’ll do good” you say getting up and following Dean “no, (Y/N) it’s too dangerous” he says putting away his plate “oh come on please, Sam tell him” you say looking towards your other brother “sorry I’m with Dean on this one it’s really dangerous” he said drinking his coffee “fine, I’m going to get dresses” you say walking out of the kitchen and to your bedroom. 

“come on (y/n), your going to be late” Dean shouts. You grab your bag and walk out to the Impala. When your in the impala you and Dean start rocking out to the music in his car. When we where half way to school Dean turned down the radio “hey (Y/N) your not still pissed about not being able to go on the hunt ?” He asked “no I’m perfectly able to go on the hunt, you wouldn’t let me” you say back “you know what I mean” he said slightly annoyed “no II’ll be okay” you lied and Dean just nodded. Once at school you get out the car “have a good day at school, me nd Sam will pick you up after school and take you out” he says out the window “oh, what the special occasion ?” You ask “ because you were understanding this morning and didn’t go in a huff like normal” he said “rude” you say and you’s both laugh “bye” you say waving “see you later, kiddo” and with that he drove off and you turned around and walk into the school building. 


*bell rings* 

You pack you your thing and stuff then I’m you bag, thank god it was the end of the day you thought to your self. As you walk out of class you hear someone shout your name “hey (y/n), wait up” you hear your crush say. “Em hey Matt, what’s up” you say feeling your hands get sweaty “did you understand that last question on the math test ?” You ask as you started walking again “em yeah all you had to do was Times pie by the radius and not by the diameter” you say, you weren’t the smartest person when it came to maths but you did get it “oh right yeah, I get what you mean” he said as you’s keep walk “I was also wonder what you were doing Saturday night ?” he ask rubbing the back of his neck, you were shocked, honestly shocked, you could not believe it “nothing I think, why ?” You ask trying to stay clam “I was wondering if would like to, well if you want to, em maybe..em go out to see a movie or something ?” He ask looking at the ground “I would love to” you say and his face light up. “Great !, I’ll pick you up at 6” he say “okay here my number” you say writing it on his hand “here mine” he says writing on your hand. 

*car horn* 

“(y/n) Winchester, get your butt in  this car before I come out there and drag your ass in here” you hear Dean shout and you cringe at him “who’s that” Matt said pointing at the impala “my bothers” you say embarrassed “oh” he said looking at them “well I’ll see you Saturday night” he said waking away waving but looking very scared “see you Saturday” you say smiling at him then to see your brothers out the car with Sam pretending to slit his throat with his finger and Dean pretending to to put a gun to his head with his fingers. They pull away a soon as they see you heading towards them .

Oh my God that had to be one of the most embarrassing things ever. Your crush finally ask you out after God knows how long and those two idiots ruined it.  

“I can’t believe you two” you say flinging your arms in the air. “What ?” They both say looking confused and shrug.“just get in the can you say shoving your bag in the back seat.  

After about a 40 minute drive you come to a parking lot with nothing but water and grass around. "Em, guys, what are we doing here ?” You say getting out the car. “ I told you we were going out after we picked you up” Dean said as he started walking. “Oh, yeah that” you say as you follow your brothers. After walking for a while you find a cute bench with the table set and Cas sitting waiting for all of you.

You start running when you see Cas. “Hi” you basically scream when you get to Cas “hello, (Y/N) how are you ?” He said as you brother caught up “I’m good, thanks, you ?” You ask back “yes, I am also good (Y/N)” he said smiling and you all sit down. 

After eating for a bit Cas came out with “(Y/N), why do you have numbers written on you wrist?”  he ask tilting his head a little “oh it’s em a phone number” you say going back to eating quickly “wait you got that guys number” Dean said interrupting “yeah I’m going out with him on Saturday” you say with your mouth full with food “to hell, you are” he said going back to pie “what, why not, it’s not like I’m going on a hunt or anything” say annoyingly “I told you she was still pissed” Sam said “well good for you” Dean said back to Sam “look your not going on that hunt and your not going on a date” Dean said “and that’s final” “ugh you can’t do that I’m not a kid anymore I’m sixteen Dean. I’m not that little girl in pig tails anymore, no matter how much you want me to be” you said “God Dean you think your my dad but your not ” you say then mutter “and you can shove you up your ass” “THAT’S IT YOUR GROUNDED FOR A MONTH, no dates no hunt” Dean said slamming his fist “FINE SEE IF I GIVE A RATS ASS” you shout  back and storm off. 

Oh your so mad at him he has to grow up and let me do the same. Man this is the Times that I wish my mum were here. She would let me go and hell she would go out shopping with you and buy a new outfit. Oh man I hate living with two boy’s, they don’t understand. 

After a while Cas appeared beside me “I have been told to take you home, while they discuss your punishment” he said “oh bit me Cas” you say and he takes you home. Seconds later your in the bunker and you start to cry “I’m sorry Cas I didn’t mean that I’m just angry with Dean that’s all I’m really, really sorry” you said slamming into him with a hug “no need to apologize (Y/N), I can tell you are are stressed at the moment” he says and hugs you back.

Still sobbing a little, you were never a big crier, you ask Cas if he would like a hot chocolate “no thank you (Y/N)” he said and you walk into the kitchen and he follows you. 

After you make your hot chocolate you go but your pj’s on and you join Cas on the couch. After awhile of talking about heaven and school and a bunch of other stuff you hear Sam and Dean come in. 

 "I’m tired, Cas so I’m going to go to my bedroom, goodnight Cas" you say giving him a kiss on the cheek “goodnight (Y/N)” he said as you walk toward you room “goodnight Sam” you say smiling at him “night kiddo” he says standing in the same spot. You glare at Dean “(Y/N)” he sighs and you walk away not listening and go to your room. 

Minutes later, your sitting in bed reading and you hear a chap at your door and it opens. “Hey kiddo” Dean said walking in “don’t hey kiddo me, Dean” you say bitterly “look I know I over reacted back there and I really shouldn’t have. I know you aren’t the girl in pig tails and I know your sixteen, but to me you’ll always be my baby sister same way Sam’s my baby brother. I over reacted and I was wrong” He said “wait did I hear you say you were wrong, Jesus call the paper” you say “very funny, and I have decided that you can go on that date” he said “oh jee thanks” you say jokingly “and me and Sam are also going to give you some money to go out and get something to wear with Emma” he said “thank you, thank you, thank you” you jumping and giving him a hug. “Its fine” he said and he got up and was about to leave “and maybe I could come one that hunt too” you said giving him a sweet smile “don’t push your luck” he said “night kiddo” “night” you say and go back to your book .

Ashton Imagine - Y/N is a special effect make-up artist and Ashton is her model

Requested: Yes

Word count: 775

Warnings: none (but look out for anyone that might wanna steal you - you’re a real jem)

Resquest: Can you do one where you’re a special effects makeup artist and someone offers for you to go on the show and you say yes and Ashton is your model and y'all fall in love n stuff?


“I know this isn’t your usual job Y/N and I’m sorry, but the company really needs everything we can get” John, my boss said. I didn’t answer. I knew he was trying really hard to make me have a great time in his firm and John was the most outgoing and understanding boss I’ve ever had.

“It’s okay” I finally said, giving him an encouraging smile. He nodded and left me in the huge photo studio. Plenty of people ran around, busy with their stuff. The lighting people were just hanging up another spotlight and the photographer set his camera in the right place. A white screen was hanging in the back of the wall and some staff members put different requisites in front of it, along with a huge brown couch.

“Are you Y/N?” some woman’s voice called me.

I nodded “Yes, I am”

“Okay” she laid her hand on my back and gently lead me into a room nearby and made me sit on a wooden stool next to a gigantic mirror with all the familiar make up utensils of mine.

“We’ve prepared everything, your model will arrive…” she checked her wrist watch “in 5 minutes”

I thanked her and checked my phone for a second, knowing John had messaged me.

Suddenly someone knocked on the doorframe, waiting me to ask him inside since the door was already opened. “Hello” a warm voice ringed in my ears. He smiled, showing his white teeth which adorned the handsome face of his.

I quickly got up to shake his hand he stuck out to greet me. “My name is Y/N Y/S/N” I smiled back.

“Ashton. Ashton Irwin” he gave back, putting the bag he carried until then on the floor.

“Let’s get started, shall we?” I walked towards the mirror, gathering all the stuff I needed on a tiny pile and let out a sigh.

When I turned around to apply some power my eyes were captured by his, a concerned expression on his well-shaped face.

“What’s bothering you?” he asked interested.

“Oh it’s nothing I just…” I stopped talking to touch his bandana, giving him a look which asked for permission to take it off. He simply nodded, still having a questioning smirk. “you just…what?” he moved on, playing with the bandana I casually put on his lap.

“You know… I don’t usually do that kind of make-up. I’m a special effect artist” I pursed my lips, concealing the hardly visible shade of blue under his eye which happened to be his eye bags.

He breathed out “I’m sorry to hear so…”

“Oh no, don’t be!” I pulled back the paintbrush and admiring the prominent cheek bones and jaw line.

He flashed me another smile, which made me concentrate on my work again, knowing I’m not getting paid for staring at the models.

“So you haven’t done any make up for bands before?” he kept the conversation going.

“Well I did do All Time Low’s make up for their last music video” I responded, leaning closer to powder his nose.

“You did? Oh wow, that was sick! You are crazy talented!” he complimented me as I felt his knee brush against my leg.

I thanked him for his positive feedback and noticed even more often how he randomly touched me gently, making it look like it was on accident.

When his palm met my hand to take the brush I was using out of it, I gasped.

“I need that, Ashton” I laughed out. He grinned widely.

“Hmm I don’t know…” he played with the item in his hands. When I wanted to reach for it, he quickly pulled away so I had to support my balance with putting my hand on his shoulder. His face was really close to mine now and he raised his left eyebrow.

“Stop flirting with me” I laughed, standing straight up again. “I need to get this done” I referred to his face.

“I will, but you have to go on a date with me” he grinned back. “At least a coffe, c’mon” he smiled.

“But I technically work for you, wouldn’t that be…” I was interrupted by his lips on mine.

“EHEM!” someone cleared his throat and the lady who lead me here before stood in the doorframe.

We pulled apart in surprise. Ashton got up without a word, pulling the stripe of his bag over his shoulder. When he was about to leave, he turned and walked backwards out of the room.

“Starbucks. When I’m done here. No excuses” he winked and a second later he wasn’t in my vision anymore.


A/N I just made this blog and I already have plenty of followers, thank you very much for that! I have some requests on my list but I’ll do each of them as soon as possible. Want to get an imagine? leave a request here