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HELLO HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE EVE. THE FLUFF I AM SCREAMING this was supposed to be short as always i got carried away the fluff my god i’m just so happy. I think you guys will really like this one!!!!

Warnings: Fluff, language

Every inch of the tower was decked to the nines. It had been for almost a month. As soon as it was socially acceptable to decorate for Christmas, it was done. Everyone happily chipped in, taking on some special job. 

Tony invited Rhodey to help him put up the Christmas lights on the outside of the tower. They were perfect for the job because their suits allowed them to fly around and clip bright white lights on the highest floors of the tower. It was probably bright enough to be seen from space. 

Natasha had taken over the fireplace and the windows, hanging all the stockings with care and surrounding them with garland, and setting a candle on every windowsill. Showing off her ninja skills, she had climbed on the hearth to hang a huge wreath in the middle of the wall. 

Sam baked cookies every weekend. He went through batches and batches of dough and frosting to keep the hungry Avengers satisfied all week. The delicious smell of vanilla and chocolate chip always roamed the halls on Saturdays and Sundays during December. 

You, Steve, and Bucky tackled the tree. Tony insisted on a twenty footer, so it took the three of you all day. Decorating the tree was always your favorite part, and apparently Steve’s too because he begged to help. It even brought a smile to Bucky’s face when you and Steve dragged him into helping. 

Steve wound yards and yards of white lights around the tree while you tackled the tinsel. Eventually Bucky lifted you up on his shoulders so you could reach the top half of the tree. While you were up there, Bucky handed you the star and you had the honor of topping off the pine. 

Almost everyone had collected ornaments throughout the years and they all had their place on the tree. Steve and Bucky however did not, so you took them to Macy’s and had them pick out a couple. They thanked you with wide smiles when they hung them on the tree. 

Everyone had their job and the place was perfectly decorated. But you didn’t know that Bucky had taken on a secret job. One he had been doing for weeks, and the whole team had caught on except you.

You and Bucky had grown close in your months in the tower. But you had no idea how much your quiet conversations, sparring practice, and warm hugs meant to him. He always looked forward to eating lunch with you in the kitchen, joining you in the gym, and watching late night movies with you on the couch. 

He was always so quiet, you would have never guessed how much he treasured your every smile, laugh, and kind word. 

You also would have never guessed that the sprigs of mistletoe around every corner were for you. He had strategically placed them in spots he knew he would find you in throughout the day. 

There was one above the cabinet you hid your favorite candy in. One above your favorite spot on the couch. One above your seat at the table. One on the door of your room. One above the water fountain in the gym. He had thought about taking that one down, he didn’t want to kiss you when he was covered in sweat.

The team has caught on about a week ago, and every time you neared a sprig they rooted for Bucky to plant one on your unsuspecting lips. However, every time he mustered up the courage to kiss you, you would walk away, completely oblivious. 

After almost a month of chasing you with the little plants, he promised himself he would finally kiss you on Christmas Eve. He didn’t want to ruin the holiday if something went wrong, but you loved Christmas, and maybe if he did it right, it would make the day even more special.

On Christmas Eve night, everyone was huddled around the television watching White Christmas. He knew the old movie was one of your favorites, so he insisted that was what the team watched that night.

He sat down next to you in your favorite seat on the couch and snuck a peek at the mistletoe above you. Right when he was about to lean in, you jumped up and padded over to the kitchen in the fuzzy socks he bought you when you brought him and Steve to Macy’s. 

He leaned into the back of the couch in defeat until Steve swatted his hand at him, silently telling him to go after you. Bucky rolled his eyes and jogged after you as the opening credits rolled. You were fishing your secret bag of candy out of the cabinet below another sprig of the little green plant. His heart was racing. He should do it now before you moved again. 

Too late. 

You were already walking over to your seat at the table. Luckily, that was another spot he had hung a mistletoe. You stood there cutting the bag of candy open with a pair of scissors. Bucky couldn’t help but stare at the way your perfect hair fell around your face and shone in the light coming from the tree. 


You looked up at him and he got too lost in your eyes. 

“I, um, uh…”

Your eyes shot toward the movie. It had started. You grabbed his hand and whispered to him, “Come on, Buck, we don’t wanna miss the beginning.”

You dragged him toward the couch, but before you got there, your fuzzy socks slipped on the wooden floor. You caught yourself, but at the expense of your candy. The bag went flying and candy was strewn all over the floor. “Shit!” you whispered. 

Bucky could only chuckle at you. You were so damn cute. He helped you pick up your candy and put it back in the bag. His hand touched yours and the spark he felt gave him the courage he needed. 

Right there on the floor he pulled you into him and pressed his lips to yours. He felt your shock but he hung on. Maybe you would like this once you weren’t so surprised.  

His wish came true. You dropped your bag of candy on the floor and lifted yourself up on your knees, your lips never leaving his. Your fingers gently ran through his hair and settled on the nape of his neck as your other hand felt his heart fluttering under in chest.

He pulled you flush to him, his hands holding tight to your waist. His other hand raised to push your hair behind your ear and to cup your jaw. His lips were soft and warm, pushing and pulling with yours in a perfect manner. His scent was intoxicating and his body was strong and safe. 

He didn’t know, but this was your Christmas wish too.

His large hand left your waist and you felt his shoulder lift. In question, you pulled your lips away from his and followed his arm up into the air and noticed what he was holding. 

“Mistletoe.” He declared.  

Everywhere,” Sam said from his spot on the couch.

You looked up and finally saw the ceiling littered with sprigs. Above your secret cabinet, your chair at the table, your spot on the couch. You laughed with astonishment.

“Hey lovebirds, you’re missing the movie,” Tony called. 

Bucky helped you pick up your candy and led you over to the couch. You sat in his arms, snuggling up to him as close as possible. You looked over to him to see he was already eyeing you. You leaned in and kissed his lips once again. 

“Mistletoe.” You said, grinning from ear to ear. 



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heres the thing: despite sportacus having really incredibly exaggerated movements 24/7, his overall personality is actually pretty understated. like he actually doesnt talk a whole lot compared to everyone else and is overall really casual about talking to the other characters? the way he moves screams “HELLO I AM SPORTACUS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY!!!!!” but the way he acts is a lot more like “i’m here, whats the problem? how can i help?” and i feel like it provides a good contrast for the rest of the cast honestly