hello i am screaming

In an Alternate Universe...
  • JB: I hate it when Yugyeom calls me Hyung
  • Mark: *constantly screaming*
  • Jackson: Hello I am the calm and collected member of Got7
  • Jinyoung: I have no children
  • Youngjae: I hate dogs
  • Bambam: Eww! Dabbing that's so mainstream- that's awful
  • Yugyeom: I don't really like dancing
  • Me: Got7 is not the best thing that ever happened to me

Paperthin Skin

It starts strong yet timid, powerful and shimmering, like something that’s both entirely new and that’s been on the works for a very long time.

Together, they fit like the unique two pieces of a puzzle. It surprises them, everyone around them, but it also leaves them warm.

Kolivan does not lose anyone this time. Lance is by his side, strong, young, full of life, dreams and hopes. The universe is theirs, dancing on the union of their joined hands, twirling around their ankles and giving them an energy they once didn’t have.

The war is over now. It has been for a while. Kolivan notices lines at the corners of Lance’s eyes—lines caused by encouraging smiles and laughter. There are lines between his elegant eyebrows from frowning, lines at the corners of his mouth. He looks as full of life as ever, there’s energy in his steps, and Kolivan allows himself to smile like he only can when he has Lance by his side.

Time is slower now, the days are theirs. Kolivan listens to Lance complaining about a grey hair he discovered that morning. He looks at his husband (they got married long ago) and kisses his forehead. “You are as beautiful as ever” and Lance laughs with the energy of yesterday.

But Kolivan is no fool.

He knows Lance is no fool either.

“You don’t have to stay with me,” Lance says around a mouthful of anguish and anxiety.

“I choose to,” Kolivan replies with ease, running his fingers through soft brown locks.

“It won’t get any prettier.” I won’t get any younger.

“There’s no shame in this. Let me remain by your side.” I love you.

So he does.

Afternoons are filled with warmth some months, and with unsettling chill some others.

Lance looks at him and jokes about how he hasn’t changed a bit. “Galras do live longer, huh?”

Kolivan looks into blue eyes that are as electric as ever.

“Sometimes I wish I was galra too.”

“I would not change a minute of this reality, for they allowed us to meet.”

“Sap,” Lance laughs. “I love you.”

And then it ends.

It does not really, in so many ways.

Koli stands alone and lets the light filtering through the closed window warm his skin. He looks all around him, looks at the life he’s had, and smiles like he only did when Lance was around him.

He has so many years to live. In a way he’s lucky—Lance’s memory will last that much longer.

i may look calm, and just reblog and tagging like normal but what actually in my head is:

If JK’s dad and JM’s brother is the one who send them off… then that means the both of them need to go back home together. That is like from two different families. And it’ll be hella awkward but they did send them off- two different families— Jeon and Park. That means not only Jimin and Jeongguk are very close, their families are too- which means…. very very very very close. And why did they even go to Busan in the first place? Why are they not in Busan during Chuseok? Maybe they don’t want to be recognised so that’s why they went to Busan after Chuseok? Then why did they go to Japan? Is this actually Jimin’s birthday present? Or are they going to have a concert there later? But if it’s actually Jimin birthday present then that confirmed JK did cancel a flight ticket to Japan when sasaeng found out about it, right? If they go to Japan then will they go to Osaka? Or Mount Fuji? Why Japan? why wont u come to my country- you are very welcome to meet your long distance daughter WHERE in Japan exactly? Can we maybe have selcas of them together later bcs Jimin tends to feed us? Or videos? EVEN BETTER- a vlive? During my birthday maybe? That’ll be a great bday gift tbh, like last year they give me an iconic backhug at a fansign- yall im blessed on my birthday, anyhow can we actually HAVE ANOTHER ICONIC MOMENT? This is alr iconic as it is but can we have a live, photos, videos- anything just so we can be more blessed in this era? WHY GO TO JAPAN ONLY THE BOTH OF THEM?! WHYYY I CANT THINK PROPERLY XBJSJSSJ I actually cried when i know about this, idk why? Idk why i cried- idk whether im happy or im frustrated bcs they are like JUST THERE CASUALLY- with Jeongguk speaking banmal and all to Jimin when obv there is his own father & Jihyun jxnsjs or maybe not- but who cares?! the point is- BAN-MAL OK BANMAL. INFORMAL. THIS IS NOT A DRILL AND THEY ARE NOT ON CAMERA. THAT IS A DAILY BASIS IDK HOW TO FEEL ABOUT THIS XJJSJXJS and and and im also frustrated bcs like the evidence are JUST THERE- IDK WHAT EVIDENCE- gay? Relationship? IDK OK IDFK— Japan? Only the two of them? “It’s just a trip between two friends, psh shut up”—mmMMM NO. IT IS A BIG FCKG DEAL. IT IS JAPAN. THE HOLY PLACE FOR JI TO THE KOOK QAQ AND AND JK!!! INFORMAL!!! AND JUST ONE OF THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS COME TO SEND THEM OFF IS JUST XJJXJI CANON

—im outta here bye🙃

anonymous asked:

I sorry I need an emergency request. My sorority just lost a sister and it just hurts. I feel stupid because I wasn't close to her at all but i feel all of my sisters pain and grief and I feel numb. How would the paladins comfort their s/o in this situation? I'm sorry

Hey now, don’t ever feel sorry about asking for help through a rough time. I’m sorry for the loss of your sorority sister and I hope that the pain you all feel passes quickly. <3


  • not gonna lie, he’s gonna go above and beyond. He’s not only gonna be there for you, he’s gonna be there for anyone who needs to vent and talk about their feelings
    • Mom Shiro™
  • ofc his focus is on you but hey, if he’s gonna go get you ice cream or somethin’, he might as well get your sisters something too
  • he’s all about talking about what you’re feeling so be prepared, he doesn’t want you to bottle up your emotions, or even seemingly lack therof
    • he just wants you to talk to him
    • so he can provide warm, strong hugs
    • and sweet little kisses against your temple
  • although don’t let him leave you unless necessary. he can’t help himself and ends up with an impromptu therapy session with 4 other sisters when he asks one how she’s holding up
    • he can’t say no to someone in need


  • he is there the moment he finds out what happened
    • he’s got your favorite comfort foods (that he can buy at a store), your favorite movie, extra fluffy blankets, and a basket of your fav. drinks 
    • okay I lied, it’s mostly his favorite drinks and it’s like 10 varieties of hot cocoa
  • he’s a bit awkward with talking about feelings so he might not be ready for a full-blown breakdown, but he’d rather you let it out than hold it in
    • awkwardly alternates between patting your back and just running a his hands up and down it
    • he doesn’t even notice he’s murmuring sweet nothings the entire time
      • “let it out sweetie, that’s it.”
      • “I’m here…I’m here…I’ve got you…”
      • “It’s okay…you’re gonna be okay…”
  • most likely to sing you a lullaby under his breath, just like his momma does when one of her kids is upset


  • a  w  k  w  a  r  d
    • she said it herself: she relates more to tech than people sometimes
    • but she’ll be there in her own way
  • probably texts you first. 
    • Pidge: u okay? i heard what happened??? need me to come over??????
    • Pidge: idk how to help but like….cuddles????? pls answer me, i see that read notification
  • ends up at your place with her DS and laptop
    • she might not be the comforter, but she’s ready to just sit in your room with you for hours
    • she’s okay with you crying on her. crying is better than really talking, y’know?
  • “So…are you..okay? Likeiknowyou’renotokbutareyouokay?”
  • for the next few days she refuses to let go of your hand if you’re together. she’s like a koala.


  • he knows what happened immediately and he doesn’t care if there are rules against it, he’s moving in for the next few days
  • he’s there for you, ofc, but he goes to make you comfort food and ends up making enough for the entire sorority
    • it’s mostly pastries. sweet, delicious, flaky pastries
    • “Sugar makes the sadness go away, now eat this.”
  • The Mother Hen
    • lots of cuddles, lots of kisses, lots of reassurances
    • basically wraps you in a blanket burrito (a love burrito) and keeps you company
    • but also won’t let you stay cooped up too long to stew in your grief
    • “Get up, get in the shower, we’re going for a walk. No if, ands, or buts, get in there.”
  • “How’re you feeling today babe? Still shitty? Yeah, that’s understandable.”
    • won’t force you to talk too much about your grief, but he’s gonna check in a couple times a day if he can’t be around.
    • will also text you dank memes to make you smile


  • also awkward. and he doesn’t handle grief very well. like, if it were him? he’d avoid thinking about it at all costs.
  • but the moment you tell him you need him he is there. it’s like he teleported. 
    • also he might have called Shiro like, “WhAT dO I DO??? ShE’S SaD?????”
  • just ends up snuggling the shit outta you
    • im talking the Ultimate SPOON
    • all arms and legs are wrapped tightly around you, he’s got you tucked under his chin
    • his face while cuddling is literally: >>:/
  • he’ll totes let you sob on him too, while he’s just rubbing his hands up and down your arms and back. occasional tight hugs.
  • “Am I….supposed to do more?”
    • he really doesn’t know how to comfort someone more than “That’s rough buddy.”
    • please tell him what you need 




Kenny: [muffled greeting]
Stan: Hello, my name is Stan Marsh. I am going to work!
Kenny: [muffled screaming of what can only be assumed as an appropriate response to what Stan had said]
Stan: Yes, my life is very exciting. Slurp slurp. Yum-Mmy!
Kenny: [muffled blowing kiss]
Stan: Sorry, I only smash frogs. Not men.
Kenny: [muffled????] Are you–Are yOU SURE ABOUT THAT, BITCH?!
Stan: Eat ass, never pass.

170503 ♡ 53rd baeksang arts awards
bogum not hearing his name be called accepting his ‘popularity award’ for the male television division

(from 0:23)
Hello, I am Park Bogum.
Uh first of all… /fans scream/ thank you.
It is by God’s grace that I have become who I am. And I give the honor to God who is always beside me and leading me down the right path.
I received a lot of love last year through the production 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’. I’m aware that it wasn’t just Korean fans, but fans overseas also participated in the voting for this award. A sincere thank you to fans who knowingly and unknowingly voted, supported and gave me strength.
I think I was able to receive this thankful award after meeting the production that was 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’ as well as the staff who became my luck, the extras (who appeared in mdbc), sunabenims, and fellow actors that are here tonight. It was an honor to work with you.
I was thankful for the opportunity alone to attend Baeksang Arts Awards again this year following on from last year, and I think of just being nominated as me taking one step closer to my dream.
Even though popularity isn’t something that will last forever, I will work hard in order to become an actor with a good influence, who can move and touch the hearts of people, and who will always be remembered in everyone’s hearts for a long time.
Thank you so much to my family, my company and everyone who are always praying for me and loving me.
God bless you.

Evanescence —  Fallen Album  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Wake me up inside.”
  • “I know you hear me.“
  • “Have you no shame?“
  • “You can’t just leave me!”
  • “Don’t give in to the pain.”
  • “Am I too lost to be saved?“
  • “I love you and I’m not afraid.“
  • “I can’t trust myself, anymore.”
  • “Bow down and stare in wonder.“
  • “I wish that you would just leave.”
  • “Don’t try to fix me, I’m not broken.”
  • “Still can’t find what keeps me here.”
  • “These wounds won’t seem to heal.”
  • “I’ll give up everything just to find you.”
  • “So go on and scream, scream at me.”
  • “You know you’ve got everybody fooled.“
  • “I have to be with you to live, to breathe.”
  • “Save me from the nothing I’ve become.”
  • “You don’t know how you’ve betrayed me.“
  • “Now, I will tell you what I’ve done for you.”
  • “Call my name and save me from the dark.”
  • “You don’t remember me, but I remember you.”
  • “There’s just too much that time cannot erase.”
  • “Don’t want your hand this time, I’ll save myself.”
  • “How can you see into my eyes like open doors?“
  • “Hello, I am your mind giving you someone to talk to.”
  • “Screaming, deceiving and bleeding for you… and you still won’t hear me!”

(Requested by Anon)

Bella looked between Edward and Alice, panic obvious in her eyes. “What do you mean they’re coming for a surprise visit? They can’t do that! Not right now! Y/N is upstairs sleeping!” She hissed quickly.

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I’m gonna turn this into a gif later if I can because that would be sick

“I’m calling Hufflepuff.”

“Park Jimin.” The professor by the sorting hat calls, almost instantly after the previous student departs from the stand to join an energetic Ravenclaw table.

“Park? Is that his first name?” A student asks, to which another replies, “no- he’s Korean, they put the family name first. Idiot.”

“Well sorry- how did you know that anyways?”

“Spoke’ to him on the train. It was pretty hard but we figured out a spell to help translate. He can barely speak a lick of English, except some slang, which is very funny when he’s being dramatic.” The other student explains, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear as the girls she’s talking to nods.

“He’s super friendly and likes to talk, he must be a Hufflepuff.”

“That’s an arbitrary assumption, houses don’t work like that!”

“That’s a ridiculously big word, and sure they do!” The girl stomps back, angrily.

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