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It was 2 in the morning when I decided to make a call.

Your number was still in my phone even though I’d told you to lose mine. I remember staring at it for a long time, at the dumb emoticons next to your name, or the silly face you’d made for your picture. It was from a time long before now.

For some reason I called, and all the sudden it was ringing, and before I knew it, you’d picked up. “Hello?” My breath hitched at the sound of your voice, at how it was husky like it always was when you first woke up.

I didn’t respond, but then there was a brief moment where there was a sound like rustling sheets, and I knew that you’d sat up straight and you must’ve looked at the caller ID. You called my name into the phone, one word with so many different emotions. And still, I couldn’t respond.

A tear had slipped down my cheek as you repeated my name a few more times, and asked for me to speak on the other side of this call, but I couldn’t, still stuck in a daze.

But then there was the sound of another human being with you, the sleepy grumble of a girl who you obviously spent the night with. The spell broke, my chest tightened, and all the sudden the call was done.

You’d made your choice clear, and I wasn’t a part of it.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #2

Imagine Sakura being surprised out of her damn mind when Sarada, who is just learning how to talk, happily blurts out, “I love you!” one morning while she prepares to give her little girl breakfast. She’s so stunned because although she’s said it around her/to her a few times, it’s not like she’s said it enough times for Sarada to learn it just like that. She’s actually been trying to teach her simpler stuff like hi/hello.

But then Sasuke walks into the kitchen all mussed hair and sleepy eyes, and Sarada wiggles around excitedly and exclaims, “I love you, I love you! Papa, I love you!” and Sakura thinks he HAS to be baffled… but instead finds her husband slowly smiles, all proud and soft, before he walks over to his daughter and smooches her cheek, murmuring a sweet and clear, “I love you,” to his little girl.

And when Sarada giggles in reply, repeating another, “I love you!” Sakura understands exactly who has been teaching her the words. :’)


she was ready to deny the existence of space and time rather than admit that love might not be eternal

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"Breakfast is For Losers"

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: ok i suck at these but basically things get heated a lil in the morning with tom

A/N: HI HELLO i haven’t posted writing on here in a while and idk how to feel AH but i wrote a thing and it’s SMUT so if you don’t like smut then you know what to do but ya here it is!!!

Warnings: SMUT

The minute you fluttered your eyes open from sleep, you immediately turned around to face your boyfriend Tom. Your eyes trailed all over his body, playing connect the dots with the few beauty marks spread out across his chest. It was only a few minutes before he started shifting, seemingly waking up. You watched as he stretched his back and arms, watching the muscles contract and enlarge.

“Good morning (Y/N).” Quickly stretching his arms out, Tom brought you close to his chest where he then pressed a gentle kiss atop your head.

“How’d you sleep darling?”

Upon answering him, Tom looked at the time and realized it was quite early - only 9:30 A.M. Letting go of the hold he had on you, Tom turned over on his side to fall back asleep. Tom had a day off, and on days off, he treasured sleep more than anything.

Taking your phone from the beside table, you decided to flip through your phone, browsing the latest social media. Ten minutes passed and you were already bored out of your mind so you decided on waking Tom up. It was slightly inconsiderate considering he was quite tired from work and that it was his first day off in a while, although you knew he probably wouldn’t mind what you had planned once he had woken up.

Once you placed your phone back down on the beside table, you made your way closer towards Tom. Delicately placing your hand on his shoulder, you moved his body so that he was now on his back to giving you full access to his lap.

“Tom wake up already,” you begged. Moving your way to his neck, you began to pepper kisses across the skin. Backing away, you noticed him shift under your touch and he had a slight smirk on his face.

“Wake up,” you whined.

“How about no,” he said, placing his hands on your thighs, eyes still shut, chuckling. Giving him a little more motivation, you rubbed your body against his, rocking with a slow motion. Tom’s dark eyes immediately flew open,

“I’m awake. I’m awake!”

Laughing at his reaction, your moved your body even closer to his as you leaned towards his ear and placed a kiss in the nape of his neck.

“I was getting kinda bored,” you confessed.

He smiled, “Oh really (Y/N)?”

Nodding your head, you began to trail kisses from his neck and down to his chest.

“(Y/N)- love- I,” shaky groans escaped his lips. His reaction to your touch always filled you with a surge of confidence. You loved when he was in this state. Seeing him lay there, vulnerable - and you, with full control was something you could get used to.Even though you loved it when Tom would be the one in charge, it was even better when you were. Having him beg for you made you weak.

“Damn, what’s gotten into you darling?” Tom asked, his face a light shade of crimson.

You chuckled. “Are you complaining?”

After making the snarky remark, you gently pinched at his cheek with your thumb then made your way off his lap.

“(Y/N),” he said. “Please come back.”

Ignoring his plead, you switched topics and ask him what he wanted to eat instead.

“Forget breakfast. I want you here, c'mon now (Y/N), you can’t just leave me hangin’ here,” he begged, tapping the mattress with his palm. Tom was laying on his stomach, with the sheets just covering his butt. It was so tempting for you to just jump him right then and there, laying like that, but you kept yourself collected.

Smirking to yourself, you turned around and made your way to the kitchen ignoring him for the second time. Upon making your way to the room, the shuffling of Tom clumsily making his way out of your shared bedroom could be heard behind you.

Laughing, you repeated your question from earlier, asking what he wanted to eat for breakfast. Likewise to what you were doing - ignoring him - Tom did the same once he wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Do you know how hard you got me?” Your back was now pressed against his chest. Bringing his body even closer to yours, he brushed him against you, making sure you felt what you had caused.

After pressing his warm lips to your neck, he opened his mouth to speak, “I want you so badly,” he breathed, “I need you (Y/N).”

His words caused you to throb, wanting him more than ever now.
Turning around, your eyes met his lustful ones only edging you on to press your lips against his, which you did. And, passionately.

“Oh so you want me too now?” He backed away from the kiss for only a couple of seconds until your lips met again. Without breaking contact, the two of you successfully made your way back to your bedroom.

Stripping you down, Tom stared at your body before laying you down on the bed. “Wow,” he whispered as he took in all of you. Kneeling in front of you, he first started by running a hand up and down your thigh before spreading your legs out for him.

“I can see how turned on you are already,” he remarked before running his fingers up and down your slit. Once he began to massage your most sensitive part, his free hand found its way into his boxers, stroking himself. The feeling of his hand massaging you there had you moaning out his name. And loud. Every time your moan would increase in pitch Tom would stroke himself harder and harder. Seeing him there, bucking his hips while he jacked himself off and making you feel good, was so overwhelming. Almost enough to bring you close to the edge.

Watching him as he stroked himself, you noticed he was close from the shade on red of his cheeks. Stopping himself, Tom made his way to the beside table, and grabbed a foil packet from the drawer, ripping it open with his teeth. With ease, he slid the content from the packet on and positioned himself above you.

“You want me to fuck you (Y/N)?”

“Oh come on Tom,” you whined, “yes I want you to, please.”

“Please what (Y/N)? What do you want me to do?” he taunted, sliding his length up and down your slit, then pressed it against your now extremely sensitive nub.

“Fuck me Tom.” Following your demand, he slowly guided himself inside of you. A whimper escaped your mouth at the action, getting adjusted to him. Your eyes rolled back as he rocked himself back and forth inside of you, hitting it deep and slow with each thrust.

While your tongues battled with one another, Tom’s free hand found its way to your breast, grabbing it with his hand. Using his mouth he soon found his way to your nipple, flicking at it with his tongue and toyed at it with his thumb every so often causing you to arch your back.

The sensation of him filling you along with playing with your breast had you nearly seeing white. While one of his hands rested on your hip to steady himself and the other on your breast, he soon dropped his hand from playing with your breast to the headboard to steady himself even more.

Tom’s thrusts started to increase in pace. His lower stomach hit at your clit as he thrusted himself forward, urging you to come even earlier than you expected. The burning sensation in the pit of your stomach grew larger and larger until Tom gave you a couple deep, fast thrusts sending you completely over the edge.

Sliding himself out of you, Tom discarded the condom and stood up beside the side of his bed with his hands wrapped around his length.

“Make me cum (Y/N),” he panted, pumping himself, “please.”

“Please what?” you mocked, “you want me to make you cum?”

After politely saying yes, you kneeled on the edge of the bed, replacing his hands with your hands around his cock.

“So hard,” you remarked, lips curving upwards into a smirk. Rolling the pad of your thumb across his tip with your right hand, you slowly licked your way up his shaft maintaining eye contact with him. A low groan escaped his pursed lips along with your named muttered under his breath.

After skillfully working your hands and mouth, you soon felt him spasming signalling his orgasm, as he released himself all of your hands and chest.

“You’re the greatest,” he said, out of breath. “I know.” You confidently said, then pressed a kiss to his cheek. Soon after the two of you freshened up, you made your way back to the kitchen.

“Was that better than breakfast?” you chuckled.

“Was what?” he asked, clueless. Raising an eyebrow at him, you looked at him hoping he’d get what you were referring to.

“OH - that. Is that even a question?” he smirked, “breakfast is for losers. I’d skip it everyday for this instead.”

“Ok there Tom,” you started, “you’re crazy. Maybe next time you decide to go back to sleep after you wake up, you should think about the possibilities of the things we could be doing instead of sleeping.”

“Well, in that case, I’m gonna be pulling all nighters everyday, every night.”

Good morning!!

good afternoon or good evening??

well whichever it is hello to all of you wonderful people!!

i’m just making this post to make some few announcements???? well i think they’re announcements…

well first off i would like to tHANK ALL OF YOU BECAUSE OH MY GOSH YOU ARE ALL SO NICE??? AND ALL THESE LOVELY MESSAGES MAKE ME WANT TO CRY OUT OF PURE HAPPINESS!!!!!! i am so so happy and am still in disbelief that a lot of you actually like my au??? how????? i am beyond overwhelmed my goodness you guys I LOVE YOU ALL!! and what really hits me in the honey-nut-feelios is when you guys say that my work inspired you??????? and that just– let me just roll over the puddle of tears i created pls 

and second!! i would like to apologize because i really wanted to post a comic for you guys today because i feel so loved and i just wanted to do something for you but it’s not finished yet and i left my pen tablet at home when we moved to our dorm and dudes i am so sad to inform you that i would probably get it done by the weekend??? i cry.

 so for the meantime i’m going to answer the asks i have left to pile up and i would like to apologize for that as well ;; ;; that was rude of me……………. i’m just going to make an faq page so all of you can see your questions answered in one go!! (because there are a lot of common questions???) so i might close my askbox again soon hahaha 

and lastly i would like to inform you that classes are starting and i might not update as much as i used to ;;; ;;;  

so once again thank you so so much to all of you!! you are all lovely people and i want to hug each and every one of you!!!💛  


“In the morning,” she said firmly, “you go.” A responsive beep acknowledged her decision. “Fine, you’re welcome.” Another beeping, which made her laugh. “Yes, there’s a lot of sand here. Beebee- Ate? Okay. Hello, Beebee-Ate. My name is Rey. No, just Rey.” Still more beeping, and her smile disappeared. “Look, you’re not going to talk all night, are you? Because that won’t work. You know how humans recharge. We don’t plug in: We sleep.” A second acknowledging squeal. “Good. Keep that in mind and we’ll get along ’til morning. Quietly.” A single beep left hanging in the dry desert air, they disappeared behind the dune. - Star Wars: The Force Awakens novelization.

If you stay with me, I promise I will make every second count. If you stay with me, I will make you breakfast in bed, I will warm your towels before you get out of the shower, I will bake you your favorite desserts. If you stay with me, I will give you massages every night before bed, give you random kisses, and play your favorite video games with you all night long. If you stay with me I will listen to you talk about how horrible your day was after you come home from work, I will always come to the door to give you a hug and kiss hello, I will always be there for you. If you stay with me I will learn how to tie a tie so every Saturday morning I can tie yours up and give you a kiss, I will iron your shirts and make you chicken soup when your feeling sick. If you stay with me I will take you to places we’ve never been, show you parts of me that nobody has ever seen and seranade you with our favorite songs. If you stay with me I will take pictures of you constantly and put them on social media for the whole world to see. I will show you my favorite songs and listen to yours too. If you stay with me I will cuddle you tight on nights when your falling apart. I will spoil you and buy you the best brands you could imagine. I will hold your hand at every concert and music festival we go to. If you stay with me, I will spot you at the gym and scare off all the girls who walk by. I will talk about you with galaxies in my eyes. I will make all my friends jealous because of how amazing you are to me. If you stay with me I will make midnight runs to tacobell and rent a movie from a redbox machine on the nights you can’t fall asleep. I will light candles around the house and we will dance to slow music on our anniversary. If you stay with me I will book hotels along side the ocean for last minute rendezvous. I will chase you down the beach with a water gun and some water balloons. I will set up a bunch of blankets and pillows in the back of your truck so we can lay in there one night and stargaze. If you stay with me, I will find our favorite spot in the city to watch the sun go down. I will plan roadtrips to the mountains where we can snuggle and camp out by the bonfire. I will listen endlessly to you talk about all the things that make you happy. I will stare at you like you are made of gold. If you stay with me I will fill the house with helium balloons and your favorite things on your birthday. I will give you goodmorning and goodnight kisses. I will teach you how to smile through everything. If you stay with me I will calm your anger and kiss you hard when you’re upset about something. I will make you look in my eyes and tell you that we will get through this together. I will hug you untill I can put your heart back together. If you stay with me I will watch your basketball games and route for you from the side lines. I will practice with you and fill your water bottle for you. I will take you out for icecream after all your games and tell you how sexy you looked. If you stay with me I will prove to you that monster energy drinks actually taste like blended up green candies. I will take you through every little shop in the city so we can share all those memories. I will take you to unknown cafes and we will eat the craziest things. If you stay with me I will never go a day without telling you how much I love you. If you stay with me baby … I will make your wildest dreams come true.
—  She’s in love

anonymous asked:

hi eleanor! i was reading your tags on the post of even touching isaks face and you mentioned how you have your own opinions of why they chose to show even always touching isaks face and isak just touching evens shoulders/back etc, and i would love for you to share your thoughts, only if you feel like it of course! i hope youre having a wonderful morning/day/night โค๏ธ

hello my darling! how glad I am to find you in my inbox. and I always feel like sharing, don’t you worry! but I think it is so sweet of you to care like that. honestly, all of you are always so nice to me and I hope you know that I do so appreciate it, I really do!

in my opinion it has to do with the fact that Isak is very much coming to terms with his sexuality whereas Even is more coming to terms with the fact that he is with Isak now. after what must have been at least a year but is probably more like years, Isak is finally allowing himself to not only want a boy but also to actively pursue him. and I can only imagine what that must feel like. to dream and want and wish for something so long and then finally getting it after denying it yourself for so long. I know it is easy for this to become a cliche and it kind of is, I guess, but the fact remains that kissing a girl is completely different from kissing a boy and I can imagine Isak relishing in that. relishing in the fact that he is touching boy shoulders and a boy back and boy arms and a boy butt and wanting more of it, taking his time with it because he has denied it himself for so long. he’s not only with Even, he’s also with A Boy, you know, and that can’t be anything but a huge milestone for him that shows itself in the way Isak physically is with Even as well.

Even, on the other hand is already long past that, I feel like. he’s not thinking of boys versus girls or whatever, he’s thinking about Isak and getting to have him. so you can imagine him kind of touching Isak’s face and touching his hair and thinking of him more in terms of, ‘I get to be with Isak now!’ and less in terms of, ‘here I am with a boy’, like Isak does, in my opinion. also, I feel like Even’s very aware of how big of a deal this is to Isak, how big of a deal he is to him, and to me, the fact that Even quite often grabs Isak’s face, for example, touches his hair, the nape of his neck, his cheeks, is also a kind of a grounding idea, like ‘halla baby, don’t freak out, I’m here, the world is still turning, no worries’ because that kind of comfort is what Isak often needs from Even and Even realizes this.

I work the overnight shift. Understandably, I’m tired by the time the openers start showing up. And they all got a good night’s sleep.

“Good morning!” -grumbled hello- “What’s wrong?” -twitch-

“How are you?!” Tired. “That’s what you always say!” Gee I wonder why.

Just… please. It is too early in the morning and too late in my shift for your cheeriness.

Hello! This is part of @studyquill ‘s 30 days of summer challenge. 

xiii. establish a morning routine

I am definitely an early riser, I wake up at 5:30 am on school days and at 6:30 am during summer/weekends. However, I wasn’t always like that, I am a former night owl, so here is some advice in order to become an early riser: 

  • Be aware of how it benefits you. Being an early riser has lots of pros! We all know sleeping is awesome but when you wake up early you will notice that you have so much time to do loads of things!
  • There is no need to be super productive. Waking up early doesn’t mean you have to start working inmediatly! Most of the time, I use my extra morning hours to read and blog and that way I don’t get distracted with those things throughout the rest of the day.
  • Also, no need to go to bed really early. Of course, I am not saying you should stay awake until 2am and wake up at 6am but also don’t go to bed at 7pm! No limit is good. Discover your sleep patterns (there are some good apps for that) and you will know exactly how much time you should sleep each night. There is no reason to sleep the same amount of time every single night, consider your mood and tiredness! 
  • Establish a morning routine and follow it. I have a morning routine which includes the amount of time I should take for each thing on my list. If I don’t wake up early, I know I won’t be able to follow my morning routine and my day will be a mess. 
  • Try not using an alarm. Sure, at the beginning it will be necessary but eventually your body will adjust to your schedule and you will wake up without the need of an alarm. It is better not to use one because your body will wake when it is ready and your sleep won’t be abruptly interrupted.
  • Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up. It sounds cliché, I know, but it is real!! It will make you actually enjoy mornings instead of hating them with passion. 
  • Don’t change your current routine abruptly. Everything I have said is a process. Your body will hate you if you change everything on one day! Do it continously and start out slowly. 
  • Weird extra tip: Get some light-coloured curtains if you have windows in your room! It will let sunlight in and, believe me, you will want to wake up. 
fake text master-list/requests

Hello!! So I haven’t done texts in forever but I want to try them again so i’m opening up requests! I would love it if you guys sent in some requests here! ^.^ 

You can request for BTS, Got7, Infinite and B.A.P.
You can request for all members, some members, or ships! 

Some that I’ve done are:

All - #1 Bedtime Struggles
All - #2 When they break something of yours
All - #3 How they ask you out
All - #4 When you steal their hoodie
Yoonmin - Happy Birthday Jiminnie!
All - #5 Bad pick up lines
All - #6 Good morning texts
All - #7 First day wishes

2jae - When Jb can’t sleep
2jae - When Youngjae doesn’t appear for practice

Woogyu - #1 Gullible Namu vs. Bully Gyu
Woogyu - #2 I miss you the mostest

Worth the Wait; Sherlock x Reader

Requested by Anon: hello I was wondering if maybe you could write a Sherlock x reader rough smut? maybe theyโ€™ve liked each other for a long time and reader walks into the kitchen one morning in just and t-shirt and Sherlock is there and he gets all horny? (with consent of course!) thank you :)

Got a lot of requests right now so be wary of that when considering how long your requests might take!

You tiredly opened your eyes wiping the remaining bits of sleep away before climbing out of bed. Goose-bumps prickled your thigh and you looked down at your outfit, remembering you went to bed in one of Sherlockโ€™s dress shirts. Not caring how you looked, you walked out into Baker Streetโ€™s living room.

โ€œMorning Sherlock,โ€ you greeted walking to the kitchen to brew some tea.

โ€œMhmmm,โ€ Sherlock mumbled in return, not looking up from his newspaper.

โ€œDo you want some tea?โ€

โ€œWhat?โ€ he asked, finally looking up at you in only his shirt.

โ€œDo you want some tea,โ€ you reiterated, standing in front of him.

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Here’s a link to our #AnswerTime session!

- Fri, Sept. 4th @ 10:30 AM PST/1:30 PM ET!!
- Fill our Ask Box with questions for us to answer - we’ll get to as many as we can on Friday!
- We wanna chat with you all! Have questions about Good Mythical Morning? Ear Biscuits? Us? Miniature horses? Cereal? We’ve got answers we wanna give you. 

COOL! See you here on Friday! Can’t wait!

asking-tokyo-ghoul  asked:

Hi jumin, how are you feeling this morning? (I think it's morning there for you) I hope you're doing a little better. I know you're all struggling right now so I wish you all the best and want you to know that my thoughts are with you, all of you. I hope you got some rest and have been taking care of yourself and that saeran's doing better. -Dee

Hello, Dee. Saeran has returned and everything is starting to settle down now. We will…need to regroup and touch base as the RFA at some point soon to see how we stand in that regard and with everyone else. This has certainly been a trial.

Yes, today is my rest day. I plan to enjoy it.

like a butterfly~ pt.3

| all parts up to date |

(gif credit)

- Unspoken Words -


โ€œHey, my friend.โ€ Itโ€™s Joon.

โ€œWow, how long has it been since I last heard from you?โ€

He chuckles on the other line. โ€œSorry, that Iโ€™ve been neglecting my two favorite girls.โ€

โ€œHey, I donโ€™t mind, you should worry about Lee.โ€ I pull the coat tighter around me, the early morning breeze making me shiver. โ€œSo, whatโ€™s up why did you call?โ€

โ€œI need to ask you to do something for me.โ€

โ€œI have a feeling itโ€™s for Lee.โ€

I hear him chuckling. โ€œYou know me too well.โ€

The next few minutes, Joon proceeds to explain his plan to me and my part. โ€œSo romantic.โ€ I gush when he finishes.

โ€œYeah, yeah. Just make sure youโ€™re on time.โ€

โ€œHave I ever not been?โ€ At the entrance to the parking lot I spot the person I was meeting up with and wave in their direction. โ€œHey, I have to go now.โ€

โ€œAlright, ________, see you.โ€ Finishing the call, I slip my phone into my pocket and walk over to Jieunโ€™s brother.
โ€œAs we make our way in, I can see all the fans waiting outside for their idols. "Wow, there are a lot of people here today.โ€

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Thank You Uncle Bobby

Imagine you are Sam and Dean’s younger sister (six years old) you are sick and Bobby is the one taking care of you.

“Hello darlin’” Bobby greets you as you enter the kitchen, your teddy tightly under your arm.

The second you are lose to the man, you sit on his lap and burry your head in the crock of his shoulder. Instantly, Bobby feels something isn’t right. First of all, in the morning you would wake up and ask for food, and also you aren’t the one who will search for a hug like this one.

“You look hot, darlin’” Bobby said pushing you away gently and puts a hand on your forehead “ahh, that doesn’t look good. How ya feelin’?”

“I don’t feel good Uncle Bobby” you answered in a small weak and tired voice.

“I see that. I’ll make you something to eat, you can lay down on the couch and watch some TV”.

“Okay” you answered jumping off of his lap and walk to the living room.

Bobby can’t help it but smile, you look so cute when you make those big eyes. Since the day he met you when you weren’t even a year old, you never left him, you loved Uncle Bobby the second you met him.

“Here you go” Bobby said handing you a peanut butter sandwich “eat that up”.

“S’not hungry” you mumbled rubbing your eyes.

“I know, but you need to eat something, you won’t be better if ya don’t eat”.

“Can I eat half?” You tried to deal.

“Yeah, you can watch a movie if you want”.

“Will you watch it with me?” You asked.

“I can’t, I got work to do I’ll be just there at my desk”.

“Okay” you nodded “thank you Uncle Bobby”.

Bobby smiles and ruffles your hair as you start eating. He puts on a movie, the one he knows you love to watch: Ariel.

Bobby looks up from his book, rubbing his tired face and glances at the time.


He look at you, sleeping peacefully on the couch. Bobby had given you some food and gave you some kid’s medicine to help you get better and put on a whole bunch of Disney movies.

“Let’s get you to bed, darlin’” Bobby whispered as he lifts you up in his arms.

He doesn’t forget to grab your Teddy and takes you upstairs to your room.

“Good night” he stares at you and smiles “if only Karen could see me”.