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“JM: Hello my hometown! HS: Please say something. JM: Yes, for us, me and Jungkook, to be able to sing and perform in our hometown in a long time is an honor… [T/N: inaudible]. Even though it’s been a while since we’ve come (to Busan), [in satoori] the sound is just (amazing)~ JH: Jimin-ssi, you are going to use satoori right? This atmosphere [T/N: inaudible]. Please say something, Jimin-ssi. JM: [in satoori] This (atmosphere) is totally awesome [T/N: 살아있네 is Busan dialect for like awesome/great, but it lit. means alive]. HS: WOOO~ Wow!”
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Elton Lake, Volgograd Oblast, Russia

My wonderful homeland ♥

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[유진] 부산아 안녕~ 난 널참 좋아해♥ 우리 팅커벨도 조심히 가장!! #유진 #크나큰 #knk #youjin #광안대교 #앞에서 #부산아 #안녕 #또 #올께 #내 #고향 #♥

Busan-a hello~ I like you alot♥ Our Tinkerbell, head home safely!! #youjin #knk #diamondbridge #infrontofme #busan #hello #illgohereagain #my #hometown #♥

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“You Saved Me Too” (I.M Fanfic) Pt.7

Chapters: 1   2   3   4   5  

Genre: Angst/Drama/Romance/Slight Smut

Changkyun x Reader

Recap: With Changkyun’s secret life uncovered, now you had to figure out where you two would go from here.

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   “Mrs.____?!” your scared expression faded into a surprised one. There was your neighbor Mrs.___ standing there towering now over the man that was once towering over you moments ago. She stood with her arms upright ever her head,a steel pan in her hands, a look of shock across her face.

   “Oh my goodness…” she huffed lowering her arms slowly down by her side. “I cannot believe I just did that.” she was in a daze for a moment before looking over at you snapping back into reality. “Oh! Y/N! Are you okay?!” throwing the pan to the side she then rushed over to you.

  “I’m okay,” you said lowly then shifted upwards and crawled over to Changkyun who was now laying on his side. “Changkyun!? Are you okay?!” you huffed out holding a hand to his face.

   “Y/N, I’m alright as long as you are.” he gave you another smile before groaning out and holding his side. 

   “You need a doctor! You’re hurt!” you frowned biting your lower lip trying to keep yourself from crying again.

   “Nah,I’ll be okay, are you okay?” he lifted and eyebrow in your direction.

   “Of course thanks to you!” you spoke a little too loud, “But you’re the one who’s hurt!”

   “She’s right,” Mrs.___ spoke kneeling down beside you both. “We need to get you to a hospital.” 

   You looked back over to the man who laid knocked out cold, then back towards Mrs.__. “How did you know that any of this was going on?” you peered over at Mrs.___ who was tugging at Changkyun’s are,pulling him up to his feet. 

   “I had heard the screaming and commotion, I feel ashamed because I didn’t come sooner” she looked down for a brief second, “Then I decided,along with the help of a few other people from the neighborhood to come out and help fight,” This time she smiled and gestured over to a few older men who had gathered around the other two accomplices from the beginning, holding them still by arms so they couldn’t break free.

  “Yeah!” One man chimed in, “We’ve been seeing these guys come and steal things of ours and destroy our property whenever they felt like it and we got sick of it!

  “We couldn’t let you kids take all the heat! “ another man exclaimed, “We’re sorry he didn’t come sooner,but this guy is the real hero,” he smiled gesturing towards Changkyun. “He took down these two right here, then stood his ground to protect his woman, If that’s not a real man, I don’t know what is.”

   You smiled a what the men had said, feeling happy that because of his actions right now, he was being praised. “No ,please don’t apologize, we just thank you for helping us,”you shook your head.

   “Well you got yourself a good boyfriend, Miss.” he said gesturing over towards Changkyun was now sat up slowly,still holding his side to his response.

   “Boyfriend huh?” Changkyun looked over at you,raising an eyebrow with a plastered smirk across his face. “I like the sound of that,”

   At his response you couldn’t help but blush profusely and bat your lashes. Of course you had given him the title hours earlier,and you both exchanged ‘I love yous’ but you didn’t think he would approve of such things.

   You shook you head,also shaking off his suggestive stare and pulled yourself to your feet firmly. “Uhm…we have to get you to the hospital,” you said brushing yourself off. “What’s going to happen to them?” you looked back over to the small crowd that had formed.

   “Don’t worry, we called the police and informed them about what had went down,they should be here soon”

   You couldn’t help but finally sigh a sigh of relief and smile over at Changkyun who smiled over at you before two of the younger men stood side by side of him,letting him lean on them.

   “We will get him to the nearest hospital to get checked out, he could’ve broken something.” One of them spoke, “I said I’m fine,” Changkyun said sternly then looked over at you with sad eyes, “I don’t want to go anywhere without Y/N I’m not going to leave her here alone.”

   “Changkyun, She will be fine here with us.” Mrs.___ spoke calmly, “The faster that you go the faster that you can come back to her, I need to help her with everything here and her house, she’s in good hands.”

   You then snapped up,realizing that your house had burned. Turning around you stared at the charred house which sat on the street corner silently, then yo turned back at Changkyun giving him a reassuring smile.

   “I’ll be okay, I promise, but you need to go and get yourself checked out or I will worried too much,” 

   He slowly nodded at your response and sighed heavily before walking away with the men. 

   You could feel your chest tighten up, and that sphere in your throat reappear as all the emotions that you locked away during the whole time everything was going on, came flooding back to you. Although you didn’t want him to leave, you knew that he needed the medical attention. So many emotions were spinning around inside of you. The attack, your house, Changkyun. Nothing was clear to you, the one thing that was,was that you had hoped to all your might, that you would be able to see him again.

   “Are these the men?” three police cars pulled up down the road where you were standing in the middle of the street. Police officers took the to of the men into the car.

   The last man glared at you, his face was bloody and mangled, he spit some blood onto the to ground, before getting in the car, he stopped feet away from you and said in a low and ice cold tone, “I’ll be out soon enough, and be sure to pay you and your little boyfriend a visit,” he let out a cunning laugh before getting into the car.

   You shivered at his words and tensed up your body, “Don’t worry mam’ , these men are going to be going away fro a long time,” the police officer reassured you, “We’ve been trying to help the next district over in catching these guys, they are bad men.”

   You nodded as he gestured his head over to your house, “That’s your place I’m assuming?” you looked over and nodded slowly, “Yeah…”

   “Is there anyother place you can stay or can live for the time being?”

    “Home.” you sighed.

   You rested your head against the cool pillow as the a/c from the living room blew onto your hot face. Closing your eyes you thought back to the previous events.

   Mrs.___ let you stay at her place for the time being, until tomorrow morning. She told you that you could take her room but you protested saying she had already done so much for you already, and told her that you would sleep on her sofa that night. 

   You tossed and turned, reaching over and dug into the side pocket of your jacket,searching for your phone.

   Finally finding it, you turned on the homescreen revealing the bolded 7:56 p.m that shone in your face.

   You couldn’t believe you had lost track of time and it was already this late, but then again after everyone dispersed, you and Mrs.___ rummaged through the bits and pieces of your house trying to find anything salvageable in all the rubble, which included a bag and some clothes here and there along with a few pieces of jewelry. 

   Sighing softly, you rested your phone back into you pocket , then laid back sinking into the couch cushions. 

   Tomorrow was the day you would say goodbye to Korea, and Hello to your hometown.

   You had gotten ahold of the school where you worked at and the landlord trying to figure out your next move, but all they said was it was best to go home. The people who you worked with said they could transfer you somewhere else,but for the time being you would just have to wait things out until they could find something else for you, and your landlord said that there as no way the house could be saved. They would have to tear it down and put something new in place of it’s foundation. 

   So that night you called your parents, telling them that you would be coming home sooner than expected, you just couldn’t tell them that you you had a run in with the Yakuza and that is why you had to cut things short, you didn’t want to put that kind of worry on them. Although everyone was ecstatic to see you after so long, you couldnt help but feel a sense of sadness.

   You would miss everything here; Mrs.___, whom was always so kind and funny. The children, who were the apple of your eye, they always seemed to make each day brighter.

   And Changkyun…

   The thought of him made your stomach do somersaults. You waited for hours for a call or something from him.

   You were worried, but deep down inside of you, you wanted to hear his voice. It made you feel selfish but you were most comforted whenever you heard his calming and raspy voice.

   Your heart ached as tears welled up in your eyes. 

   The one thing that scared you the most was not seeing him again. You couldn’t stand the thought of it. You realized that you wanted to be by him every minute. 

   The tears from your eyes, spilled down your face as you started to sob quietly cupping your hands over your face.

   That night, for the first time in a long time, you cried yourself to sleep.

   When you woke up the next morning, you checked your phone to reveal that you had no missed calls or text messages.

  You started out your day with going to the schoolhouse. Saying goodbye to all the children, being entangled in hugs, and sobs of departure from both you and them. 

  Lastly, you made your way back to Mrs.___, where you picked up the last of your belongings before heading to the airport.

   “So are you sure you’re friend will be okay with taking me to the airport, I promise I will pay him back,” you said as your slung your bag over your arm.

   “Of course, of course! Don’t you worry about paying him back either, you just get there safely you hear?” she smiled patting down your a lose hair of yours.

   You smiled at her then sighed. “I guess I should get going then,thank you for everything again Mrs.___” 

  “You’re not going to wait for Chagkyun? Or did you already say your goodbye?” she asked suddenly.

   “Oh uhmm…” your voice trailed off,as it became quiet. “I haven’t heard back from him yet, and I’m sure he doesn’t want to, I mean if it wasn’t for me he wouldn’t have gone to the hospital.” You frowned, “I think it’s better I leave without saying anything..”

   She shook her head, “It’s not your fault, that boy cares for yo-”

   But you cut he off before she could finish because the words just stung you. “Can you just tell him I said bye? If you see hi, and tell him I said Thank you for everything too.”

    You gave a half smile as you turned around and started walking down the steps down the porch, but was cut off halfway down the walkway. 

   “Y/N!” Mrs.___ voice made you come to a stop,making you turn around.

    “Yes?” you blinked in confusion her way.

    “Make sure that if ever you are in town, to come by and visit me,” She gave you a warm smile.

    Gripping the strap to your bag, you nodded slowly, and returned the smile. “Of course,” 

   You sighed, this time happily as you made your way to the car that was parked there at the front of the house. The man from the night before, opened your door with a smile as you climbed in, as you gave one last look to the neighborhood that you grew to love.

   The ride to the airport seemed to drag on forever. You would frantically stare at your phone, hoping that maybe you would get a call from Changkyun, but to no avail you just frowned once you got to the airport.

   You felt your knees shaking and your head pound as the man parked in front of the entrance way and you opened the door to get out. “Thank you,” you said before making your way towards the doors.

   As the cool air from the inside greeted you, you felt yourself shiver as your pulled at your dress, trying to cover more of your bareskin.

   After sometime of being in a daze of receiving your ticket, you sat down waiting for your flight to be called, as you tried to catch yourself.

   So many people passed by,just making your head spin more and more.

   You couldnt take anymore and decided to go over and buy yourself a bottle of water to try and calm yourself down.

  Your legs became heavier as you stood up, and you felt your face become hot along with your body as your vision became blurred, while your heart pounded loudly in your ears. You felt as if you were going to pass out.

   Suddenly a pair of arms wrapped around your body as you felt yourself slipping. Your heart skipped a beat when you looked up as saw Changkyun starring down at your scared face.

   “Dammit…” he growled softly. “You make me so,ugh….” he shook his head.

    You tensed up and made a sour face,” What did I do?!” you said defensivly,pushing your hands out against him trying to push yourself from him. You thought back to the last hours and huffed. “I would’ve said goodbye, but I didn’t know what hospital you were at or anythi-”

   “You left without me…” he cut you off,this time speaking in a softer tone than before.

   Your shoulders dropped as you eased your body and stared at him for a moment, your expression full of surprise.

   “What…” you started but he held onto your tighter,pulling your into his arms.

    “Ever since I found you, I never wanted to let you go…I know I sound selfish right now, but I want you ,every inch of you.” he clenched his eyes shut, as he poured himself out to you. “I love you, Y/N” 

    You could feel your face become flustered as you felt shy by his words. 

    “I know it may seem weird at first, because we still don’t know everything about eachother, and I know my past is something to frown upon, but I want to be with you every second of the rest of my life,” 

    His words tugged at each strong of your heart. 

    You closed your eyes and sighed as tears streamed down your eyes. It seemed as time has stopped around you, as you both stood there embracing eachother as people around you seemed to move in slow motion.

    “Would you be mine Y/N?” he whispered. 

    You paused for a second and nodded, “I was yours from day one,” you smiled nodding as your cried tears of happiness and relief.

    He choked out a small laugh before squeezing you tighter.

    After linger in eachother for a moment, you both sat down on the benches and smiled at eachother, then laughed at the same time.

    “And don’t worry I’m sure you parents will love a stud like me,” he chuckled wriggling his eyebrows.

    You blinked and raised an eyebrow in confusion. “First off, how did you know that I was going back home? And second who agreed you were coming along?” you giggled shaking your head.

    “I’m going whereever you are, my home is with you,” He lifted up his hand and you peered over to it as you noticed a similar ticket to yours etched between two of his fingers, a grin upon his face. “And Mrs.___, told me everything, I went by to go see how you were doing, and she told me you had left, I’ll be honest I lost it,” he shook his head, his expression becoming serious as he spoke, “I thought you already left, I was so desperate, I was so scared that you had left Korea already so I decided to sell my bike for money to get a ticket,since I didn’t have any money on me,” he waved it around before stuffing it back in his pocket.

    “You sold your bike?I thought that was the only thing that you had?” you shook your head in awe. 

     “Yeah,but it was a terrible reminder of my life back then,” he sighed slumping back into his seat and leaned his head back looking upwards, “The money I stole , I used on that bike an other dumb things, and in the end people were killed because of it.”

    “Including your girlfriend right…?” you trailed off.

    “Yeah, but I knew her true intentions,just like they said she would check up on me and report my every move, I knew it but was dumb and didn’t know what real love was,” he then looked over to you and smiled, “But now I do,”

    Your heart skipped another beat hearing him say that,all you could do was smile.

    You rested your hand in his and took a deep breath, giving him a bigger grin. “I’m really glad that I meet you Changkyun, thank you for saving me,”

    He gripped your hand tighter as you intertwined your fingers with his, “No, Y/N, you saved me too.”

Well Guys ! Thats the end! If you guys liked this series so much I might just be coming out with  second season! Anyways Thank you for everyone who showed this fanfic so much love and support !

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marylily2-deactivated20170114  asked:

Top 10 favourite all time Arthur episodes and why? :)

not in any particular order.. (psst! links to the episodes are provided)

1. Arthur’s Almost Live Not Real Music Festival

Because it’s a classic and when I’m bored in lecture, I end up subconsciously replaying the episode in my head.

2. Arthur’s Baby/D.W.’s Baby 

This episode might or might not have been the start of 7 year old me nagging my parents to make me a little brother or sister…it worked btdubs.

3. The Ballad Of Buster Baxter

3 words: The singing moose.

4. How the Cookie Crumbles

I’ve always wanted to make cookies shaped like Arthur.

5. You are Arthur

The first time I watched this episode, I actually thought I was Arthur…and the second, third, and fourth time.

6. D.W. Tale Spins

Saved my butt all through 7th grade English class

7.Buster Baxter and the Letter From the Sea

Cause if you’re itchin for the waves, the only lotion is the ocean.

8. Muffy and the Big Bad Blog

Tumblr in one episode annnnd Mr. Ratburn is the star of this episode

9. D.W. Goes to Washington

Hello? Hometown! Plus I recently re-watched this episode and at the top of the Monument D.W. goes “we were down there looking up here and now we’re up here looking down there…what’s the point?” aka my pick-up line/story when I talk to cute guys. (So far, it hasn’t worked…)

10. Muffy Goes Metropolitan



Adele singing Hometown Glory, last night at the Radio City Music Hall, in tribute to Paris