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Attending the “Doctor Strange” premiere, and having dinner afterwards with your friend, Benedict Cumberbatch, where you meet Tom. Ben sees the instant click between you, and tells a bunch of impressive stories about his friend, trying to make him look good so you’ll accept to go on a date with him.

Scottish Pleasure

Happy Friday ladies. feel free to be rude have a glass of wine or a coffee or tea and hopefully enjoy.

Authos Ladyoftheteaandblood

Tiny happy smutty oneshot.

Tom and Conny

“Hey sexy lady!” he said as he grabbed me and wound those long arms round me in a tight warm hug.

 “Fancy going as my plus one to a wedding in two months in Bonnie Scotland?”

“I will check my diary and if Mr Depp says he doesn’t want me, I’ll be all yours” the swipe across my butt made me giggle but the crushing hug and snog that came after made me gasp.

“Who’s by the way?” I asked, when I came up for air.

“Oh Cousin James and its full dress so I’ll have to dust my kilt off” my ears pricked up and a warm glow of OMG hit my stomach.

“You will ALL be wearing kilts?” I asked with a hopeful gleam in my eye.

“Oh yes and the way they should be” I gulped heavily and my warm glow travelled down quite a bit.

“Care to show me the kilt now?” I said as nonchalantly as I could manage.

“Can’t it’s still at Mums, I’ll get her to send it” and with that he wandered off to write emails, and sort important star stuff out with Luke on the phone. BUGGER!

Three weeks later I got back from a shopping trip with his sister to hear him crashing around in the bedroom.

“Hey what you doing up there?” For a slim guy he could make more noise than a herd of cattle.

“Um, Ehehehehehe, Nothing I’ll be down in a moment”

The moment was half hour long but I didn’t hold that against him when my prince came down the stairs in full Scottish dress.

Be still my beating heart, holy shit that guy could rock a kilt. Well almost, he does have rather skinny ankles, but no one is perfect.

“Well what do you think?” he asked sort of shyly.

“If the wind blows I’m gonna have one HELL of a day that’s what I think!” He came up to me and I got my hello Hiddles hug. I hugged him back and let my hands roam over his pert, tight, peach like butt now clad in tartan.

The white shirt on his broad torso with the dark blue velvet jacket, complete with shiny square silver buttons, was a sight to see. And I could not wait to get my hands on his furry sporran but then what girl wouldn’t want too.

OK the white socks and the brogues on his slim runner’s ankles may not have been as sexy. I didn’t care the rest more than made up for it. Trust me!

“Hey you keep your hands off my Dirk” he laughed

“Why good Sir I haven’t gone as low as that yet but give me time……”

Taking my hand we ran back up the stairs to the bedroom, time to see what was really under that Kilt.

As ever he tried to take control, kissing me deeply he now got to run his hands over me. Somehow I think today was more in my favour, I was just wearing jeans and t shirt with everyday undies and he was hot as hell.

I decided enough was enough and dropped to my knees, it was just a simple matter of running a hand up one of those lovely legs and finding treasure, and boy was there treasure to find. In fact by the time I had cruelly rubbed the inside of his thigh and then chased my hand with my tongue, the treasure was standing proud and the kilt no longer hung the way it should.

My head went under properly and my mouth found its target. I started kissing the length from base to tip and running my tongue around the hot head. Hearing him gasp and moan just egged me on and I took him in my mouth fully and enjoyed the feeling of his velvet firm cock twitching as I teased and gently sucked him. The breath got faster and I sucked harder and with more gusto, until the hands came down and pulled me to my feet.

Laying me back  onto the bed he removed my jeans and panties with amazing speed, spread my legs and got his desert with me bucking  underneath him as he eat me. Pushing his tongue deep within me and then licking till my body and I yelled in pure pleasure as I came hard, hands dragging at his hair for him to come and Fuck me. The kilt was now round his waist as he thrust hard. The feeling of him all around and now filling me drove us both on, and the Scottish reel he danced had plenty of jig to it, in no time at all he was joining me in coming hard and telling the world about it.  

Snuggled side by side with really silly grins on our faces I looked up at him. He still had on all the gear, including the brogues and white socks; it all looked somewhat dishevelled now

“Hey do I have to do that for all the guys in Kilts at this wedding?”

My bare butt felt his hand make contact and I squealed.

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#fff Stumbling Home

Tom leaves a awards party and wanders off by himself drunk

Author ladyoftheteaandblood


“You have one new message” the phone kindly told a very tired Luke who was trying to pack up at the end of an awfully hard day. He pressed the buttons to hear it, expecting it to be Sally PA to Tom to say the evening had gone well and Tom was safely back at home out of fans way.

“Luke, Luke for fuck sake pick up I’ve lost him”

Luke quickly dialled the number. “What do you mean you have lost him?”

“I’m so sorry I had to use the ladies before we left to go home and when I came out he’d wandered off”

“Sally have you tried his phone?”

“Um yes, and he answered but Luke, he is really drunk and just sang a Hank Williams song at me and hung up”

“Oh shit, I’ll go out and start looking for him, you do the same and keep in touch”

Luke hung up the phone and put on his coat. A drunk Tom was a lovely thing but hardly safe on his own in town with fans that could not wait to get hold of him.

Tom had watched Sally go into the loos, the world was shiny and good and he decided that  going home by car would be a shame. So like a character from some cartoon, he tiptoed past the doorman, out of the hotel they’d been in and wandered off in a slightly woozy manner down the road towards the bright lights.

London looked so pretty tonight, in its coat of rain reflecting all the lights and he was in a great mood having won the awarded for “Best Actor” for his role in Coriolanus. Tom stumbled down the road and had a hug of a lamp post that seemed to jump in his way, reciting it a quick bit of Shakespeare.

“Out, Out Brief Candle, Life is but a walking shadow….A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”

The rain started again which seemed the ideal opportunity to copy Gene Kelly by dancing down the street singing in the rain loudly. Not forgetting to jump in every puddle he came across and yelling,

“If music be the food of love, play on” Unfortunately splashing some girl and making her yell.

“Hey you bloody idiot what are you up to?”

“I’m so sorry my darling are you soggy by my hand” eheheheh

“Yes I bloody am and you moron are drunk”

Tom looked a little hurt at this but gave her one of his best smiles, and replied

“Better a witty fool, that a foolish wit” At which point he went to grab a lamp post to swing round, missed and ended up sitting in another puddle looking like a puppy who’d been smacked.

The girl roared with laughter and smiled at him.

“Look at you now you stupid fool, you are so wet and that suit is ruined!,”

“Bugger the suit, let’s go get chips I’m hungry” and getting up somewhat unsteadily to his feet, took the poor girls hand saying

“Some rise by sin, and some by virtues fall” and tottered down the street.

“What the hell do you think you are doing? Let me go”

Tom looked at her almost sadly,

“The lady doth protest too much, me thinks, don’t you won’t chip. Everyone loves chips, don’t they?“

"Not with some drunk I don’t know and who is slurring their words”

He instantly stopped turned to her and introduced himself,

“Hello I’m Tom Hiddle …. Ston and I would love you to be with me and partake of CHIPS” The last word was shouted at the top of his voice making several people turn to look at him.

Someone, recognising the voice and the look, came over,

“Here are you really Tom Hiddleston?”

“Well of course I am” he kindly said with the most charming grin, “Who else could I be? Although I have been many others and a God” many more heads turned as Tom started singing the Bear Necessities, very loudly and somewhat out of tune.

The crowd grew bigger and they were starting to get pushed about, something Tom in his current state couldn’t handle and he ended up on the floor in yet another puddle. Seeing that things were getting out of hand, the girl dragged him up by his feet.

“You bloody idiot George, stop that at once and let’s go home” turning to the assemble group she apologised

“This wreck is not Tom Hiddleston or any other Tom. This prat is my brother, who is very drunk and a half wit. Now let’s get you in a taxi and take you home”

She hailed down the next black cab and opened the door to try to get him in,

“But I am Tom at least I was when I came out, are you sure I’m not?”

“Positive now get in you pain and let’s get you out of here”

The crowd look a little disappointed, some saying how much he looked like the actor, and others now telling everybody he didn’t look like him at all, but they let them go. After all who wanted to see some dick in a tatty wet suit singing Disney songs?

Tom got in the back of the cab, kiss the girl gentle on the lips, looked at her and said

“Thus with a Kiss I die” and kindly fell asleep.

Tom opened his eyes and closed them again very quickly, the pain in his head was like thunder and he felt somewhat nauseous. He couldn’t remember getting home and hoped he’d not upset Sally the PA too much and why was his bed so bloody uncomfortable.

“Oh so you’re awake then?”

Shit who was that, who had he brought home? He opened his eyes and groaned he wasn’t home, but on some strangers sofa. Worst still he couldn’t remember her name or what they had done; this could be the most embarrassing morning ever.

Tom groaned again.

“I have to admitted you have the better of me, I was a little worse for wear last night and to my embarrassment and shame can’t remember your name or what we did”

Tom turned to see a pretty blonde girl standing over him with a cup of what smelt like coffee, laughing like a drain.

“Its OK you were the perfect gent, mainly cos you had passed out and I had to get my brother George to help you in”

“Oh thank god for that” under the blanket he was covered in Tom realised something …

“Who undressed me?”

“Oh me, you should see the selfies I put on Tumblr”


You have one new message

Luke picked his phone up and prayed it was Tom

“Um Luke we may have some damage control to do”

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