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Hello! Do you think Hiccup is clumsy? A lot of fics portray him as such, and his repute in the village certainly suggests so ("Every time you step outside, disaster follows"). On the other hand, it must require some agility to pull off what he does with Toothless (eg. leaping off Toothless and landing at a run during Dragon Racing). What do you think? Thanks!

I want to make the distinction that Hiccup, as a young boy, is physically awkward, but he’s not clumsy.

It is certainly easy to see Hiccup as clumsy, and I believe when I first watched HTTYD I would have agreed with that assessed characteristic. There are multiple instances in which Hiccup appears to have mishaps related to a physical lack of control. However, even when he stumbles backwards and falls in a basket when Stoick visits him in the shop, Hiccup’s not being clumsy (Stoick pushed him in the basket accidentally). The instances in which Hiccup has mishaps arise from two other traits of his: 1). his physical lack of strength as a young teenager, and 2). his impulsive decisions to charge into danger.

To give an example of how Hiccup is not clumsy, one can go to the start of the first movie. When Hiccup is first introduced in the shop with Gobber, he shows Gobber his bolas slinger, which accidentally fires and hits a Viking in the forehead. However, there’s nothing clumsy about it. Hiccup intentionally taps the machine twice on the top, and it just happens to fire. As Hiccup himself explains, it’s a “mild calibration issue.” It’s not clumsiness.

Instances in which Hiccup is physically awkward happen because Hiccup is not strong enough at the time. He has problem picking up an axe and a shield at the same time on his first day of dragon training. That’s not from being clumsy or having butter fingers. That’s because he’s only got so much strength to work with and is trying to find a means of balancing all that weight feasibly. When Hiccup tosses the bucket of water up to douse the Zippleback, it falls short of the head - not because he’s clumsy - but because he didn’t put enough strength into the motion. Astrid and Hiccup have a bit of an awkward encounter during the day that they fight the Deadly Nadder in the ring. But in the midst of a skirmish, there’s plenty of reason to fall down… and Astrid fell down on top of Hiccup. Hiccup couldn’t move because someone else was fumbling awkwardly on top of him. When Hiccup sneaks into Berk with Toothless to undo the saddle strap, Toothless yanks him into the air in front of Astrid - it’s an awkward moment, but it’s not Hiccup who’s at fault for that.

You could perhaps call having the tree branch slapped into his face clumsy. That’s about it.

Hiccup is definitely physically awkward as a young teen. He waves his hands around wildly. He fumbles to hold weapons because they’re a lot of weight for him. He makes many physical mistakes related to not having enough body strength. But that’s strength, not clumsiness.

For as Hiccup gets physically stronger throughout the franchise, those sorts of weird physical baubles disappear. His wild hand waving stays the same, but the other signs of physical awkwardness vanish. Hiccup gains a lot of strength by continuing to work in a smithy, training in weapons, riding Toothless, and going on adventures. Resultantly, we come to see a young man who is not clumsy - on the contrary, he’s pretty physically adroit. If Hiccup were inherently clumsy, he would still be baubling around even once he gains his adult strength. However, young adult Hiccup can very smoothly fight off enemies, jump on and off his dragon, and do a host of action moves that shows he’s actually pretty nimble and dexterous. As you say, Hiccup’s got to have a lot of agility to pull off his stunts. Just watch him in RTTE. He’ll do things like jump down and slide on a knee and pull out a crossbow and take a shot that hits where he intended. Talk about smooth!

Now it is true that Stoick growls, “Every time you step outside, disaster falls.” While that can get an impression of clumsiness, the reason disaster falls around Hiccup is because he makes stupid choices. Hiccup is an impulsive individual who will charge out and Do The Thing even if it is not safe. As a young teenager at the start of HTTYD, we learn that he has been repeatedly going outside during the dragon raids despite being instructed to do the contrary. Hiccup is racing into a dangerous environment that could get him killed. In fact, what happens here is that a Monstrous Nightmare starts chasing Hiccup, causing a lot of destruction, and prompting the chief to race after them to save his son. If Hiccup had stayed safe indoors, Stoick would not have had to clean up after his son and try to save him. Because Hiccup runs into a situation he cannot handle, disaster falls, and his father has to come to the rescue.

Therefore, I feel as though all the situations that might be considered clumsy are better interpreted as Hiccup growing into his strength, and Hiccup charging into situations he should not enter.

So by all means, write in amusing moments where Hiccup has mishaps, especially when he’s young! I would not say they arise from clumsiness, though.

Mericcup Month - Princess Bride AU

To be honest, I didn’t know who to make who. I mean, it makes sense to have Hiccup as a viking/pirate, and Merida as the princess who does not wish to marry a man she does not love, but I reeeaaally wanted Hiccup to say:

“Hello, my name is Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. You killed my father, prepare to die.”

A lil something for jack-frostitutes! Happy belated birthday, gurl! Thanks for being an awesome follower :) I hope you enjoy it!

“Hiccup. Hiccup. Hello, earth to Hiccup!”

He jolted awake, squinting out in the late afternoon sun. He sighed inwardly, realizing where he was. This is it, he thought sardonically. I’ve done the impossible. I’ve actually managed to-

“-You fell asleep while standing up!” Snotlout exclaimed. “Look, buddy, I know you’ve got a wacked up sleep schedule in recent times. But this is a whole new level of insane.” He clapped Hiccup on the shoulder, hard enough to shake the tendrils of tiredness from his too-short vertical nap. He wiggled out of Snotlout’s reach.

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Precious Little Pet (Closed with Lostblondeprincess)

Hiccup pulled into the lot of the vet her worked at. A Vet specializing in Pet People, a race of human/animal hybrids that were the result of an experiment.

He had just walked in the front door when he had been told that there was a new rescue, a catgirl with long blonde hair and no clothes had can in, begging for safety in broken english, and seemed skittish around everyone else, so they asked Hiccup to try and get through to her, he had a way with the hybrids.

He was led down a corridor and to the large cage they were keeping her in. H held out his hand for her to sniff. “Hello, I’m Hiccup, what’s your name?” He asked her.


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