hello hemsworth

Your Fave is Problematic: Thor in Þrymskviða

- gets his hammer stolen by a giant

- agrees to marry the giant to get it back

- while pretending to be his mother

- enlists loki as a bridesmaid

- doesn’t act convincingly feminine e.g. eats an entire ox

- like come on guy

- when he gets his hammer back it’s basically framed as just one big ol’ dick joke

- fucking norse mythology

- for serious look at this nonsense no crackfic can beat the original

hello guys my dash is dead,so reblog if you post the following
bolded ones are the ones i require the most
no nsfw pls(mild is okay but not full blown)

1.marvel(anything related to mcu)
2.x men
3.dan and phil
4.fall out boy
5.captain america and/or bucky
6.sebastian stan
7.eddie redmayne
8.shingeki no kyojin
10.anime(in general)
11.aesthetic stuff(not too much)
12.mild social justice(already follow a lot of them)
14.the flash
16.all the dudes from avenger+scarlett johansson(hot damn)