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Klangst fic request?: Lance has a dairy, and he doesn't want any of the team to know that he does. He used it as a coping mechanism, of having strong homesick feelings. he writes all about how he misses his family, and how he wished he could see them. Some day, Keith ends up secretly reading it, and Lance catches him. Keith didn't know lance felt that sad at times, and instead of being angry he just cries, and cries, and Keith comforts him. (Sorry if thats alot)

Oooohhhh heckle yeah. The langst and klangst give me life (but also kill me???) Hope you like it!!!
It was a journal, dammit. Not a diary, alright? At least, that’s what Lance would tell his siblings. He always carried it around with him, although he never really used it. That was until he was suddenly in space. His mama had given it to him before he went off to the Garrison, but now he wrote in it all the time. It made him feel closer to them in a way. Unlike your typical diary (it’s a JOURNAL!!), Lance wouldn’t write in it everyday or how his day was. No, he would spill out all his emotions and insecurities. He would write when the homesickness became too much to bear, write when he couldn’t ignore the little voice in the back of his telling him he wasn’t good enough. He kept it hidden from the his team; he didn’t want them to see all the pain he was hiding. He didn’t want them to view him as weak. So, he kept it between him and the worn pages.
Keith was in Lance’s room, looking for his jacket that he left the night before. While Keith was looking on his desk, he came a across a slim book with a leather cover. He ran his fingers over it, curiosity overcoming him. He picked it up and quickly recognized Lance’s loopy handwriting. He noted that at the top of every page was a date. “Is this..a diary?” Keith knew he shouldn’t be going through Lance’s things, especially something this personal, but his curiosity got the better of him. He flipped to a random page, one that was dated a few days ago.
*July 20, 2047*
“Hello, good-lookin’! And I mean me, not you journal. Anyways, nothing much happened today. We mainly just trained today. I wasn’t really paying attention though. It was going good at first, but then Keith put his mullet in a ponytail, and in that moment, I’m pretty sure my soul left my body. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him.”
Keith blushed at that, lightly chuckling and shaking his head.
“And Keith was amazing. As always. He’s good at everything. Almost perfect even. …unlike me. Whenever I watched Keith do something amazing or incredible, I can’t help be a proud boyfriend, but it also kills me inside. He could do better than me. I mess things up, don’t know when stop talking, and a pretty crummy Paladin. And I’m just waiting for the day that Keith finds that out, and when he does, he’ll find someone better than me. Heck, the same goes for the others. They deserve a Blue Paladin who’s serious and a total flying ninja badass. I’m just…average at best.”
Keith furrowed his brow as he read the words, letting his fingers trace over the words. He noticed that as Lance wrote, he writing became shaky and wet spots dotted the page.
“It’s days like this where I miss home the most. Mama would hug me and tell me everything was going to be okay. My siblings would pick at me for crying. Back home, I didn’t have to try to impress anyone. They were all satisfied with me being me. Not some defender of the universe. Just Lance. But now…just Lance isn’t enough. I’m not enough. I wonder how long until the team finds that out.”
Keith intakes a sharp breath, eyes filled with disbelief. Is this what Lance truly thinks about himself? “K-Keith?”
Keith whips his head around, finding Lance staring between him and the journal in his hands. “Lance! Um, I was just-it’s not what it looks-uh…Lance?” Keith drifted off as he watched as Lance just stared at the book, unmoving. Keith held his breath, waiting for Lance to say something. To his horror instead, Lance began to cry. Tears quickly streaming down his face as he slowly moved his gaze from the journal to Keith. Lance chocked on his breath, letting out a small “I’m sorry.” before curling his hands into fists and pressing them to his eyes.
Keith let the book fall from his hand, hitting the ground with a soft thud. He rushed over to Lance, taking him in his arms and holding him close. “Lance, oh god, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. It’s okay, it’ll all be okay.” He held him tighter as Lance wrapped his arms around his neck. “Nobody thinks that about you, alright? You’re the best Paladin for this team, and nobody would even think that you weren’t enough. You are enough, more than enough, and we will all tell you that.”

Keith pulled back, cupping Lance’s face with his hands, using his thumbs to brush away his tears. “And as for me, there’s nobody else who I would be willing to spend the rest of my life with. I can officially say that there is no one in the entire galaxy that I would rather be with than you.”
Lance chuckled softly at that, wiping his nose on his sleeve and smiling softly at him. Keith gave him a small smile back. “Now there’s the Lance I know and love. Let’s get you clean up and get something to eat, yeah?” Lance blushed slightly and nodded, slipping his fingers through Keith’s. They both headed toward the kitchen when Lance stopped him. “Thank you Keith. For everything. But I just have one question.” Keith tilted his head to the side, slightly raising one eyebrow. “Where’s your jacket?” “Oh quiznak!”

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it really grosses me out when customers are like "thank you sweetie" and "hello sweetheart" and there was one dude who was like "hello good-lookin'" and i mean its just odd. like why do they feel the need to do this. and its mostly older white guys. like people of color dont do it. younger guys dont do it. no girls do except maybe a couple older women. it just dont understand

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hello!! i need help !!! i'm trying to find this vmin fic! it's based off of a real incident that happened with an irl couple! so taehyung got surgery or something and so he had a bit of amnesia and fell in love with jimin all over again once jimin and jk enter the room! tae kept asking jimin if he was single and jungkook was literally laugjing the whole time and it was really cute! if i can remember correctly, taehyung also says whoever is with jimin is super lucky! hope this helps!!

I don’t think I’ve read this but i really really really want to, I love these kind of stories ahhhhh


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So my beloved @jamlessvanny thought it would be okay to try and kill me soo here’s my revenge! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

characters: Yoongi x Y/n 

genre: angst. smut. fluff. i do not know. but also an au. i don’t know.

description: all they did was drive

inspired by Halsey ‘Drive’



My hands wrapped around the stick shift

Swerving on the 405,

I can never keep my eyes

Off this

Your hand was wrapped around the stick shift as the other gripped the steering wheel, it was your turn to drive as Yoongi rested. You had been on the road for days, running away from the problems back home, you looked back at Yoongi his pale face with a bruise forming on his right cheek. Someone as precious as him didn’t deserve to be in this cruel world, as you swerved the car he woke up. “How long till we get to the next motel?” His soft raspy voice asked, you smiled hearing his voice still talk to you with sweetness, “Not sure.” You replied,moving your eyes back onto the road, you were the average girl, nothing special, but when you meant the young man you had realized the life you were missing.

You were from a broken home, with only your mother taking care of you and your older brother, you had to get a low life job at a local bar. The tips were decent but the customers were complete shit, hitting on you and offering you to pay for the night. That was until he came along, it was a normal night the local males getting drunk until closing. But he stood out, his pale face lit up the room, his slender fingers wrapping themselves on the cold cup that held the bittersweet beverage. He had stared at you from across the room, and when one of the weekly customers grabbed onto your wrist too tight and began to forcefully pull towards his chest, it was Yoongi who had protected you.

“A pretty girl like you shouldn’t be in this run down town.” He told you weeks after that incident, you had begun to see him more often and he had begun to walk you home, to ‘ensure your safety.’ You had told him all about yourself, how your father had left you and your family leaving your mother to take care of the family, and when he had begun to notice the bruises on your face and neck he questioned you why. You couldn’t hide any longer what your older brother had done to you when he would get drunk.

“Run away with me. Leave this town.” He told you one night as he walked you home seeing the marks had worsen. “I can’t just leave Yoongi.” You disagreed, your brother would have killed you if you left. “Why not?” He was confused to why you didn’t want to leave this town, “There’s no change here, no point of you staying.” He ran his thumb on your cheek, noticing how you winced, he whispered to you “He won’t hurt you, leave with me and never look back.”

And so you did, the next night you had packed all your things and awaited for Yoongi to show up with his run down car, your mother was at work and your brother was probably at the bar wasting his money. When you heard Yoongi honking his horn, you ran downstairs surprised to see your brother sitting in the living room couch, turning to see you with bags in hand he stood “Going somewhere little sis?” He approached you, you nodded even if you were scared there was no way you were backing down,”Oh really and with who? That low life of a guy Yoongi.” The back of his hand met your cheek, “You must be stupid if you think I’ll let you leave.” When Yoongi had realized you were taking to long he went to look for you, as he approached the door he saw your figure running out and behind you was your brother. Yoongi saw the bruise forming on your cheek as you ran into his chest, he grew angry “Go in the car.” He stated as he pulled you off of him and headed to your brother,”Well, well, if it isn’t the low life. What, did my little sis spread her legs for you? You think you can take her and I wouldn’t do a thing about it?” Your older brother laughed “I don’t care if the whore said she loved you, she isn’t leav-” before he could finish his sentence Yoongi’s fist met with his face

My neck, the feeling of your soft lips

Illuminated in the light,

Bouncing off the exit signs

I missed

That’s how the good looking male got that horrible bruise on his face. Yoongi saw that you were deep in your thoughts and shifted his body closer to you, his breath hitting the side of your neck, softly whispering “Do you regret running away with me?”  You closed your eyes, knowing it was a bad choice since you were driving but you couldn’t help it, the pale man that you had fallen for made you feel on a high, muttering a “No” you felt Yoongi mumble a “Good” and began to place soft kisses on your neck.He went back to the passenger side, as the light hit off the signs off the next exits you felt Yoongi’s brown eyes stare into your check, guessing he was staring at the bruise, “It doesn’t hurt.” You told him as your eyes were looking for the next exit hoping to find a motel to allow Yoongi to finally rest on a bed. His slender fingers merely grazed your cheek “I’m sorry, I should’ve went earlier.” You put the right blinker on to make the exit, you shook your head “Don’t be, your’s looks worse.” Yoongi laughed, you swore his laugh sounded like a loving melody ,”Nothing I can’t handle.”

“How many exits did you miss y/n?” Yoongi asked you as he saw the time on the radio player, you shrugged as you parked into the motel parking, “Not sure. Maybe five.” You had parked the car and turn the ignition off , “Five!” Yoongi couldn’t believe it, he exited out the car walking next to you to enter the motel lobby.

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Read Between The Lines (3)

Chapter Two

Chapter Three:

Roman: Morning :). Woke up thinking of you, have a nice day.

In my 28 years of life, I received good morning texts I could count on one hand. Most of them were from my ‘mom and dad’ when I went to college, serving as reminders of their love. I say 'mom and dad’ because I knew they were really just from mom. I knew her text message voice.

In my adult life, every 18th of each month I also received 'morning’ texts…from my phone company with the latest bill. And a couple of times from my first and only boyfriend.

So when I woke up the next morning after the night with Roman, feeling groggy and hating myself for going to bed after 1am, greeted with a text,  I felt on top of the world. Untouchable. No one was going to ruin my mood. Because there was a guy out there and he was thinking about me first thing in the morning. And it wasn’t phenomenal because it was a guy, it was phenomenal because I had that effect on him. Maybe I’m not so bad after-all. Staying out late had all been worth it in the end.

Jen: Hey, morning to you too. It’s way too early to make me blush like that.

Roman: I miss your face when you’re blushing. Anything on the agenda today?

Jen: Lol I bet you do. Getting ready for work 😓

Roman: Oh snap, I’m sorry I kept you too long last night.

Jen: It was worth it.

Roman: Now I’m blushing.

Jen: Yeah right!

And he did the unthinkable. He sent me another text with an accompanying selfie, his bed hair strewn all over his crisp white pillow, his face flushed pink and an arm thrown over his forehead, as if he was just that casually good looking.

I had to compose myself before I could reply, tempted to save the picture so I could salivate at it at intervals during the day. I even had a close up of his tattoo; signs and symbols I couldn’t decipher. On a closer inspection, (I’m really not a stalker, I’m part journalist so paying attention to details is my forte. So don’t judge me. Thanks.); he had a scar that he concealed with the ink. That piqued my interest.

Jen: Well, hello good morning good lookin’. 

Roman: 😳😳😳

Jen: Don’t act shy, you’re loving the attention. A blushing emoji would’ve been just fine, but I prefer the picture.

Roman: Oh, you do?

Jen: Yes. By the way, what is your beauty regiment? *takes notes*

Roman: Someone woke up feeling flirty this morning; where was this girl last night?

Roman: I like her.  

FYI Romeo, I woke up feeling horny. Very horny, thanks to you and your delicious self; I had a dirty dream about you.

But I couldn’t text that; even though I knew he’d handle it well. He was Roman for goodness sake, the smooth operator. 

Jen: She was on vacation.

Roman: I’m glad she’s back, can I talk to her?

I didn’t text back a reply, instead, I made a bold move and called him. I dunno what had gotten into me to be honest, I was acting so out of character, barely recognisable to myself. I wondered if I was always like this, but never really got the opportunity to realise it, like I did with Roman. In some ways…I liked it too. 

“So tell me about this girl,” he said when he picked up. I could sense his smile. His voice was at its best; rough, ragged and low.

“What do you wanna know?”

“Who is she?”

“Oh she’s just my alter ego, she comes out now and then,”

“I’m intrigued,” he said casually. “She’s a flirt huh?”

“Is flirt lack of a better word?” I said suggestively.

“Perhaps,” he said with a low snigger. Jheeze. “But I don’t want to be rude,”

“Which one is it? Dirty? Freak? Naughty?” I offered him the synonyms I knew he was going for.

“Oh, I mean…I was just going to say 'blunt’ but alright, I’ll take all of them,” he said.

“No you weren’t,”

He laughed and then sighed, “You’re right, it’s not a bad thing though, I hope I’m not being rude,”

“No, you’re not,” i said with a shrug. All along my hand was twirling my hair around the index finger like a smitten teenager. Boy if he could see me right now.

He opened his mouth to say something - I heard him stutter before he came ot with, “So you like those words to describe yourself?”

So was it turning into that kinda conversation? I bit my lip, summoning words and ideas to flood my flirting-creativity-block infested brain.

“I didn’t say that,”

“Mhh,” he let out. He laughed quietly again. “Alright, okay, I see…”

“What?” I said coyly.

“Nothing baby-girl,” he said, and I crossed my legs tightly, down girl, down.

I loved the sound of his voice when said that, 'baby-girl’, so casual and low, like it was a secret between us. I closed my eyes, yearning to hear it again.

“You really are a little rebel huh? All that shy shit is a front,”


“If you say so. Tell me all about it tomorrow night, on that date I promised you,”

My face lit up, my body sat upright at the sound of that, and every part of me became awake and alive.

“Oh yeah,” I said trying to sound so casual, but I probably failed miserably and shamefully.

“So I’ll tell you about my win, and you tell me about your alter-ego,”


“Say, 7pm? I’ll come pick you up, if that’s okay,”

“Yeah that’s fine. Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise,”

“Mmmhh, dunno if I trust your surprises,” I felt like I was in a movie and a date was coming to pick me up to go to prom. I never got to go to my prom. I felt elated.

“No? What if it’ll change your life?” he asked with seduction tinting his voice.

I made up my mind, Roman was a seducer. A sex-God sent from up above to make women like me feel all giddy without even having sex.

“Then it’ll be the best I’ve ever had,” I said after consulting my new alter-ego. I had to give him innuendos too, keep the game interesting.

“Then we’re both fucked,” he concluded. I couldn’t agree more. 

And just like the prom; I now had to figure out what the fuck to wear in 48 hours because for some reason, everything was last minute with him.

“I am royally fucked!” I exclaimed the following day to Nyah, Deena and my other close friend Jessy as they gathered in my apartment to prep me for my first and official date with Roman.

“Why?” Jessy asked as if it really was that complicated.

“I’m scared,”

“Why?” she echoed again.

“He’s too much, I don’t know how to handle a man like him. He’s just so sure of himself, ticking every single box and I’m worried that there’s something majorly wrong with him. This can’t be right, something’s missing, or maybe I’m too afraid that I don’t compare or wont live up to his standards,”

“Maybe after all this, you’ll find out he has a small dick,” Nyah said with a frown, she looked traumatised at the thought, despite her point being so irrelevant. “That would be heartbreaking, a travesty, tragedy,”

“Are you gonna find out?” Deena asked with a grin.

I had thought about doing it with him honestly, mainly because he’d woken up parts of me that hadn’t been aroused for a long time. I hadn’t had it in a longtime, I’d learnt ways to cope by myself and a few gadgets.
But when asked, I didn’t know the answer. Would I give in to Roman just like that? Would I not though? Why? Especially considering how addictive he is, could I really even turn him down if the opportunity presented itself?  But was that good enough?

I adjusted my skin tight leather trousers on my waist and shrugged, avoiding eye contact in case they read me better.

“I dunno, we’ll see I guess,”

“What if he asks?”

“Guys I don’t know, stop making me nervous, I’m shitting myself already right now,”

“You’re dressed for the part though, I mean those nail thin stilettos scream fuck me papi,” Nyah insinuated. She’s always had a dirty mouth so I wasn’t concerned.

“If I were in your shoes, pun unintended, I’d take him on,” Deena said thoughtfully. “What’ve you got to lose? Don’t get me wrong, we’re not getting any younger; you’re in your prime to experiment. And this man is hot, lay it on him hard,”

“I’m not gonna fuck him just because he’s hot,”

“Why else then?” Nyah asked with genuine confusion; eyes squinted as if trying to understand my logic.

I don’t think I’d worked it out either; I think I’d spent so much of my life being the good girl, trained to frown at things like this, yet deep down I really wanted to. I mean it helps me because I’m always single, and people (mom, dad, I’m looking at you) always ask “when are we gonna meet your boyfriend?” the nonexistent boyfriend. I’d go off on a philosophy about waiting for the right man and being a good girl.

I was conflicted inside though; do I give into what I want because I want it, even though it makes me like the women I’ve been trained to frown on? Or do I miss out and hold my head up high, even though that’s not what I really wanted, but feel good because 'morally’ I’ve made the right decision?

“I dunno, if he’s a good guy,”

“Well you’ve hung with him, and now you’re going on a date with him, so obviously y'know he’s a 'good guy’,”

She was right.

 "Leave me alone, I’m tired,“

Luckily, my phone vibrated into a dance on my dressing up table disturbing the curious Q&A. I reached for it and saw Roman’s name on the screen.

"It’s him,”

“Answer it then,”

“Uh-hello, hi,” I said nervously biting my lips.

“Hi,” he said, his voice lighter and more chipper than I’ve ever heard it. Was he as excited for the date as I was? “You ready? My taxi’s just pulling up outside yours,”

“Ummm,” I looked around at the items scattered on my bed that were due to go into my bag at one point, I hadn’t finished getting dressed, neither had I finished my make-up. “No not yet, sorry?”

“I can wait at-”

“Oh no, come up, I’ll buzz you up.” I said without thinking, but realised it when I saw my girls’ faces eye me with surprise. I couldn’t take it back either, and I wouldn’t have anyway.

“You sure?”

“Yeah, come on up,” I said before we said goodbye and I hung up. “Shit,”

“You are really fucked,” Nyah commented. Thank you for your valued opinion Captain Obvious.

“You guys gotta go sit with him and keep him company, please?” I thought. “He can’t be on his own, it’ll be rude. But please don’t say anything out of line, just act human.”

“I finally get to meet the man candy!” Jess said happily, leading the way out.

They scurried away into my living room and moments later I heard the door open and his voice. He was talking with them like he knew them; strings of sentences and laughing outloud. What the hell was really going on? I dumped all the stuff on my bed into my small shoulder bag and ran to my closet to grab my blazer and bag. I couldn’t keep him in there any longer with those vultures, who knew what they’d do to him. I examined my outfit for the last time and hoped for the best.

I shut the door to my room and took a deep breath and headed down the stairs. Jessy saw me first seeing as she was sitting facing the stairs. She smiled wide and big, then looked back at her congregation.

I snuck up behind Roman and covered his eyes with both hands. He laughed and placed his hands gently above mine, peeling them away. 

“There she is,” he said, turning around in his seat, then thought better to stand up. He walked around the furniture and stood face to face with me, not shy about company, he checked me out and quirked his brow at me. “Jheeze, aren’t I lucky?”

“You look very polished,” I commented.

“Y'know, I kinda had to put in more effort. Don’t want you to put me on a Worst Dressed list,”

“You have a lot of other things that’d make up for it,” it just slipped.

“Glad to hear that, are you ready?”

“Yes sir,”

“Alright then, shall we?”

“So, where are you taking our friend Mr…Roman?” Jessy piped up.

Roman looked at her, startled, for once.

“Better yet, what are your intentions with her?”

“And what time would you be bringing her back?” Nyah chimed in.

I rolled my eyes and took his hands. “Ignore them, they thrive on this, this is why they don’t have many friends,”

He laughed and raised his hand at them, “Ladies, have a good evening,”

“Bye Roman,” they cooed in unison like horny teenagers, their bad cop routine forgotten. 

“They’re so embarrassing,” I said to him as we exited my apartment. “I hope they were not too much trouble,”

“Nah, only when you came,” he smiled and reached for the button to call the elevator.

Once it came and we climbed in and stood side by side. Silence fell over us as the doors merged shut as if we’d both been waiting for it to in anticipation of what followed. I looked at him. He looked at me. He stepped closer, closing the gap. He kissed me, I kissed him back.

“Can I tell you a secret?” he said.

I nodded wearily. I was too curious to pass up on it though.  "Yeah?“

"It’s only been a minute, but I’m crazy about you,”

And just like that, he’d said everything I’d been feeling but couldn’t articulate into words. Was that even possible or real for two people to feel like that after knowing each other in that short space of time? 

I couldn’t answer back because the elevator came to a halt on the 3rd floor and a family walked in. We stood next to each other in our little corner, our bodies  in contact. I gazed up at him, hoping that I could tell him the same with my eyes. And I think he got it. He smiled.

He was right the other day. We were both royally fucked.


Chapter Four