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Hydra’s Child (part two)

Summary: being an experiment from birth meant you didn’t have free will. The only will you had was to please those who created you - Hydra. Your only object in life was to please them and make them happy. Until one day, you were given different orders. Orders you never expected to get.

Word count: 2K

Chapter warnings: reader being unable to reproduce, minimal violence

A/N: I’m still in shock of how many people actually liked this… goodness

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When your eyes fluttered open, everything was bright and burned. You shut them immediately and groaned, feeling groggy. It took you a few minutes but your eyes slowly adjusted to it. Glancing around you noticed that you were in a medical room. It was brighter and a lot more high-tech than Hydra’s.

The beeping of a heart monitor caught your attention. You didn’t understand any of the junk blinking on it, only the line that resembled your heart rate. Your eyes flickered down to your arm. Inserted in your arm was an IV. Beside your bed was a contraption that held clear bags of fluid. It was similar to what Hydra had done whenever you went to the med bay – pumped you with fluids, cleared your wounds and stitched you if necessary before sending you on your way.

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Pirate AU

“Sir?  Sir?”

The insistent voice of his parrot, and the feeling of a concerned beak tugging on his hair, slowly brought Captain Stark back to full consciousness.  He felt like he had a pounding hangover, which was certainly nothing new.  He was lying face-down on damp, cold sand, which was hardly new either.  Jarvis was perched on his collar trying to rouse him, which was likewise tragically familiar.

“I’m awake, I’m awake,” Stark grunted, sitting up.  "Where are we?“

"I wouldn’t know, Sir,” the parrot replied.  "I haven’t a sextant, and even if I did I suspect I’d have some trouble operating it.“

"Well, what happened?” was Stark’s next question.

“You became extremely drunk, lost a bet, got in a brawl, took a swim, and attempted to seduce a manatee.  I’m not sure which action led to our current predicament,” the parrot added thoughtfully.  "It may have been the sum of them all.“

Stark blinked in the sunlight, then looked around as he heard a sound.  "Hello?” he called.