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Cloaking/Glamour Spell

Hello, it’s Eris! This spell is made to assist those that want to come off a certain way to others. Personally, I have social anxiety which makes it hard for me to speak with people easily, so I created this spell for myself and others to help assist with those weak spots you may have.

Supplies Needed:

  • Paper.
  • Pen. (Preferably blue ink.)
  • Your voice.
  • A source of fire.
  • An item to enchant.
  • A container or small bowl.


I. Map out all of the specific traits of the personality that you want. How you want to come off as. (Ex. Caring, lovable, social, etc.) And create a sigil with those specific traits that you wish to have, or wish to look like you have. Each line of the sigil should represent one specific trait.

II. When you are finished, it’s time to activate the sigil. As you draw the characters of the sigils, chant:

Dear universe, grant me these traits. This is my will, this is my fate.

Grant me ___.

Grant me ___.

Grant me ___. (etc.)

This is my will, so mote it be!

III. Once you have done that, it’s time to use your fire source. Light the paper with the sigil on fire.

IV. Once it has burned completely, store the ashes in the bowl/container.

V. Place your item into the ashes. Visualize as if the item was sucking all of the energy from the ashes into it. After that, just place it under the moonlight or leave it for a couple hours, until you feel that it is ready. Personally, I like to do it overnight.

I hope that you all liked it and it could be of some use for you! I’m thinking about posting some more spells off of my BOS, so follow to tune in. 

~ Eris

Vintage Glamour Curtains Edited - Part 1

Hallo zusammen :) Ich habe mir die Vorhänge aus dem neuen Pack vorgenommen und die für mittlere und hohe Wände editiert. Wie immer natürlich in den Standard EA Farben. Viel Spaß damit!

Natürlich wird Vintage Glamour benötigt!

Hello together :) I have made the curtains from the new pack and edited for medium and high walls. As always, in the standard EA colors. Have fun with it!

Of Course, Vintage Glamour is required!

Download: medium SFS || high SFS (Packages are merged)


Bye old glamour, hello new glamour!

I’ve had trouble finding a set for Black Mage and Red Mage which Cain might be able to use IC, but I think I’ve finally found something that comes close at least. It may be fancier than you’d expect from a former street urchin, but I like the overall sleek look and the thigh-high boots (and their high heels).

I’m extremely grateful for Lux Felix from my FC who saved me a lot of money and crafted me the chest piece in exchange for the materials.