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I’ve missed you. I’ll never let go of you again,


He says he doesn’t dance – Look at them hips move!
                 “If we’re all dancing together and my friend comes over,
                  I do a dance when I walk over to them.”
                       - Hongki in Hello Counselor [xxx]
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I’ve wanted to do a kdrama challenge for a while now, but never really got round to making one. I don’t know how often these appear, if ever, so I thought why not !

You can do the challenge in any order and within any time span, whether its everyday or every week ~

  • A “cool guy loses his cool” Moment
  • Favourite Kdrama cliche
  • A Villain You Can’t Hate
  • Favourite Moment of Comfort
  • Strongest Second Lead Syndrome
  • Favourite Male Second Lead
  • Funniest Kdrama Moment
  • Favourite Female Second Lead
  • Saddest Kdrama Moment
  • Most Unredeemable Villain
  • Favourite Lead Character

You don’t have to make just gifs, metas, screenshots and normal edits are welcome, just use this tag: #lbkdc and have fun !

Broken. Part 2

Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Genre: angst

Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4

“It was a mistake" you said. But the cruel thing was, it felt like the mistake was mine, for trusting you.”  
 ―    David Levithan,The Lover’s Dictionary  

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A few years have passed after  fight with Jungkook and you haven’t seen him after that. You told your parents what happened. They were angry at you. You didn’t go to school for weeks. However, your parents didn’t like it, so you had to transfer to another school. Actually, it wasn’t an ordinary school. It was boarding school for girls like you - for pregnant teenagers. You lived there only for six months. No, you didn’t do an abort. You miscarried when you were six months pregnant.

And now you finally got into college. You had to live in one of the campuses, so you were looking for your room. You couldn’t get single room, because it was too expensive for you.

You finally found your room. It was unlocked, so you just opened it. There was a girl with long straight brown hair, who was sitting on bed.. She had at least three boxes and a bag. Meanwhile, you had one bag with clothes and one box filled with books. You put your belongings on bed which was closer to you.

“Hello, I’m Park Seul Gi.” she said and stood up from her bed. She was taking out her clothes from her bag when you came.

“I’m Y/N.” you simply said and she started taking out her clothes again. You two were really awkward with each other.


Even though you were awkward with each other, you and Seul Gi decided to look around campus. You were going through one of corridors. Seul Gi was looking at her phone and bumped into someone. It was a guy. He was carrying a box and it dropped on the ground. All things that were in the box fell out.

“Look where you’re going, you dumbass!” that man angrily said and you finally could see who he was. It was Taehyung. Jungkook’s friend. He didn’t see you, because he was looking at yours roommate, who was picking up his things.

“I’m sorry.” Seul Gi said while she was picking up Taehyung’s things. Meanwhile, he did nothing, just looked at Seul Gi angrily.

“Tae, hurry up.” somebody said. That person was standing behind you. You turned back to look who it was. And it was mistake. Guy, who was standing behind you was Jungkook. He looked straight into your eyes. It lasted for about ten seconds. You turned around and left. You also left Seul Gi alone with them. You just couldn’t stay, because of him. You tried to forget him for all these years and now he came back.


“Why did you ran away?” Seul Gi came to the room. You were laying on your bed and looking into white ceiling.

“I know those guys.” you said. You were still looking into ceiling. You didn’t want to talk about Jungkook, but you couldn’t lie that you don’t know him.

“Really? Who are they?” she asked as she took of her shoes. She lied down on bed too.

“The guy you bumped into is Taehyung. The other guy is Jungkook. I was attending the same high school as they.” you said. You didn’t say that you were pregnant. And Jungkook had to be father.

“That Taehyung is really a jerk. He even made me to take his belongings to his room. He is really annoying.” Seul Gi complained. You didn’t know Taehyung personally, but you never thought that he is like that. He always was cute, but he was also a fuckboy just like Jungkook.

“He really did that?” you asked to keep the conservation going.


Almost a month has passed. Lectures started. Unfortunately, you had a few lectures with Taehyung and Jungkook. You hated it. You suffered a lot because of Jungkook. You had some lectures with Seul Gi. During these weeks you two became closer. You didn’t trust her very much, though. You could’t trust anyone as much as you trusted Eun Hee. Eun Hee betrayed you and you were afraid to be betrayed again, because it hurt.

“Wait, I got a message.” Seul Gi said as she looked at her phone. You two were going from one of the lectures.

“It’s from Taehyung. He has been acting strange this week. He became really friendly and it’s strange. He wants to say something. I have to go.” she sighed. Your friend didn’t like Taehyung. He was annoying to her.

“Go.” you said to your friend and she left. You didn’t have any plans with her so it was okay for you. You were going to campus.

“Y/N.” you heard your name being called out. You turned back to look who it was. It was Jungkook. You started walking faster. You didn’t want to talk with him.

“Stop!” he grabbed your arm and stopped you.

“What do you want?” you said angrily. You didn’t want to see him.

“Let’s talk.”


“So what happened with our baby?” Jungkook asked. You two went to cafe which was nearby campus.

“Our? I thought the baby was only mine.” you said. You wanted to leave.

“I’m sorry. I was a jerk, but I was only seventeen years old. I was shocked. I didn’t mean that I said. So what happened?” he tried to explain.

“I lost the baby. Can I go now?” you stood up and wanted to leave, but he stopped you.


About a week has passed after yours and Jungkook’s conversation. He became friendly with you and it was strange. He was caring, pleasant and polite during this week.

“Hey, Y/N. Can I go with you?” Jungkook said as he ran to you. You were going back to campus after a lecture.

“Sure.” you didn’t say no, because he did nothing wrong. You thought he changed. You two were walking down the street. It wasn’t really far from your campus, so you didn’t take a bus.

You were walking for about ten minutes in silence.

“Y/N, I want to say something to you.” Jungkook stopped walking. You stopped going too. He started looking straight into your eyes.

“What?” you asked.

“I know that our past is not the best and I hope you’ll forget it. I want to say that I like you.” He said. You weren’t sure what to say so you kept quiet.

“You don’t have to answer right now. Let’s meet up tomorrow at the restaurant. I’ll text you where and when.” he said and ran away before you could say anything. Jungkook really surprised you.


“What are you going to do?” Seul Gi asked. You were preparing for dinner with Jungkook. You were doing your make up. You decided to go to the restaurant, but you weren’t sure what you’re going to tell him.

You didn’t really know what your feelings for Jungkook were. You hated him for what he did in the past, but maybe he acted like that because he was scared? Or maybe he was a jerk, but he changed a lot? You weren’t sure if you like him.

“I don’t know. What would you do in situation like this?” your question was kind of stupid, because Seul Gi didn’t know what happened between you and Jungkook.

“I’m not sure.” she answered.


“Hello.” you said as you sat down. You were sitting in front of Jungkook. He was wearing black smoking, meanwhile you were wearing a red dress.

“Hey! So what is your answer?” he asked right away.

“Well, I agree.” you said. Jungkook looked really happy.


More than two months passed and you were happy with Jungkook. Jungkook was really a good boyfriend and you loved him. Well, you haven’t told him that. You were waiting for a right moment to tell him that. That “right moment” was going to be after a week, on your three months aniversary.

“Are you sure he’s not a fuckboy?” Seul Gi asked. She was suspicious of Jungkook.

“Why would you think that?” you asked as you sat down on your bed. Seul Gi was right in front of you.

“Well, he’s Taehyung’s friend and Taehyung is really strange. He took my phone and gave it back only after I went to him to the cinema. He was doing something with his phone during all the movie. Why would he do that?” she complained.

“And how does that make Jungkook a fuckboy?” you asked. Taehyung acted strange sometimes. He has made a lot of strange excuses to be with Seul Gi. Maybe he just likes her?

“I don’t know. They both look fake.” she sighed. You wanted to look what time it was, but you couldn’t find your phone. You remembered that you left it at Jungkook’s room.


You came to Jungkook’s and Taehyung’s room, but it was locked. You sighed, but then you saw Jungkook’s friend Hoseok coming out from his room.

“Hey, Hoseok, do you know where Jungkook is?” you asked.  Hoseok was a friend of Jungkook. He was also yours friend. You had a few lectures together.

“Hi, Y/N! I think he went to cafeteria with Taehyung.” Hoseok said as he locked his room.

“Thank you. Goodbye!” you said goodbye and went to cafeteria.

You went to cafeteria and you saw them there. They were talking about something, so they didn’t see you. You came closer. You wanted to say something, but you heard them talking about you.

“Do you really like her?” Taehyung asked. You thought that Jungkook would say something nice, but he didn’t.

“I thought you’re smarter. I’m only using her.” he said and laughed at his friend. These words broke your heart. You sincerely thouhght that he likes you.

“Why? She’s not rich so why?” Taehyung asked. You wanted to run away, but you had to hear what Jungkook is going to say.

“You know my relationship with parents are not the best and they don’t give me money. They’ll be mad if they figure out that I’m dating someone like Y/N. They’ll probably give me money if I leave Y/N and I will gratefully take it.” he said with smile.

“That makes sense. But why do I have to spend time with Seul Gi? She’s boring and she definitely loves me and that’s annoying” Taehyung said. He didn’t even know that Seul Gi hates him.

“Y/N will meet up with my parents soon. It won’t take long.” Jungkook said. You couldn’t listen that anymore so you just ran away.

You were broken again and you hated yourself for believing Jungkook.

A/N: So here is the second part of Broken. I wanted to make it fluff, but I didn’t have any ideas for fluff. Hope you like it!


So it’s 5 am in the morning and I have uncovered even more to this mystery.

Alright, so I was on my way to go to bed when “LilGid” e-mailed me once more. I go and check it out and I get this:

This translates to:



So I go check out the blog, right?


Few things to note:

1. My post about the e-mail has been reblogged.

2. In response to my post they write:

8-5-12-12-15 20-21-13 2-12-18  7-9 18-12


(This made me super giddy and i’m shaking im so excited)

3. The first post made by them is this:

This clearly is the password and username for the site so I saunter off back to “not-a-website.com” and enter it.

I’m greeted with this:

When I saw this I was sure there had to be more, plus the title read:

23-5-12-3-15-13-5 20-15-20-8-5 6-12-9-16-19-9-4-5

Which translates to:


So yeah.. Apparently I did it guys. I made it. I actually think I was the first???? This is so weird and amazing.

The only thing I’m worried about is that…. They’re watching me. They saw my post and reblogged it from me. Oh no.