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Hello there ladies and gents! Thank you for waiting through my brief hiatus in the big apple! I thought you guys might enjoy a tutorial on how I go about on drawing legs. Unlike many, I don’t really like how thin and shapeless a lot of simplified legs look so I add a little meat into logical places (outside of thigh, calf muscles, et cetera). I also define the ankles and knees. I also put a bit of effort into the toes. The natural shape of the leg has a slight S shape, and is never perfectly straight. At the top of the leg is not strictly horizontal either, due to the structure of human hips and pelvis. Hope this was useful! Caio!


Hello gents
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BTS: Weird but Cute Things You Do as a Couple

Author’s Note: Y/N means ‘your name’. These are pretty long, I just can’t help it.

Pretending you two have a cooking show.
After a busy day, you and Jin would be in the kitchen cooking, until Jin gives you this cheeky look and wiggles his eyebrows. You wiggle yours back as a way of saying yes, then you erupt into a melodramatic introduction,
“HELLO LADIES AND GENTS AND WELCOME COOKING WITH Y/N and her assistant Seokjin!” Jin giggles to himself as you start presenting the ingredients.
“…and here we have *gibberish word instead of pumpkin*, which comes Antartica!” By the end “assistant” Jin is cooking, while you ramble on about how *pumpkin* is good for the nucleus.

Sitting on the shower floor together, because fuck standing.
After a long day in the studio Yoongi will go over to your place and without saying a word walks into your bathroom, strips, hops into the shower, slides down the wall until he is sitting on the shower floor,
“Y/N.” He calls out, you walk in and join him. After a minute of silence, his hand intertwines with yours and he starts telling you about his day.

J Hope:
Saying cheesy pick up lines when you get home
After a long day at work/school you usual feel drained and down, this is something Hobi has notice. So him being determined to make you happy and smile came up with brilliant idea. You loved his cheesy jokes and puns, so pick up lines would melt your heart and make you laugh at the same time, Hoseok called this multitasking. When you arrived home after your typical long and tiring day, you walk up to the door and unlock it, unknown to you what he was planning. You walk into your apartment and to your surprise Hoseok slid into view clicked his fingers into to a gun shape.
“Hey Hottie, was your Dad in the Air Force? Because you’re da bomb.” You burst into laughter as he strut over to your and kissed your hand.

Hobi so cute below I had to use it 

Rap Mon:
Talks about mind boggling questions like aliens and what the meaning of life is.
You to where all showered and ready for bed. You were snuggled up, your head on Namjoon’s chest, you could his heart beat faintly as your eye lids grew heavy before you were about to doze off, Namjoon speaks suddenly.
“Do caterpillars know that they are going to become butterflies?” “Or do they just get in a cocoon thinking, what the fuck am I doing?” You start giggling,
“I think it’s a natural instinct oppa.” Silence again, but this time you break the silence.
“Why are boobs so great?” “They’re just sacks of fat with nipples on them.” “They’re not even really private parts, but society made them private…” You look up at Namjoon, his eyebrows were knitted.
“Yeah, it’s weird when you think about it,” “but drinking the milk of another species.” He finally replied “Or being pregnant. It’s like ‘Yeah, there’s a tiny person inside me. They eat what I eat and move around in there sometimes’.” Yeah, it’s going to be a long night.

Sleeping on the floor.
This all started when you arrived at the boys’ dorm one afternoon, Jimin had texted you an S.O.S, saying and I quote,
‘HELP ME, WE CAN’T THINK OF LYRICS AND THAT WON’T LET US LEAVE UNTIL WE CAN COME UP THEM! URRRRGH I’M SOOOO HUNGRY, I THINK I’LL HAVE TO EAT TAE! 🍴’ As you opened the door to the dorm, you tried to prepare yourself, but it was worse than you had expected. Yoongi, Namjoon and Hoseok where huddled around the coffee table which was littered with coffee cups and scrunched papers, Hoseok was banging his head against the only visible part of the table. Taehyung was to your right, with his forehead against the wall, staring at it and mumbling that sounded like,
“Nanu Nanu.” Seokjin was in the kitchen cooking, which seemed normal at first but once he was cooking broccoli pancakes.
“… maybe this will trigger something.” he muttered to himself. Jungkook had gotten the attention of Hoseok and was showing him how he could pull his thumb in half, which was freaking Hoseok out. One question remand in your mind as your saw this, where his Jimin. You went over to the table and put your stuff down when you noticed a pair of legs sticking out from under it. Bending down to see who’s legs they were, you pulled under the table and brought into an embrace that was quite familiar. You looked up to see Jimin,
“No talk,” he said “just rest.” After a while you dozed off. You woke to the sound of snickering. As your eyes fluttered open you saw a group now normal starting at you from an angle.
“We got our inspiration,” Namjoon chuckled

Kissing tag
“I’M BORED,” Tae groaned as you sat at your desk trying to study.
“Then go home.” you suggested, he’d been there for an hour and he had been complaining for the past 59 minutes.
“LET’S DO SOMETHING.” He groaned again this time louder. You took a heavy inhale trying to hold in your anger.
“Like what?” You replied calmly.
“I DON’T KNOW.” Tae complained again. At this point all you wanted was for him to shut up, so you walked over to him and kissed him roughly, he gasped a little from surprise. Taehyung quickly got aroused and put more effort into the kiss. Then a thought hit you and you broke away from the kiss. Tae looked at you confused. “What-!” You interrupted him,
“Tag, your it.” You quickly ran out of the room. Now understanding the game, Taehyung ran after your. He caught up to you quick and tackled you to the couch, pinning you to it. He lead forward and kissed your lips softly,
“Tag, your it.”

Dancing around
One afternoon, Jungkook had decided to invite you to the boys’ dance practice. You watched in amazement as they practiced complicated routines which they made look easy. After they had finished, a sweaty Jungkook walked over to you,
“Hug?” He asked with a cheeky grin as he spread his arms and walked towards you.
“No,” you whined at him swatting his arms out of the way. Jungkook chucked lightly,
“So  did you like it?”
“It was so cool!” You replied enthusiastically.
“Well once I have a shower I’ll come over to your place and teach you.” Jungkook said with a wink and walked back over to the boys.
“Wait,” you paused for a moment. “Was he serous or was that some kind of metaphor?” But sure enough he came over later that evening.
“Okay he said like this.” He said going through two basic steps, which you stuffed up.
“Arrrgh, this is so hard.” you whined.
“Hang on,” Jungkook walked behind you and grabbed your wrists, press up close to you.
“So it’s this foot forward,” he showed you.
“Yep,” you copied him.
“… and then this foot forward.” he showed you again, you copied.
“Then back and back.” he showed and you copied.
“Good now you try it on your own.” You did and it was pretty good. after an hour you had gotten most of the chorus down.
“Christ, I need a shower.” you shouted as you huffed.
“Can I join you?” Jungkook said looking over at you with a smug expression.
It was a metaphor.

  • Heather Duke: Dear Papa, I am writing to inquire about my Hogsmeade permission form. I sent it to you on the very first day of school and I am anxiously awaiting its return with your signature on it. But, but don't rush, Daddy! Missing out on trips like this allows me more time to write letters to you!
  • Yes, things at Hogwarts are going quite swimmingly! I'm the most popular girl in school, why, even Heather Chandler likes me! I'm also the darling of every classroom and the favorite of every teacher who has any sense.
  • Oh! Most importantly, I have mastered the potty! Yes, yes, I admit I was a late bloomer but you can imagine my pride as I strolled into Charms class and said "Oh, hello gents, Professor Flitwick. Sorry for my tardiness, I was just learning to use the potty!" Oh, how the other children laughed with me in celebration. I like making people laugh. I also like the potty.
  • I know you haven't done so all year, but you can feel free to write me anytime.
  • Hugs and butterfly kisses,
  • your Heather
  • Oh, P.S. Tell mama to bugger off.
Scene Cuts, Questions and Answers

MERLIN: Emma, is your heart truly ready to be free? Because it is as much up to you as it is me.

[a knock at the door, cuts to 108 Mifflin St and REGINA answers the door to find EMMA leaning on a pillar, the very same pillar that at one point REGINA was held against by the mob wanting her dead and SAVIOR EMMA pulled them away to protect and save her, but this is the Dark Swan knocking and leaning, cold affect]

REGINA: [false angry/disappointed smile she greets her] Emma.

EMMA: Hello.


Ladies and gents, that’s a question asked by Merlin, no verbal answer from Emma but an action then cut to Regina answering the door. Regina is the one who Emma need to let her heart truly free to love Regina. But she is unwilling to act beyond a knock at Regina’s door. It all started with a greeting at this very door. So many fights, heartbreaks and heart to hearts occurred at this door. And this one was the most raw of them all because it involved the heartbreak of their son. More than that, it’s the tragedy of these two ladies loving each other bit never admitting or acknowledging it beyond small and equally epic actions for one another.


Hello gents, fellow trans man here. We all struggle with dysphoria and I just thought I’d put my 2 cents in there about how I deal with it especially if I have to go somewhere. Usually I just want to hide and disappear because I’m not okay at all. What I’ve learned through my time is that I tend to go through my closet and just find the clothes that I know make me feel the best about myself. If I have to go in public I make myself look the best that I possibly can look that makes me actually feel good. Don’t try to impress others or try to fit in don’t worry about what people might be thinking or saying hell if you feel your best in pajamas do it! If you feel your best wearing button up shirts and some nice pants do it! If you feel your best wearing athletic clothes do it! Do what makes you happy what makes you feel okay about yourself where you can look in the mirror and go damn I actually look good instead of I’m disgusting and worthless type of feel that I get. Do what makes your heart content what makes you smile what makes you go yeah, I’m the man! I got this! Don’t follow what society has to say about how you have to look. You’re better than you think you are that much I can promise you. Do what makes you happy not anyone else. Be the best man you can be

Hello Hello. Gente acabei de criar uma conta no instagram para vocês!! Onde postarei fotos com ig’s. Então vão lá e sigam o STRIPEGOLD. Breve estarei aceitando fotos , então corre lá galerus!!