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about the 3rd pic: so jkr says that “harry lost his ability to speak parseltongue, about which he was glad and relieved” and sorry but I STRONGLY DISAGREE i want him to get a pet snake and have long conversations with it much to everyone’s annoyance


- “Have no fear… For I am here now.”

Sometimes Todoroki dreams of the past. 

Midoriya lulls him back to sleep with soft touches and heavy nerdiness.

“Beauty and the Beast” sentence meme

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  • “Think of the one thing that you’ve always wanted. Now find it in your mind’s eye and feel it in your heart.”
  • “I want so much more than they’ve got planned!”
  • “Hello? Who said that?”
  • “What are you reading?”
  • “I am NOT a beast!”
  • “My room? But I thought…”
  • “Once this door closes, it will never open again!”
  • “Have you really read every one of these books?”
  • “As a specimen, yes, I’m intimidating!”
  • “I never thanked you for saving my life.”
  • “It just occurred to me that I’m illiterate and I’ve never actually had to spell it out loud before…”
  • “You’ll join me for dinner. That’s not a request.”
  • “Oh, you are very strong! This is a great quality!”
  • “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere.”
  • “You are the wildest, most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen! Nobody deserves you…”
  • “It’s more than I can bear.”
  • “You have to help me. You have to stand.”
  • “Hello! Pleased to meet you! Wanna see me do a trick?”
  • “Come into the light.”
  • “Oh, I’m not a princess…”
  • “You’ve taken me as your prisoner, and now you want to have dinner with me? Are you insane?”
  • “There must be something there that wasn’t there before.”
  • “Do you realize what you could have done? You could have damned us all!”
  • “Just a little change, small to say the least.”
  • “I will escape, I promise!”
  • “How lovely to make your acquaintance!”
  • “When we return to the village, you will marry me.”
  • “Pretty eyes, proud face, perfect canvas! Yes! I will find you something worthy of a princess!”
  • “Are there any other tasteless demands you would like to make on my artistry?”
  • “I was the one who had it all.”
Not Like This

so like idek what this is. college has given me some inspo. it gets kinda ~sad and like ~:( but like i think it’s pretty okay?? maybe??? idk.

lemme know what you all thinkkkkkk<3 

     You weren’t necessarily the frat party type, but since your boyfriend was a Sigma Chi, you often found yourself at the frat house just about every Friday night. You were never a big fan of alcohol, but if there was one thing your boyfriend, Will, knew how to do it was get drunk. He and all of his buddies would stand on the coffee table in the living room and funnel as many beers as they could before they’d puke or see who could slap an entire wine bag by themselves, meanwhile you usually stayed put in the kitchen until you decided that it was time to cut Will off.

     Tonight was no different. Will and his brothers were all in the living room with a cooler full of Budweiser and you were comfortably sat on the counter occupied by your phone. It was only 11 pm, so you were going to give Will about another hour or so before calling it time to go, so you decided to pull out your book that you were almost done with. You always carried a book with you to these things, just in case you ever found a moment of peace to read. Most of the brothers in the frat have gotten used to it by now. At first they would tease you a little bit, but would stop when Will would come up and make a joke about how he “likes his women a little bit nerdy”. You never minded the teasing and eventually they got too drunk to notice.

     You were perched on the counter next to the fridge, since you liked the humming that it made—it drowned out the incessant trap music that you always hated. People would come and go, grabbing ice or more booze and the occasional snack. However, this time after a boy grabbed a beer from the fridge, he lingered longer than usual. You looked up at him, confused because you don’t recognize him as a frat brother but they usually don’t let outsider guys into their parties.

“I take it you aren’t really the party kind of girl,” the boy says to you after he closes the fridge door.

“Not really my thing, I suppose.” You reply, still trying to figure out if you’ve ever seen him here before.

“Mine either. I’m just here visiting one of my buddies. He’s giving me the ‘real college experience’ while I’m in town.” He explains to you, and you nod your head, finally figuring out where this mysterious guy came from.

“Is it everything you could’ve dreamed of?” You ask sarcastically, earning a chuckle from the boy.

“Oh yeah, totally. Sticky floors, sweaty dudes, beer being dumped on me. What else could a guy want?” He leans against the counter that you’re sitting on, obviously deciding that he’s gonna stick around you for a while.

“Welcome to the American FratBoy Dream.” You say, turning your eyes back to your book, not really wanting to start a conversation with this boy, especially since your very drunk boyfriend is in the next room.

“I’m Shawn, by the way.” He tells you. Props for his persistence, you think.

“Y/n, nice to meetchya.” You reply, closing your book. It’s obvious that this kid isn’t going to let you do your reading in peace, so there’s no point in having your book out anymore.

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BLOODLINES . a mix for gabriel reyes & jesse mccree.
cover art by @studiofruke​ !

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“he was my commander, my teacher, and my friend.
he was also my brother, once.”

My Little Berserker

Title: My Little Berserker

Author: @aelys-althea

Rating: NC-17

Word count: 105,540

Era: Hogwarts 8th year

Summary: Eighth year was supposed to be calm. Moderated. Peaceful, even. Draco returned to escape the chaos wrought upon his shambles of a life and Harry to flee the responsibility of a world that sees him as something greater than was truly possible. Hogwarts was a safe haven, right? At least it was until Hagrid comes up with the wonderful idea to introduce some additional members to the student body of the fluffier variety. Hagrid doesn’t do moderated - where’s the fun in that?

Comment: What a wonderful, wonderful fic! I stumbled upon it in my quest to read something long, not too depressing and/or hard to deal with, and with a bit of Hogwarts in it, as it’s been a while since I read anything other than Post-War fics. The summary alone immediately grabbed my attention and I’m so glad I decided to embark on the journey this story has to offer, because I loved it. Harry and Draco are back at school for their last year and so fresh after the war, everything feels a bit uncertain. We see them trying to navigate through a world without Voldemort, and it’s gorgeous, how you can feel everything the characters experience, thanks to the writing style radiating such a perfect amount of melancholy mixed with a tiny bit of hope for what the future holds. I particularly liked the struggles Draco faces when it comes to himself and what he knows of his personality, how he’s becoming a better person without completely losing the traits that define him the most. Basically (I always tend to ramble on and on, sorry), this fic tells the story of Harry bonding with an animal—the fluffiest, cutest, most adorable one ever, I swear—who then bonds with Draco. It’s truly amazing, seeing them gradually getting closer through their “parenting”—because of course they do. Honestly, if you didn’t know what to read next and found this post, search no further, here’s your fic.

epineclaire  asked:

Hello Cassie, I hope you are well. I just read your answer on Clary's answer to Jace's proposal and it totally broke my heart. I am not sure whether this means that she is saying 'no' just for now for X reason (could be because of her fear that their marriage could fail just like their parents' or maybe she thinks that they are not ready yet). I hope it is because, after everything they have been through together, it would be devastating if they broke up.I hope you can answer.Have a good day :)

I think I didn’t realize that the general happenings of A Long Conversation weren’t public knowledge so I apologize for spoiling that. There’s a lot about Clary and Jace and the TMI gang in general in 2012 in A Long Conversation, and it’ll be available as a short story on Amazon in early May – I do think it will help to have read it.

Clary and Jace have indeed been through a lot! All I can say is that Clary saying no doesn’t mean they broke up. They’re still dating in Lord of Shadows. An epic love is often beset by epic troubles, and one of the things about characters remaining active in an ongoing story is it means they don’t get a happy ending because they don’t get an ending at all yet. Uncertainty always remains as it does in life, until the characters step safely away and the pages close forever. :)

Fair Haven Patch Notes: Update 3.17
- leprechauns have been removed from the program
- all mentions of the ‘leprechaun event’ have been removed from holographic memory and databases
- programmers promise to do better research ahead of adding malicious creatures to public holoprograms

     Six Weeks     |     LadyLondonderry

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A little after 5:30, the bells above the door chime and the only face with an order that Harry rememers teps in. With the sun shining outside, Louis no longer looks like a mudslide personified, although Harry notes that he’s still not really dressed for the weather.

When Harry takes over the afternoon shift at the cafe, he meets a boy who drinks a lot of tea and never remembers his umbrella.

Written for @1dbigbang round 4

It's a deal

Request: Gaston request??? I beg you??? Gaston trying to join reader one day while she’s reading and then her agreeing to go hunting in return

Warnings: none

a/n: request more BATB :)

You flipped another page of your book, The Taming of the Shrew, as you sat near the well. You heard the villagers whispers but you chose to ignore them, there were much worse things that could happen to you than getting gossiped about.
What business did a girl have reading? Most beautiful girl in town, but she’s quite odd isn’t she?

You sighed as you continued to read until you saw someone sit in front of you. You peered over the edge of your book and rolled your eyes.

“Hello Gaston.” You said as you continued to read.

“Hello Gorgeous.” He said with a smirk on his face.

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c r ying bc holy shit man im so hang up on musician lance and i really want him to play piano for me and just the fact that hes a vigilante and shit bc im so hang up on vigilantes fuck mme i want him to shoot me tbh 

anonymous asked:

helloo~ i just finished watching the anime which made me ajdsbsidb and i wanted to read the manga. but im a bit confused, is the 'wan!' is also the light novel series? and where should i also start reading?

Hello! Glad you enjoyed the anime~! Hope this quick list will help:

To clarify, BSD Wan! is just a spin-off that has nothing to do with the canon timeline. One could argue that the anime’s timeline also slightly diverges from the manga/light novels when they moved LN1 to the current timeline though.

And to give an idea of the general timeline in case you’re wondering: LN3 (8 yrs prior) - > LN2 (4 yrs prior) -> LN1 (2 yrs prior)  -> Gaiden (Bet 1-2 yrs prior) -> CH 1-37 ->  LN4 (Set some time bet CH 37-46) -> CH 38 -Present  arc