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Me: *logs onto YouTube*

Danisnotonfire: Hello Internet.

AmazingPhil: Hey guys!

Tyler Oakley: Well hello there, my name is Tyler Oakley!

Troye Sivan: Hey what’s up you guys, it’s Troye.

Connor Franta: Hey what’s up you guys.

IISuperwomanII: Waddup everyone, it’s
your ghurl, Superwoman!

Grav3yard Girl: Hey guys, it’s bunny.

Emma Blackery: she’s got girl balls

LukeIsNotSexy: Hey guys!

Laci Green: Hi babes!

Doddleoddle: Hello everyone.

Bry: Hello Candice and friends.

Ello Steph: Hello Internet, it is Steph!

CapnDesDes: Hey what’s up guys it’s Destery!

Jenna Marbles: *dog squeaky toy*

Nibbles: mother fucking hell yeah bitches

Me: *smiles*

Impressive-Alfie Solomons Imagine

Requested: Yes

Warnings: violence, sensuality, racial slurs, and language

A/N: I finished writing this yesterday, but my computer shut down before I could save it so I had to write it all over again :(. Also, part of the fight scene is taken from the original Magnificent Seven movie. 

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  It was love at first sight for Alfie Solomons: he saw Y/N Y/L/N in a pub and he never went to pubs. He had just needed to get away from the bakery for a minute—-he was drowning in work. So, Ollie took him to a local pub where he saw her. She was the most beautiful woman Alfie had ever seen: tall, curvaceous, confident, and tough. However, she was black and that could cause problems with his business. Y/N had intervened in an altercation between a wiry white man and her petite black friend, Annie. It was over some poker game mishap and through his many racial slurs, Mr. Wilson explained that he thought Annie cheated.

   “Well, did you, Annie?” Y/N’s voice was low and soothing.

   “I don’t cheat, Y/N. I just want my money,” Annie huffed, crossing her ankles.

  “Yer lyin’, bloody coon!” Mr. Wilson spat.

  Y/N smirked at him. The amazing thing about Y/N was that she didn’t show anger or frustration on her face, it was in those sharp y/e/c eyes of hers. If Mr. Wilson hadn’t been so drunk or angry at the time, he might’ve noticed the storm brewing within the young woman.

   “Do you consider yourself an honorable man, Mr. Wilson?” Y/N asked.


   “Then you would be open to a parlay? You and Annie would put all your money on one single bet; winner takes all and the loser loses everything. Seeing as you like to take chances, doesn’t that tickle your fancy?” 

   Mr. Wilson smirked coyly. “Sure, what’s the parlay?”

   Annie stood and grabbed Y/N’s wrist. “Y/N, don’t, it’s just money.”

   Y/N ignored her friend, “You and I ‘ll have a draw: you use your gun and I will use this,” Y/N pulled out a pocket knife from the inside pocket of her jacket. 

   “Y/N!” Annie pleaded.

   Mr. Wilson laughed. “Yer willin’ to risk your life for er?”

  “What  can I say? I like playing games.”

   Mr. Wilson eyed Y/N for a moment before shaking on it. Y/N muttered something to Annie before slipping her a few bills and the smaller, posher of the two sat down at the bar, looking anxious. The other people in the bar watched with wide eyes as Y/N called Patrick, an average-height stocky black man, over to her.

   “My friend Patrick’s going to call it, all right?”

   “All right.”

   Y/N smirked and twisted the knife around in her hand. She was beautiful but absolutely mad were Alfie’s first thoughts. Part of him wanted to intervene, but another part of him could tell that she was a lot stronger than she looked. So, he remained at his place and watched Y/N and Mr. Wilson take five paces in the opposite direction. When they pivoted to face each other, Mr. Wilson’s slightly wrinkled face showed nothing but pride and arrogance while Y/N seemed eerily calm. The bar was filled with both tension and excitement as the two opponents eyed each other.

    “Draw!” Patrick called.

    Mr. Wilson grabbed his pistol from his pocket, but didn’t get the chance to fire it at Y/N since her knife had already dug itself into his jugular. He gasped, dropped the gun, and fell to the floor. Y/N stalked over to him, bent down to his level, and took his wallet out of his trouser pocket.

    “Tell the devil that the Head Coon sent you,” Y/N whispered before slowly twisting the knife out of his throat.

    Mr. Wilson’s blood spurted every where but Y/N didn’t flinch as she stood and walked over to Annie, handing her the man’s wallet.

    “What did you just do?” she whispered.

    “I just won a gun fight with a knife.” Y/N sat down. “Eddie and Isaac, take him out back.”

    Two tall men in gray suits stood from their table, grabbed either side of Mr. Wilson, and carried him out back. Things in the bar remained tense for a while until Patrick commanded everyone to go back to normal. Alfie had to talk to this woman.

   “Who is she?” Alfie hissed to Ollie.

   “Y/N Y/L/N? She’s the leader of an up-and-comin’ gang in Camden Town. Her father used to muscle for some mob guys before he got sick. She took over and turned his work into a business. She’s mostly into intimidation and hits,” Ollie said.

    “Why haven’t I heard about her before?” Alfie asked.

    “Well, she comes to pubs a lot and you don’t.”

    Ollie looked stricken with fear when Alfie glanced at him, but he didn’t feel like reprimanding the kid in that moment. He just wanted to talk to Y/N. “I’ll be right back.”

   He didn’t hear Ollie’s reply as he stood and walked over to Y/N. At first, Alfie felt confident: he was one of the biggest gangsters in London and was a threat on his own. Of course, Y/N would be intrigued by him and would probably beg to work with him. It wasn’t until Alfie finally got up to her, that he suddenly felt nervous. How could he let a woman so much younger than him make him feel like he was back in primary school?

   Annie was the first one to notice him since she was facing the cockney Jew and cleared her throat. Y/N turned around and sipped some more vodka.

  “Hello,” she said.

  “ ‘ello. I must say that I am quite impressed with what you did to that bastard,” Alfie said.

  “It was nothin’.”

  “Course it wasn’t, you’ve done a lot worse.” Annie looked at Alfie. “I’m Annie, by the way.”

   “Alfie, Alfie Solomons.”

   Y/N arched an eyebrow. “So, you’re the one with the bakery?”

   Alfie felt a swell of pride that she was familiar with his work. “Yes, I am.”

   “Interestin’. ‘ve heard fine things about your bread but I’ve never been able to slip away and sample some m’self.” Y/N tossed Alfie a cheeky look as she sipped some more vodka.

   “Well, I’d be willin’ to give you a taste if you told me your name.”


   Annie stood and grabbed her purse. “I’ve got to go settle an old bet with Patrick. It was nice meeting you, Mr. Solomons.”

   “And you as well, Annie.” 

   Y/N narrowed her eyes at her meddling, feminine friend as she walked away, but motioned for Alfie to take Annie’s place. Annie wouldn’t admit what she saw brewing between the two gang leaders for months. Besides, she knew a good match when she saw it.

   “Where’d you learn to pull a knife like that?” Alfie asked.

   “My father taught me when I was six. He thought that I wasn’t old enough to learn how to use a gun and didn’t think that I should get into fist fights in order to protect myself. I’ve been using it ever since.” 

   “You ever pull a gun?”

   “Yes, but guns are so cold, knives are much more intimate.” Y/N drank the last of her vodka and leaned towards Alfie. “So, when am I going to get a taste of that bread of yours?”

    “Whenever you like.” 

    That night, Y/N met Ollie and went back to the bakery with him and Alfie. For some reason, Alfie was nervous about her trying the bakery’s rum. He wanted to impress her terribly. When she asked for a loaf for herself, Alfie had to fight the grin trying to work its way onto his face when he told her yes. In a matter of weeks, Alfie had Y/N and her gang working muscle for his bakery and helping intimidate Sabini, his only rival. Alfie and Y/N, of course, had to spend more time together, going over strategies or rather, Y/N explaining her strategies to Alfie. The way Y/N spoke when she explained her battle plans was probably the most attractive non-physical thing about her in Alfie’s eyes. She was serious and it was obvious that she put all of her effort into her plans. However, Y/N had a way of being soft and tough at the same time, especially when she went on rants about one of the men in her gang. She would wave her hands a lot before finally downing a tumbler of rum to help calm her down. Plus, Y/N really liked Alfie’s stories and paid close attention whenever he would tell them. In fact, there were very few things Alfie didn’t like about Y/N: she was beautiful so he nearly cracked a few skulls every day because of the men who looked at her and she could break down at any moment. In fact, Alfie admitted his feelings for her when she lost it.

   It had been a dreary day in London and the sound of rain smacking against the roof of the bakery filled Alfie’s office when Y/N walked in. Her coat was hanging off of her shoulder, her dark short curls were matted against her deep forehead, and she looked drain. Alfie immediately stood, took off her coat, and gestured for her to sit down.

   “F-cking Sabini,” he muttered as he poured her a cup.

   “I’ll drink to that.” Y/N tipped her head back and downed half the rum. 

   “ ‘s not your fault, you know. You were blindsided,” Alfie said.

   “I should’ve given them more guns. Patrick said I should but I thought they would be okay.” Tears welled up in her eyes as she sipped some more rum.


   “Everyone said that I couldn’t do it, that I couldn’t lead a gang because I’m a woman, and a very black one at that, but I thought I could prove them wrong. I thought that I could show ‘em what a bloody force of nature I could be.”

   “No one said that.”

   “Well they thought it!” Y/N glared daggers at Alfie. “They think that I didn’t notice they were whispering about me, saying that I shouldn’t be doin’ a man’s illegal work, mockin’ me because I wore trousers and not skirts. Do they know how difficult it is to beat someone in a skirt? To run in a skirt?” Y/N sighed. “For a while, I thought that I was going to be right, that I was going to rule London or somethin’, but I just got a real reality check.”

   “It could’ve happened to anyone.”

   “Forty of my men are dead. Forty lives are dead because…because I thought that Sabini wouldn’t hit us that hard but he did. Those men had wives and children, families who really loved and cared about them. Those wives hate me, the children cry when they see me, and the mothers, I can’t even begin to talk about them,” Y/N said. “Maybe everyone was right, maybe I am just a psychopath who tried to follow in her father’s footsteps and failed miserably.”

   Y/N sputtered out some curse words before finally bursting into tears. Alfie knew that it had to be hard for her since she hated showing any emotion besides anger or confidence. He had seen her take several bullets and not draw a single tear, but now she couldn’t stop crying or shaking. Alfie stood, walked over to her place, and hugged her. Y/N quickly leaned into him.

   “Don’t say that you failed, men are always replaceable, and their families will come to terms with what’s happened.” Alfie pulled away to hold her at arm’s length. “Now’s not the time to feel sorry for yerself, I mean, you are the same woman who brought a knife to a gun fight and won. You practically built your business up from the bottom and you were willin’ to help an old crow like me book keep.”

   Y/N sniffled. “Yours weren’t too terrible.”

   Alfie chuckled. “You must be feelin’ better to keep feedin’ me lies.”

   “I’m not lying, you aren’t that bad of a book keeper and you aren’t an old crow either.”

   Alfie rolled his eyes. “Now, yer just flatterin’ me.”

  “No, I’ve seen the way the women around here look at you. You are quite a catch.” Y/N bit her bottom lip. “And I don’t blame them.”

   Alfie couldn’t stop his eyes from widening. Y/N thought he was a catch? “What?”

   “I mean, you are handsome in a brutish sort of way, you’re confident, you curse a lot but never towards women as far as I’ve seen, and you can be charming when you want to.”

   “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you fancy me, but I do know better.” Alfie stepped away and walked back to his seat. “Go home and rest, I’ll loan you a few of my men for the time being.”

   Y/N shook her head. “You don’t get to send me away like that.” She walked over to Alfie. “We haven’t finished our conversation.”

   “Ain’t nothin’ else to talk about.”

   “What if I said that I fancied you against my better judgment?”

   Alfie hesitated. “I’d call you a liar.”

  “But,” Y/N slowly straddled his lap, “I’m not. Sure, it’s detestable how well you believe you’re taking care of yourself in compared to reality and it would definitely be hard for me not to be seen as simply the white man’s whore, but I’d be willin’ to deal with it.”

  Before Alfie could really process her words, Y/N pressed her mouth against his. Her plump lips were soft against his and though he was caught off guard, Alfie kissed her back. His hands slid down to rest on her curvy, wide set hips, and he began to unconsciously yank at the back of her shirt. Then, his conscience hit him like a bullet: he couldn’t do this with Y/N, not right then. Even though the rest of his body was screaming at him, Alfie pulled away.

   “You should go,” Alfie said.

   “You don’t mean that.”

   “I do. You’re very emotional right now and we all tend to do stupid things when emotion er runnin’ high. I ain’t takin’ advantage of you like that, no matter how much I would love to take you against that desk.”

   Y/N didn’t look offended or upset, but rather surprise was written all over her face. “Why does it matter to you not to take advantage of me?”

   “Because I f-cking love you and if we were going to do this, we were going to do this right.” Alfie kept his eyes on Y/N as he spoke. “It may sound ridiculous comin’ from me, but I don’t want to f-ck up anything with you. You are the most beautiful thing ‘ve ever seen and the strongest person ‘ve ever seen. And all the people who don’t like me and you together and go f-ck themselves to hell.”

   There, Alfie had poured all of his feelings for Y/N and he wasn’t afraid. At least he had been honest if she didn’t feel the same way. Y/N leaned her forehead against his.

   “I love you too, Alfie,” she whispered. “And this will be bloody continued.”

   Y/N kissed his cheek softly, before standing, finishing her drink, and leaving. That girl was going to be the death of Alfie and he didn’t mind it, not one little bit. 

Starting Anew

Hey guys and welcome to my blog. I’ve written a RP blog before, just a few months ago, in fact. But I’m starting anew, I warn you now that I might be a bit rusty and not 100% quality, I’m hoping I improve as the blog goes on.

My names Red(left), but you may know me better as Nanu(right). Rednu is also acceptable. Either way, I’ll answer to both names equally so go hog-wild!

You might know me from my time writing @thestarsarewatchingme, aka this asshat.

(shesus, that picture turned out big) Ain’t he just the happiest lil thing you’ve ever seen?
This is Xeph, better known as Junior, and his reign had been cut short due to my abrupt cut-off from the Fandom. Junior’s gone quiet as a muse, hell, I had trouble drawing the dude, which is a telling sign of my detachment to him now.

But I’ve had a few months to cool off and recently have gotten back into RPing and even designing and creating my own characters. I’ve decided to give Tumblr RP another shot, it improved my writing and ability to story build once, hopefully it can do it again!

So by this point you’re probably wondering; if this blog isn’t a remake of Junior, what is it?

Well, low and behold, it’s another Xephos blog.

I’m so creative.

Actually, I am.

So meet our new buddy! . . . I haven’t figured out a cool nickname for him yet.

As you can see, in comparison to (a very dubious) Junior, he’s a bit unique. But we’ll all see how that goes for us.

So… yeah, welcome to the blog, I hope this one goes better than the last.

Catch ya later!

I’m back

[ h ] ello hello !

boy, I haven’t been on Tumblr in a very long time. A lot has happened since I was last on here! My interests have changed too. And gosh I have a lot of cosplays to post.

My roleplay blogs are still retired for the time being. Don’t know if I’ll ever pick up roleplaying ever again. I might start writing fanfiction, just to keep writing. idk

I’ll be updating my account slowly. Changing things around. Uploading things.

Ello random person. My names Jazmine, yall can call meh Jaz. I’m a 15 year old (16 in September) straight American female. I’m an INFJ, Virgo, and former Hufflepuff (I’m now a Slytherin, and proud of it 🐍).
Some of my traits: I’M A HUGE AWKWARD DORK. My life literally revolves around fandoms. (BTS, 5S0S, 1D, PHAN, SUGG, CRAP TON O YOUTUBERS BOOKS AND MOVIES). I adore all animals -Especially cats-. And I LOVE music. It is my lifeblood. Like all kinds. BAKING. I love reading, and painting (Don’t get excited oml I suck). I get excited. Alot. Over random dumb things. I’m probably insane. I use emogis and gifs ALOT. I’m also honest, so don’t ask if u don’t wanna know 😉.
What I’m looking for in a fwiend: Gender, age, race, religion, sexuality, and all that stuff don’t matter to me. I like some one who has a sense of humor (doesn’t matter what kind) and at least TRIES to keep the convo going. Correct Grammer and emogis are always appreciated :3. Just don’t be rude and all that x).
Tumblr: Eloquent-in-Awkwardness
Snapchat: Jazminehi (Don’t judge I made it when I was like 10 XD)



Hola soy yo Trevor, hablando con ustedes a través del poder de google translate. Hay tantos secretos que contar. Pero este no es el lugar para hablar de ellos.

Hello I am Trevor, talking to you through the power of google translate. There are so many secrets to tell. But this is not the place to talk about them.

Hello hello, everyone! Friendly reminder of the day, to take any medications you need to; don’t forget to at least eat something, even if it’s just a snack! And also keep in mind to have some water, even just a cup or two, but stay hydrated! And if you haven’t had one in a while, maybe take a quick shower and brush your hair

Keep your chins up!

- Mod Ouma.

Línea de tiempo de la aparición del pony/RBB (traducción al español) - Análisis

Aclaro que esto es una traducción del post original, yo sólo lo traduje. 

Es bastante claro así que no creo que necesite una explicación previa. 

Sin más, los dejo con el post.

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